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Inigo AlanaFeb 27 2017, 3:21pmAny preliminary info on this one, even general and provisional? E.g. will it involve open mountain/navigation? I suppose even a tentative route map would be too much to ask at this early stage, but it's a long one to recce!

Thanks in advance.
Adrian Tucker RIPFeb 27 2017, 9:57pmInigo, hope this answers your query to some extent but bear in mind that this is only provisional info re this event (it may change slightly but will be advised whenever things are firmed up a bit better over the coming months).

Glendalough Clover 84Km

•The event will be a continuous 84Km foot race on fully way-marked trail.
•There will be no open-mountain navigation required, but it would be advised to recce the course beforehand if possible. It is hoped to have a GPX file of the course available to all competitors before the event.
•Start/Finish will be in the Glendalough area (subject to permissions etc.).
•Total Ascent/Descent will be in the region of 3,301 metres.
•Strict cut-off times will be in place at certain checkpoints (times to be announced soon). It is expected that fastest/slowest times will be in the region of 6hr/12hr
•The race route takes on the form/shape of a Clover (hence the name!!) or the letter Y, with the start/finish area and a central base station as the centre point of the Y. (A general map/Google Earth outline of course will be up on the event page soon).
•There are basically 3 legs to the race, each leg starting and finishing at a central base in Glendalough.
•The breakdown of the 3 legs are roughly as follows:
(1)Out and back to Wicklow Gap via St Kevins Way with an anticlockwise loop of the Spink on the return to base.
(2)Out and back toward Lough Tay along the way-marked Wicklow Way.
(3)Out and back to Glenmalure via way-marked Wicklow Way.
•Each individual leg of the route is in the region of 25km to 30km in distance.
•It is intended that the course will be fully marked i.e. Wicklow Way markers and St Kevins Way markers with additional markings where deemed necessary.
•The start/finish area (central base) will be visited at the end of each leg and will act as a feed/water station along with a further 3 water stations at Wicklow Gap, Lough Tay and Glenmalure.
•The start/finish area (central base) will act as the only “drop bag zone”.
•A 3-person relay event will be run in conjunction with the solo event, (more details on this to follow).
Inigo AlanaFeb 28 2017, 9:44amThank you, Adrian. Your post more than answers my query. The clover suddenly makes sense now!
Paul O'CallaghanFeb 28 2017, 7:09pmIn the spirit of Paddys Day we might rename this race "The Ultra Shamrock"
mick56 redmondFeb 28 2017, 10:30pmor how about Y do it
Adrian Tucker RIPJul 6 2017, 12:32pmEntry to the Glendalough Clover Solo are now open and available for purchase at a cost of €30 on the Purchase IMRA Products tab.
The event takes place on Saturday 2nd September, some detail of the event including a course map is posted on the events page. Further maps and finer detail of the course will be provided in the coming week or so.
Jean MolloyJul 10 2017, 9:44pmWill there be an early start for this race? Thanks.
Jean MolloyJul 10 2017, 9:44pmWill there be an early start for this race? Thanks.
Adrian Tucker RIPJul 11 2017, 8:30pmJean, having assessed the logistics of the event and the existing start time of 6am, there are no early starts planned at this time'. Hope this doesn't prevent you from entering the event and having a go anyway. It is envisaged that finishing times will vary from between 6:30hrs to 12hrs. There will also be strict cut-off times applied at various checkpoints on the day. These times will be announced in advance of the event.
Jean MolloyJul 12 2017, 8:26pmThanks for clarifying that Adrian. I'll definitely be in the 12-hour finisher category!
Jean MolloyJul 12 2017, 8:26pmThanks for clarifying that Adrian. I'll definitely be in the 12-hour finisher category!
Jean MolloyJul 12 2017, 8:34pmPS Sorry I keep posting everything twice.
Tim ChapmanJul 17 2017, 4:56pmHi Adrian,
As I can't get a pass to run for the day I'm happy to volunteer. I can be up for the start to help òn my own or after 9 with 2 kids for a while. Let me know if that suits.

Adrian Tucker RIPJul 18 2017, 9:03pmThanks for the offer to volunteer Tim, I've clicked the accept button for you and I'll mail you in the next while as regards what time best suits.
Plenty more slots available for volunteers if people are free on 2nd September.
Alexander ReillyJul 18 2017, 11:52pmHave the cut-off times been announced?
Inigo AlanaJul 24 2017, 5:59pmAdrian, will there be a relay version?
Adrian Tucker RIPJul 25 2017, 12:18pmSorry about delay in getting the necessary info about this event out there but we encountered some unforeseen problems with regard to the start/finish and transition area which we had hoped would be at the Visitor centre area in Glendalough. The problem has now been resolved and it means that we have now moved the event centre further up the valley beside the Upper Lake carpark area. This subsequently entailed a full rethink and re-trace of all three legs of the event. The result is that the route essentially remains similar and some minor tweaks to each leg but in particular leg two turn-around point is changed to Lough Dan area.
The legs are now broken down to 25km, 30km, and 25km.
Leg 1 is anticlockwise loop of upper lake followed by up and over spink then onto St Kevins way out as far as Wickow Gap turn around and back to Upper Lake Transition area.
Leg 2 is following Wicklow Way north as far as Oldbridge then out to top of Lough Dan, turn around and back to transition area.
Leg 3 is following Wicklow Way south to Drumgoff crossroads and Glenmalure hotel, turn around and back to finish at Upper lake area.
We will have a full Roadbook with all detail ready for download by this coming weekend.

A gpx trace of all 3 legs is now available if you want to email adrian dot tucker at imra dot ie for a copy.

@ Alexander: To answer your question re cut-off times.
Start of event will be 6am. Leg 1 cut off will be 10am.
Leg 2 cut-off will be 3pm.
Leg 3 will have a cut-off at the turn around point in Glenmalure at 5pm.

@ Inigo: There will be a 3 person relay event in conjunction with the solo event.
The relay event will start at 9am.
There will be a handicap (time bonus system) similar to the Glacier lakes event in place, the full detail of this will be announced with the Roadbook by this coming weekend.
The time bonus system will only apply to the relay event, it will not apply to the solo event.
A separate forum post will be set up for the relay event queries/messages.

The solo event is open for purchase at the moment and closes on 26th August.
It is hoped to have the relay event open for purchase by this coming weekend.

This event will require assistance from quite a few volunteers. My thanks to those who have already volunteered and assisted greatly with getting us this far in the planning and organizisng. Plenty more room for more volunteers.
Adrian Tucker RIPJul 29 2017, 10:52pmA Race Booklet outlining the Race Guidelines for the Glendalough Clover 80Km is now available to download on the event page.
It is recommended that all entrants download the document and have a good read of the detail.

The course outline can also be viewed on and the gpx trace of the route is available from the RD by mailing adriandottuckeratimradotie.

Entries for the Relay event are now open and a seperate forum post has now been set up for the 3 person relay event. All details of that event are explained on the Relay event page and in the Race Booklet.
Please direct any Relay related queries to the seperate Relay forum topic.
Dan MateiJul 30 2017, 8:03pmHello IMRA community, I'm very glad that this will be my first race in Ireland, 80km and 3000m this is the type of race that I like the most. Now I have a question of "logistic": Is anyone from Dublin area that after work on Friday (1st of August) will go to the race and has a free seat? If so I will be more the happy to share the cost of the ride. Thank you.
Eilis ConneryAug 10 2017, 10:41pmHi Dan
I will be travelling out early on Saturday morning for the race and we can give you a lift if you want to travel out then? I think Adrian said you may be based around Sandyford and we live there too.
The loops are really nice. Eilis
Dan MateiAug 10 2017, 10:52pmHi Eilis,
Thank you that is a very good news, Saturday morning is perfect. Yes I live Sandyford area and this is even better that you are also living here. I can wait to try them. Have a nice evening. Dan
Eilis ConneryAug 16 2017, 10:31pmGreat Dan...we will be able to collect you early on the Saturday morning. Will be in touch the week before too...Eilis :)
Dermot MaguireAug 17 2017, 12:10pmHi Adrian,
Looking forward to the day now,was just wondering is there a big entry and will you be posting a start list.
Adrian Tucker RIPAug 19 2017, 11:01amEntries to the first running of the Glendalough Clover 80Km remain open for one more week.
Loads of room to accommodate those Morris Mullins Ultra runners that haven't been seen since March!!
And yes, as seems to be the tradition with IMRA Ultra's, a start list will be announced when entries are closed.
Richard ChurchAug 22 2017, 3:51pmI did a bit of a recce of the second and third legs yesterday. Just a note that the Wicklow Way is officially diverted above the Poulnass waterfall at the moment until October due to forestry work in the Lugduff Glen. The diversion is about 500m shorter than the original and its marked with all the standard markers.

Also, the running between the Upper and Lower Lakes will be a game of dodgems on a Saturday. It was bad enough yesterday with tourists.
Adrian Tucker RIPAug 22 2017, 6:26pmThanks Richard for that post.
I happened to be doing a final reccee myself today and noticed that diversion which is in place since August 14th and will remain there until Oct 31st.
So the usual rule will apply with regard to Leg 3 of Glendalough Clover which follows the Wicklow Way as far as Glenmalure.
The Wicklow Way Route marked by Coillte on the day will be the one to follow.
As Richard says; it's a little bit shorter, so it makes the 80Km much more do-able :-)
Aaron ShimmonsAug 22 2017, 8:46pmIs there a GPX file available for the route?
Aaron ShimmonsAug 22 2017, 11:52pmSorry, just read the road book. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good run
Adrian Tucker RIPAug 23 2017, 7:49pmWell it looked like the Long-Distance Championship of 2017 was all sown up, with Graham K. Bushe well in the lead having already completed three of the four scoring events in this league.
But with the final event of the Championship “The Glendalough Clover” (Solo) still open for entries until late Saturday of this week, Graham’s dreams of triumph may well be put on hold until the finish line in Glendalough on Saturday 2nd September.
Three runners have completed three of the four scoring events in the Championship so far, they are Graham K. Bush, Paul Morrissey, and Jonathan Dolan.
Twenty nine other runners have completed two of the scoring events and still have a chance of completing the Championship. How many of those will sign up or have already signed up to run the Clover and try for a place on the Championship Podium is anybody’s guess. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who the main contenders will be.
In the meantime, if you are one of those 29 (all of whom have completed the Morris Mullins Ultra), do you have what it takes, after 55km of running, to leave the comfort of the Transition Area after Leg 2 of the Clover, and head out on the last and final Leg to vie for a place on the Championship Podium.
WELL DO YOU? :-) :-) :-)
Greg ByrneAug 24 2017, 8:36amDetails of the diversion on Leg 3 have been uploaded as a photo. A small detour, that is well marked and provides a slightly shorter route overall.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to get in touch.

And remember registration closes this Sunday night.
Aaron ShimmonsAug 24 2017, 11:17amI was informed that NIMRA membership covers northerners for IMRA events (and vice versa), so what's the best way for NIMRA members to purchase an entry for the solo?
Adrian Tucker RIPAug 24 2017, 4:49pmAaron, apparently if you email the Results and Records Secretary at:karendotdevenneyatimradotie and give the details of your NIMRA race number, you will receive an IMRA race number that should then allow you to purchase the Solo product.
If you want to mail me for gpx files of the course, send to adriandottuckeratimradotie.
Adrian Tucker RIPAug 24 2017, 11:30pmNews just in, that the Glendalough Clover solo has been accepted as a Qualifying Race for UTMB and has been awarded 4 points.
For those that have their sights on heading to UTMB and/or similar races in Europe in the future, this is just one more reason why you can't miss out on an entry to the Clover solo.
Sign up quick, only 2 days remaining for entry.
Richard NunanAug 25 2017, 9:19amThats great News Adrian well done, best of luck with the New Race!!!
John MollohanAug 25 2017, 9:42amThat's a big feather in your cap. Well done. The efforts you've gone to have paid off. Great to have another UTMB race in Ireland.
Aaron ShimmonsAug 28 2017, 2:35pmWhere do I find the entry list?
Pól Ó MurchúAug 28 2017, 7:08pmThe short Answer is you don't Aaron...:-) Adrian will publish in time...
Greg ByrneAug 30 2017, 1:26pmThe runners entered for Saturday are:

Aaron Shimmons
Alicia Christofi-Walshe
Billy Reed
Brendan Neville
Dale Mathers
Dan Matei
Dave Evans
David Nolan
Dermot Maguire
Erwin De Wilde
Gavin Scott Byrne
George Flynn
George Snee
Graham K. Bushe
Jean Molloy
Johan Dehantschutter
John MacEnri
John Mollohan
Juju Jay
Karl Maguire
Matthew Sammon
Michael J Kelly
Olivier Privat
Paul Croke
Paul Nesbitt
Paul O Brien
Raphael Pizarro
Richard Church
Rory Campbell
Shay Brady
Silvano Riz
Siobhan Hayes
Wesley Jameson
Zoran Skrba
zsolt szomju
Dave EvansAug 31 2017, 7:07pmHi Guys - any kit list that could be out up, thanks
Gordon PlaceAug 31 2017, 7:33pmHi Dave, there's a full list in the race book. There's a download link to it on the event page
Adrian Tucker RIPSep 1 2017, 10:39amFinal Instruction for Glendalough Clover.
Registration is at the Upper Lake Carpark 5:15am to 5:45am.
Admission to the carpark is €4 and you need to have the exact change for the automated barrier.
Race Briefing at 5:50am.
Race Start at 6am for both Solo and Relay.
Relay Runners will wear a Bib to distinguish them from Solo runners (collected at registration).
Drop Bag and Key drop will be located beside Transition Area which is 50M south of carpark.
Race Start Line is located approx. 100M west of carpark and beside the beach/lake.
Ensure you have all the Mandatory Kit for registration and carry same throughout the full race.
Mandatory Kit list can be seen in the Roadbook which is linked on the event page. It is recommended that all participants will have read the Roadbook.
There are 5 checkpoints throughout the course: Wicklow Gap(1), Transition at Glendalough(2), Lough Dan(3), Transition at Glendalough(4) and Glenmalure(5).
A Race Marshall will be in place at each Checkpoint to record and tag your arrival/departure.
Liquids in the form of Water and Cola will be available at all 5 Checkpoints.
Snack food: bananas, oranges, nut’s n raisin, sweets n treats will also be available at all 5 Checkpoints.
Weather is looking good for most of the day. There may be some fog for early morning and some rain is predicted for later in the evening. Temperature in the range of 15 to 18 degrees.
Have a good day!
Adrian Tucker RIPSep 2 2017, 10:56pmProvisional results from Glendalough Clover Solo
Full results to be added to Event page soon:

Position Runner Name Race Number Category Finish Time m)
1 Gavin Scott Byrne 215 M 07:53
2 Rory Campbell 444 M40 08:13
3 Graham K. Bushe 79 M40 08:38
4 zsolt szomju 959 M 08:48
5 Billy Reed 1005 M50 08:48
6 Dale Mathers 920 M50 08:56
7 Silvano Riz 757 M 09:13
8 Dan Matei 1811 M 09:16
9 George Snee 962 M 09:16
10 John Mollohan 1880 M40 09:27
11 Richard Church 625 M40 09:30
12 Karl Maguire 941 M 09:38
13 Matthew Sammon 130 M 09:55
14 Michael J Kelly 969 M50 09:58
15 Aaron Shimmons 1870 M 10:05
16 Johan Dehantsc 1845 M50 10:24
17 Juju Jay 1702 M40 10:32
18 Raphael Pizarro 1776 M 10:32
19 George Flynn 1852 M50 10:36
20 David Nolan 1186 M 10:36
21 Zoran Skrba 281 M 10:51
22 Brendan Neville 97 M50 11:01
23 Shay Brady 591 M40 11:04
24 Siobhan Hayes 194 F50 11:20
25 Alicia Christofi 737 F 11:20
26 Erwin De Wilde 784 M50 12:29
27 John MacEnri 758 M40 DNF
28 Dave Evans 721 M DNF
29 Paul O Brien 180 M40 DNF
30 Paul Croke 1111 M DNF
Graham K. BusheSep 2 2017, 11:11pmThanks Adrian and team for a great race today. A mix of surfaces, lots of ups and downs, and some spectacular scenery. I especially liked the way you organized that sunrise for when we came down the spinc. Well done to all the runners
John MollohanSep 3 2017, 8:54amProper day out yesterday, thanks Adrian and Greg, and all the merry volunteers. Good events do not happen without huge commitment and careful planning. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
John MollohanSep 3 2017, 8:54amProper day out yesterday, thanks Adrian and Greg, and all the merry volunteers. Good events do not happen without huge commitment and careful planning. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
Dan MateiSep 3 2017, 5:58pmPerfect weather conditions, beautiful and wild Ireland, amazing volunteers this is just a small part of my first race in Ireland and yes it was hard one, it was exactly what I want – if it will be possible I would race it again this week. As someone from back-home told me “The easiest way in the marathon is to race it” I have to thanks very much to: Adian, Greg, Eilis, Antony and all the volunteers that make this event possible. Be safe and hope to see you soon.
Adrian Tucker RIPSep 3 2017, 6:01pmA massive Thank You to all the volunteers that helped throughout yesterday, and throughout the weeks and the months that led up to what turned out to be an exceptional day in Glendalough at the first (and hopefully not the last) running of the Glendalough Clover Solo event.
Special mention for Greg Byrne, Eilis Connery, Anthony O'Reilly, James Tucker, Derek Charles, Gerry Doyle, Justin Rea, Tim Chapman, Mark Walker, Juju Jay, Ciara Murphy and Renata Rogic. Each and every one played a great part in making sure the event went smoothly. Also a special thank you to our car parking helpers Shane O' Malley and Denise Mathers who rowed in when the one little hiccup occurred in the early hours!! :-)
Richard ChurchSep 3 2017, 9:37pmAdrian and all the volunteers, just a huge thank you again for such a great event. The work put into the organisation really showed on the day and the friendship shown all around the course was very special. The views and atmosphere in the run up and over Spinc is one that will stay with me for a long time.
Brendan NevilleSep 4 2017, 10:38amBig thank you to Adrian, Greg and all the crew for a great event. The organisation and support all day long was second to none not to mention the valet parking at the start! Your time and patience is much appreciated. Well done to all runners. Thanks, Brendan
Zoran SkrbaSep 4 2017, 11:54am+1, thanks to all. Enjoyed it. Legs slowly recovering.
Aaron ShimmonsSep 4 2017, 11:57amGreat run and enjoyed making new friends on the trails. The weather was also kind.
Siobhán HayesSep 4 2017, 1:36pmThanks to Adrian, Greg and all the volunteers for organising and running the Clover. Throughly enjoyed the race and the weather conditions were spot on.
Alicia Christofi-WalsheSep 4 2017, 8:25pmHuge thanks to Adrian, Greg and the volunteers for a great race on Saturday. Your time gave us the opportunity to see what we were capable of and the organisation that went into the event didn't go unnoticed. Thanks to all and I look forward to the next one!
Greg ByrneSep 7 2017, 3:42pmResults

A link to the detailed results for the Glendalough Clover has been added to the event details page.
Rory CampbellSep 8 2017, 9:53pmreports from Richard and me now up
Graham K. BusheSep 13 2017, 4:29pmFor what it's worth, I eventually posted a race report. Please excuse, I wrote it on my mobile phone in a bus travelling to the U21 Hurling finals in Thurles. graham :)