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Joe LalorJul 7 2016, 9:54amThe Kippure handicap race in two weeks time will once again be a fundraiser for Mountain Meitheal, the path repairing charity. After a season of hard hill running we definitely leave our mark on the hills and here is a positive way to contribute to their upkeep.

In the new cashless IMRA this race will be pre entry with a fee of €10 with race vouchers suspended for the day. The full elevated fee will be donated to MM who I am sure you agree deserve our support and whose work enhances our experience in the hills. Entry is in the normal way via “purchase IMRA products” up to 6.30 on day before the race.

The purpose of the race as usual is to find the handicapped winner of the league. Handicapped starts will begin at 7.00 and will be work out after the last league race. Those who have not completed the league (i.e. 7 races) may take part but start with the scratch runners at 8.00.

Those not able to run on the night and who wish to contribute may do so at the end of season BBQ or by contacting MM directly
Aidan BligheJul 13 2016, 3:05pmThanks to everyone who has volunteered so far for this event.
We are still looking for a laptop operator
Brian O MurchuJul 14 2016, 5:06pmHow did you get on in the Leinster League? This race has staggered start times based on your overall league placing -making it possible for anyone to win!

I'm working on the start times and am open to bribes...opps, did I say that?

List of names and start times to be published over the next few days. If you didn't complete the LL you can still enter, your start time will be from scratch. Before then, some points to note:
-please pre-register by Tuesday 18:00
-there will be a Junior course!
-vacancy for laptop operator!
-all other volunteer spots are filled -have a look at the other upcoming races for volunteering
-this is a fundraiser for Mountain Meitheal!
Brian O MurchuJul 16 2016, 8:12pmStill buzzing from the Leinster League? The end of league handicap is up next where everyone has a chance of crossing the line first!

The order of start times is done in order (reverse order) of Leinster League finishing positions. If you finished ahead of a particular someone in the Leinster League overall, you will NOT get an earlier start time than them! Please pre-register to enter as this is a fundraiser for Mountain Meitheal, there will be no vouchers on the night.

If you didn't complete the Leinster League, you can still run the race with a start time of 19:45.

If you haven't collected your Leinster League prize, fleeces will be at the race for those that have completed 7 races plus the volunteering. If the volunteering is not on your IMRA doesn't exist:) If you're not sure, check in with me at the race -I have the list!

Full start times are at the following link:
Daniela BoehmJul 17 2016, 12:06pmHi Aidan,

I have all the race gear from yesterday's race. Maybe you can give me a shout on boehm dot dan AT, so that we can arrange how/when I can get it to you for wed?!

Thanks, Daniela
Mick HanneyJul 17 2016, 12:30pmLikewise Aidan I have the laptop charged up and ready. I'm at hanneymick at gmail dot com.
Joe LalorJul 17 2016, 1:30pmKippure Handicap (Mountain Meitheal Benefit)

PLEASE NOTE THAT RACE VOUCHERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS RACE. Only advance pre registration is available.

Registration for this event is only available online from and is available until 18.30 on Tuesday 19th July 2016.

Give something back to the hills, if you cant run buy an entry on line anyway as all entrance fees kindly being given to Mountain Meitheal to help repair paths etc.
Barbara KilbrideJul 18 2016, 12:06pmHey - how do I get added to the start times? I did 7 of the LL races but name not on the list. Thanks
Brian O MurchuJul 18 2016, 12:20pmAmended in now Barbara, 19:15 start:)
Barbara KilbrideJul 18 2016, 12:45pmThanks so much Brian! :)
Aidan BligheJul 18 2016, 12:51pmThanks to everyone who has volunteered so far for this race.

We still need a laptop operator. We are ok for all other positions
Brian O MurchuJul 18 2016, 10:58pmStart time spreadsheet updated with preregistered entrants that didn't complete the Leinster League

Remember this race is preregistration only with all fees going to Mountain Meatheal
John LangenbachJul 19 2016, 9:04amI don't see a 10 Euro preregistration for this race available for purchase now.
Pádraic O' FlynnJul 19 2016, 9:09amHello,
I am trying to register for the Kippure race tomorrow eve but it does not seem to be available under the "purchase IMRA products" link. Could you advise on how I can register.
Eoin KeithJul 19 2016, 9:15amIt should be back available now...
Alan KilbrideJul 19 2016, 10:14amHi guys,

Really looking forward to tomorrows run. I was wondering would anyone have a google maps link to the parking spot please?

I'm a little confused looking at the maps there ;o)

Martin BagnallJul 19 2016, 10:43amThere's a better map here:
John RaffertyJul 19 2016, 4:10pmhello there,
John RaffertyJul 19 2016, 4:12pmHello there,

would anybody be able to give me directions to the start, I am coming from Terenure village, I cannt make sense of the maps
Brian O MurchuJul 19 2016, 4:23pm,+Dublin/53.2155927,-6.3077961/@53.2455032,-6.3636112,12.75z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x48670bf7fe3467c1:0x33dbab9bc3b4838a!2m2!1d-6.2898931!2d53.3104158!1m0!3e0
Eileen RowlandJul 19 2016, 5:49pmI have registered for Kippure tomorrow. I didn't complete the Leinster League - should I still be listed in the list of runners ? I am usually about 160% !
Brian O MurchuJul 19 2016, 5:53pmDo Tuesdays give you internet failures, systems functionality compromised, Trump gaining more voters? Pre-registration has been extended to Wednesday 11:00! All fees going to Mountain Meitheal.

A handicap system is in place for this race, based on a) overall Leinster League placings and b) actual finish times. For runners who did not complete the league, you can still enter. All start times available at the following link:

There is a Junior course available (5km), starting 19:30 without handicap times
Aidan BligheJul 19 2016, 8:13pmThanks Brian for organising the handicap times and updating everything.

Some further race instructions:

Please park on the left hand side of the road tight to the side as you approach from City or on the right as you approach from the Sally Gap. There will be parking marshalls so please follow their instructions. We need to leave gaps every 6 - 8 cars to allow room for other road users to pass.

Brian has kindly extended this until 11am tomorrow. You can sign in on the night from 18.10.

Prize giving is in Bugler's pub on Ballyboden Road.

Jackets are mandatory.

Handicap times-
These are based on your actual Leinster League finish and actual race times so we can't change them. There is no starting earlier or later than the time on the list.The clock for the race starts with the last runner to leave which should be the league winner Des Kennedy at 19.45.

Junior course
This is approx 2.5km from the regular start position so give yourself plenty of time to get there. Junior course is 5km and starts at 19.30. It is not a handicap race.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered. We have enough at this stage.

Please remember your full registration fee goes to Mountain Meitheal who we are fundraising for at this event. Joe Lalor has done alot to set up this fundraiser. We all benefit from their work, so even if you cant run please consider registering for the race as the fee will go to Mountain Meitheal. There may be a collection on the night also for those who want to give an extra donation.

Looks like cracking weather for a race tomorrow so hope to see you all there!
Aidan BligheJul 19 2016, 8:43pmBugler's pub expect to be busy enough tomorrow evening because of the good weather so they have asked that we don't car pool from the pub to the race as they don't want to block up their car park.Please car pool from your own locality or other meeting points.
Brian O MurchuJul 20 2016, 9:41amRace entry is still open till 11:00! We have surpassed the number of entries on last year
Majella GeraghtyJul 20 2016, 10:09amHi ya,
I have entered the race tonight as a non league starter

My last proven race was Troopers town this year and I got 187%, I will not be any better tonight, coming back from injury

Based on the Trooperstown time what time will I start at tonight

Thank you
Brian O MurchuJul 20 2016, 10:54amHi Majella,
All start times are on the spreadsheet, we don't know what secret training non league entrants have done. Generally they start from scratch but some have bonus minutes based on info in the database.
Barbara KilbrideJul 21 2016, 9:55amThanks for a super, well organised race last night it was great fun. Shout out to all the volunteers & photographers & to Brian for putting the starting times together. :)
Joe LalorJul 21 2016, 12:37pmA big THANK YOU to all of you who turned up last night. Also to those of you who bought race entries or supported the Mountain Meitheal appeal in other ways. I will publish a final tally here shortly. Sorry I was not able to join you last night but from reports it seemed to go off well.
Eileen RowlandJul 21 2016, 3:53pmA great run last night. Thanks to all who organised the handicap times. Weather and scenery were breathtaking.
Lorcan FarrellJul 21 2016, 8:03pmJust checking my GPS data after last nights race, the distance I recorded was 9.27km with total elevation gain of 305m. Just wondering if others recorded similar and if so, is there a possibility of updating the event page if someone had a couple of minutes?
Gordon PlaceJul 21 2016, 9:41pm9.27km and but only 291m elevation gain on mine. You must have jumped for joy at reaching the top?
Aidan BligheJul 21 2016, 10:37pmThanks to all the volunteers last night who helped ensure the race ran smoothly. It made my job very easy!

Lots of money raised for Mountain Meitheal which is great!
Well done Grace on a great win
Alan KilbrideJul 22 2016, 11:07amHey,

Hiroto from Japan made this video from his run on Wednesday, really captures the day...

Thanks again to all the volunteers for another amazing run!!

Joe LalorAug 11 2016, 9:38amThe final take for the Mountain Meitheal appeal was €1200.
This was made up as follows, race entries €1050, BBQ collection €95, collection on night of race €25 and €30 carry over from last year. A big thank you to all concerned from myself and Mountain Meitheal. May the road (path)rise to meet you.