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David RouseOct 1 2016, 1:16pmThanks to the three volunteers already signed up. Obliged if you would email me directly: dave rouse at gmail . com

Looking for a Laptop Operator, and a few more helpers.

Joe LalorOct 3 2016, 8:07pmHi David, I have all the race gear (except the laptop). It is quite happy in my garage until nearer race day. Get in touch (jlalor(at) when you are ready to get in race mode.
I am based between Blackrock and Bray road.
Veronika FrankovaOct 9 2016, 11:49amHi I am interested in signing up for this event but not given an option to do so in 'purchase IMRA products' section. Regards, Veronica
David RouseOct 11 2016, 7:30amVeronika

Entries online are now open.
Adrian HennessyOct 12 2016, 3:58pmUnfortunately I've had to unvolunteer myself for this as I've managed to double book myself for that day. Sorry I can't be there.
David RouseOct 16 2016, 8:29pmHi Folks

For this race we need a laptop operator, a first aider and three/four more non-running volunteers.

Please indicate your availability on the race page or email directly- address above.
David RouseOct 22 2016, 6:40pmA further call for a First Aider and non-running volunteers, and a new call for Deputy Race Director.

Many thanks.
Brendan LawlorOct 24 2016, 12:45pmHi David, myself and Vivian will help you to organise this race (but we both want to run)
Gareth LittleOct 25 2016, 9:42amI still have a number of unclaimed Wicklow Round trophies. I will be at this race with them and they will also be at the prize giving.


David RouseOct 29 2016, 12:41pmWe are still seeking a First Aider for the the race.

Anyone else wishing to volunteer might please let me know- dave rouse at gmail dot com.

A reminder that, apart from a number of marshals, the course will not be marked.

Paul O'CallaghanOct 29 2016, 10:31pmI'll kill two birds with one stone. I'll volunteer as a non runner and pick up my Wicklow Round from Gareth whilst there. I'll email you directly Dave for instructions
Patrick FoleyNov 1 2016, 9:39pmIf anyone going from Dublin (anywhere) could offer me a spin I would be really grateful. I am an OK navigator in the car (less so on the mountains!). Hoping to get one last run-out for 2016 before embracing my perennial festival plumpness, Paddy :-)
Neil KeaneNov 1 2016, 10:34pmI prebought €50 worth of race vouchers, how do i use to register online for this race?
Joe LalorNov 1 2016, 10:48pmIf you have vouchers, you just turn up on the day. Sigh in and get one of your vouchers punched
Daniel WhittakerNov 1 2016, 10:55pmHi Patrick, just put up on car pool if youre still looking for transport..
Ian WalshNov 2 2016, 10:37amHello
First IMRA Race,in relation to RACE number, where do I pick this up ?
David RouseNov 3 2016, 8:57amIan

First time runners receive their number at their first run. All other runners must bring this year's number with them.
Martina O'KearneyNov 4 2016, 9:59amI have lost my race number. Is it possible to get a replacement race number at the race tomorrow please.
David RouseNov 4 2016, 12:28pmMartina

Yes. The usual lost number one voucher punch cost will apply.
martina o kearneyNov 4 2016, 1:46pmI have only one punch left on my voucher. Di I use this to replace my number and purchase a race entry? Sorry new to all of this and not sure how it works.
David RouseNov 4 2016, 2:00pmYou can buy an entry online before 6pm and use your voucher for the replacement number.
Veronika FrankovaNov 4 2016, 9:53pmHi, another lost race number here. How do I go about please if I have no vouchers? thanks a lot.
Gordon PlaceNov 4 2016, 10:52pmVeronika,
I'm sure someone there will sell you a voucher to use. I'm hoping to make it, you can have one of mine. Look out for 1065
Veronika FrankovaNov 4 2016, 11:38pmThanks a million Gordon.
Stephen WalshNov 5 2016, 2:46pmThanks to David and all the organisers for a great run to end the season. Special thanks for the water at top of the last hill, it was much appreciated.
Gordon PlaceNov 5 2016, 3:18pmAnd for the jelly baby at the top of the other one! Thanks to all for a great race.
Hope you got sorted Veronika, I obviously missed you.

See on Facebook someone found a 3rd place WWR prize plaque out on the hills. Copy of message below......

I'm sure there's a heart that's been aching for a lost item from the summer - found today in the middle of nowhere: 3rd place WWR 2016 granite trophy. Email me anthony at ordinarytrailrunner dot com to arrange collection. Am in Laragh. I don't check FB messages so email is your only man. Cheers!
James H CahillNov 5 2016, 6:13pmWell done David and all your helpers on a great outing in the hills today. Another excellent first time race director performance. The new tag system seemed to work a treat (or perhaps it was Karen's expertise that worked a treat!).....enjoy the post AGM social everyone
David RouseNov 6 2016, 7:48pmSincere thanks to the team of volunteers that made it all run so smoothly.

I have the following lost property, which if unclaimed will go to the clothes bank by the end of the week-

Male's blue "Crivit" running top
Red "Montane" light hooded running jacket
Caoimhin MacMaolainNov 6 2016, 8:21pmThanks very much to David and all of the helpers for a fantastic race yesterday. Thanks also to the committee for all of their hard work organising such brilliant races throughout the year. It is very much appreciated.

(Having said that, the chip-timing may not have run so smoothly yesterday - it has me down as completing the course in 1 minute, and I'm pretty sure it took me longer than that! Lots of the results are out of order. Eoin Keith was 9th, I was 10th, for example. Some early starters have got mixed up in there too.)
Eugene McCannNov 6 2016, 10:22pmThanks to all the organising crew and marshals, great race, the red montane jacket is mine, I tied it to registration table, and forgot about it.
Eugene McCannNov 6 2016, 10:24pmThanks to all the organising crew and marshals, great race, the red montane jacket is mine, I tied it to registration table, and forgot about it.
Eugene McCannNov 6 2016, 10:24pmThanks to all the organising crew and marshals, great race, the red montane jacket is mine, I tied it to registration table, and forgot about it.
Karen DevenneyNov 6 2016, 10:48pmResults have not been posted yet, Pól's just been experimenting with the new system. Apologies but today was a bit of a struggle but I'll post them tomorrow
Pádraig O'ConnorNov 7 2016, 10:08amHi Karen, I did the long course (part of the 10am early start group) but listed in the short course results list, could you move me in to the other list if you get a chance? Thanks - Padraig
Pádraig O'ConnorNov 7 2016, 10:10amP.S.....great event, very well run.... and thanks for the voucher punch after I turned up numberless (lesson learned )....Thanks!
Stephen Mc CabeNov 7 2016, 10:40amHi, thanks for organising a fantastic run on Saturday. I am down as having run the short course but I did the long course. I started early, so maybe that's confusing things. Cheers
Karen DevenneyNov 7 2016, 11:20amJust to reiterate, the results are not up yet...ignore what has been posted! I'll post them later this evening and then feel free to email if you've any issues but until then, no further complaints!
Pól Ó MurchúNov 7 2016, 12:07pmAs Karen said these are clearly not results. I was playing around with importing times yesterday but never meant to publish them. I still need to do some work on the import here. Just to calm the fears the chip timing worked very well. I have 145 results out of 149 and spotted at least 5 people who had the chips in their pocket. Some I got to run back over and got a read for them but obviously a few escaped. The chips are clearly designed to go on your shoe this was said to people when they were handed them and again at the start line. This will be easy to bed down over time THEY DO NOT WORK IN YOUR POCKET! On the short course long course queries what I did here was take anyone who finished ahead of the winners and threw them into the short course as a temporary measure as I don't have the sign in sheet. This is with Karen. That said this is a difficult race to manage as the numbers declaring short course versus those who then decide to do the short course vary greatly. The assumption I made here was that anyone finishing with these times were obviously on the short course as even finishing the long course as an early starter should not have you finishing 10 minutes ahead of the leaders....because this would be way off the 160% of the winners time allowed for early starters. I'll leave it to Karen and the RD to decide what to do with these times but I clearly recall it being said at the start by Brendan Lawlor.
Ian WalshNov 7 2016, 1:00pmMy number has disappeared & is not on the list, ghost runner!! Number 1805 : )
Karen DevenneyNov 7 2016, 7:44pmResults are now up! If there are any issues, email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie. Don't post here!

There were approx 6 runners who did the early start and finished in times that were <160% of the winning times (some of them significantly so). However having reviewed each runner's history, it seems that some just had a particularly good run and a few have only run a couple (if any) races previously so perhaps were unable to accurately gauge how quickly they might finish. So I'm not going to change any of the times on this occasion but be warned for next year!
Rachel CinnsealachNov 7 2016, 9:20pmGreat work Karen thanks :)

Thanks also David and all the volunteers for this race. I really enjoyed it.
Stephen Mc CabeNov 7 2016, 10:33pmThanks Karen and David.
David RouseNov 8 2016, 1:35pmEugene McCann- please email me daverouse at gmail dot com