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John MurraySep 4 2019, 9:23amHi Joe...any info on this weekends Nav 3 start/finish point? :)
Joe LalorSep 4 2019, 9:15pmNC3 on this Sunday. Start/Finish is at Annalecka Bridge 056019, about 3km NW of Wicklow Gap. Long course is 17km and short 10km by optium route. Start at 10.30 or early start at 9.30 for those running at or above 160% of winning time.Runners must have map (EW Wicklow West 33k), compass and waterproof jacket.
John MurraySep 4 2019, 9:49pmThanks Joe! Great area for a Nav Challenge. Have spent time crawling around on hands and knees in some of the dense forestry in that area previously! lol

Stones to Lug on Saturday followed by a Nav Challenge on Sunday...what more could you ask for of a weekend! :)
Mick HanneySep 5 2019, 12:02pmHi,
Anyone who hasn't collected their ordered map can collect it this Sun or at the Drumgoff race the Sun after.
Joe LalorSep 6 2019, 11:50amWatch out for final briefing here after controls are put out tomorrow evening. pre purchase closes atb6pm tomorrow.
Joe LalorSep 7 2019, 7:50pmAll controls out. Parking will be in forest, barrier open at 9.00
Map is not waterproof, tough plastic bags available at start.
Bring pen and cup.
John CondonSep 8 2019, 3:16pmMany thanks to Joe and the rest of his team for a great race to finish the Nav Challenge series.
Joe LalorSep 8 2019, 5:11pmBig thanks to all my helpers today.
Congradulations to Shane & Niamh on the long course
and Mick and Caroline on the short. Full results up shortly.

For those of you who want to try this at home

Long Course controls 1 to 5 taken in any order

Short Course controls 5 to 9 taken in any order

1. 086020 Pillar with Cross

2. 050000 Stone Circle

3. 071053 Lochan

4. 052013 Crag foot 3m W most

5. 056033 Summit

6. 052039 Stream Junction

7. 064016 Track/Path Junction

8. 065034 Stream Junction

9. 046020 Ruin
Mick HanneySep 8 2019, 5:13pmResults are winging their way to the results secretary. Thanks Joe, Nora and helpers for today. A lovely day in the Wicklow hills.

Well done competitors today and in all the Nav challenges. 36 runners today so all 3 events have been well supported and the new (old) format has gone down well.

Provisionally I think congrats are due to John Bell. Despite doing Stone cross relay yesterday he still finished 2nd today (to Shane) and cemented his overall standing as Navigator of the year.
John GreeneSep 8 2019, 7:21pmthanks to Joe & Nora & helpers...

lesson I learned today is there is big difference between...

046020 Ruin... accurate reading and...

046002 Ruin...misreading due to impatience at start
Conor O'FarrellSep 10 2019, 9:59amResults are up. Please email any queries to

Joe LalorSep 10 2019, 2:31pmThat's it the Nav Challenge wrapped up for another year.
I appreciate that getting three weekends free at the end of the summer is difficult, as is reflected in the numbers (below) who finished all three races. In the original version of this series the three races were of different length so the best of two from three was always unfair. Should we revert to 2 from 3 next year? over to you. It would have made for a very interesting series if the Short Brothers and Shane Lynch were able to compete in all three.

Congratulation to John Bell winning overall navigator of the year in spite of a valiant dash from the Reeks by Mike Jordan. I never got a coherent answer without copious amount of bad language as to why Philip Brennan was down as a short finisher on NC1 so have reinstated him, so if that is wrong someone is bound to let me know.

John Bell 6:14:18
Mike Jordan 7:06:33
Philip Brennan 8:15:34
Kevin Glennan 9:31:43
Paul Symth 10:50:05
Brendan Delaney 10:53:22
Hugh Kinsella 11:00:07
Maike Jurgens 11:13:33
Ger Power 16:38:37

Short Course

Brian Farren 6:10:03
Andrew Hanney 6:42:20
Sandra Pegman 6:43:42
John Condon 7:25:52
James Doyle 8:02:12
John Greene 8:02:23
Mick HanneySep 10 2019, 2:38pmOn Nav1, in the spirit of Nav3, and trying to be fair to the runner, if someone did the bulk of the Long Course, but missed perhaps 1 control, we felt it more appropriate to have them recorded as having done at least the Short Course rather than a total DNF. Stewards enquiry on Alan's DNF on Nav 2 :-) We might need a race report on that one.
Joe LalorSep 10 2019, 2:48pmThanks for that Mike, Philip was not admitting not having finished long. Has anyone got a "strava" or gpx file of their route on Sun, particularly interested in how runners went from standing stone to stone circle.
Gordon PlaceSep 10 2019, 2:59pmWell done John!
I've emailed Conor, but I did the short long course on Nav 3, and was glad you allowed people drop a control on the long course and not get a DNF, last place is a lot better.
I think that might encourage some to go further afield without fear of a DNF or keeping volunteers out too long trying to complete the full long.
Even though it's hard to make the 3 races, and didn't myself, I still think all 3 should be required for the overall winners.
Thanks to all involved
John GreeneSep 10 2019, 3:10pmshort report up of my misadventures... reports (postmortems) are useful for future navs ...for me at least
Andrew HanneySep 10 2019, 3:31pmwhat about next year having a try it event just before the nav aimed at introducing people to the format of the race. It could help boost numbers, and bode well for the championship/unmarked races in general.
Mick HanneySep 10 2019, 3:43pm@John - I think we all our our game of hide and seek with the church ruins. Also, a key lesson emerging from all the Navs is that a few extra mins at the start will save time in the long run. So, if unsure on a control GR, await the master map. I wasn't sure myself of 1, and waited the extra minute, and things worked out.

Andrew, your suggestion is valid. We should also look to use Grid References where possible, when maps are being used, to get people into the habit of using them.

Joe - this is my strava link. While the Short Course, if you click on the Flyby Icon, you should see All runners who did Short or Long.
Gordon PlaceSep 10 2019, 4:22pmGood suggestion alright, though if it's left to just before the nav challenges, it's probably a bit late in the year to benefit the other unmarked races.
The nav courses were good if they might be organised again? And people can then possibly buddy up for other races (like Tommy and Vivian...;))
Would be great to see more numbers in the likes of the Stonecross relay (and solo) so as to keep on the calendar, if it is the nav that is putting people off.
Alicia Christofi-WalsheSep 10 2019, 4:33pmThanks to Joe and all the organisers of the Nav Challenges. I really enjoyed all 3 races and look forward to next year's events. Well done all!
Brian FarrenSep 10 2019, 4:45pmI second that. Great venues, races and apr├Ęs food. Thanks to everyone involved.