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Lillian DeeganJun 8 2017, 1:51pmHello All,
With Djouce coming up as the next mid-week race, might I ask to have the on-line entry option made available to all please and thanks. Apologies if I have missed the same as already being done. At the moment, I can only purchase for Mt. Leinster for June 17th and the Galty Crossing for July 2nd.

I will update the event details in the coming days. I have no limit on numbers wishing to hit the hills that I am aware of and this IMRA race will see Trail Kids join us above on the evening under the guidance of Kevin and Jeff.

Juniors wishing to run will have the option to go out early OR join the main race group at 7 30. Many thanks to the volunteers that have made themselves available. I will be in touch with all in the coming days. I plan on having x6 marshals on the race route, same as last year - no runner, top, middle or rear of the field goes astray, hopefully.
Chris MarkJun 12 2017, 3:08pmFor the other volunteers:

Heya folks - if anyone could give me a lift out from central Dublin (or any Luas/DART station), I'd be mighty grateful! Best email me at so as not to clog the forum. Thanks!
Lillian DeeganJun 12 2017, 6:29pmHi Chris,
Hopefully someone will be able to sort you out.

All volunteers,
I have emailed everyone with nominate tasks. Once received and reviewed, I would appreciate you confirming your availability or not as the case might be. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening.
Shane O'MalleyJun 13 2017, 8:58amHi Lillian,

Are you still looking for volunteers. I am driving a few people to the race but could be there at about 6:45.


Lillian DeeganJun 13 2017, 10:09amMorning Shane,
If your fancy free, that would be great. One of my ppl has had to pull. Will you make yourself known to me once you arrive - cheers.

**Hi-Viz gear**
Having gone through the kit last night, I am looking to reunite with the hi-viz jackets. I had 10 or so lovely brand new ones for Maulin in March, I'm down to 2 here now.
If you happen to have any of the IMRA labelled ones and you are planning on being at Djouce, might you pop the same in at registration. Many thanks.

Reminder - On-line registration will close at 18:00h this evening.
Lindsey HeppenstallJun 14 2017, 7:59amHi Lillian,

I can volunteer if you need me, I've a boot cast on my foot so I'm not able to climb any mountains, but I can call numbers etc. should be there around 6.45.
Laura FlannellyJun 14 2017, 9:05amMorning,

just wondering if anybody is passing the N11/UCD flyover for tonight's race? Lift would be much appreciated.

Lillian DeeganJun 14 2017, 11:39am.
Morning all,
Lindsay - Thanks and yes please. We have a walk of one km down to the start line for this one. I have accepted you as a helper. Will you speak with Tiarnan once you arrive at the car park.

Nigel & Kieran - May I enquire, can you be above for 18h ? I have a task if you can. Otherwise thanks, I am ok.

All Racers
Remember to bring your race bib, a rain jacket and your timing chip if you have one. I await confirmation of chip timing but have your chip just in case. Attach your race bib to the front of your Tshirt, it makes reading your return an easier task for everyone.

Registration will open at 18:15 and close at 19:15 sharp to allow us to start the race on time at 19:30.

Apply/ bring midge spray - we will be in great company with theses little fellas.

The Long Hill Wood car park is small, arrive in plenty of time to park and walk down to the start line. The start line is about 1km down the fire road.
Please work with the direction given by my car park marshals. The green field beside the wood will be in use at 2E per vehicle. Come early to get the wood space! I will have marshals in the car park to watch over the cars during the race.

Early starters: Be ready for 19h. Let it be known at Reg. that you are going out early. Please do not take this option if you know you will be inside the 160% finishing time.

Juniors: Start time at 19:30 OR 10 minutes after the main group. Let us know at Reg. which time you wish to take. The Junior route will not include the WW path to the summit. We will run through the route at race brief.

Prize giving: Post race sambos at Plucks in Kilmacanogue.

See you all above for a nice enjoyable, kinda tough, Djouce run-out.
Kieran MorrisroeJun 14 2017, 1:07pmYep I'll be able to make it for 1800h Lillian, I can be earlier if needed. It will be my first time volunteering at IMRA so might need a bit of hand holding... but i'm a fast learner..
Lillian DeeganJun 14 2017, 3:11pm.
Kieran, that's great news - see you above for 18h in the wood car park. Role to be assigned then. Hand holding, no hassle there either. Cheers.
Miriam MaherJun 14 2017, 11:02pmThat was the maddest and most mental route I've ran, slogged uphill and tottered downhill on - brilliant! Never got a chance to run it in the last few years - worth the wait! Thanks Lillian for playing an absolute blinder on the RD front, the very hardy marshalls out on the course, all the volunteers that got coated in the midges and of course Alan for the genius and very well marked course. Trail Kids taking great care of my youngest while I was off on my travels just sealed a great evening!
Alan AylingJun 14 2017, 11:40pmGlad you liked it Miriam!
Make sure you give Luke some stick about what a cracking race he missed :-)
James H CahillJun 14 2017, 11:59pmWell done Lillian and all your helpers on a great outing in the hills today. The route never gets easier......Djouce seemed a little further away and a bit steeper and the Ayling Abyss on the way back to the river, was definitely steeper and slippier... brilliant route, great marking, super organisation. Thank you marshals out on the course and atop a very windy Djouce. Particular thanks to the unfortunate volunteers in the swarm of midgies at the finish line......that's dedication to the cause. Thank you all
Paul MahonJun 15 2017, 7:35amSuper job all round at last night's event - RD Lillian and her Team for the organisation and marshaling, Alan for the "one of a kind" course design & marking, Kevin & Jeff for the great initiative which my nephew tells me was great and for those that got directed into probably the most scenic carpark in Wicklow, we were the lucky ones :-)!
Kieran MorrisroeJun 15 2017, 10:46amManged to take the the laminated route map home with me.. sorry.. was meant to go to the pub after but my phone had died and i got lost.... Who should i return it too?
Alan AylingJun 15 2017, 12:31pmKeep the map as a souvenir, a memento of a happy night's marshalling! We have a few of the maps, so won't miss one!

Fair play to all the marshals, staying out there (and in some cases walking quite a way to get there) while we runners had all the fun. And for your patience bringing in all the tape afterwards!
Barry MurrayJun 15 2017, 12:42pmanother great evening out. A race that was meticulously marked and well managed... fair play Lillian and team. Only a mountain bike head would come up with a course like that... nice one Alan. might have to write up a report soon.
Andrew HanneyJun 15 2017, 1:37pmA very tough very enjoyable race. A bit of everything in there, a race that can expose strengths and weaknesses at different stages. Thanks to all, specially the summit marshal, we only had to stay there a few seconds and it was enough for me. Thanks Lillian for being an excellent RD once again.
Jeff SwordsJun 15 2017, 2:26pmAdded my own tale of woe to the enjoyable race reports posted.

Nothing personal Alan, but there were times last night in which I was hating you.
Lillian DeeganJun 15 2017, 3:28pm.
Thanks to all my volunteers for last night. Without you, there would be no race. Email gone out to each and all of you. Everything went off without any great hassle. We had no drama, no major nav errors and all but two injuries. Neither needing A&E thankfully.

Results will be posted once a few registration issues are sorted. We had a field of 170 or so with 6 juniors and 2 mammies taking the short course. Well done to our two lead juniors Aine Murphy finishing in 61:25 and Tadgh McShane in 42:28. Well done to our lead lady, Sonya McConnon wrapping with a time of 59:35 and our lead man Jason Kehoe with a time of 54:02. Great hard racing on a tough enough course guys, thanks to Alan Ayling. The rear of the field and our race helpers got the worst of the midge infestation unfortunately.

The trail kids inclusion seems to have been a great addition. Well done Kevin and Jeff.

For the few people that came to me with issues relating to previous races and results - will you email - karen will do her best to resolve your issues.

The race reports so far make for great reading - thanks guys. Always good to hear how the mind ticks over from your end of the field as the race plays out.
Christopher WilloughbyJun 16 2017, 9:05amPhotos now uploaded - took a while as the multiple file upload appears to be broken so had to do it one by one.