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Robert McEvoyJan 8 2018, 6:40pmThanks to everyone who signed up today! We are blown away by the response and happy to announce that the Ultra is now full. We will keep a waiting list for anyone who might have missed out - please message us either here or via the Facebook page. If anyone is interested in running the SGM half marathon (which takes place the same day), I believe the entries for that will go live on Wednesday. Rob
martin hennessyJan 8 2018, 9:02pmRobert could you put my name on the waiting list... Thanks.
Mark KingJan 8 2018, 9:45pmRobert, Dominic, Stevie and myself are travelling down again and if you need us to collect/return the trackers from Ronan, please advise.
Robert McEvoyJan 8 2018, 10:56pmMartin - done.

Mark/Dominic/Stevie - that would be great, thanks! We'll figure out the details and e-mail you in the coming weeks.
Seán BurkeJan 10 2018, 2:37amHi,
Could you put me on the waiting list too.
Keith FahyJan 12 2018, 12:23amHello, would you please put me on the waiting list too? Thank you. Keith Fahy
Dave EvansJan 13 2018, 2:21pmHi guys, travelling down from newry for this one - can you recommend anywhere to stay on the fri night?
John J BarryJan 13 2018, 8:31pmLast year I stead in the Blarney golf and Spa Hotel about half hour from Millstreet. Really nice and the pool etc was very handy
Jason DowlingJan 18 2018, 8:46pmHi John,

Where did you park in Millstreet on the morning of the race? I'm staying a bit away so will have to drive into the town on the morning and don't want to get clamped!!

Keith FahyJan 18 2018, 10:33pmHi Robert, Just wondering how the waiting list is looking? I'm hoping to get a long run in March. From experience when do you think you will be in a position to confirm if a place is available? Just in case, I have registered for the half marathon.
Robert McEvoyJan 21 2018, 11:05pm@Jason - there is a car park at the finish in Millstreet - most people parked here for the day and there were no problems. We will double-check that this hasn't changed!

@Keith - you are 7th on the list, but nobody has dropped out yet. The race is still 5 weeks away so I wouldn't expect any drop-outs yet.
Keith FahyJan 24 2018, 8:03pmThanks for the update.
Keith FahyJan 24 2018, 8:05pmThanks for the update.
David FaganJan 31 2018, 4:29pmCan you put me on waiting list
John OflynnFeb 12 2018, 12:41amHi Rob I cant make the race
Can i pass on my reg?
John OflynnFeb 14 2018, 9:36pmHi Robert Any update on passing on my reg?
Robert McEvoyFeb 24 2018, 2:22pmFor the record, we sorted that last week @John Oflynn!
Robert McEvoyFeb 24 2018, 2:23pmCompetitors please note that some extreme weather has been forecast for the coming week. There will be severe frosts and from Tuesday onwards, the temperatures in West Cork will struggle to rise above zero degrees Celsius, if we are to believe the forecasts. The race directors will continue to monitor the situation. The safety of the runners is our top priority, both out on the course and the logistics of getting to the start safely in icy conditions. We will post another update on Wednesday evening. At the very least we envisage that there will be enhanced mandatory kit requirements.
Sarah BradyFeb 26 2018, 10:34amHi! Just wondering will there be a start list announced this week? Thanks. :)
Deirdre O'RiordanFeb 26 2018, 12:42pmHi, I'm having to pull out. I hope its not too late for someone else to take my place. Hopefully next year!!
Deirdre O'RiordanFeb 26 2018, 12:42pmHi, I'm having to pull out. I hope its not too late for someone else to take my place. Hopefully next year!!
Robert McEvoyFeb 27 2018, 7:54am@Sarah Brady - yes once we know for sure that we are going ahead we will publish the start list.

@Deirdre O'Riordan - thanks.

All registered runners should have received an e-mail last night with an update (please check the inbox of the e-mail address that you use to register with IMRA). Next update Wednesday night.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 27 2018, 8:49amHi Robert

I did not receive any email(checked spam too).

Can you resend it please.

Many thanks
Conor O'FarrellFeb 27 2018, 10:04amApologies. I though this thread was for the half-marathon.
John OflynnFeb 27 2018, 1:50pmThanks Robert
Brian GroganFeb 28 2018, 7:38pmAny possibility of postponing the Sli Mhuscrai races to the Sunday...would that be an option at this late stage
Eamon ToweyFeb 28 2018, 8:55pmCould we not send the top 3 runners out with a bucket of salt each and a flashing beacon on them. I'd easily find my way then and not perish like all them troops many moons ago!!
Robert McEvoyFeb 28 2018, 9:55pm@Eamon - well I'm glad to see you've been reading up on the history of this great route!

We've had an anxious couple of days watching the weather forecast and the various weather alerts which have been issued by the government. This evening the race directors had a conference call and we decided that unfortunately, in all likelihood, we will have to postpone the Ultra.

None of us had any doubt that the Ultra runners would be well up for the challenge of running through the snow and ice. Our main issues are with people being able to travel safely to the event (at the moment there is a "Red Alert" in place for Friday) and for the support vehicles being able to travel safely along the route on Saturday.

We are looking at an alternative date in March to host the Ultra, and we will spend tomorrow (Thursday) looking into the logistics of this. I will post another message at the same time tomorrow (Thursday) evening with further details. I apologise for the inconvenience - unfortunately the circumstances really are exceptional and beyond our control. Questions regarding refunds etc. will be addressed in the next message.

Next update tomorrow Thursday.
Barry MurrayMar 1 2018, 10:02amRob and co,

Surely Sunday would be a goer ?

temps up to 5-6C on Sat. Normal conditions for Sunday.

Scheduling this event for another weekend might be tough
Mark KingMar 1 2018, 11:03amBarry - Although I am not on the race committee, I would respectfully suggest that posing alternative dates to the race directors may not be helpful as they have many considerations.
Let's all wait until the race directors make a decision.
Barry MurrayMar 1 2018, 11:27amEh Mark - this is a forum for suggestions.
Robert McEvoyMar 1 2018, 8:13pmUPDATE
Myself, Robbie and Matthew have been working in the background on an alternative date for the Ultra marathon and the Half marathon. Thanks to those people who sent us suggestions. Ultimately, it will be impossible to find a date that suits everyone.

We have almost settled on a date, but we're not quite there yet. It's been difficult to contact the local stakeholders due to the bad weather. We hope to be in a position to announce the new date by tomorrow (Friday) evening. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, we can confirm that refunds will be available to those who cannot make the new date. There will be more details on the refund process tomorrow.

The next update will be tomorrow (Friday) evening. Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of support.
Robert McEvoyMar 2 2018, 10:36pmUPDATE
Thanks for your patience.

After much discussion and many phone calls, we have set the new date for the Ultra Marathon for Saturday 17th March (i.e. St. Patrick's Day). We have looked at parade schedules and we don't think that they will impact on our race (or vice versa).

We understand that this won't suit everybody, and apologies again for that. Anyone who can't make the new date will have their race entry refunded.

We will now proceed as follows. I have sent an e-mail to anyone who registered for the Ultra, and also to people who were on the Ultra waiting list. Please check the e-mail address that you used to register with IMRA.

If you wish to run with us on March 17th, please e-mail me back to confirm that you wish to take part. The deadline for getting back to me will be Sunday 4th March at 11pm. Please only use e-mail (not Facebook, text or IMRA forum) as otherwise it will be hard for me to track 50+ replies.

If you can't run on March 17th and wish to be refunded your entry fee, please e-mail me back anyway to confirm that.

By Monday morning, we will hopefully know how many runners from the original group can make it on March 17th. Any remaining places in the race will then be offered via the IMRA website - hopefully we can bring the number back up to 50.

Think about it over the next 48 hours and hopefully as many of you as possible can join us for this West Cork adventure on March 17th.
Duncan BarrettMar 3 2018, 2:15pmHi Rob,

Duncan here, i'm returning for the race on the 17th and can't wait to participate in this great event!

Great work Rob and team!
Robert McEvoyMar 6 2018, 5:04pmDue to the change of date, we have some extra spaces available in both the Half marathon and the Ultra marathon. Thanks to those who contacted us requesting refunds - these will be processed by IMRA in due course.

Ultra: 17 places
Half: 32 places

These places will be available to purchase from 7pm on Wednesday 7th March. Make sure you have a valid 2018 IMRA registration, then log in to myIMRA and click on "Purchase IMRA products".

Registration will remain open until all places are filled. Ultra €60; Half €30. Remember that both races are non-profit, and any proceeds will be fed back into the local West Cork communities who maintain the trails. Thanks.
Robert McEvoyMar 10 2018, 9:32pmWelcome to the 10 new runners that have signed up for the Ultra at such short notice. The names of those who are awaiting refunds have been submitted to IMRA.

We still have 7 spaces left. I will be closing the registration on Sunday at midnight as we need to finalise the start list and allocate the trackers. On Monday I will e-mail the final instructions to all registered runners. Looking forward to welcoming you all to West Cork next Saturday.
Robert McEvoyMar 15 2018, 4:54pmFor the armchair followers, live tracking for the Ultra will be available here:

You can also view the start list and pick a runner to support. The race gets underway at 8.00am on Saturday. Thanks to Eddie and Rowan at Primal Tracking for providing the excellent taking service again this year.

Liking forward to finally welcoming our 44 competitors to West Cork.
Robert McEvoyMar 17 2018, 11:46pmProvisional results - please let me know if you have any issues with these manually recorded times. We didn't record seconds and rounded down to the next nearest minute. Some of the times on the tracking site might differ, due to trackers updating after runners had already crossed the finish line.

1 Joe O'Leary 7:51
2 Thomas Klimas 8:00
3 Mike Jordan 8:13
4 Brian Buckley 8:35
5 David Carr 8:35
6 John Mollohan 8:43
7 Duncan Barrett 8:52
8 Michael McSweeney 9:00
9 Sarah Brady 9:01
10 Don Hannon 9:01
11 Donnacha Cassidy 9:07
12 Jason Dowling 9:16
13 David O'Riordan 9:18
14 Brian Grogan 9:26
15 Mark King 9:26
16 Dominic McInerney 9:26
17 Martin Mullan 9:26
18 John O'Flynn 9:40
19 Mark Bissett 9:50
20 Jackie Toal 10:01
21 James Morrissey 10:09
22 Kevin O'Donovan 10:14
23 Dave Evans 10:21
24 Tom Downes 10:25
25 Derek Walsh 10:37
26 Eamon Towey 11:10
27 Alan Kelleher 11:14
28 Brian Kelleher 11:14
29 Denis O'Brien 11:14
30 Michael Hallahan 11:18
31 Barry Williams 11:18
32 Rowan Walsh 11:19
33 Tina Reed 11:21
34 John O'Sullivan 11:30
35 Alicia Christofi-Walshe 11:35
36 Jonathan Dolan 11:35
37 Raymond Lawlor 11:38
38 Eddie Birmingham 12:10
39 Stephen Brennan 13:05
40 Paul Croke 13:05
41 Paul Duggan 13:08
42 Danny O'Keeffe DNF
43 James Byrd DNF
44 Charlie Byrd DNF
45 John Harrington DNS

Thanks to all who ran and especially anyone who helped out today in any way. Race report to follow.
Brian FlannellyMar 18 2018, 10:28amResults are now up for Sli Gaeltacht Mhuscrai Ultra, the second running of the event and first installment of the Munster Long Distance Championship. Any questions/queries on results, please email:
brian.flannelly at imra dot ie
Many thanks to Rob/Robbie, and their team of volunteers, and all who made this re-scheduled race possible
Mark KingMar 18 2018, 5:53pmRob & Robbie. Many thanks for your hard work on what was a great day out.
Mike JordanMar 19 2018, 8:56pmI've added my 'Too Much Time On A Bank Holiday Monday' race report to join Tina's in the reports section. Thanks again to Rob and all the other volunteers for putting on a fantastic event.
Sarah BradyMar 23 2018, 6:58amLittle late to this party, but I’ve added my race report. :D