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Leo MahonMar 13 2017, 7:37pmHi,

I'm looking for
Course Marker
Submit marshal
Course de marker

One person could do all as this is a straight up/down course. Slowest finishers approx 1.5 hrs

Also require

First aider
2 volunteers

Contact Leo 0868135994 for any further details
Laura FlynnMar 13 2017, 7:43pmWhat event Leo?
Leo MahonMar 13 2017, 7:50pmCollege champs Camaderry event wouldn't update.

Sunday 26th March
Dermot MurphyMar 13 2017, 8:00pmHi Leo, I'll put my name to mark the course, and will also do summit marshal and demark. I will have the IMRA gear after the Trail/ Ultra race on the Saturday, not sure if you will need it but I will bring it along. Not sure who needs the IMRA gear after that, would I be able to pass it on to someone at this race?
Laura FlynnMar 13 2017, 8:05pmHats off to you Dermot... you'll be wrecked after that weekend!! You should be excused from volunteering for the rest of the year after that.
Sorry I can't offer to help at either but am heading off the the sun that weekend.u
Leo MahonMar 14 2017, 9:33pmThanks Dermot much appreciated I had planned to be around Glencullen for the finish. I will be there about 11am if I can be of any help let me know
Cheers Leo