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Leo MahonMar 18 2019, 9:27pmEntries are now open for the trial races for the European mountain running championships They are being held on Saturday 27th April at 11.00am starting from the top of Crone Wood Carpark same course as trial race for the Worlds in 2018 up hill to the summit of Djouce.Because the Europeans are up the Riffelberg in Zermatt Switzerland on the 7th July 2019
Emer O'ConnellMar 23 2019, 4:56pmHi,
what kind of surfaces are in this race?
many thanks
Barry MinnockMar 24 2019, 2:24pmThis may have been discussed previously, but is 10 weeks between trial & actual race too long? Form is a major factor in racing (both horses & humans:) and a huge amount can change in 10 weeks. I can understand pushing out a wee bit to allow athletes focus, but 10 weeks is a massive time gap for a relatively short race. Someone who is running well in April could fall apart by July. Is this to suit organisation or performance? It is next to impossible to maintain top form for 3 months, meaning you have to go into trial sub-par in order to be on top of your game for main race.
Leo MahonMar 26 2019, 5:12amThe trial date was always a difficult one.There are a couple of races that would have clashed with ours Sleive Donard and the WW relay ideal dates for the trial that could not be moved.Considering flight costs and getting gear also came into play.
Barry MinnockMar 26 2019, 7:57pmSound Leo. Understand that we've a crammed calendar & the logistical headaches. Just giving an athlete perspective. Also it is very short notice. Trial dates should be set as early as possible to allow people manage their training & race schedule. Can't be helped in this case & the cream always rises :) Purely commented to feed into future trial race organisation
Conor O'MahonyApr 17 2019, 6:08pmHi guys,
Just wondering if there is any possibility that someone travelling to this race from Kerry/Limerick or even the Dublin city direction would have space for one/two Kerry men who would be more than willing to contribute to travel costs and the pre-race build up! Much appreciated.
Eoin Flynn80Apr 18 2019, 12:15pmHey Barry, in fairness to Leo and the organizing team, trial date for the race has been set since before Christmas, giving athletes plenty of time to plan their season. While it is a long time between trial race and competition,it can also work to the athletes advantage. Coming off the cross country or winter season, you have for example 8-10 weeks to peek for a 30 min effort for trial race. Then you rest 1-2 weeks, and then use the fitness acquired to extend training effort over the next 8 weeks to peak for a 60min effort for Championships. Two very manageable training blocks if planned right.
Adam ByrneApr 19 2019, 5:47pmHi,
This will be my first race and was just wondering where do I get my race
Number. Do I get it on the day of the race ?
Leo MahonApr 20 2019, 8:14pmI see Richard answered your email query As you entered as a junior what's
Your year of birth
Adam ByrneApr 22 2019, 11:01am2002
Leo MahonApr 22 2019, 2:58pm4 more days till entries for the Trial for the European / Snowden championships CLOSE There will be no entries on the day. NIMRA runners have to log on to myIMRA before they can get a number.
Leo MahonApr 23 2019, 9:15pmThanks to those that have volunteered I will be in touch tomorrow We still need 3 or 4 more volunteers to help at registration and Marshall some key junctions
Colm MoranApr 26 2019, 10:03amHi Leo, I plan to run up to Djouce to spectate the race, if you need someone to marshal up on the mountain, or near the junior finish, I'd be happy to help.
Colm MoranApr 26 2019, 10:04amHi Leo, I plan to run up to Djouce to spectate the race, if you need someone to marshal up on the mountain, or near the junior finish, I'd be happy to help.
Leo MahonApr 26 2019, 4:37pmHi Colm got a great response for volunteers most junctions will be manned and marked. The race dos'nt cross the style to stay on the WW at the top of the climb from the Dargle except goes up outside of the wall and joins the WW as it turns towards Djouce If your around there abouts it would be great cheers Leo
Colm MoranApr 26 2019, 9:02pmPerfect Leo, I’ll hang round that area and keep them on the outside of that wall.
Leo MahonApr 28 2019, 4:08pmI would like to thank all the volunteers who braved the tail end of Hanna on Saturday morning and all the athletes who climbed Djouce where the winds on a good day can be tricky Big thanks to Jeff and James summit timekeepers and Miriam and Luke who braved the base And Lillian's first aid was not opened so a very good day. Zak Hanna another great performances in the senior men maybe another John or Robbin in the making Kate Cronin another solid performance to win the senior women.Anthony MC Cambridge won the junior men Aoife Coffey continued her winning ways in the junior women
Zak HannaApr 28 2019, 4:09pmMassive thanks to all who made the trial possible yesterday-standing on top of Djouce in that wind was a challenge in itself!
Lindie NaughtonApr 29 2019, 5:30pmLeo - any chance of a full result? Thanks!
Leo MahonMay 1 2019, 5:18amSorry Lindie got lost in transmission up later today