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Edwin McAreeJan 8 2018, 5:53pmHi,

When roughly will entries be open for this event? Thanks
David BrennanFeb 26 2018, 10:09amsame question from me. looking forward to entering this run.
James H CahillFeb 28 2018, 12:24pmEntry for the Glacier Lakes Solo Race is now open. Please download complete and return an entry form and then pay for your entry online using the online IMRA online payment system (Purchase IMRA Products)
Andy owensFeb 28 2018, 3:46pmI've paid for this race on the 26th Feb did'nt see anything about downloading entry form i just paid my e15 am i still ok to enter this race and how do i download entry form. Thanks
Gordon PlaceFeb 28 2018, 4:34pmAndy,
It's on the event page along with the email address to send it to. Although I got an email directly from James with it today so you might have one too. It;s the same form as the relay, just put yourself down for all legs.
Gordon PlaceMar 5 2018, 1:13pmHi James, do solo runners have to check in at each relay handover point as well? Say the hostel at the end of leg 2?
James H CahillMar 5 2018, 1:19pm@Gordon Place - yes solo Runners must check in at every checkpoint
Liam VinesMar 15 2018, 10:09pmSo entries are flying in for both solo and relay. A few new faces and the old reliables.
Need a few more non running volunteers. Would really like to have a non runner at each checkpoint to take the leg times some of the relay runners could help out after or before there leg. Need to have a first aid volunteer too would love to have more than one person with first aid experience as the race covers such a big area and phone signal is poor in a lot of it.
If anyone has registered for the race but not filled out the entire form please go back into the event details and do so as it’s needed to work out start times.
Brendan NevilleMar 16 2018, 11:16amLiam available until noon as required it that helps? Cheers, Brendan
Brendan NevilleMar 16 2018, 1:11pmSorry Liam just realised the race is ona Sunday and not Saturday so have to withdraw my offer of help - Apologies Brendan
Paul O'CallaghanMar 21 2018, 6:39pmHi guys, I'm just checking that the race start time for M40 is 9:40? What time does check in finish? Also, should we bring our timing chips?
James H CahillMar 21 2018, 7:16pm@Paul O'Callaghan - all start times are on the race details page - "Entry List 2018". There is no need to bring your timing chip.
Paul O'CallaghanMar 21 2018, 7:34pmGot that James. Thanks
Conor O'FarrellMar 21 2018, 9:51pmJust make sure not to finish too close to the person ahead of or behind you, then you should not need your chip. James is pretty sharp with the stop watch;-)
Conor O'FarrellMar 21 2018, 9:56pmHey Liam

I'm running on leg 4.of a relay. More than willing to help out in the early legs, just not sure how to lever into the day. I should be able to help out on the early part of the day anyway. I'll check in with you at the start.

Joseph BoyleMar 23 2018, 12:56pmJames/Liam,
What time do you want volunteers there at?
James H CahillMar 23 2018, 1:42pm@Joseph Boyle we will e mail everyone later today, if you, as first aider, could be there at 8.30am (the time the first competitors are heading out) that would be great.
Liam VinesMar 23 2018, 11:05pmSo do you all know your start time? Have you all paid? Do you know where you are going?
Anyone wanting to have drop bags at checkpoints please mark bags with name and which checkpoint bag is for. We will have some water at each checkpoint but we won’t be spoiling you.
See you’s all on Sunday morning..
Tim ChapmanMar 24 2018, 8:11amJames sorry if I missed it. If we are starting at 9:40 what time do we need to register? Do we have to be down before the 8 am official start time?
Liam VinesMar 24 2018, 2:06pmSame as you would for a Wednesday night race Tim just don’t leave it too late we don’t want to have to get 20 lads sorted 10 min before the start..
Liam VinesMar 24 2018, 5:24pmRemembe allr the hour changes tonight
Brian FureyMar 25 2018, 8:22pmThanks James, Liam and all volunteers for the race today. Tough but enjoyable!
John MollohanMar 25 2018, 9:32pmWhat a wonderful day! Many thanks to Liam and co for all the organising and effort putting it all together. We were also blessed with the weather...
John J BarryMar 26 2018, 8:55amTo James, Liam and Co, thanks for a great day. This 'event' was on my "to do" last for many a year and I was delighted to get a change to do it. First time to see many of the lakes up close and a real bonus was the great Weather conditions which showed the lakes in all their beauty..

Cheers for letting me continue onto the finish, I was half expecting to be pulled at Ballinafunshoge.
Paul MahonMar 26 2018, 10:31amSuper Race, place and particularly the Liam, James and all people involved in organising and marshaling on what was a long day.
With that sort of weather the "job" was far more pleasant for runners and volunteers alike.
Pockets of snow made some nice slides in sections and views were stunning and for many regulars to actually see "3" lakes and Kellys from afar made for a pleasant change:-)
James H CahillMar 26 2018, 11:31amThe results are available in the reports section and the solo results will be online on the IMRA system in due course.

A number of runners correctly declared themselves DNF's at the finish line as they had not hit and touched Lough Firrib on their route.

To preserve the integrity of the race results, please review your memory (and your strava's) to ensure that you have adhered to the race rules. We are reliant on runners integrity for fair results of the Glacier Lakes race. If you did not touch all the lakes, ran too far on the Wicklow Gap road or crossed fences into private land on leg 3, please let me or Liam know and we can adjust the results accordingly.
Mike JordanMar 26 2018, 11:55amFirstly, well done to Liam and James on a great event, and to all the runners who took part in a tough day out in the hills.
Secondly, I think a clarification of where the private land on Leg 3 is required for future events and (given the directions some runners came into CP3) potentially an amnesty for this year. A few years ago pretty much everyone used the zigzags but recently it seems about half go cross-country. I'm all for taking the shortest line possible but there's no point jeopardising the event by crossing private land. I've always assumed the private land is all the way along the river at the bottom of the valley so by not crossing the river via the zigzags path you are on private land. bBut I don't know for sure.
This link seems to suggest its private all the way along -
Does anyone know for sure what is private land?
The requirement to touch all the lakes and only using the section of the Wicklow Gap road that is shared with St. Kevin's Way is clear though.
Mike JordanMar 26 2018, 11:59amI'll fix my question above. It sounds like I'm asking for a definition of private land. :D
Does anyone know for sure what is THE private land?
Warren SwordsMar 26 2018, 12:02pmThanks to James, Liam and the rest of the team for a great event yesterday and there huge commitment to it.

Was a stunning day to be out on the mountains and highlights why it's easily one the best events on the calendar.

Shane Lynch had some race in the solo, and it's worth mentioning that he had the fastest split on Leg 2, including the relay teams, and was second fastest on leg 2 and 3.
John J BarryMar 26 2018, 12:07pmFor those with issues with Lough Firrib

This might be handy. Path is there - I was on it!!
Adrian HennessyMar 26 2018, 12:39pmThanks to James, Liam and all the volunteers yesterday. It's not an easy race to marshall! Well done to the relay winners Gareth, Warren and Co. Also, well done to Shane on his great solo victory and new record.

I'd like to add my voice to the private land question on Leg 3. In other years I stayed on the Zig-zags (with shortcuts) but this year I opted to go cross country towards the forest corner and cross the bridge at Barravore (it's definitely faster even if I was slower this year). I stayed out of the fields at the bottom of the valley, but the question remains whether any of the land after the style is public and the only right of way is strictly the zig-zag path. Perhaps in future years the instruction should be to stick to the zig-zags after the style to avoid any ambiguity.
Mike JordanMar 26 2018, 1:33pmAdrian - as far as I can tell your route is fine as you went into the forest before the fenced field near the river. But I don't know for sure and I that's why I think it needs some clarification.
James H CahillMar 26 2018, 1:49pmTo further clarify ref. Leg 3, private land and from the clear route description: "NOTE: Private land is out of bounds. Fenced fields should not be entered, this occurs near the lower part of the zig-zags)" - there are three potential reasonable options to cross to the road access Ballinafunshogue car park handover point (there may be a million unreasonable ones but in pursuit of clarity):

1. Follow the zig zags to the road.

2. Reach the fence line at the bottom of the zig zags (not the top, not near the style, not anywhere else in the Wicklow Mountains!) by any route and bear left. Find any route by which you do not have to cross a fence into a fenced field as per the race directions. By way of hint I can tell you that there are two options. I do not intend to short circuit the race advantage of reccies and map reading by telling you what they are!

The rule is simple - do not climb over a fence onto the river flood plain. Any route which did not require you scaling a fence in this area is fine.

Ref. the lakes - any route which involved you not touching a required lake is unacceptable.

Ref the road - any route which involved you running the road outside the 400m of St Kevins Way which is clearly marked by St. Kevin's way signage is not fine.
Mike JordanMar 26 2018, 2:19pmThanks for that James. It was a very small number of runners who appeared out of the trees directly opposite the checkpoint that made me feel there was a shortcut I didn't know about!
Barry DrennanMar 26 2018, 6:22pm
Can you DNF me, I didnt touch the upper lake, wasn't intentional just a novice mistake! Without the help of Paul & Chris I would still be lost up them hills!
Paul O'CallaghanMar 27 2018, 12:44pmThanks Liam, James and the rest of the IMRA volunteers for a well organised and enjoyable day out in the hills
Graham K. BusheMar 27 2018, 3:19pmA massive thanks to Liam, James and all the crew, who brought us another great Glacier Lakes event. A lot of work went into this event, which is reflected in how smoothly it all went.
Race report up, my not-so-smooth attempt :)
Shane LynchMar 27 2018, 11:33pmThanks to Liam, James and all the volunteers for a well organized race. I have also added a race report.
Mike JordanMar 28 2018, 12:18pmSome good reports added (I can relate to Graham's double leg cramp crisis). Also a very impressive course record set.
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Apr 3 2018, 9:19amHi James, Liam & Co, apologies just coming across this discussion now. You can put me down for a DQ, looks like Lough Firib managed to hide from me, thought I had hit it but maybe it was a boghole! Thanks for a great day out on the hills, looking forward to next year already!