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Liam BoweMay 6 2019, 7:30pmFolks, 6 weeks out from this Leinster Championship race. Just putting out a call for some volunteers and, more importantly, runners to put this fixture in their diaries.
If any experienced RD is making the journey to Bunclody to race Mt Leinster, I would gratefully accept you as Assistant RD (in an advisory capacity with no heavy workload sought).
Course will be exactly the same as last year to see if anyone can get near the course record set by Tom Lupton.
Liam BoweJun 4 2019, 12:37pmRegistration is now open for this LC and SEL event.
It's less than 2 weeks out and I still need a few volunteers:
Race marker
Summit marshal
Car Park marshal
2/3 to assist at registration/finish.
The car park marshal and one of the 3 at registration could run if that suited anyone.
Anyone that can help just let me know via this forum page or just volunteer through your profile and I will gladly accept.
Liam BoweJun 11 2019, 7:18pmFolks, I need one more non-running volunteer for this LC race on Sunday and we will be good to go. I hope to be able to facilitate a junior race (with the short course) if some juniors turn up on the morning and need a marshal for the turning point.
Rory LeadbetterJun 12 2019, 6:21pmHi Liam, I’m not available Sunday but if you were Marking the course Saturday evening I can try get down if you needed help.
Liam BoweJun 12 2019, 6:37pmThanks for the offer Rory but I have Brian O'Shaughnessy marking it - he can't make Sunday either. So I'm just short of one non-running marshal for Sunday morning only.
Paul KellyJun 12 2019, 6:43pmHi Liam,

I put myself down as assistant RD, but if needs be I'll do what ever you need me to do on the day.
Liam BoweJun 12 2019, 7:20pmGladly accept that Paul. Will try to avoid having you do any climbing after your exploits last weekend.
Hope to see Niamh running it so.
Matt PhylanJun 13 2019, 12:27pmHi Liam,

Will there be a junior event, please and if so, how long will the course be?


Matt Phylan
Liam BoweJun 13 2019, 1:37pmHi Matt,
I will have two junior courses.
U14 course will be on fire road only - 2k out and back (4k total).
14-17 will be the same as the short course with the fire road and some mountain trail - 4k out and back (8k in total).
I hope one of these suits.
Matt PhylanJun 13 2019, 3:43pmThanks Liam, will the u 14 race start earlier, and do I need to enter the junior runner on line also please ?
Liam BoweJun 14 2019, 9:48amMatt, the U14 race will start at 12. The early start is for those taking their time doing the full course.
I will check how the juniors register and get back to you later on today.
Liam BoweJun 14 2019, 10:30amMatt, you can register your junior runner as normal either on line or voucher.
Matt PhylanJun 14 2019, 2:12pmThaks Liam. I did that, see you on Sunday.
James PorterJun 15 2019, 8:05pmIf I buy race voucher online now, can it be used for race sign up tomorrow?
Alan AylingJun 15 2019, 8:43pmYes James - just rock up to registration with proof of your purchase, eg printout or screengrab of your My Recent Purchases page on IMRA site. They'll give you your new voucher card and punch the first unit for the race.
Liam BoweJun 15 2019, 8:44pmHi James, that should be possible. I haven't printed off the voucher list yet. If not someone will have a voucher up there and you should be able to give them €5
Paul KellyJun 15 2019, 10:34pmHi Folks, for those thinking of travelling to Mount Leinster for the race here is a link to the start line:
Just copy that into Google maps and you should be sorted.
Eadaoin QuinnJun 15 2019, 10:55pmThanks for the link Paul
Mick HanneyJun 16 2019, 3:12pmThanks to Liam & his helpers for a great event today. Even managed to stop the earlier rain and give us a bit of sunshine and a view of the top. Always a fun if tough route. Today was nicely boggy, so anyone who hadn't tied their laces tight could easily lose a shoe.
Pádraig DoyleJun 16 2019, 3:44pmYep, thanks Liam and crew. Nice smooth race. Flapjacks and tea were a nice touch. Weather was perfect in the end. Rain fecked off but the sun didn't scorch us either, making for great running conditions. Well done John and Becky.

Conor O'FarrellJun 17 2019, 12:18pmHi All

Results are now up. Email any queries to