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Joe LalorMay 20 2017, 9:16pmOnce again The IMRA Committee has graciously allowed the proceeds of the annual Kippure Handicap race to be donated to Mountain Meitheal. For those of you who are new to our sports The Kippure Handicap race is held each year after the completion of The Summer League for finishers of that league. Runners are given a handicap dependent on how they finished.

Mountain Meitheal is a voluntary organisation who repair tracks and trails in the hills, many of which we use.

Finer details will be published nearer the race but for the moment be aware
1. Vouchers will be suspended for this race, entry will be on line at €10
2. Anyone wishing to support this worthy cause and not available to run can purchase an entry and not turn up.
3. Anyone who has not completed the summer league may run but they will start with the scratch runners.

Unfortunately I am away on 19th July, the date of this race, and I am looking for a RD to take charge on the night. I will do all the lead up work so it should not be too onerous.

Thanks for your support in the past and looking forward for its continuation.
Jim FitzharrisJun 15 2017, 12:41pmHi Joe,

I will do RD for this race - happy to help out as I am now retired and it is just up the road.

You can contact me directly as follows:-
jimfitzharris (at) outlook dot ie
086-80nine 05two5

Can the Committee install me as RD please?

Thanks & regards,

Jim FitzharrisJun 15 2017, 12:44pmSorry Committee - I see I can do that myself!

Brendan LawlorJun 15 2017, 12:56pmJim

Joe is away on holiday- I think he had lined up Paul Morrissey to RD this race so the two of you could do it- I'll send you Paul's contact details
Jim FitzharrisJun 15 2017, 5:37pmNo problem - thanks Brendan.

I have de-listed myself as RD and put myself in as a non-running volunteer.

I can act as starter or summit marshall or whatever.


Joe LalorJul 7 2017, 9:27pmNow that the Summer League is nearly over (hard to believe)a timely reminder of the end of league handicap race on Kippure, 19th July. After the last race the handicapper, John Bell, will assign each finisher (7 race finished) with a start time, starting at 7pm with the slowest and the elite runners off at 8. Anyone else who is a registered runner may run but will start with the later runners.

As most of you know, but for the sake of new members, this race each year is a fund raiser for Mountain Meitheal, the volunteer organisation who repair mountain pathways. The voucher system is suspended for this race and the only way to enter is online at €10. I am aware that holidays beckon for many so if you wish to support this enterprise and cannot make the race you could consider entering the race anyway,your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe (Entry of this race will be on Purchase IMRA Products shortly)
Laura FlynnJul 7 2017, 10:12pmThanks Joe. There's no doubt that we all benefit from the work done by Mountain Meitheal volunteers and hopefully in recognition of this those of us who can't compete in the handicap race will be happy to contribute by way of purchasing a race entry.
Angus TynerJul 15 2017, 10:58pmI logged in to enter but it's not available. There seems to be a perennial reluctance to have races available to pre-enter in good time? Not sure if I'll get back online to purchase entry. Glendalough Clover is available and it's on Sept 2nd but no other race.
Also the start list doesn't seem right to me. Seems to me there are runners included who haven't done the 7 races?
Paul SmythJul 15 2017, 11:37pmI think that list is from last year. This is another perennial problem with details from the previous year carrying over without being checked to see if they are still relevant. Long standing members will probably be aware of this but it must be endlessly confusing for new people.

The problem with not being able to register for Kippure is a bigger problem for many current members most of whom I believe are using vouchers and who are not accustomed to pre-registering online for races. I had forgotten that I need to register for this race online until I saw your post Angus - so thanks for that. If I see that I have to pre-register online and I go and try to do that and can't what are the chances that I will remember to come back at some unknown and unspecified time in the future to check again? In my case pretty low. The risk is that then people forget to come back and can't enter.

Why can we not allow people to pay for this race with two voucher clicks and have IMRA cut a check for Mountain Meitheal?
Karen DevenneyJul 16 2017, 12:58amRegistration is now open.

The fact that it wasn't was an oversight, one that could easily have been pointed out & rectified sooner with a quick email to the committee instead of moaning about it on the forum.
Contrary to popular belief, the committee have jobs and lives so don't spend all day watching keeping tabs on the forum!
Gordon PlaceJul 16 2017, 2:32pmThanks Karen.
The two voucher clicks wouldn't work for the many people I expect will buy an online entry to support the good cause whether they intend going or not.
Karen DevenneyJul 16 2017, 8:50pmFYI Registration will stay open until 23.00 on Tuesday 18Jul to make up for the late opening
James HeggieJul 17 2017, 8:17amCould you advise some directions to the Kippure start
Please google maps doesn't recognise Featherbeds
Road. As far as I can see the start should be on the
R115 Millitery Road somewhere between Sally Gap and Killakee?
Gordon PlaceJul 17 2017, 8:24amHi James
Here's a Google maps link
Dropped pin
Michael McCarthy81Jul 17 2017, 10:42amhi
i'm volunteering for the first time wednesday so not sure what the protocol is. will the race director message me directly or will i just show up at a certain time?

Paul MorrisseyJul 17 2017, 3:35pmHi Michael, thanks for volunteering! I will be in contact with you and all the other volunteers directly later today.
Paul MorrisseyJul 17 2017, 3:35pmHi Michael, thanks for volunteering! I will be in contact with you and all the other volunteers directly later today.
Jim FitzharrisJul 17 2017, 4:44pmPaul,

We never got a chance to talk after the BBQ - too busy!

My contact details re helping out at Kippure are as follows:-

0 eight 6 809 0 five 25
jimfitzharris at outlook dot ie


Laura FlynnJul 17 2017, 7:31pmHi paul, I'm just you've done it but just in case,..have you checked with Buglers it's ok for Wednesday night, if not I can call to them for you?
Laura FlynnJul 17 2017, 7:35pmI may not be able to make Wednesday now. I have a Base camp banner and prize vouchers which I need to get to you...can I drop them to you Jim? Or anyone else living near me in Terenure or Rathfarnham area. I presume Jason is taking kit from you after . I will put prize vouchers in kit in envelope for him also.
Jim FitzharrisJul 17 2017, 10:27pmLaura,

Happy to take the stuff from you but the problem is that I am out tomorrow evening (and travelling to and from town by bus), and not sure what time I will be back.

If no one else available, what is the latest time I could call tomorrow evening?

I presume you are not there during the day tomorrow or Wednesday by any chance?

You mention vouchers: am I right in thinking that the Handicap race is very simple in that there are winning vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd only? No AG prizes etc. AFAIK.


John BellJul 17 2017, 11:50pmTime for bribes is now past.

Below is a list of start times for all who finished the Leinster League. This is based on average finishing positions in the races and my attempt to hopefully result in a mass sprint finish. I pity the guys recording the finish numbers!

I will see if I can upload the start times on a spreadsheet somewhere. This includes start times for anyone who did some of the LL races but not enough to complete the League. This list is too long to post here. but you should be able to work out roughly what times you will start based on the list below and we will have print outs of the full list on the night. Penalties have been applied to those who didn't complete the league, so you have added incentive for next year!

Runner Start Times

Caitlin Bent 07:00
Gordon Douglas 07:00
Grace Egan 07:01
Peter Cannon 07:02
Angela Flynn 07:02
Jenny Ui­ She 07:02
Ger Power 07:03
Patsy McCreanor 07:04
Dee Bohan 07:04
Charlotte Picard 07:04
Ruth Coleman 07:04
John Fitzgerald 07:05
Alice Clancy 07:05
Gavan Duffy 07:05
Tim Mangan 07:05
Lorna Wilson 07:05
Henny Brandsma 07:06
Berndt Heim 07:06
Miriam Maher 07:07
Orla McEvoy 07:07
Jane Porter 07:07
James Heggie 07:08
Lorcan Farrell 07:09
Eimear Cotter 07:09
Ercus Stewart 07:10
David Rouse 07:11
Paul Coleman 07:11
Paul O'Grady 07:11
Seamus Connolly 07:12
Trevor Kerley 07:12
John J Barry 07:12
Ruth Lynam 07:12
Vivian O'Gorman 07:13
Sandra Pegman 07:13
Philip Wharton 07:13
Amy Connery 07:13
Adrian Roche 07:13
Anne Hodge 07:13
Brendan Lawlor 07:14
Nigel Carroll 07:15
Dan Geelon 07:15
Irene Walsh 07:16
Shirley Harty 07:16
Paul Whyte 07:16
Ronan Lynch 07:16
Niamh O'Gorman 07:17
Conor O'Farrell 07:17
Therese Hanley 07:17
Aislinn Treacy 07:17
Derek O'Sullivan 07:18
Martin Bagnall 07:18
Paul Grant 07:19
John Kelly71 07:19
James Higgins 07:20
Derek Livingstone 07:20
Daniela Boehm 07:20
Andy Morrow 07:20
Davy Dunne 07:22
Gavan Doherty 07:22
Maola­osa Mc Hugh 07:23
John Condon 07:23
Laura Flynn 07:23
Alistair Hodgett 07:24
Keith Mulvey 07:24
Thomas Galvin 07:25
Richard Leahy 07:25
David J Hynes 07:25
Joe Lalor 07:25
Ann Horan 07:25
James Curran 07:26
Gerard Madden 07:26
James H Cahill 07:26
Tiarnan Johnston 07:26
Jeff Swords 07:27
Donal McKiernan 07:28
Niall McGuinness 07:28
Andrew Hanney 07:28
Joseph Boyle 07:28
Hazel Thompson 07:28
Michael Devine 07:28
Shane Colgan 07:29
Shay Foody 07:29
Paul Smyth 07:29
David Pender 07:29
Tadhg Ryan 07:29
Stuart Scott 07:30
Mick Stuart 07:31
Lar Griffin 07:31
Liam Cannon 07:31
Daniel Barry 07:31
Ali Onur Uyar 07:31
Bronagh Cheetham 07:31
Gerard Keating 07:31
Renata Rogic 07:32
Fabio Baltieri 07:32
aidan fitzpatrick 07:32
Richard Kieran 07:33
Conor Clancy 07:33
John Langenbach 07:34
Chris Mark 07:34
Ian O'Kane 07:35
Laura Flannelly 07:35
Ronan Hickey 07:35
Kevin O'Riordan 07:36
John McCann72 07:36
Jack Drea 07:36
Patricia McLoughlin 07:36
Dave Docherty 07:36
Cormac O'Ceallaigh 07:37
Thomas O'Sullivan 07:38
Paul Morrissey 07:38
Jason Dowling 07:38
Christopher Willoughby 07:38
cathy wyse 07:39
Igor Gonzalez-Guridi 07:39
Andreas Kusch 07:39
Elizabeth Wheeler 07:40
Mark Byrne 07:40
Angus Tyner 07:40
Mike Long 07:40
Garry Doyle 07:40
Matthew Sammon 07:41
Padraig Doyle 07:41
Christopher Wallace 07:41
James Clancy 07:41
Richard Robinson 07:42
Aidan Blake 07:42
Donal Flood 07:43
Fergus Scott 07:44
Brian Kitson 07:44
Kieran Morrisroe 07:44
Michael J Kelly 07:44
Brian McGuckin 07:45
Justin Higgins 07:45
Brian Leonard 07:45
Gordon Place 07:46
Des Tivnan 07:46
Mike Jordan 07:46
Peter Gorman 07:47
Ronan King 07:47
Hugh McDowell 07:47
Sonya McConnon 07:47
Alan Ayling 07:48
Robert Costello 07:48
Peter Bell 07:48
Warren Swords 07:49
Eoghan Carton 07:49
Mikey Fry 07:50
Barry Murray 07:50
John Bell 07:50
Graham K. Bushe 07:50
Greg Byrne 07:50
Michael McCarthy81 07:51
Pat Foley 07:51
Bernard Fortune 07:51

Reminder: Don't forget to pre-register online as you cannot use vouchers on the evening.
John BellJul 18 2017, 12:16amFiles with full list of start times for both LL Finishers and 6 or few races can be found at:
Laura FlynnJul 18 2017, 7:53amThanks Jim. Peter O'Farrell is going to collect it from me
Paul MorrisseyJul 18 2017, 11:15amThe annual Kippure Handicap Race is nearly upon us and though the forecast is saying that this glorious sunshine won’t hold until tomorrow evening, it promises to be another great evening of hill running regardless of the weather with everyone in with a chance of scooping a race win!

As previously, this year’s race is a fundraiser for Mountain Meitheal. Mountain Meitheal is a voluntary group that do fantastic work in improving and maintaining paths and trails in our uplands and wild places. Anyone who enjoys spending time in the hills benefits from their endeavours. More information on Mountain Meitheal, including how to volunteer for a days hard work can be found at:

Please note that entries to this race must be purchased in advance via the IMRA website and cost €10. Cash and the usual race vouchers will not be accepted on the night. Entries will be available to purchase until 11pm tonight. Even if you cannot make it along tomorrow please feel free to purchase an entry anyway to support this very worthy cause.

Parking is very limited along the Featherbeds at the race start so it would be great if runners could make every effort to carpool. There are a couple of pull ins with space for around 10 cars 150 mts from the start just down the turn towards Glanasmole and then after that most of the parking will have to be along the Military Road itself. The road is narrow so we will be creating passing points along this so that traffic using the road can move along and also so that we don’t create a hazard for cyclists. Runners are asked to please follow the instructions of the volunteers regarding parking.

Your individual starting time is at the link included in John Bell’s post above and runners are asked to be at the start and ready to race 15 minutes before their allotted time.

Prizegiving will be at Bugler’s Pub in Rathfarnham who are expecting the arrival of a horde of thirsty runners from 8.30 or so.

I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring your jacket!!
Katie TyrrellJul 18 2017, 5:39pmHi
What time will the junior race be starting at?
Paul MorrisseyJul 18 2017, 9:57pmHi Katie, the Junior race will start at 7.30 and go to the end of the Bog Road and back, its about 5k.
Katie TyrrellJul 18 2017, 10:40pmGreat. Thanks!
Seán MeehanJul 18 2017, 11:47pmHi
This will be my first time competing in an IMRA event iv registered for the race but just curious of what I will need to bring along if anything
Gordon PlaceJul 19 2017, 9:10amHi Sean, all the info is on the home page under Beginners FAQ.
Brendan LawlorJul 20 2017, 7:42amWell done and thank you to Paul Morrissey and all his volunteers for an excellent handicap race last night. (In particular the course marshals and summit marshal - double pay for that man!)

The past 4 Wednesdays have seen such a mixture of mountain running conditions and weathers from treacherous Tibradden to boggy Kippure, with the glorious sunshine from last weeks Bray Head a fading memory to those battling the fog and rain last night- thank you IMRA !
Jeff SwordsJul 20 2017, 8:50amDead right Brendan, fair play to the various course marshals who stood out in persistently awful conditions.

I'm struggling to recall an IMRA race in recent years, including winter, that had such poor weather for the full length of the event.
Henny BrandsmaJul 20 2017, 9:58amThanks to all the volunteers and race directors,for a race I will remember for a while,wind,rain,bog,was glad to see the finish line change quickly and of to Buglers to warm up and that in the middle of the summer, that's sums up what hillrunning is about.
Barry MurrayJul 20 2017, 10:40amsure I might as well.... race report added !
Tim ManganJul 20 2017, 12:02pmThanks to Paul and all the volunteers last night, what a filthy night but man that was so much fun!
For someone that's normally towards the back of the field it was a real treat to be in the hunt for a race (until the bog ate my shoe..) It gives you a taste of what the faster folk get to enjoy most weeks.
Thanks again.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 20 2017, 2:28pmWell done Paul & co on a great race last night. Very well done to Paul on his debut Race Director outing. He certainly makes it look easy... Weather was absolute shite to say the least so massive thanks and fairplay to Shay for marking and standing on top for so long...and also to Niamh and Caitlin for Marshaling at the bottom of the road and of course John Bell for sorting the start times...It seems I'll need a bigger bribe next year!

Jackets were certainly all out on show last night! Just shows the change can come very quickly was driving over the military road and looked a fine evening a bit of cloud on the top of Kippure but looked to be clearing. 10 minutes later standing at the start chatting to a few of the volunteers and you could literally see the rain coming straight at you across the bog and then it reached us and never really stopped at all for the whole race.
Paul MorrisseyJul 20 2017, 5:38pmA massive thank you to everyone who turned out to race up and down to Kippure yesterday evening in those awful conditions!! And thanks too to all those, who perhaps wisely, bought an entry but stayed at home warm and dry! Your combined efforts raised a whopping €870 for Mountain Meitheal which they will put to very good use and make go a very long way indeed.
Special, thanks and credit go to all the volunteers at last nights race, without whom these things just wouldn’t happen. An outstanding performance by all, brilliant stuff.
With a bit of luck, that counts for our full allocation of miserable weather and the sun will shine for the rest of the season.
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 23 2017, 10:55pmBig thanks to all involved in putting the race together on a rotten night.

Stuck a race report up to react to the references to me in the other two there before I added mine. :)
Joe LalorAug 2 2017, 10:23pmI could lie and say I was really sorry to have missed Kippure and would loved to have been with you in the rain and gales rather then in the brilliant sunshine of the Ecrins National Park. However I tell no lie when I say I am extremely grateful to all of you who signed up for this race whether you braved the elements or not. I would also like to thanks all of you who helped on the night. I know there were many who helped but special mention to Paul who took over when I discovered I was double booked (Jim offered just as the deal was done), John who did all the estimated results and Karen who did the actual results