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James H CahillAug 10 2017, 2:48pmThank you to everyone who has volunteered so far. The Downshill Trail race is the last race in the trail league and we could do with another couple of non running volunteers and running volunteers to make it happen.

There will be an early start at 7:00pm and there is an excellent junior circuit of a little over 5km.

There is lots of parking at the Grove Pub and it's very easy to access just off the N11.

And there will be a barbecure and prizegiving at the Grove Pub afterwards - more details to follow.
James H CahillAug 10 2017, 2:49pmForm Guide - Downshill Trail Race 2017

The final race of the trail league approaches and with three out of four races to count it’s all to run for on the undulations of Altidore.

Mens Trail League Overall

Derek Crammond looks to be the form horse in the trail league this year, although some steering difficulty has led to navigational errors in an earlier race. His straight line speed is undoubted but his ability to follow the tape has some question marks and is the key to a good performance in Downshill. Word from the track has it that he will run Downshill in blinkers to prevent any outside distractions!

Graham Bushe has shown consistent results throughout the league and his improving third in Glen of the Downs indicates he is coming back good form. If Crammond goes awry and Bushe runs out of his boots overall victory could go to the Bushe household this year. However his tendency to overtrain may be his undoing and he has apparently reccied the route 37 times already this month

Peter Gorman’s strong second in Glen of the Downs was impressive but his earlier results will make it difficult for him to feature.

The dark horse in the race is Barry Murray. With a win in Earls Drive and a fourth in Devils Glen a win in Downshill will certainly have him in the mix. However, copious Sangria and an overdose of holiday carbs may damage his chances. In any case the Stewards will be keeping a close eye on this giddy stallion who, similar to Crammond, has a tendency to wander off course. Self trained he will not wear blinkers, but a “tongue tie” is highly recommended.

Ladies Trail League Overall

Trish McLoughlin leads into the final race of the trail league with 8 points. A 5th in the Earls Drive was followed with improving 1st and 2nd in Devil’s Glen and Glen of the Downs respectively.

Hot on her heels and only one point behind is Bianca Van Bavel with consistent 3, 2, 4 results. New to the IMRA races, Bianca will be a first timer on the IMRA Downshill Route whereas Trish has previous track knowledge.

However, the one to beat with two solid runs and three points is Charlotte Kearney. A win for Charlotte secures the trail league. Rumour has it she may even ditch the hat for the day.

If Kearney and McLoughlin race on the day then whoever wins the race wins the league. Charlotte put 2 minutes and 90 seconds on Trish in Earl’s Drive and Glen of the Downs, and it looks like a big ask for Trish. However, the betting exchanges have seen Trish come in from 6/1 to 2/1 Joint Favorite… the Le Cheile track watchers are out in force and have seen some strong training from Trish.

The form stable overall in the ladies Trail League this year is Glendalough with Aisling Kirwan, Yvonne Brennan and Claire O’Callaghan backing up Charlotte in the two races completed category. This stable looks sure to feature in many races going forward, but Rene reports that although they are in fine fettle ,he has some difficulty keeping this fine stable of flighty fillies in control.
James H CahillAug 10 2017, 3:06pmThe Race within The Race:

From the top of Downshill to just short of the finish line is a 2.9km downhill run with 200m of elevation loss.

Which man can beat 9 minutes? (Current record holder Barry Minnock - 9.05).

Which Lady can beat 10 minutes 30 seconds (Current record holder Tricia McLoughlin 11.07)
Angus TynerAug 10 2017, 3:13pmJames on the trail league overview page is mentioned "All races count for League scoring purposes" This contradicts "three out of four races to count"
Laura FlynnAug 10 2017, 3:42pmThanks for pointing that out Angus. That description is incorrect and I believe may have been written at a time when the Trail League comprised 3 races, though I'm open to correction.
The league placings are determined by the best 3 of the 4 races.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 10 2017, 3:46pmThat is indeed correct Laura. This was changed last year when the Trail league was extended to 4 races.
John ShielsAug 10 2017, 4:17pmHi James, can you put me down as a runner/ volunteer? I'll be down early so can help with set up and reg.
Tadhg RyanAug 11 2017, 11:49amHi James. I am available as a non running volunteer if needed
James H CahillAug 11 2017, 4:32pmThank you John and Tadhg Both added. I will be in contact over the coming days with suggested roles for all the volunteers. Still in need 1 more non running volunteer and two or three more running volunteers.
James H CahillAug 11 2017, 5:55pmThank you to all the volunteers so far. We are now good for non-running volunteers, but could do with more running volunteers to help at registration. So if you are planning to run and can get there early (6pm) please volunteer.
Laura FlynnAug 12 2017, 4:15pmI am down as a non-running volunteer James. I can marshall if you like as I would love to see the course.
James H CahillAug 13 2017, 4:30pmThank you to everyone who has volunteered. I sent an email to all yesterday. If you have not received it please message me.

The race will be followed by barbecue and end of league prize giving. The Barbecue is part sponsored by IMRA and tickets are just €5 and are available at registration (in order that the pub can cook whilst we run). The BBQ will have pulled pork baps, chicken fillet burgers or vegetarian lasagne and lots of salads. It promises to be a great evening and end of trail league.
Barry MurrayAug 14 2017, 3:00pmThe dark horse is running wild out west and may not be able to make it unfortunately. looks like a great mini running festival though.
Elio MacukaAug 15 2017, 10:31amIs there someone from City Center or Tallaght able to give a lift? tnx
James H CahillAug 15 2017, 11:39amReminder(s): Online entries for the Downshill Trail Race close this evening, Tuesday, at 18:00

If you have not entered online you can enter on the day using a voucher, if you have already registered as a member of IMRA for 2017.

Registration will open at 18:15 at the Grove Pub. Registration will close at 19:15 in order to allow the laptop operator and volunteers get to the start line.

There is an early start at 19:00. This is only for those averaging well over 160% of the winners time.

Junior Race starts at 19:30. This is 600m further from the Senior start line (and 2km from the pub) - so the Juniors need to set off in plenty of time. Sorcha Griffith will be at the Senior start line and will walk the juniors to their starting point at 19:10

Senior start line is 1.3km from the pub and full senior start is at 19:30.

A barbecue (pulled pork baps, chicken fillet burgers, vegetarian lasagne, salads) and prize giving will follow the race at the Grove Pub. Tickets are €5 and you must buy your ticket at registration.

Don't forget to thank all the volunteers and marshals as you fly past....they have given up their evening for your enjoyment.
Katie TyrrellAug 15 2017, 2:08pmHi. Quick question about the junior race. Does an adult have to run with them? I normally run with my daughter but am sick so can't do it this time.
James H CahillAug 15 2017, 4:50pmHi Katie, An adult does not have to run with the juniors in this race (if parents are happy and children are happy to run alone).

The junior course is all wide fire roads (except for 600m of single track from the junior start to the finish line) and there is nothing too technical / tricky

There was a great entry of juniors last year and hopefully this year will be the same. The more the merrier!

Please note that the junior start is 2km from the pub and juniors need to be at the senior start line (1.3km from the pub) before 7.10 to meet Sorcha Griffith who will walk the juniors to their start line and handle the junior start. So they should set off from the pub at 6.50.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:03pmHi James, I was hoping to bring my two juniors along tomorrow night I have vouchers but just realised they are not registered this year will they be able to run?
Gordon PlaceAug 15 2017, 8:15pmHi Grace, i saw on facebook that reg is open until 9pm as the site was down earlier, not sure if that includes yearly reg so might not be too late
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:24pmThanks Gordon I was on earlier but there wasnt an option to register :(
James H CahillAug 15 2017, 8:26pmHi Grace, as per Gordon's post event entry was extended until 9pm - but I am also unsure if yearly registration was open until then. I hope you managed to get them registered. Unfortunately if they are not registered for the year they will not be able to run as they are not covered by the IMRA insurance.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:35pmThanks James looks like they are out of luck so, not to worry my own fault.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:35pmThanks James looks like they are out of luck so, not to worry my own fault.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:35pmThanks James looks like they are out of luck so, not to worry my own fault.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:35pmThanks James looks like they are out of luck so, not to worry my own fault.
Grace EganAug 15 2017, 8:35pmThanks James looks like they are out of luck so, not to worry my own fault.
Bridie KennyAug 16 2017, 12:38pmHi, I've just registered with IMRA and was hoping to do this race this evening - will I still be able to? And I've just purchased 50 euro worth of vouchers where can I print them off?
James H CahillAug 16 2017, 1:47pmHi Bridie, yes you can race tonight. Please bring a note of your voucher purchase details and you can pick up your voucher this evening and use that to enter the race
Turlough ConwayAug 16 2017, 3:19pmI see someone has accepted a seat on my carpool yet I haven't received an email/text. My profile seems to be correct. If the person sees this could you reply here or at turlough.conway at iadt dot ie ? Thks
Turlough ConwayAug 16 2017, 3:49pmSorted now with contact.
Miriam MaherAug 17 2017, 12:02amThanks very much James and your team of volunteers for an excellently organised evening on the trails. Especially all the cheerful marshalls standing in the drizzle and gathering gloom with the bunches of flies hoovering all around. Super route, the helter skelter downhill at the end made all the more interesting by the sludge underfoot. BBQ hit the spot perfectly afterwards. One more Wednesday left...roll on the Mt rescue benefit race!
Charlotte KearneyAug 17 2017, 10:10pmThanks so much to everyone involved in such a brilliantly organised evening!!
James H CahillAug 17 2017, 10:17pmThe afternoon didn't look enticing with heavy rains and strong winds, but 160 hardy waterproof souls braved inclement weather and terrible traffic to get to registration at the Grove Pub.

Conditions improved for the race and Des Kennedy proved his mettle by winning in a new record course time of 41.02 (knocking 11 seconds off the previous record).

Charlotte Kearney dominated the women's race with an impressive 46.49 victory knocking 1 min 21 secs off the previous course record.

The race was followed by delicious BBQ and prize giving at the Grove Pub.

Overall victory in the league went to Charlotte Kearney and Derek Crammond. It was a double celebration for Derek who also was in receipt of excellent leaving cert results on the day. Charlotte impressed us all by limbo dancing under a table to receive her race prize.

Congratulations to all the winners on the night.

In the Race within the Race Downhill Strava (
): Barry Minnock’s time of 9.05, from last year remains as the leader although Michael McCarthy and Des Kennedy came close with 9.10 and 9.14 respectively. 9 minutes still remains unbroken.

Tricia McLoughlin, second in the race on the night and second overall in the league but first in this race, reduced her own record time by 10 seconds to 10.57 but 10.30 remains unbroken for the ladies.

In addition to Coillte land, we crossed through a lot of private land and first and foremost thank you to the land owners Robert Fisher, Hugh Power, and Jimmy Carroll for generously giving us access to their land for the day.

The homeowners on the Old Downshill Road kindly assisted by not running us over at the start / finish.

Of course no races happen without volunteers. I opted for the DDD (Decide, Delegate & Disappear) method of race directing. I watched (from a distance) as Vivan O’Gorman, John Shiel, Angela Flynn, Niamh Garvey and Tadgh Ryan whipped registration into order and had it running like clockwork in a flash.

Karen Devenney kindly gave up her own race and assisted James Curran on the computer…....James did an excellent job and by the time I came down from the start line to the pub the results were finished and online!

Anne Hodge looked after every aspect of the Barbecue both before and after the race and even made a €1 profit on the 136 ticket sales. Thank you also to IMRA for sponsoring the Barbecue so that we could have all that delicious grub for the princely sum of €5. Thank you to Dinny and The Grove Pub for helping us with registration, laying on delicious food and sponsoring some prizes for the raffle.

Parking was expertly handled by David Pender & Barry Breslin and no gates were blocked nor grass verges ruined!

Out on the course our marshals, Padraig Doyle, Sandra Pegman, James Heggie, Mags Fitzgerald (who volunteered despite not running any IMRA races this year!) and Laura Flynn herded livestock and runners in the correct directions.

Sorcha Griffith looked after the early start and the junior start and it was great to see so many juniors out on the day. It is a tough run for juniors of a little over 5km with a nice 200m hill to climb in the middle, but a great circuit.

Fresh from her exploits on the Beast race, and despite not running an IMRA race this year, Martina Nolan was on hand to dress the injuries of the wounded. Fortunately not too many needed her healing hands on the night and Martina turned her hand to assisting Niamh Garvey and Tadgh Ryan who were recording the incoming runners.

The course was marked by Mike Jordan who reccied it a couple of weeks back and was on site from 4.30. Then he marshalled on the upper section and demarked for good measure.

Not only did I have the official volunteers through the website but also I had a range of volunteers on the day with Paul assisting at parking, John Bell distributing raffle tickets, Donal Linehan marshalling the road at the finish line and Vanessa Sallier used her vocal chords to great effect at the finish line.

Thank you to all the volunteers.

As I mentioned at the prize giving, there are lots of people behind the scenes in IMRA who, largely unthanked and unacknowledged, do lots of work to make these races happen. I particularly want to thank Karen Devenney, Laura Flynn, Pol O’Murchu and Fiona Sheerin, who handled results / database, Coillte licences, league prizes, race prizes, raffle prizes, website and registration and insurance.Thank you all the committee.

I hope I have not left anyone out, and as you will see lots of people give their time and expertise freely to make each and every one of these races happen so we can enjoy our time in the hills.

Thank you IMRA.

Ps. there were rain jackets left behind. Photo uploaded and if it they are yours they can be returned on payment of a suitable ransom!