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Pól Ó MurchúJan 8 2016, 9:34pmDust off your Ballgown and Tuxedo and come along to the IMRA formal evening in Blackrock RFC, Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin on Saturday 6th February 2016.

Buffet dinner served at 8pm and dancing to follow.

Cost : €5 per head. Tickets available on your MyIMRA page.

Dress Code: Semi formal (Strictly no Lycra and Fleeces!)

Please let Eva Fairmaner ( know if you have any special dietary or would prefer a vegetarian dinner.
Eva FairmanerJan 14 2016, 10:05amFolks, could any Vegetarians please email me on eva dot Fairmaner at Hotmail dot com as I need to know numbers for the Caterer. Thanks.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 20 2016, 11:01pmDon't forget the IMRA Social will take place on 6 February in Blackrock RFC, Stradbrook Road. Tickets are available now on the IMRA store - €5 and selling fast... How much I hear you say...surely that can't be I have not forgotten the 0 - you read correctly just €5!

On the night there will be an awards ceremony to mark some of the best performances and contributions and some of the most memorable moments in 2015 as voted by you the Members.

The award categories are listed below, as well as a link to a survey where you can make nominations for some or all of the categories (apart from the last two, obviously). Please get your nominations in before 9 am on Monday, February 1st, to make sure they get counted.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Social!

- Best single performance of 2015 – female
- Best single performance of 2015 – male.
- Beginner of the year
- Most improved runner in 2015
- Volunteer of the year
- Best Race Director of 2015
- Most memorable race photo of 2015
- Most memorable shorts in 2015
- Best race report of 2015
- For running the most races in 2015
- Best dressed at the Social!
Jean O'Neill2Jan 23 2016, 12:59amIs the social open-ended time wise? Is the RFC close to the DART? Would I make the last DART back to Malahide? (probably about 11.15pm)
Paul O'GradyJan 23 2016, 7:46amJean - the rugby club is a 20 minute walk from the dart station. It's on the main road between Blackrock and Dalkey - so it's a straightforward route (no map or compass required!!). The last time the social was in Blackrock Rugby Club, I remember taxis coming to get people back to the dart station for the last dart.
Jean O'Neill2Jan 24 2016, 9:23pmThanks Paul.
Eva FairmanerJan 25 2016, 11:26amThe weeks are flying by and rumours of appointments in hairdressers and dress designers (and that is only the Gentlemen)are the talk of the Paparazzi. Please log-in and purchase your ticket to this red carpet event asap so that we can gauge numbers for catering purposes. Only one Vegetarian dinner so far has been requested so if there are any other people who would like one they would need to email me soon. Rumours that the Chairman is off on a European Tour so as to be able to conduct bi-lingual press requests have been confirmed on Facebook.
Caitlin BentJan 31 2016, 4:13pmI'm trying to purchase 2 tickets for social next Saturday but the system is only allowing me buy one. I'v tried going back in to purchase another ticket but only given the option to buy race vouchers. Any body out there can come to my aid?
Eva FairmanerJan 31 2016, 4:33pmHi Caitlin, yes you can only purchase one ticket per person so say you were buying one for George Clooney to accompany you...he would have to set up a gmail account and register for the event!
Caitlin BentJan 31 2016, 4:52pmThanks Eva, for that speedy reply. Now to check how to set up g.mail account:)
Pól Ó MurchúJan 31 2016, 6:19pmThe system actually should allow multiple purchases of tickets for the social. You may have to complete the transaction and then go back in again and purchase a second. I'm not sure why it's not allowing you to.
Caitlin BentJan 31 2016, 6:32pmPól. Have tried what you suggested many times, to no avail. (have even inadvertently purchased 10 race tokens!!)
Pól Ó MurchúJan 31 2016, 7:42pmHmmm unusual...I can't either. It's set up the same as the annual vouchers so that you can purchase multiple but maybe you need to wait a while before it will allow you to purchase. I'll investigate further...
Pól Ó MurchúJan 31 2016, 7:47pmFor those who haven't purchased tickets yet now is the time to get yours...don't leave it too late! You have been warned do not want to miss the Social Event of the year!
Jean O'Neill2Feb 2 2016, 6:13pmNot sure can I make it on Sat night. And I can't figure outhow to buy a ticket. I went on to MYIMRA page and clicked on 'purchase IMRA products' and nothing happened (I presume this was what I was supposed to do?)-I'm not a computer genius, in fact, just the opposite. So if I can make it I'll just turn up.
Eva FairmanerFeb 3 2016, 8:08amJean, if you have registered with IMRA for the year you should have the option then to buy a ticket. If you still have difficulties with the website and are definite you are coming on Sat night then I am sure it will be okay to pay on the night. I need to know numbers for catering purposes so if 5 or 10 people decide they "may turn up" it means there will not be enough dinners and it is unfair to those who pre-bought their tickets if their dinners are halved to feed the "maybes"!!!.
Diarmuid O'ColmainFeb 3 2016, 9:23amNot wanting to be a nuisance here but I think my experience of registering and buying a ticket may be useful.
So I logged in and went to Purchase IMRA products and was offered the opportunity to Buy 2016 membership; buy a ticket for the Social, a couple of other specific events (e.g. Wicklow Trail) and a €50 pack of vouchers. So I bought the membership and the dinner ticket for €5 each, thinking this must be a mistake - long time since I got dinner for €5! And ready to pay the balance on the night if that was the arrangement.

So that was grand. Then Mary asked me to get her a dinner ticket and that is where it got a little complicated. Some of the complications had to do with trying to change the email address the system has for Mary but eventually managed to get through all that and came to the Purchase IMRA products page. There I was offered the chance to buy IMRA membership for €10 (different to the €5 I paid for myself), still not exactly a fortune to pay for annual membership it has to be said. Anyway I purchased that for Mary but there was no option to purchase Saturday night dinner. There was an option to buy a single voucher for €5 as well as the pack of vouchers for €50 and the other special events like Wicklow Trail.

So I'm not quite sure if the additional €5 Mary paid for her annual membership covers the dinner, or if the option to buy a single voucher for €5 is for this purpose.

Either way, we would both like to come to the Social on Saturday and happy to pay a 'proper' dinner cost for it.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 3 2016, 9:39amThe €5 is for the dinner. The reduced rate for membership is worked from the date of Birth. Not sure if it is correct in each case.
Mary O'ColmainFeb 3 2016, 9:24pmThanks Pol,

all sorted. When I went into the purchasing area just now using Mary's details, the option to purchase a ticket for the Social came up clearly.

See you all Saturday
Eva FairmanerFeb 4 2016, 7:46amFolks, I am giving the Caterer the final numbers this afternoon for the delicious buffet dinner so "If you are not in you can't win" (the older ones like myself will know this slogan)!
Caitlin BentFeb 4 2016, 10:09amEva, I have given up on the system to purchase a dinner ticket for Tom Galvin. Can he pay at door? He is definitely going. If not, I will give him my ticket.
Eva FairmanerFeb 4 2016, 10:37amOf course he can Caitlin. If anyone is having a problem with purchasing their ticket it is fine to turn up on Saturday night but you MUST (and that is underlined and in bold!) let me know in case 10 people decide to "turn up" and we are short of dinners.
Caitlin BentFeb 4 2016, 1:55pmFine Eva. Go raibh maith agat.
Jean O'Neill2Feb 4 2016, 7:06pmSorry, only turned computer on now. Yes, I'm coming-hope that's OK. I haven't registereed yet for 2016 as I'm injured, don't know when I can run again--soon I hope!
Eva FairmanerFeb 6 2016, 10:26amJust a reminder for people that it is 8pm in Blackrock Rugby Club, Stradbrook Road and the Buffet will be served at 8.30pm so please be there BEFORE 8.15pm! Look forward to seeing you all later.
Paul O'GradyFeb 6 2016, 7:00pmI can collect people from the Dart at 8pm. Text me if you want a lift. 0862900827
Fiona ByrneFeb 8 2016, 1:19pmIs there a full list of the award winners displayed anywhere? Thanks.
Jean O'Neill2Feb 8 2016, 2:50pmEva, Thank you for organising a great evening!
Brian O MurchuFeb 8 2016, 6:14pmIn no particular order:
-Race Report: James Cahill
-Photo: Bernard Fortune jumping the fence by Kevin D O'Brien
-RD: Vivian O'Gorman
-Shorts: Stuart Scott
-Volunteer: Brian O'Murchu
-Performance of the year: Mags Fitzgerald & Jason Kehoe
-Beginner: Graham Bushe
-Best dressed: Sorcha Griffith & Stuart Scott
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 8 2016, 7:00pmThank you to all who came along for the Social on Saturday. A great night was had by all. Great food, great company, some (perhaps too many) refreshing beverages and some well dodgy dancing...what more could one want from a night out?

A massive thank you to Eva for all her hard work organising the night - well done.

And to all the winners of the first IMRA "peoples choice" awards presented on the night well done. Very deserving recipients. This was a chance for you the members to have your say and thanks to all who made nominations. The response was fantastic and some of the responses made for some interesting reading too. ;-)
Stuart ScottFeb 9 2016, 11:29amGreat event everyone and big thanks in particular to Eva for putting so much effort into organising it and prodding people to sign up. The food was really nice too.

Will someone please explain the shorts though?! Plus I only got one prize...:-)