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Laura FlynnOct 4 2017, 8:32pmHi Garrett, I see you have volunteered as race director for this race. We're grateful to you for coming forward but I'm not entirely sure you intended to do so as I don't think you're completed any race director training. I apologise if I'm wrong on this. Maybe you'd be good enough to clarify for me either by way of forum post or directly to my IMRA email which you'll find in contacts section.
Laura FlynnOct 17 2017, 10:11amWe need a Race Director for this race still as it appears Garrett Nolan has signed up in error. Whoever does it will be in line for the 2017 Race Director Columbia Hoodie
Robbie WilliamsOct 24 2017, 5:43pmHi Lads.

The end of season €10 purchase available on the site products, is this for the night out after the AGM?

If so, when will race be available for purchase ?
Not up to date with Dublin goings on ..

Karen DevenneyOct 24 2017, 10:11pmRegistration is now open folks
Anthony AlexanderNov 3 2017, 12:27pmI haven't raced in 2017 due to injury. Are you still accepting a race voucher from 2016 for this race? In other words, do race vouchers have an expiry?
Anthony AlexanderNov 3 2017, 12:27pmI haven't raced in 2017 due to injury. Are you still accepting a race voucher from 2016 for this race? In other words, do race vouchers have an expiry?
Lillian DeeganNov 3 2017, 12:50pm.
Hi Anthony,
Vouchers from 2016 have been accepted as roll overs for 2017. Your 2016's can be used for the Powerscourt Ridge race.

I'm down to RD this one. Once I've been linked in to manage the race page, I will duly tick yes to accept all that have volunteered. Thanks to those who have popped their names in to date, offers are much appreciated. I could do with a few more people as hill marshals if at all possible.
Ger PowerNov 3 2017, 9:31pmIf this is someone's first race do they have to register for the year or is it ok to turn up on the day?
Lillian DeeganNov 4 2017, 1:48pmHi Ger,
Yes, anyone wishing to run needs to have their 10 euro membership paid in advance of race day. This payment, once made, returns the runners unique race bib number.
Lillian DeeganNov 6 2017, 5:00pm.
Hi all,
Just a reminder to anyone planning to race next Saturday, entry will be available until Thursday evening 18:00h. To race, you need to show your voucher card for punching on race morning OR have a pre-paid race entry sorted before race entry closes on Thurday evening.

We will have a short course. Please ensure when signing in at registration, you make it known that you are taking the short course.

Registration will open at 9:15am. At the moment, the weather people say it's to be a dry and sunny ish one. Although I'd dress warm regardless, a seasonal thing. And jackets are mandatory.

Car Parking: Crone tends to be a busy little spot over the weekend. I would urge people to carpool as best they can from Enniskerry.

Route Marking: This race will have major junctions marked. Please do open the map on the race page and familiarise yourself with same.

I have emailed you with race morning detail. If you have not received same, let me know on here.

Finally, if anyone not running with a little free time feels like helping at Reg. I'd be grateful of your time at base. We could do with 2 more to help us pre and post run. We have x4 marshals placed on our race route, mainly the Maulin area. Don't want a Maulin to be messy round 2 senario.

Any further queries, fire away. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing all above at Crone on race morning.
S.M. GriffithNov 6 2017, 8:17pmHi Lillian- unfortunately I can’t run so I can volunteer with Reg or whatever else you need. Will have to get my kick vicariously:(
Ger PowerNov 6 2017, 10:51pmLillian as it is the last race of the year is it really necessary to pay the yearly registrations fee.
Lillian DeeganNov 7 2017, 12:22pm.
S.M Griffith - thanks. I will email you the volunteer brief now.

Ger Power - My understanding is all racers must be registered regardless of the time of year. A runners paid membership returns their race bib number and covers them insurance wise during any given race.
Laura FlynnNov 7 2017, 10:34pmI will have the Race Director prizes with me on Saturday at the Powerscourt Arms for collection by all worthy recipients. Hope to see you there. Anyone who can’t make it we can arrange for collection at another time or email at my IMRA address
Gavan DuffyNov 7 2017, 11:07pmHi Guys, will we have an online registration for this event before Saturday? Thanks Gavan.
Lillian DeeganNov 7 2017, 11:18pmHey there Gavan, I've just checked to be sure and entry for Saturday is available under "Purchase IMRA Products". Give it a shot again there, the purchase link should display for you as it has with me here.
Gavan DuffyNov 8 2017, 7:47amHi Lillian, this is all i see at the moment thanks

IMRA Products

You have no Items in your Shopping Basket!
Item Cost (Euro) Entries close
Race Vouchers, 2017 50
Buy This
2017 Replacement Chip 5
Buy This
Pól Ó MurchúNov 8 2017, 8:39amGavan you have already entered this event...therefore you can't enter again!
Gavan DuffyNov 8 2017, 12:33pmSorry for wasting your time people. See you there on Saturday! Thanks
Lillian DeeganNov 8 2017, 2:31pmNot a bother Gavan, glad to hear it's sorted. See you above Satuday.
Mikey FryNov 8 2017, 9:02pmHey Lillian
Do we need r timing chips for this race ?
And also I heard rumours there will be creme eggs
At the top of djouce:)
Thanks Mikey
Lillian DeeganNov 8 2017, 9:27pmEvening Mr Fry,
Pray tell, what little bird have you been bending the ear of :) I'll run a bar tab if you race about Maulin, beyond and back to base without incident. I jest ish!

Re: Timing Chips - Yes they will be in use. I've not been advised otherwise. If this changes, I will note same on here.
And Mikey, how many trail shoes do you have in use? Wear a pair with the chip on the shoe lace for Saturday. I'll have chips with me if anyone needs their one or a replacement.
Steve CooperNov 9 2017, 9:38amHey Lillian - newbie here, I joined just this week. I don't have a chip, do I need to get one prior to Saturday?
John CondonNov 9 2017, 10:43amHi Steve, you can pick your chip up on Saturday.
Lillian DeeganNov 9 2017, 6:02pm.
Hello all,
Pól has confirmed the chip timing system will not be in use for this race.
We will have Miriam Maher clocking everyone on their return with the laptop on race day.

Steve Cooper - With Saturday's race being the last on the IMRA calendar for 2017, you are best off waiting until the new year to collect your 1st time chip tag.
John McAuleyNov 10 2017, 10:22amGood morning all. I am looking for a lift back to the Nutgrove shopping centre area straight after the race if anyone could oblige. I have a lift to the race start sorted. John.
Lillian DeeganNov 10 2017, 9:30pm.
Evening all,
Last few bits being closed out on for the morning. With last night and tonight being somewhat wet, the route will be mucky. Please dress warm and include your jacket for racing.

We have 82 pre-entered for this one. Registration will open at 9:15 and close at 10:15. I expect it to be busy , please allow plenty of time to get yourself sorted to run. In order to get reg. done swiftly and without issue, please ensure you have your voucher for punching in the que for same OR have your detail to show if asked at the pre-pay que.

We have an early start option for anyone that feels they might be out on the course over 2hours +. You are reminded that this option is only for racers who feel they need it. Please don't take this 10am early bird option and come home top end. It plays havoc with the results aside from being unfair to the rest of the field.

I will need all racers to have their bib No. clearly visible on their front as they make the return for home. This allows for us to account for everyone off the course and to formulate results with greater ease as you cross the finish line.

Car Parking - Crone will be busy. Carpooling is being encouraged as always. Park as neat as possible - thanks.

Finally, Prizegiving will be in the Powerscourt Arms before the AGM. Soup and Sambos will be there for all post race.

See all in the morning.
Ronan BradyNov 10 2017, 10:29pmHi John
I can give you a lift back to nutgrove;
I’m going out in the early start with estimated finish of 2hr5, so should we should be finishing around the same time! My number is 0870674414 if you want to get in touch
Steve CooperNov 11 2017, 7:42amHi Lillian. Newbie here again :). Where do I get a bib? We’ll aim for the early start. Thanks! Steve
Mikey FryNov 11 2017, 8:31amSteve you will got your number at the race ..,
If you think you’ll be over 160% if winning r over two hours probably the early start will suit you hope this helps:)
Louis MulleeNov 11 2017, 3:58pmGreat Race today, Nice and wet underfoot, perfect marking on Maulin and no lost souls I hope, Special thanks to Lillian and all of the volunteers!
Robert CarneyNov 11 2017, 4:00pmHey, great run today. I lost a green rainjacket with a yellow zip in its own pouch. Think I dropped it on the rocky trail on the east side of djouce on the return for crone. I know a few people seen it so hopefully someone picked it up. I know these things usually turn up so Thanks in advance and many Thanks for a nice morning out to the organisers.
Mick HanneyNov 11 2017, 6:27pmThanks Lillian and your team of helpers today for a great event. Perfect weather with very wet and slippy underfoot conditions. Hugely enjoyable and great to see a crowd out from all over. Lovely touch to remember our IMRA compatriots, Adrian and Mike, with the armbands and respectful silence.
Andrew HanneyNov 11 2017, 7:36pmThank you Lillian and volunteers for a great race today, really appreciate the time and effort that all of you put in to giving us a great and safe morning in the hills.
Lillian DeeganNov 11 2017, 8:24pm.
Well done to all today. The last race of the season was closed out with a field of 174 runners and went off without any major issues. Our base station volunteers and route marshals played a blinder allowing for a swift and smooth gig from start to finish. A huge thanks to each and all of you. We had a grand lot of little people aiding us today too. Thanks to the Mammies and Daddies connected - your little ones filled a necessary gap for John and I this morning pre and post run.

We had no A&E or similar requirements thankfully - only a few superficial cuts and grazes that I am aware of. Only one issue of concern for me was/ is our early birds let themselves away off without a race brief much to my surprise. Ideally, all racers should wait till gun time is called. With that said, I am most grateful the planned early starters signed-in at registration as requested. Accounting for you was well managed by Miriam & Co.

Congrats again to Louis Mullee running his 100th IMRA race today. And Louis, we didn't loose a sinner on Maulin - woohoo, a result in my book! Peter Bell, I will get you that dainty 100th shirt before you reach your 200th marker, I promise ;) Joking aside, I have one here and will get it to you. Well done Sir, a great milestone, more power to your footfall.

Results will be posted as soon as Karen has a free minute. Please be patient with regard to same. They will come.

Mikey Fry - you were our 1st M40 home. I have your voucher. I'll get it to you at some stage. Well done.

Lost & Found:
Robert Carney - Your green jacket pouch item was given to me by our Maulin route marshal, Jim Fitzharris. A runner found same on the route and passed it on to Jim. I will hold it here. You might let me know where your based and I will post it if you wish. Text me on 086 820 9861.

Aidan O'Donoghue - Runner 179 - I have your voucher card. It was found by a fellow runner. Text me an address on 086 820 9861 and I'll post it to you.

Other lost and found:
Yellow gloves ?
An Outfront Achill buff ?
A black/ green ladies jacket ?

Enjoy the social gathering tonight guys. Happy heads tomorrow.

So that's it folks - last race of the season closed out. Roll on 2018!
Des KennedyNov 13 2017, 9:58amWell done Lillian and volunteers on an impressively organised race. A classic route, one of the very best that IMRA has to offer. Fantastic winning time by Seamus Lynch, especially in the soggy underfoot conditions. Well done to all on the IMRA committee for a great year and roll on the next.
The yellow gloves and Achill Roar buff is mine thanks. Can pick up at a Winter League event.
Mary CollinsNov 13 2017, 12:07pmThanks Lillian and all your volunteers for a very well organised and pleasant race event. And very many thanks Lillian for your assistance and help to get me started on the day. Much appreciated. Mary Collins
Aidan O'DonoghueNov 14 2017, 1:39pmVouchers card received Lillian, thank you.

Thanks also to James Curran for finding it and passing it on - much appreciated!
Mick HanneyNov 15 2017, 12:26pmRidiculously good winning time on Saturday given the wet and mucky conditions on the ground. Nearly a record time on the course by the winner, not far behind the time set by Barry Minnock in 2008. Just beats the time of Brian McMahon in 2010 by just 3 secs. Sarah McCormacks winning time was a new ladies record by a large margin. Congratulations to the winners.
Lillian DeeganNov 15 2017, 2:42pm.
Thanks for highlighting the winning times there Mick. Ridiculously good indeed - fair play Sarah and Seamus.

I am looking to get in touch with our MJ - runner 1865 - Eoin Riordan.
Well done last Saturday Eoin. Might you text me an address on 086 820 9861 to forward your winning voucher. Thanks.

Also, I wish to make a correction from Prizegiving. It was realised after presentation that Joe Lalor was our 1st M60 gent home. Well done Joe.
Ann RobinsonNov 15 2017, 8:36pmThis was my first IMRA run and boy was it a challenge! Uphill was tough and downhill was scary. I finished though so am happy -my legs were not on Sunday. My number is 1939 and I did the short route, I planned to do the full run but turned off by mistake, a good decision in hindsight. I don't see my name on the results list. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers on the day.
Lillian DeeganNov 15 2017, 9:43pm.
Well done for taking to this route as your first Ann. You picked a tough enough one for your maiden IMRA gig, long or short course.

We had a few program errors on the laptop on the day but I am happy to confirm I have you on the reg. sign-in sheets here. And I do recall early stage, seeing Greg and yourself head about the last turn for the run in home. I'm unsure who published the results for this one. I will email Karen and Pól asking to add you to the short wrap sheet.

I'm missing a few others in the finisher head count based on the now published results. That or I've left runners on the mountain. I'm happy to run with the notion a few people have been omitted in error from the finisher listing. If you are one of those, please do let me know. Thanks.
Robert CarneyNov 16 2017, 5:11pmHi Lillian

Got my jacket, thanks a mil.
My brother ran his first imra at this race and was also missing from results. He was 1941. John Carney.
Thanks again.
Robert CarneyNov 16 2017, 5:12pmI think he was around 1:55 time.
Lillian DeeganNov 16 2017, 5:50pm.
Hi Robert,
Glad the jacket arrived. Re: Runner 1941 - Will you throw your eye down the results page to position 117 at the mo. That wrap time of 1:58:26, I reckon this is the brother, John. A few more runners resultsnwere amended last night. Let us know if your query is now sorted. Cheers.
Robert CarneyNov 18 2017, 12:57pmThanks Lillian.
Williams AvaNov 29 2017, 9:45amHi,

This was my 2nd IMRA run and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was really tough. I am just seeing from my results that I had a category win (F40) for the short course - I didn't even realise! Does that mean I win a prize or something?
Cheers ;)
Williams AvaNov 29 2017, 9:45amHi,

This was my 2nd IMRA run and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was really tough. I am just seeing from my results that I had a category win (F40) for the short course - I didn't even realise! Does that mean I win a prize or something?
Cheers ;)
Lillian DeeganNov 29 2017, 1:56pmHello Ava,
The age cats for 40, 50 etc. are awarded to the 1st male and female home only in any given IMRA race.
Lillian DeeganNov 29 2017, 2:09pmSorry Ava, I possibly should clarify, this race was in as a 16km course in the main. An option to run a shorter circuit of the route was allowed for owing to nature of the route with this particular route. Awards in the age cats were therefore given to those from the long course as detailed on the race page.
Williams AvaNov 29 2017, 2:15pmThanks for letting me know Lillian. Hope to do a lot more hill running in the new year :)