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Keith MartinJan 24 2018, 12:46pmHi, When will tickets be available for this event?
Laurence BriodyJan 24 2018, 11:01pmHi Keith normally opens 7 to 10 days before the race.
Laurence BriodyJan 28 2018, 2:27pmRegistration is now open for mullaghmeen.
Paul V MitchellFeb 4 2018, 2:09pmHi
Does anyone have a link to a gpx/tcx file of this route?
Paul V MitchellFeb 5 2018, 4:18pmI found what I was looking for, here's a link to last year's route if anyone else is looking for it.
Philip DunneFeb 5 2018, 4:23pmThanks Paul - but segments with names like "The Wall", "Steps to Hell" & "Ya B@$t@rd" dont fill me with confidence!
Paul V MitchellFeb 5 2018, 7:08pmHah-hah :)
Laurence BriodyFeb 6 2018, 10:38pmHi all 5days to go. Same course as last year. Some segments have strange names as the lads describe. That adds to the fun plus all the mud this year. Very slippery in steep sections. trail runners a must.
Thanks to those who volunteered so far. Registration opens at 10.30 closes 11.30. We have a short route for the juniors just over 5k.
James CurranFeb 8 2018, 7:32pmLaurence. My Son is coming with me, he will help with the laptop. Might need some help with results afterward.
Laurence BriodyFeb 8 2018, 10:20pmThats great James. I should be able to help if you get stuck..
Paul V MitchellFeb 9 2018, 12:57pm@James I'll be running but can help you afterwards. If you do need some help let me know -
Paul O'ConnorFeb 9 2018, 5:36pmEvening folks.

Whilst attempting to purchase my entry for Mullaghmeen on Sunday and purchase my 2018 membership, I got a 'fatal error' message from the system after a prolonged timeout having entered my payment details.

My Purchase History now shows both items (although no Race Number appears against the entry for my Annual Membership). Note that both entries show the same Payment Id.

Maybe not coincidentally, banking online is down so I can't check if the payment hit my bank account.

It looks like the transaction failed so presumably, I should just try again?

Laurence BriodyFeb 9 2018, 6:39pmHi Paul i don't see your name on the entry list so i would say it did not go through..
Karen DevenneyFeb 9 2018, 6:48pmHi Paul, looks like the payment for both has gone through, not sure why you didn't get a number though. I've assigned you number 94 which you can get at the race on Sun
Laurence BriodyFeb 10 2018, 2:39pmHi everyone..
Registration closes at 6pm today. No entries on the day of race. For people coming to mullaghmeen from the M3 follow sign to oldcastle then head for Castlepollard take next right which will be marked with signs for hill run..
If coming from M4 head for Castlepollard then follow brown signs for Mullaghmeen country.
I was around the rotue this morning. Its very wet and slippery. So be careful wear trail runners and dont forget you JACKET..
Volunteers please be there for 10.15.
henry barryFeb 10 2018, 4:04pmAre race card voucher entries allowed on the day?
Laurence BriodyFeb 10 2018, 4:13pmYes vouchers are allow once you are a Imra member for this year
Paul V MitchellFeb 11 2018, 3:32pmThanks for a great race. Course was really well marked and the soup and sandwiches at the end were much appreciated :)
Gordon PlaceFeb 11 2018, 4:01pmThanks everyone, great route, soup and sambos at the finish were a life saver.

I think Torben should have got M40 though. Just checked and he is in that category and I'm nearly sure he was ahead.

Thanks again
Kevin MarnaneFeb 11 2018, 4:13pmThanks for the great race all, and the wonderful spread after! Definitely a highlight of my IMRA year!! Thanks again!
Mick HanneyFeb 11 2018, 4:50pmThis was an unexpected treat. Driving towards Mullaghmeen it became increasingly snowy so it was going to be an interesting day. Snowy, mucky, slippery (uphill and downhill) trails. Great fun. And a fine spread of refreshments after from soup, to coffee, to sambos and cake.

Thanks to the organisers and volunteers for a fine event. Recommended.
Karen DevenneyFeb 11 2018, 5:28pmHuge congratulations to Laurence & the gang from St Brigid's on another fantastic IMRA outing at snowy Mullaghmeen today. Special thanks to all the volunteers who braved the Baltic conditions, races don't happen without them....hope you've all defrosted by now! The course was great, the snow & muck made it difficult to stay upright and we were rewarded with hot homemade soup & sandwiches at the finish! Definitely worth the trip!

Results are up, if there are any issues, please email me at Karen.devenney at imra dot ie.

Next up is Trooperstown Hill which we still need additional volunteers for, esp First Aid and Laptop Operator so don't be shy!
See you all on the hills soon
Alan AylingFeb 11 2018, 7:14pmGreat day out. Super course, slippy is an understatement but no matter, it was great craic, if savagely tough. What Colm Hill would lovingly describe as "a proper beasting"...
A descent that was being compared to Annagh Hill and the Abyss...
Lovely soup, sandwiches and cakes afterwards.
As Mick said above - recommended!
Adrian FarrellFeb 11 2018, 7:48pmThanks to all for a great race today really enjoyable, and challenging, route and lovely spread afterwards!! Great day out.. well done!!
Laurence BriodyFeb 11 2018, 9:31pmHi all3
What a day in Mullaghmeen mud sweat tears blood and snow lots of snow which we dont see too much of here. Would you believe its still snowing here.
Sounds like ye all had FUN which is why we run in this kind of terrain and conditions.
Thanks for all the comments...
I would like to give a Big Thanks to all who helped make this race what it is. Without all the people who volunteer we could not have these fantastic events. So again Thanks.
Glad ye enjoyed the homemade soup thanks to Gerard Heery.s mam and all who brought food.
Bit of a mix up on first male 40 sorry about that..
There are some fantastic photos on st brigids athletic-club Facebook page. Thanks to photographers.
Troopertown hill next another great race...
Aidan EganFeb 11 2018, 9:33pmwell done to all runners and marshals and organisers at mullaghmeen today. I did it last year and promised myself to return. Ill be back again. Its a beast of a course but thats what its all about. See ye next year.
Laura FlynnFeb 11 2018, 10:02pmSounds like I missed a great day...well done Laurence and all your team
Tanya SheridanFeb 12 2018, 7:53amTwo years running Mullaghmeen is one of the most memorable races in the year – fantastic route, organisation and post-race spread. Thanks to Laurence and his team for such a wonderful day out – there are a lot of people this morning checking into desk jobs with a spring still in their step after it! Laura, definitely one not to miss next year. :)
Tanya SheridanFeb 12 2018, 7:54amAnd thanks also to Karen for being so quick with the results after travelling to the event herself.
Mick HanneyFeb 12 2018, 7:56amSome race reports needed :-)
Tried to use an emoticon but IMRA form no likey.
Theo MooneyFeb 12 2018, 11:41amThanks to all involved for yesterdays brilliant event! Great course and a very memorable times. Thanks again!
Mick HanneyFeb 12 2018, 2:05pmReport added.
Tanya SheridanFeb 12 2018, 4:21pmThanks Mick - really enjoyed reading that.
Torben DahlFeb 14 2018, 5:36pmThanks to Laurence & Co. for a fantastic race, winter wonderland, grub and much more! One of my favourite races in a long time!!

@Gordon, the M40 price belongs to you, still 39 for a few more months, I better enjoy it! I take it as a compliment not being awarded the price ;)
Jim FitzharrisFeb 14 2018, 6:17pmTorben,

You ARE an M40!

You were born in 1978 and you therefore became an M40 at the start of 2018 even though you are still 39.

The system does not handle exact birthdays so it uses birth years.

This is standard in age group classifications in triathlon, etc.


Tanya SheridanFeb 14 2018, 9:00pmI think Torben was being gracious and joking Jim ... Pretty sure he knows all there is to know about race classifications ;)
Gordon PlaceFeb 14 2018, 9:49pmThanks Torben, your youthful looks fooled everyone on the day! But no escaping Jim. I emailed Karen on Sunday to organize returning the card. I'll miss Trooperstown but will pass it on at the Clover next week. Get you next time....... maybe if you could take a wrong turn or something
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 15 2018, 9:50pmYou'll be delighted to know I fixed this for you Torben...The year wasn't changed when the Access file was set up this year so everyone was showing a year younger...Fortunately not too many of them winning categories :-)
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 15 2018, 9:50pmYou'll be delighted to know I fixed this for you Torben...The year wasn't changed when the Access file was set up this year so everyone was showing a year younger...Fortunately not too many of them winning categories :-)
Rene BorgFeb 16 2018, 9:03amTorben, as you reflect on your new status as an M40, this quote should always cheer you up:
Gordon PlaceFeb 24 2018, 6:57pmHi Torben,
Passed on your prize to Yvonne to give to Rene so hopefully it'll make its way to you soon..