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Brian O MurchuJul 14 2016, 6:39pmAs League Director of this years Trail League, I am delighted to introduce the first race in the series is the popular Glen of the Downs. Set for July 27th and Race Directed by Paul Smyth. All three races will have similar prizes & categories to the Leinster League. Best three out of three races for league positions
Paul SmythJul 23 2016, 10:38amWe still need a laptop operator and first aider for this race.
Paul SmythJul 24 2016, 8:13pmI need a race marker and either a laptop operator or a first aider.
Turlough ConwayJul 25 2016, 3:42pmHi Folks.
Looking for a lift for this race. Deans Grange area, or N11. Thks
Mick HanneyJul 25 2016, 5:50pmTurlough - I can pick you up. I'll be heading south after race however. Hopefully someone is heading north afterwards and can oblige.
Paul GrantJul 25 2016, 6:02pmDo you need more volunteers for the race Wednesday Paul? I haven't done laptop operator before and I don't have first aid training but happy to help mark the course or shadow laptop operator.
James HeggieJul 26 2016, 12:08amIs it junction 9 you leave the N11 for Glen of the downs race?
Turlough ConwayJul 26 2016, 9:29amThanks Mick. Ill be in touch today.
Brian O MurchuJul 26 2016, 11:49amPre-reg closes 18:00 today! Yearbooks purchased will be available for collection at race registration
Paul SmythJul 26 2016, 11:58am@James

I believe it is junction 9 but none of the maps I have show a junction number (including the OS ones!). On Google Street view the sign is partially obscured but seems to be a 9.
Kevin O'RiordanJul 26 2016, 12:08pmIt's junction 9 alright. Follow the signs for Glenview Hotel.
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 26 2016, 5:25pmWill there be a short course for the under 16s for this race please? Thanks.
Brian O MurchuJul 26 2016, 10:04pm.
Brian O MurchuJul 26 2016, 10:04pmHi Caoimhin,
We'll only be able to facilitate ages 16+ tomorrow, sorry no 5k option
Laura MullinsJul 27 2016, 10:48amHi there,
I am a new IMRE member and just purchased a voucher today. Is it possible to still join the race tonight or is it too late? Thanks in advance!
Fiona HylandJul 27 2016, 10:48am@everyone This is my first run with IMRA, i have paid my annual fee just wondering where you usually meet? Any way I can meet there as I am coming from work and will probably be pressed for time?
Paul SmythJul 27 2016, 11:18am@Laura:

Yes, you can run today. Just bring the confirmation emails for your membership and the vouchers and we'll issue you with your race number and vouchers at registration this evening.
Paul SmythJul 27 2016, 11:28am@Fiona:

Not entirely sure what you are asking. Each race takes place in a different location. Directions to the Glen of the Downs race are on the event details page. If you are asking about car pooling on the other hand then you can use the car pooling section on the event details page for the race. If you are looking for a lift and none of the cars advertised on the car pooling section are suitable then you could post a request for lift here in the forum.
Chris KeelingJul 27 2016, 2:13pmHi..I am a paid up Registered member for 2016 and I intended running this evening. I don't have any vouchers and the €7 online entry option, I think closed at 6pm yesterday. Does that mean unless I buy a €50 book of vouchers I can't run?
Mick HanneyJul 27 2016, 3:11pmChris - or agree with another runner to buy one of their vouchers off them.
Chris KeelingJul 27 2016, 4:55pmThanks Mick
Lindsey HeppenstallJul 28 2016, 12:17amHi there was a jacket in a pouch and a number left behind at the start as we went up to help an injured runner. Number 368 and a orange jacket in black pouch. Did anyone pick these up Thanks
Brian O MurchuJul 30 2016, 7:19pmWas it not claimed at the raffle.....
Paul SmythAug 2 2016, 10:50am@Lindsey, your jacket and number were found after the event. They should be in the laptop bag along with another piece of lost property found after the race. If you ask at this Weds. event you should be able to get it back.
Paul SmythAug 2 2016, 11:11am<b>Lost Property</b>

A small red top (zipped, I think) was found after the event. It's in the IMRA laptop bag so whoever owns it should be able to claim it at Weds. race.
Paul SmythAug 2 2016, 11:22amNow that the website it back up I want to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers for their help in making last Weds. race a success:

James Cahill (Results Tzar!)
Ronan Motyer
Paul Grant
Ian O'Kane
Christopher Willoughby
Chris Mark
Elaine McGreal
Trevor Kerley
Brian Farren
Sharon Phibbs
Maura Ginty
Ronan Lynch
Pól Ó MurchúAug 2 2016, 11:51amI have these Lindsey.
Brendan LawlorAug 2 2016, 12:06pmWell done and thank you to Paul Smyth and his team of volunteers - another first time Race Director who did a superb job on his debut!