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Stephen O'BrienJan 4 2020, 8:25amWhen does registration open?
Stephen O'BrienJan 4 2020, 8:27amSorry please ignore previous message
Kevin NolanFeb 6 2020, 9:06amIs there a standby list available for drop outs as have missed the entry cut off.
John J BarryFeb 6 2020, 10:17amThis from the Maurice Mullins Trail forum, but is also applicable here:

" Before posting can people read the race details and previous forum posts which might answer your question before you ask. No transfers, waiting lists."
Eddie WallFeb 6 2020, 2:19pmLooking for an entry if anyone can’t make it
Richard NunanFeb 6 2020, 2:57pmHi Folks

We are over capacity. Where we always expect a number of drop outs injuries etc. So again this year, there will not be a waiting list or transfers. As per the earlier forum post and event details.
Gordon WilsonFeb 6 2020, 5:55pmThis is very disappointing. There was no mention of a limit on numbers in the race details.
It simply said when reg would open and close and that after March 1 there would be no naked warrior dance or transfers.
Gordon WilsonFeb 6 2020, 5:57pm*naked warrior dance! (nice autocorrect)
Neil SmithFeb 6 2020, 7:33pmI'm also looking to enter
JUDITH ROBINSONFeb 6 2020, 7:47pmHi.... a real shame.....a local club changed their date to accommodate your race....
Gordon PlaceFeb 6 2020, 9:29pmHi Judith, to accommodate this race, or their members who planned on entering? Hopefully most got in in time.
Not sure what can be done when a race with limited entries sells out, when it's gone, it's gone?
If it hadn't sold out, no doubt there'd be complaints from those missing the closing date instead
Pádraig DoyleFeb 6 2020, 10:35pmSorry... I have to try this...

I wish I wish I wish there could be a naked warrior dance for every race
Pádraig DoyleFeb 6 2020, 10:36pmMmm. Nice work.
JUDITH ROBINSONFeb 7 2020, 10:51pmNIMRA changed a date in the calendar....we went to enter an umlimited race....sold out...enough said...let it go..
Eoin CorriganFeb 13 2020, 10:28amWill there be a water station or can I refill from streams?
Ian TaylorFeb 16 2020, 5:44pmVery sorry to realise I have just missed getting an entry. Can anyone suggest a similar long event before the middle of May?
John J BarryFeb 17 2020, 10:24amWicklow Glacier Lakes (solo) in April. Great event but tough with the navigation aspect.......

There is plenty of low key Marathons. A marathon a month is great training for an Ultra

Look at EOI Marathons and popupraces
Sarah BradyFeb 17 2020, 10:39amYou should look at Ballyhoura Marathon at the start of May Ian! It's a bit shorter than Maurice Mullins but tougher terrain. Fantastic race. :)
alan hallMar 3 2020, 5:52amIm wondering will use my 2020 IMRA number for this event?
John CondonMar 3 2020, 8:03amHi Alan, yes you use your 2020 number.
alan hallMar 7 2020, 2:19pmThanks John. Wasn’t sure.
John CostiganMar 11 2020, 8:47amI was wondering if anyone is planning to use trekking poles or if they are allowed. They seem quite popular on the longer events.
Ronan O'GradyMar 11 2020, 9:06amHi, just wondering is maurice Mullins ultra on trail routes or off road?. New comer to imra . Thanks
Jason DowlingMar 11 2020, 9:28am@John: To the best of my knowledge, poles are allowed. There's no mention of them not being allowed on the event page details @

However, please do not use them at the start as they would be likely to trip up fellow runners as the start is fairly crowded.

@Ronan: A mixture of fire-road and good quality trails. Small section on road from Curtlestown to before Crone. Full route can be viewed from
Ronan O'GradyMar 11 2020, 9:54amThanks jason
John CostiganMar 11 2020, 10:01amThanks Jason.
Richard NunanMar 11 2020, 10:07amHi John,

Poles are allowed - in the number of years i have been involved in the event - We have had 1 Poles user. I am saying this to give you more an indication on how much of an advantage poles would give you.


It starts on road for about 4km and finishes back the same way. It would be good for you if possible to familiarise yourself with the route, a recce if possible. Or at least get to know what the Wicklow Way Men look like :-)
Gordon PlaceMar 11 2020, 10:08amAm I dreaming, or did the poles question come up before and the answer was they are fine as long you carry them for the entire race, not just pick up for a section or leave in a dropbag. Maybe that was somewhere else or a different IMRA race?
James DoyleMar 11 2020, 10:34amHi,
Has there been any discussions about corona virus will the race
be defiantly going ahead?
John J BarryMar 11 2020, 10:47amQuestions like that already answered on Coronavirus tread. See Richard Nunan's comment.
Richard NunanMar 11 2020, 11:03amAt the moment we are monitoring the progress of the Corona virus in terms of guidelines issued by the HSE. Any further guidelines issued by the HSE and or AAI in terms of mass gatherings should we move past the containment phase will be adhered to by IMRA.

we are Due further advice from HSE on mass gatherings and social distancing at the end of the week, when their sub-commitee meets again

If there is a postponement of this race - we will issue a notice immediately. Safety at this point remains our only concern.
James DoyleMar 11 2020, 11:56amThanks Richard.
Richard NunanMar 12 2020, 1:59pmRe-posting Laura's message here -

A new message has been added by Laura Flynn on 12th March:

Hi everyone,

On the back of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s statement this morning, and subsequent statement from AAI, we have decided that it would be sensible for us to Postpone all IMRA activities until after the 30th of March.

The Committee will now need the time to revise the Calendar for the coming month so that we can make the correct decisions. We will issue new Dates for MMU and MM Trail in the coming days to allow people to plan.

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and update as necessary
Thanks for your support and understanding on this matter and please continue to be vigilant with hand washing, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and seeking medical advice if you develop symptoms.

Owen HarneyMar 12 2020, 2:38pmThanks Laura and Richard. It's unfortunate, but the correct call.

I look forward to running the MMU once a new date is arranged.

Take care everyone.
Eamon MurphyMar 12 2020, 8:59pmMaurice Mullins Ultra cancelled . Thanks for the information. Difficult call, but inevitable
Kevin MurdockMar 20 2020, 11:20amHi, if event can't be rescheduled please keep my entry fee.
Dave EvansMar 20 2020, 11:38amSame as Kevin, just keep my race fee
Jonathan ForrestMar 20 2020, 12:25pmAgree with the other posts please keep my fee,

Hopefully it helps keep events like this going in the future and takes away the pressure to reschedule or incur losses
daniela lubiscakovaMar 20 2020, 1:29pmSame here! No pressure on re-scheduling if it can't be done. Even if the event doesn't go ahead, please keep my fee! :)
Eoin Mac EochaidhMar 20 2020, 4:45pmI'm fine with the fee been kept as well if no reschedule possible.
Rory O'TooleMar 20 2020, 9:02pmHappy for a reschedule, happy for fee to be used to keep things going.
Kevin MooneyMar 21 2020, 10:59amI'm for the same boat as others, keep my entrance fee if no reschedule.
Owen HarneyMar 21 2020, 11:58amYeah, same here. If there's a reschedule, then great. If not, I'm happy for the race fee to stay with IMRA.
Richard NunanMar 21 2020, 12:03pmMorning, thanks for the nice messages. IMRA is such a great community.

The current plan is to re-schedule the Maurice Mullins and Trail. The committee is meeting on Tuesday (Conf call) and we will provide a further update on Wednesday 25th March.

Thanks again
Justin KellyMar 21 2020, 8:27pmThanks for efforts to re-schedule, but like the others please keep my fee if that doesn't work out
Melanie LaborMar 25 2020, 10:31amHi all, thank you for trying to reschedule but I'm happy for you to keep my entry fee if it doesn't work out. Thanks and be safe :)
Gordon PlaceMar 25 2020, 12:21pmHi All,

I think all the comments above are great and show how much everyone thinks of IMRA.

But, rather than put some people under pressure to ask for a refund, if it's needed in their case and who may have already purchased whatever was available before the shop shut. I think all races should just be refunded, even in part if there are costs already incurred on mugs or the like, but I'm not sure IMRA needs it?

Who knows when events will be permitted again and when they are, there'll be a lot of rescheduling across the board, making it difficult to suit everyone. Assuming only the bigger, longer races will be rescheduled, training may well have gone by the wayside for some also in the coming weeks.

Would it be easier to start from scratch rather than sort through who takes up a rescehduled date later or not?

Just my thoughts on it as the curb extends on activity.
Brian KitsonMar 26 2020, 12:16pmCompletely agree, Gordon.

This is not Dead Poet's Society, no one should feel under any pressure to donate their race fee to IMRA. Thousands have already lost their jobs and many, many more will.

Refund the money to everyone and those with the few bob to spare can give it to those who do not.
Richard NunanMar 26 2020, 4:10pmBrian or Gordon if you need a full refund just email me. We are currently trying to reschedule the race so people can make a decision. When we have the actual date nailed runners can make a decision on what they do.This has been the same approach for many race organisers. Trying to provide a bit of positiveness in that we will race again !

As per Laura's post there will be a reduction across all leagues/Championships so outside of the 3 postponed races - the Calendar will be drafted from scratch.

Comparing us to the Dead poets society is about the most negative thing I have read on the IMRA forum so far.

We have never asked anyone to donate their race fee and as we always have done, we will find the right solution for everyone.

Stay Safe the cabin fever can be tough !
Brian KitsonMar 26 2020, 4:59pmI just read Laura's post, Richard, and good to hear that she's confirmed that all fees for cancelled races are being refunded. Fair play, that's the right call.

I won't have a bad word said about Dead Poet's Society, though, Richard. It's a very good film*.

*spends three hours sucked down a Robin Williams' films Youtube wormhole.
Gordon PlaceMar 26 2020, 5:03pmHi Richard,

I never said I needed a refund. The cabin fever certainly seems like it is fraying nerves all over. I'm sure Brian's comment was not intended to come across as it might have.

I agree we need optimism but I didn't see refunds as being defeatist, just practical.

I was just suggesting what I thought might be the fairest and most practical thing to do in the circumstances, i.e. process all refunds now instead of dealing with individual requests or potentially have people who need them feel bad about requesting them, as noble as all the other posts are. Perhaps some of the offers were made by those unfamilar with IMRA, but it isn't quite the same as other race organisers depending on the income.

Secondly.... given that the postponement of events is open ended, and that every organiser will be scrambling to reschedule when things return to normal. It will no doubt be an extremely busy time when it comes, with potentially short notice on events, without having to sort confirmations, refunds, transfers and release spots for sale again, although that may only apply to the sold out MMU.

Right now, there seems ample time to get all that out of the way and stick races up for purchase afresh as soon as new dates can actually be confirmed and we all know what we can do.

As always, thanks to the commitee for all their hard work, and consideration of suggestions made, as bad as they might be.
Garry CullinanMar 26 2020, 5:23pmLads in my opinion it would probably not be fair to refund everyone, not unless the race is cancelled. People who registered might not want to lose their spot. As when registration opens up for it again (going by the demand for the race) they might not get the spot again. I'm happy enough to wait and see how things fair out, and keep my spot.
Brendan LawlorMar 26 2020, 5:42pmHi

Let’s leave this to the committee to sort out . The cabin fever is fraying nerves a little bit maybe

Oh Captain, my Captain!
Tim ChapmanMar 26 2020, 5:42pmI'm taking the lock down seriously and eating everything I have panic bought. I'll be lucky if I can run up the stairs when all this is over let alone 30 odd miles across Wicklow.
Be safe stay at home
John MurrayMar 26 2020, 6:16pm****
Just to be clear....the Maurice Mullins Ultra and Trail Races have NOT been 'Cancelled'. They have been 'Postponed' to a future date which the Committee are currently working on.

When the new rescheduled date is announced, anyone who is already registered will be given the choice of a refund if the new date does not suit them.

All other races up to, and including 31st May which have been cancelled permanently will have entry fees refunded to those already registered without question.

Melanie LaborMay 5 2020, 10:29amIn light of the new roadmap to the COVID restrictions, what is your plan for the Maurice Mullins races? Travel restrictions will still be in place by 31 May and beyond. Are you planning to postpone further or cancel it altogether?
Miriam MaherMay 5 2020, 10:35amHi Melanie, message from Laura, IMRA President, posted at the weekend on the forum:

"We hope you’re all continuing to keep positive and healthy in this difficult environment. The committee have been continuing our monthly meetings and maintaining contact via email. We have been waiting for the latest announcement from the Taoiseach before making any further decisions about this year‘s calendar.

We are now reviewing the most recent directions and will be meeting via zoom again on Tuesday of next week to discuss how the easing of the restrictions will affect our events and how best we can implement this year’s calendar while ensuring compliance with the social distancing requirements. We will be posting an updated message on Wednesday the 6th of May. Thanks again to you all for your continued patience and understanding."

So there will be an overall update tomorrow.

All the best

Melanie LaborMay 5 2020, 10:40amHi Miriam,

thanks for your swift reply! I missed Laura's message, thank you for letting me know. Keep well.

Gerard DelanyMay 23 2020, 8:21amHi, can you advise if this race is going ahead, postponed or cancelled? Thanks.
Miriam MaherMay 23 2020, 8:36amHi Gerard,

Laura posted an update on the Forum Post 'Lifting of Coronavirus restrictions' on May 6th regarding the overall IMRA plans for the re-starting events after August 10th. Regarding the Maurice Mullins Ultra, this is what we advised:

"Subject to the above and to the necessary permits being issued to us, we are looking at the feasability of rescheduling the Maurice Mullins Ultra and Trail for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October. However, we can, at this time offer a refund of entry fees to anyone who has entered the events and does not wish to, or cannot, participate on the new proposed date(s). If you would like to have your entry refunded please email your request to and it will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that once a refund is processed you will not be able to re-enter the event."

Hopefully it can go ahead then.

All the best

Gerard DelanyMay 23 2020, 7:12pmHi Miriam,
Thank you for that. I missed the update.

Best regards and stay safe.
Richard NunanJul 15 2020, 8:07pmHi Folks,

An update on Maurice Mullins Ultra - this event will now go ahead on the 19th of September.

Due to Covid restrictions we will be separating the Maurice Mullins Ultra and Trail. Mick will do a similar announcement soon on the Trail !

For those who cannot make this Date IMRA will provide a full refund which we would ask you to claim before the 31st of July.

Due to restrictions we are not in a position to offer up additional places, transfers or naked dances ! (waiting lists)

We will be reviewing this inline with changes in Government restrictions. But after much deliberation we think this is feasible .

Thanks for your Patience and understanding

The Committee
Paul NesbittJul 15 2020, 9:22pmYes lads! Best news of the year so far.
Can't wait to see ye all!
Samuel FoxJul 16 2020, 11:22amExcellent. Appreciate the efforts to get this organised. Looking forward to it
paddy CorriganJul 19 2020, 6:32pmGreat news. How do I put my name down for early 8.30 start.
Richard NunanJul 28 2020, 7:55amMorning,

Just a reminder that the refunds window closes on Friday the 31st of July for this race.

As per earlier posts - no transfers or wait-ing Lists.

Hope the training is going well and see you all in 7 weeks :-)
Alicia Christofi-WalsheJul 28 2020, 9:00amHi, I won't be able to make it so I'll take the refund. Best of luck to all runners. Many thanks, Alicia
Richard NunanJul 28 2020, 11:16amHi Alicia,

Please email your request to and it will be processed as soon as possible. Just a slight reminder, once a refund is processed you will not be able to re-enter the event.


John CostiganJul 28 2020, 7:59pmI'm signed up for the MM Ultra, but it is too close to the EcoTrail. Would it be possible to drop down to the MM Half?
Kevin GroomeAug 13 2020, 7:56amJust wondering if the race can go ahead in the current lockdown phase or is it dependant on moving to phase 4? Cheers
Richard NunanAug 13 2020, 8:30amHi Kevin,

If there isn't further restrictions in place this race will go ahead. An email will be sent to all participants on Monday confirming the situation.

Kevin GroomeAug 13 2020, 2:16pmThanks for confirming Richard looking forward to the challenge
Mick HanneyAug 13 2020, 2:46pmProvided the race director can leave his county ;-)
paddy CorriganAug 18 2020, 10:04amHi
Were we due to get an email yesterday ?
Plus if it goes ahead how do i get on the early start
list .

Richard NunanAug 18 2020, 10:52amHi Paddy,

Have held off on the email, based on current events we are awaiting further updates in terms of Government restrictions.

Email will probably go out Friday at this stage. Early start will need to sign in on the day between 7:30am and 8:15am


Eamon MurphyAug 24 2020, 8:01pmGood news so far. Thanks for this
Shane KennyAug 27 2020, 10:33amI know its tough times for organiser's and thanks to all who are working hard to try and get race calenders sorted. Date for the Maurice Mullins is getting close i was just wondering if their was an update if the event is going to go ahead?
Laura FlynnAug 27 2020, 12:32pmWe remain hopeful Stephen but unfortunately are not in a position to provide updates on any of the postponed races just yet.
We fully understand how difficult this might be in terms of your training etc but we can only advice that you continue to train in the expectation that the race will go ahead. Fingers crossed that the covid figures will improve in the coming week and restrictions can be relaxed.
Paul HickeySep 6 2020, 10:05amHi just wondering is the race still going ahead as planned?
Richard NunanSep 6 2020, 10:44amWe aee still planning for it to go ahead.
Conor KeaneSep 7 2020, 10:43pmHi Richard
I signed up as a running volunteer what seems like a good while ago now just wondering if you would still require my assistance. Conscious that you may not know til further regulations are announced etc so understand it's a dynamic situation.
Richard NunanSep 7 2020, 11:11pmIf your not able to Volunteer John that won't be problem at all. Thanks for offering.

We hope to finalise things over the coming days.
Andrew MooreSep 8 2020, 1:52pmAny chance that there are options to get a dance with one of the naked warriors, or if someone wants to transfer.

Conor KeaneSep 15 2020, 1:12pmHi Richard

Happy to volunteer.

John Garry MooreSep 15 2020, 6:10pmAny updates? Is race going ahead in the 26th of September?

Richard NunanSep 15 2020, 7:35pmWorking through it, remaining optimistic but we will have a confirmation for everyone in the morning

Richard NunanSep 16 2020, 10:36amMorning All,

We have a green light from the parks. We will be making some changes to the course to keep it in Wicklow. (Thanks Mick for the help lastnight)

We will provide further updates later on today. But we will be going ahead with the event on the 26th

Niamh KellySep 16 2020, 10:54amGreat New Richard thanks for the update
Alistair HodgettSep 16 2020, 11:02amGreat news and thanks to all involved in keeping this race on the calendar in 2020
Dermot shielsSep 16 2020, 11:10amThat’s amazing under the circumstances. Well done.
Eamon MurphySep 16 2020, 8:21pmGreat news
James DoyleSep 18 2020, 6:56pmDo the latest restrictions effect the race from going ahead next week?
Richard NunanSep 18 2020, 7:06pmHi Folks,

The race will be going ahead next week - we have already looked at changes on the course to keep it inside the wicklow county.

It is an out and back course. With a few differences.

- The start it will be across from the Pier gates on the wicklow way
- The race will be an out and back heading in the direction of Johnny foxes but you will be turned around about 2km on the descent from Curtlestown.
- The race will be between 42k-44k distance will be confirmed Tuesday
Richard NunanSep 18 2020, 7:09pmFor those travelling, Link to start below, I would give myself an additional 20 minutes if you are travelling from the north.,+Sleamaine,+Co.+Wicklow/@53.0953625,-6.2529778,1031m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4867a3084588c855:0xe891917fe6c3beb6!8m2!3d53.0954474!4d-6.250548


Gordon PlaceSep 18 2020, 7:19pmAnd us Dubs are barred from attending or helping, probably goes without saying as per Mick's post on the Half thread
Donatas JociusSep 19 2020, 6:51pmGood luck to all... damn this year sucks ... so many months waiting and i cant leave Dublin just 5km beside what a hell...
Eamon MurphySep 19 2020, 7:18pmHi Could someone post an actual address or location for the start point next week please.
Richard NunanSep 19 2020, 7:28pmPier gates, Wickow.,+Sleamaine,+Co.+Wicklow/@53.0953625,-6.2529778,1031m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4867a3084588c855:0xe891917fe6c3beb6!8m2!3d53.0954474!4d-6.250548

Take the road to round wood, head for the Sally gap. As you head towards lough tay the Car park is on the right 1km before lough tay
Niamh KellySep 19 2020, 7:30pmHi Eamon,

See Richards Post above yours, he has a link you can copy and paste that will show you the start for next Saturday

it is at Pier Gates carpark
Eamon MurphySep 20 2020, 11:11amThanks folks. The link seemed to just take me to Wicklow Way trail. Not a specific point. I’ll try again too.
Mick HanneySep 20 2020, 11:16am@Eamonn - the link is correct - the starting point for the ultra will be the same as that used for the Half yesterday. The routes & start points for both events are different this year.
Garry CullinanSep 20 2020, 11:54amHey lads, I won't be able to make it to the ultra Saturday as I'm living in Dublin. Is there any chance of getting my entry deferred to next year?
Eamon MurphySep 20 2020, 12:58pmOk Mick. Thank you
Keith RussellSep 21 2020, 1:09pmHey guys, is there an entry available for this at the weekend that I could get?
Mick HanneySep 21 2020, 2:03pm@Keith - no luck. Event is long since sold out with no further entries, or transfers allowed.
Richard NunanSep 21 2020, 6:17pmHi Folks,

A few small notes for Saturdays race. As per the race site

* Please note that this years race starts from the Car Park from the Pier Gates.

* Registration will open at 7:45-8:30 for early starts

* Registration will open for 9:30 starts at 8:30am

* Please ensure you have enough water and food to complete the course.

* The course is only 44km this year.

* We will provide self pour water at half way ONLY - there will not be any drop bags this year

* The weather will not be as nice as last Saturday - so please make sure you have a Jacket and a face covering

* We will have self pour water at the finish line - to go with your mug

* Please familiarise yourself with the Covid Guidelines and ss per the Gov Guide lines. No hugging me at the finish line

* Apologies again as we can't do late entries and please do not turn up on Saturday to run the race unless you are on my list of Entries.

Best of luck and see you all on Saturday
alan ritchieSep 21 2020, 7:18pmHi Guys,

Just wondering how much of the route for Saturday is from the normal route. Not too familiar with the area itself just the previous year's race.

Richard NunanSep 21 2020, 7:41pmHi Alan, The start is different. Once you start its well marked and after 1.5km you are on the original route heading off out along the Boardwalks to Crone in the Johnny foxes direction.

From Crone keep following the route for another 11km where you will meet a marshal and a Drum of water. Then turn for home 22km Warning go out slow as its definitely harder coming back !!
Mick HanneySep 21 2020, 7:46pmOver 90% of the route is the same. Its entirely Wicklow way so difficult to go astray. Just follow the yellow men.. For the Half on Saturday we had some additional marking near the start and at another location 1.5k from the start, where the WW marking was light or obscure, so likely will be the case again on Saturday.
John Garry MooreSep 22 2020, 10:12amSo registration for the race will be from 7:30am on the morning of the race at the start line? Thanks
Richard NunanSep 22 2020, 10:24amAt the Car Park adjacent to the start line

Registration will open at 7:45-8:30 for early starts

Registration will open for 8:30 for those running at 9:30am

Volunteers only at 7:30 which is the car park open time

David MurphySep 22 2020, 10:32amHi Richard,

I was down to volunteer this week, unfortunately as I am based in Dublin I cannot attend.

Good luck with the Ultra, I hope it goes well and I look forward to next year's race.

Dave Murphy
Richard NunanSep 22 2020, 10:56amThanks Dave - see you again soon on the hills.
Richard NunanSep 23 2020, 8:55amMorning

A day for looking at your race pack. Can i just remind everyone that we expect you to be totally self-sufficient.

We will not be providing cups of water, Jellies etc. You should carry everything you need. We have water for first Aid purposes only.

Previous years we have had drop bags and stations at Crone and Curtlestown - they will not be manned this year. There will be a Marshall at Crone but only as check point and a social distance wave !

Paul BurchmoreSep 23 2020, 10:25amThanks Richard - that all makes perfect sense.
This is my first IMRA race this year so I do not have a race number but I do have last years chip - shall I bring the chip and can I collect the race number at registration?
(Sorry if this has been asked already elsewhere).

many thanks
Richard NunanSep 23 2020, 10:45amNo problem Paul, good questions.

* Your new number will be available on the morning at registration.

* No chip required as we will be using laptop system for recording results
Richard NunanSep 24 2020, 10:06pmEvening - lots of emails and queries so just a final note to remind everyone

* Please familiarise yourself with the Covid Guidelines

* There wont be a key bag. So make sure you have a safe pocket.

* Weather looks cold but dry, but please bring mandatory jacket and face covering.

Sleep well tonight - its not as easy tomorrow night !

Conor KeaneSep 25 2020, 2:19pmHi Richard,

Currently based in Dublin so unfortunately will not be able to volunteer. Apologies for late notice.

Richard NunanSep 25 2020, 3:12pmNo problem Conor, no problem on the late notice - a number of people were hoping for a move back to level 2. Hope it happens soon.

Stay safe !
Ray CullenSep 25 2020, 3:43pmHi Richard, I'm registered for mm tomorrow but can't make it unfortunately. Hope to make Mt leinster on the 4th.
Richard NunanSep 25 2020, 3:45pmThanks for letting me know Ray, may the 4th be with you :-)
Dermot shielsSep 25 2020, 4:56pmHi,
I'm registered for tomorrow too, but cant make it as I'm Dublin based. Best of luck to all taking part.
Richard NunanSep 25 2020, 5:48pmThanks Dermot - appreciate the info. 1 more number to put back in the box

Laura FlynnSep 25 2020, 6:53pmBest of luck tomorrow Richard to you and your team of volunteers and of course to all you runners lucky enough to be able to take part. Enjoy every minute of it and when you’re really suffering just think of all the people who would love to be out there but can’t
due to the current restrictions.
Seb SzmSep 25 2020, 7:39pmBest of luck to every one tomorrow. I am from Dublin and will not be able to attend the race.
Justin KellySep 25 2020, 8:45pmSorry am Dublin based, so won't be there tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.
Maeve HegartySep 25 2020, 10:01pmSo sorry I won't be there because of Dublin restrictions, . Well done Richard and committee for pulling this together against all odds. Looking forward to see who gets the trophies, best of luck to you all from the Mullins family. I've only done the half but I think it's time for me to step up to the big one, roll on 2021
Richard NunanSep 25 2020, 10:28pmThanks Maeve, this year has been an Ultra in itself for the Committe to get these races on. All equally deserve the same credit.

Even at level 3 we are pretty happy that we will get to run this race back at the distance that your Dad originally planned it for 44km.

He would be happy with the route choice a nice start and finish through the forest near pier gates will make for a fantastic run. The weather and ground are optimal !

We will see you all again soon on the hills !
Colm NewportSep 26 2020, 8:13amHi Richard, good luck with race today. Looks like weather is going to pay ball. Unfortunately I won't make it as in Dublin based.
Richard NunanSep 26 2020, 5:59pmWell done to all those who completed the Maurice Mullins Ultra today in what were spectacular conditions.

Tried to tell ye it was harder on the way back :-)

Well done to Lee and Patricia todays winners. I will have the results up in the next few hours.

But first i just wanted to give a huge thanks to the volunteers who helped put on the event today.

Brendan,Mick.Chris,John C, Pol, Diarmuid, Caroline, Mark and Elizabeth, really appreciated folks !
Alan MaherSep 26 2020, 8:14pmThanks Richard & the IMRA volunteer crew fot organising an excellent MMU 2020 - I love me mug!
Dee BohanSep 26 2020, 8:57pmThanks Richard and all the volunteers for a brilliant event in such difficult times, feel very fortunate to be part of it. Super day out.
Patricia McLoughlinSep 26 2020, 10:26pmThanks Richard and team for your tenacity to allow this event to go ahead in these challenging times. Great route, fabulous weather and craic go leor.
John ByrneSep 27 2020, 1:26pmHi. Was a great day yesterday. My race number 1984 John Byrne time is wrong it says 6:10 when it should have been 5:10. Is it possible to get it changed or who do I contact. Thanks
Richard NunanSep 27 2020, 1:48pmWill get that sorted John. Apologies had you on an early start list.
Barry McEvoySep 27 2020, 2:05pmHi Richard,

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone yesterday for your volunteering.
It was much appreciated. Your word is gospel to me from now on as the way back was just slightly harder haha
Thanks again,
Also my name wasn't on the results list.
Name is Barry McEvoy, number is 1799
John ByrneSep 27 2020, 5:24pmThanks for that. Was a great day and very well organised
Eamon MurphySep 27 2020, 5:53pmGreat day, grateful to all who worked to make it all happen. Thank you
Dale MathersSep 27 2020, 6:09pmHi Richard,
Thanks for a great race yesterday , and the weather too. All your hard work was much appreciated.

My name does not appear in the results - finished just after Mickey McAuley . My number is 2180.

Thanks again
Laura FlynnSep 27 2020, 6:14pmThanks for the entertaining race report Miriam, sounds like a great day was had yesterday. Well done to you all. and especially, with Sport Ireland’s 20x20 initiative this year to promote women in sport, to Patricia McLoughlin in the ladies race coming in in 9th place and 115% of the winner.
The person who deserves most of the plaudits though is Race Director Richard Nunan. As Miriam says in her race report, this race has been organised and reorganised since March. It would have been really easy for us throw our hat at it some time back but, like Mick Hanney, last week, Richard persisted ...reorganising dates (with the help of our indefatigable Races Coordinator Lillian) , race route, non-Dublin was a bit like this year’s Leaving Cert exam expect he had to sit it in the end. The numbers were way down on what had entered but this was out of our hands and we greatly appreciate those of you who made the tough but correct call not to attend. Full marks all round.
Richard NunanSep 27 2020, 9:01pmThanks for the great support Laura

@Dale, of all people. Apologies. Thanks for making the trip down really appreciate the support and i am thinking you also took home your 8th Mug !

Will get your time sorted shortly

Brian KitsonSep 28 2020, 8:46amThanks very much to Richard and the team for their preservation to organise such a fantastic event.

I put up a report as a companion piece to Miriam's one.
Miriam MaherSep 28 2020, 8:57amBrian - was waiting for your report - read it while drinking from my covid yellow shaded MMU mug - it was as enjoyable as I'd expected:) Well done on it and the racing !!
Brendan LawlorSep 28 2020, 8:58amWell done to everyone who participated in this years Maurice Mullins Trail and Ultra races.. the weather Gods shone even if the Covid Gods did not.

A really big pat on the back to both Mick Hanney and Richard Nunan who were the Race Directors for these two events. Most IMRA members will not realise the enormous amount of work, preparation,planning, reccing, negotiating, emails, text messages. Facebook messages etc which have to be dealt with in an ordinary year of organising these races. Covid added several additional levels of complexity this year and the two lads took it all in their stride, as they always do.. big kudos boys, you are both hero IMRA frontline workers !!
Mick HanneySep 28 2020, 10:23amThose reports are ace!
We need contingency in the budget next year for additional bandages for Miriam :-)
Dave DochertySep 28 2020, 2:23pmI can only echo Brendan's post. Fair play Mick and Richard, epic achievement.
Loving the reports Miriam and Brian. Hopefully others will post more race reports and help us Dubs relive the race virtually. Bleedin Covid wreckin our buzz!
Richard NunanSep 28 2020, 7:23pmGreat race report Brian ! (your wasted in that place)
Niamh KellySep 28 2020, 10:23pmI have to say a huge thank thankyou to all who voulenteered on Saturday and made our great day out on the hills possible

I loved every minute of it and now I'm off to read the reports
Rex BrillantesSep 29 2020, 1:57pmHi Richard.
I met you and was talking to you in Glencullen last saturday September 26.
Wondring if I can get a refund.
Rex Brillantes
Barry McEvoySep 29 2020, 6:56pmThanks for sorting out the result there Richard, just threw up a report there for the race.
Gordon WilsonOct 9 2020, 11:35amHi Richard, while I was delighted to learn of my 30th place in the MMU last month it was somewhat a surprise as I did not run the race!
Perhaps it was Gordon Place? If not then if you remove my result then everyone below 30th gets a boost of one position. :-)
Gordon PlaceOct 9 2020, 1:24pmHi Gordon, wasn't me unfortunately