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Maria WhiteApr 21 2019, 11:03pmJust sharing a video for anyone who wants a preview of the half that may not have done it b4. Did it last year but wanted to watch it again to remind myself how it
Maria WhiteApr 21 2019, 11:15pmFor some reason the link itself doesn't open to YouTube, but if you copy and paste u can view video that way.
Robert CunninghamApr 22 2019, 10:14pmHi Maria.
The route for the half is different this year as we're running the Marathon in reverse.The route for the half will be the same as the Ballyhoura moonlight challenge which was ran earlier in the year.
mark pinfieldApr 24 2019, 9:56pmCan admin take down or update the course strava link on the route info for bhoura hm? Just in case somebody goes to do a recce
Mark QuigleyApr 24 2019, 10:07pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Gaelan ElliffeApr 28 2019, 10:44amI have signed up and paid fo the half marathon. I injured myself a few weeks ago. As per my physio's instructions I wont be running the half marathon next week. Is it possible to run the 10k instead? Thanks, Gaelan
Robbie WilliamsApr 28 2019, 4:27pmThat’s fine Gaelan
Rich CostelloeApr 28 2019, 8:11pmHi I see the half-marathon starts in Ballyorgan and ends in Kilfinane. If we park at Kilfinane is there a group bus out to the start? Thank you
Paul MinogueApr 29 2019, 10:03amHi folks. Is the route for the half going the same direction as in the midnight marathon?

Robbie WilliamsApr 29 2019, 1:42pmIt is indeed Paul
Robbie WilliamsApr 29 2019, 1:43pmHi Richard,

Yes all will be in email going out later today.
Bus will bring go you to the start
Elizabeth WheelerApr 30 2019, 10:41amRobbie,
I won't make the trail race at the weekend. Not sure if you have a waiting list that you are allocating places to, but thought it would be best to let you know.
Enjoy the race everyone!
Grace EganApr 30 2019, 12:17pmRobbie, I am also out for the half due to injury.
Robbie WilliamsApr 30 2019, 12:59pmHalf marathoners...

Anyone that is entered that cannot do the half due to training deficit or injury, if able can run the 10km on the day no problem, just sign in for the 10km distance instead.

I know some injuries may not let you but might be better than no race at all..
Patricia McLoughlinMay 3 2019, 8:16amIs there transfers allowed or on the day register as online has shut down now. Thx
Robert CunninghamMay 3 2019, 12:15pmPatricia, Sorry There's no transfers and no registration on the day.
Deirdre GalvinMay 4 2019, 6:27pmJust wanted to thank all the organisers and volunteers for a great day out. Loved the new route. Of course the Munster Weather Gods deserve a standing ovation! Epic all round.
Daniel SheahanMay 4 2019, 6:33pmBig thanks to Robbie and all the volunteers for putting together such a great day in the Ballyhouras, great organisation, hospitality and camaraderie all round.
Hazel stapletonMay 4 2019, 6:45pmMany thanks for a most enjoyable half marathon today. Superb organisation.
Mick HanneyMay 4 2019, 7:28pmA huge thanks to all those involved in today. It was a mammoth operation with the 4 races on and it went brilliantly.

2 observations re: the marathon / half-marathon. Similar to the Maurice Mullins races it would have been good to have wrist bands to colour code the different races, to know who is around you whether they are actually in your race or not.

In addition, in January I think the half marathon started a half hour later again, which meant that only the very fast half runners past the marathon field. Having the half-marathon start so soon after leaders of the full coming through half-way meant that we (in the full) were passed by the majority of the half marathoners (such was our relative slowness) :-) I certainly felt slow so many past me :-)
Brendan LawlorMay 4 2019, 7:47pmSuper well done and thanks to Robbie, Tom, Tricia and all the volunteers and helpers for a great festival of hillrunning today in the Ballyhouras.

Flawless organization, lovely mixed route, great food and beer at the finish and of course the fantastic Munster weather!
Barry AhernMay 4 2019, 8:52pmHi just wondering when the results will be on the website, thanks?
Kevin O'RiordanMay 4 2019, 9:14pmThe ones from January or today? ;-)
Mick HanneyMay 4 2019, 9:53pmI don't get this rush to ask the question when will results be up? They will be up in due course when the volunteers, many of whom were working late last night, or up ridiculously early today to organisation this festival of running, get a chance. With 4 events and early starts and other potential issues, its not always straightforward. Hope the volunteers have a nice remainder of the Bank Holiday weekend after their great efforts today. Results will arrive when ready.
Barry AhernMay 4 2019, 9:53pmTodays Ballyhoura results Kevin?
Brian FlannellyMay 4 2019, 11:29pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Conor O'FarrellMay 6 2019, 3:04pmThanks to everyone involved in what was a monumental event with 4 races and tonnes of food, prizes and volunteers

Also,a Trojan effort from Brian to get all of the results up on the same day. I can attest as to how difficult this can be for one race, let alone 4.

Thanks again to Robbie and the rest of the volunteer team.