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John McCannMay 23 2019, 9:03amHi All, Registration for Carrick Mountain is now open and will close at 6pm Tuesday evening. I could do with a few more volunteers if anyone would like to step forward.
John McCannMay 23 2019, 9:36pmIn my haste on my earlier post I forgot to say thanks a million for those who have volunteered so far. It is much appreciated.

Just a note on Parking in case you missed it on the events page.

The area across the road from the pub is fenced off so there is very limited parking in the village. We have permission to use the car park in the GAA club where there should be enough spaces. Please Carpool as much as possible.
John McCannMay 27 2019, 12:55pmI think I have enough volunteers now. Thanks to everyone for stepping forward to help.

An email will go out to the volunteers tonight or first thing tomorrow with roles etc. I am flexible if there are preferences on what you would like to do. Talk soon.
Lillian DeeganMay 28 2019, 11:15am.
** Message for anyone who is due to collect their 2018 End of Year item **
All stock will be at the Carrick race on Wednesday evening.

** Message for those who are due to receive uncollected Age Cat prizes **
All winning prize vouchers will be at Carrick on Wednesday evening.

Feel free to email me any queries on

Thanks everyone
John McCannMay 28 2019, 11:16amIMPORTANT NOTE RE: JUNIOR COURSE

Hi All, this information is in the Route Description but just wanted to make sure there is no confusion. The Junior Route is straight up the first climb to the Summit Marshall and straight back down the way you came to the finish. There will also be a large Sign to tell you where to turn. The junior course is approx 3km with 280 meters climb.
Conor O'FarrellMay 30 2019, 7:34amResults are up. A nice quick and easy night for me, thanks to the new laptop software and chip timing. Thanks Miriam and Angus who had a steep learning curve tonight.

Any queries, please email

Andrew HanneyMay 30 2019, 8:01amGreat debut RD role by John McCann last night, everything went like clockwork so well done John and your great team of volunteers and thanks for the lovely sandwiches Claire Keeley.
Brendan LawlorMay 30 2019, 8:25amThank you John and team for a great race last night, slow and furious at the start and fast and furious at the finish !
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 30 2019, 9:08amThanks very much John and volunteers for a great race last night. Very enjoyable evening and brilliantly organised.
Chris MarkMay 30 2019, 11:04amThanks to the organisers for a great race - especially to whoever made all the sandwiches!
Lillian DeeganMay 30 2019, 1:31pmAdding to the well done mentions for last night John and crew. A very smooth op all round.

I’m also on to query if anyone happened, by chance, to find voucher card? Someone mislaid their €50 v. card at Reg. time in the pub.
Brian KitsonMay 30 2019, 1:57pmThanks for a truly enjoyable evening all.

I put up a report about some of the battles out there last night.
Conor O'FarrellMay 30 2019, 2:42pmGreat report lads. Well jealous of ye running last night, but laziness got the better of me.

@Mikey, great frenetic report as usual. I pipped you at the posts with the results/report race, bring on next week! ;-)

@Brian, another fine report that had brought a smile to my face.

@Peter, where was Orla anyway? ;-)
Laura FlynnMay 30 2019, 2:50pmWell done and thanks to John McCann on faultless debut as RD with your excellent team. What a great race and afters in the pub and now a slew of race reports to enjoy...and all for €5!!! Where else would you get it?
Stuart ScottMay 30 2019, 2:53pmThanks John for a great race last night!

I'd like to issue a formal complaint about chips. Since they were introduced, my times have gotten way slower and everyone else has gotten faster. Maybe I'm just chip-intolerant but I think we need a healthier form of timing for next year.
Conor O'FarrellMay 30 2019, 3:28pm@Fergus O'Farrell sprinting against this guy ( to the finish line when he was just out for a jog, not part of the race. :-)