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Conor MurphyJul 17 2016, 10:25pmWell done Mark, Robbie, Linda and Pat for putting together a great event.

Congrats to Bernard Fortune on his win, not sure who was first woman.

It really is a run that deserves more entrants. The consensus is that it's tougher than the run from the Bridia and must be Munster's hardest mountain outing with 2 grinding ascents - the Zig Zags and from the top of the Devil's Ladder. And then you turn around and tackle them as flying descents on hard unforgiving trail and plenty of loose rock to crack the ankles and test the nerves.. And the run out of the Hag's Glen is a it of a nerve shredder as well, no let up at all.

It's a pity it doesn't really fit in on the IC calendar, 2 on one mountain might be a bit indulgent. But hope to see more here next year.
Paul SmythJul 18 2016, 10:33amI agree it's a great race but unfortunately if it's scheduled for the same weekend as a Leinster Champs race then it pretty much guarantees that no one from Leinster will go to it.