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Mick HanneyJan 8 2019, 7:56pmThanks Robbie & co for organising. Looking forward to it and hoping the weather stays on side. Can we see an entry list so we can check out the opposition :-)
Mariusz WiezikJan 8 2019, 8:18pmAny tickets left?
David BosonnetJan 13 2019, 7:39pmIMPORTANT INFORMATION:

Welcome to the first Ballyhoura Midnight Marathon.

It started as an idea for 20 of us to run the 42km and have a few pints after, and then it took off! We now have 330 people to run , hike, walk through the Ballyhoura countryside in the middle of the night.

So, here is the essential info for the night;

Registration at Scoil Pol, Kilfinnane, Co. Limerick.

Midnight Marathon;
from 10pm to 11:30pm
NO REG AFTER 11:30pm.
Briefing at 11:45pm in school, you must attend.

**Arrive early if you have not yet received your 2019 number as you will need this to sign in.

The race will start at church carpark 100m from Scoil Pol.

Start is 12 midnight exactly.
A lead car will take you approx 900m out the road where you will turn right up onto the trail. From here on you will follow white reflective signs with red arrows. Runners should STAY ON A PATH unless an arrow points you off it. In other words, if there is a junction you are passing with no arrow, do not take it!!
Once on the trail, this next 1.5km are the same as the last 1.5km so please follow only arrows that you see in front of you, if you turn around you may see some for your return journey, ignore these at this time on outbound journey.

These may seem simple instructions but believe me, I have seen it mess up in daylight so keep aware. We know groups will be running/hiking and chatting which is great but please be aware at junctions and look for the arrows.


Follow signs as above.
There are certain point where you are running on the road, so it is VITAL that you are as reflective as possible. Have head torch switched on at front, and at rear have ideally a flashing small light or at least, high highly reflective area which should not be blocked by a gear bag or rain coat.
We will try to have all the larger roads manned but if not we will have signs warning motorists and also have flashing red lights. Take note to be in a safe position in the road, cross road when safe if approaching tight side of bend (blind side).

Mandatory Kit is:

Rain jacket, Mobile phone, some sort of food, head-torch and spare batteries, high vis vest. NO EXCUSES.

Any issues , you can call the emergency number on the reverse of your imra number on the night. This will divert to Race Directors.

This is a winter challenge event and not a race. No prizes will be given.
All participants will receive a event beanie.


Carry enough water to get to half marathon point.

Marathon group can avail of hot soup and roll at halfway. This will be provided at one of the holiday homes in Ballyorgan which will be marked. PLEASE KEEP NOISE TO A MINIMUM. Water refill also available.

When all have crossed the finish line, avail of a shower in Blackrock GAA Club, next to the school. Come back to school hall for a nice fry up and mug of hot tea and a chat to wind down.

Please note: those staying in hostel will eat in the hostel !!
Those NOT staying in hostel will eat in Scoil Pol.

Well done !

See you all on the night !
James CurranJan 16 2019, 2:41pmHello. I signed for the marathon and have picked up an ankle injury and could walk the half. Is it possible to transfer to the half? I can drive to the start if no place on the bus.
Robbie WilliamsJan 16 2019, 3:29pmJames,

Please mail me on rwpersonaltraining AT hotmail DOT com
Barry MurrayJan 16 2019, 5:49pmIts a "challenge" Mick, not a race ;)
Mick HanneyJan 19 2019, 8:48amHuge thanks to Robbie and the MMRA crew for conceiving of this event and the running of it, very enjoyable. The marshaling, marking, etc were spot on. It was memorable and the weather helped too.
Mark KingJan 19 2019, 4:20pmWe drove from Co. Down for the challenge and were not disappointed. A massive thanks to Robbie and his team for an excellent event.
Eilis ConneryJan 19 2019, 7:43pmThank you to Robbie and all the volunteers for organising this event. Serious organisation involved and really loved the night. Thanks for bringing it all together for us.
Phil behanJan 20 2019, 8:09amHuge thank you to Robbie and all involved for running an excellent event. Will definitely be back next year. Thanks again
Seán ManningJan 20 2019, 9:34amWell done everyone involved in organising this event. No stone left unturned. What a start to 2019.
Seán ManningJan 20 2019, 9:34amWell done everyone involved in organising this event. No stone left unturned. What a start to 2019.
Alexander MuhlwaldJan 20 2019, 4:48pmBig Thank You to all involved organizing this event.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well Done!
Pádraig DoyleJan 20 2019, 6:53pmThis was a great idea, a really well thought out night. The hostel was a nice touch. Thanks!

If anyone wants to meet the two friendliest hosts in the world, Kilfinane hostel is a gem. Teresa and Seamus couldn't be cooler.
Dermot O'BrienJan 20 2019, 8:41pmThanks for a great event, fair play to all involved, very tough but enjoyable. Are the photos available?
Dermot O'BrienJan 20 2019, 8:41pmThanks for a great event, fair play to all involved, very tough but enjoyable. Are the photos available?
Robbie WilliamsJan 20 2019, 10:11pmThere are some on the MMRA Facebook page
Paul MartinJan 21 2019, 12:12pmRobbie and team... Big congratulations to you and everyone who helped on Friday night. The organisation was superb throughout and I and those around me felt very safe and in good hands. Really enjoyed and met some great people - I was over from London for the weekend and so glad I got this done, Epic way to one the year and good training, was well tested in parts of the night! Hopefully see you and some of the rest of the community at future events - defo back next year - cheers Paul
John J BarryJan 21 2019, 12:53pmAnother great event by the MMRA crew. Marking spot on and stewards at critical junctions. Had two GPS devices with me - not required at all.

The river section is just class - add in some sticky ground to the already couple dozen stiles made for a curse feast!!

The weather was excellent and the moon teased us with its little appearance. For a short period of time it appeared 100% and it was stunning from the high vantage point we had.

We were in and out of the cottage for the half way mark fairly quickly but the volunteers have to be admired for been out at that ungodly hour. Unfortunately we all arrived in very mucky from the above river section and the floor of the cottage was a mess. They had some cleanup job on their hands afterwords. (sorry!)
Joseph BoyleJan 21 2019, 2:09pmA huge thank you to Robbie, Tom and all the team and local community involved in putting on a great event, the overall organisation was mind boggling. However hard it was to run it must’ve been harder to spend so long marshalling on the course through the night, we met some of them in the hostel at about 08:30 the next morning just getting back from finishing their duties.
I have to agree with Padraig in relation to Teresa and Seamus in the hostel, they couldn’t have been better hosts and went out of their way to make everyone feel at home.
It’s hard to see anything in IMRA topping this over the coming season, I’m already looking forward to next year already.
Robert CarneyJan 21 2019, 10:02pmThanks so much for a great event. Report up.
Mick HanneyJan 22 2019, 6:39pmReport added, I'm sure there are more out there too !
Robbie WilliamsJan 22 2019, 8:52pmThanks for yere kind words lads.

We really enjoyed putting it on for ye, I remember doing Art O Neill in 2008 I think it was and the sheer excitement of that night time adventure, so I’m glad I had a chance for more runners to experience that.

All comments and ideas appreciated by the way all, we definitely WILL have Coca Cola next year !!
Paul KellyJan 22 2019, 9:20pmThanks Robbie and crew for a great event! Will definitely be back next year!
Torben DahlJan 22 2019, 10:28pmI have to echo all that! A massive thanks to Robbie and his big team of volunteers for organising this event and making it possible for the rest of us to run it. What a great way of getting the legs started for 2019! Hopefully this will be a repeating event. Also huge thanks to Teresa and Seamus in the Ballyhoura Hostel for taking so good care of us before and after the race!
Robbie WilliamsJan 23 2019, 1:33pmGreat review by Paul Minogue here..
For anyone wanting an in depth detail of what it was all about.