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Caoimhín MacMaoláinMar 17 2016, 12:35pmI have volunteered to RD on this one. However, there is a problem with the traditional route due to erosion around 1km-1mile into the ascent. With the help of a few others, mostly Graham Bushe and Rob Costello, we propose a new route, which is very different from what went before. It cuts out the eroded section on the descent and takes us up and down an entirely different, but we believe very interesting, way. It will be around 7km in total. My question is this: Do I need approval from the committee or anyone else to alter this route? I can send on maps, etc. I plan on posting more details on the web before the LL starts, so everyone will be made fully aware of the new route. It will be very well marked on the night. I am happy to bring anyone who wants to up there to try it out at any stage in advance of the race. Finally, to the committee, I am happy to liaise with Plucks about the BBQ and get all of that sorted out as well. Thanks.
Brian O MurchuMar 17 2016, 12:50pmHi Caoimhin,
If you send the Races Coordinator, Laura, a map of the proposed route, so we can check the situation regarding a permit
Laura FlynnMar 17 2016, 5:14pmThanks for alerting us to the change Caoimhín. Can you send me a map as soon as you can and I will let Coillte know that we porosity changing the route.
Caoimhín MacMaoláinMar 18 2016, 7:46amThanks for this Brian and Laura. Should I email the map to you Laura? Is a strava/my sports map sufficient or should i mark out the route on an OS?
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJun 28 2016, 4:45pmWe have enough volunteers for this race now, thanks. However, we do still need a laptop operator. If any of the current volunteers are able to do this then that would be great. If so, please switch your role to laptop operator on the event page.
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 6 2016, 10:27pmAs there is a new route for this race this year, I am organising a run on Sunday morning on the new course. I am planning on leaving from Kilmacanogue roundabout at 8am on Sunday morning if anyone would like to try out the new route. Thanks.
Barbara KilbrideJul 7 2016, 11:35amHi Caoimhin, I'll be the volunteer photographer on the night & if there is anything else I can do to help just shout. :)
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 9 2016, 6:57pmThanks Barbara. See you on Wednesday.
Alexandra GuglielmiJul 9 2016, 9:53pmHi, newbie there anywhere we can leave bags at the Sugarloaf race? I'll be coming in directly from work on the bus so I'll have a small backpack.
Paul O'GradyJul 10 2016, 2:01amAlexandra - you can leave your bag in the boot of my car
Alexandra GuglielmiJul 10 2016, 10:30amThank you very much Paul! :)
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 10 2016, 2:43pmWe still need a laptop operator for Wednesday evening if there is a willing volunteer available please. Thanks.
John J BarryJul 10 2016, 7:56pmI 'll do laptop
Niamh JenningsJul 10 2016, 8:24pmHi Caoimhin
Myself & my husband Ruairi have volunteered to help but have not yet been accepted. Do you need us to help & if so I am very happy to help with race marking or anything else. Ruairi is a good photographer & could take some photos if you like.
Regards Niamh
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 10 2016, 9:09pmThanks very much for stepping forward John. I really appreciate that. Thanks Niamh also. Will be finalising volunteers tomorrow.
Andrew HanneyJul 11 2016, 9:50amWe got a tour of the new course yesterday and I can tell you it won't disappoint. Gone is the major bottleneck from last years course, and also unlike last year, for the first few k there is ample room for passing. The downhill is still tricky when it should be fast due to rocks, but overall a much better route.
Brian O MurchuJul 11 2016, 2:40pmAre you one of the 137 people that have completed 7 races in the Leinster League? If you are one of the 35 people on 6 LL races, then finishing the Sugar Bowl is a must! Pre-register by 18:00 Tuesday, or use a voucher on the night:)

The end of league prizes are ready for potentially 172 people, please ensure you have signed up for your 2 volunteering roles as prizes will be held until volunteering has been completed -there will be a printed list of eligibles on Wednesday.

When one registers with MyIMRA, a "tshirt size" is selected, this is used to inform the end-of-league prize order, therefore, we'll NOT be taking size requests! The prize is still classified, however we do encourage speculation...
Gordon PlaceJul 11 2016, 3:20pmUnless the prize turns out to be a mankini or a pair of hotpants, in which case I reserve the right to request a change in size!
Gareth LittleJul 11 2016, 5:01pmHi Caoimhín, just to let you know that I will be a little late on Wednesday but I will be there! I hope to arrive at ~19:20. Thx
James HeggieJul 11 2016, 6:07pmIs the registration in Plucks car park?
Chris MarkJul 11 2016, 9:20pmHi - could any of the other volunteers give me a lift? Either from central Dublin or any mutually convenient Luas/Dart stop. Reply to rather than clogging this message board. Ta!
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 11 2016, 9:48pmJames - sign-in is in Pluck's car park, from 6.15. Will close at 7.15 to allow laptop to get to race start (which is half a km uphill from Pluck's).

Gareth - noted, and thanks.
Alexandra GuglielmiJul 11 2016, 10:09pmHi guys,

Quick question: does the 145 still go to Kilamacanogue?! I usually cycle so I'm a bit out of touch with Dublin Bus, and there is conflicting information on the internet. Cheers!
Alexandra GuglielmiJul 11 2016, 10:46pmOk actually, forget the previous message, we worked something out to get to the race :p
See you guys on Wednesday!
Martin McDonaldJul 12 2016, 10:24amHi,
Is it necessary for juveniles to pay the IMRA registration if they are members of Athletics Ireland and this may be their only IMRA race of the year
Brian O MurchuJul 12 2016, 10:28amCelebrate the end of the Leinster League with the traditional BBQ after the Sugar Bowl race. Even if, for some reason, you're not doing the race, come along to the BBQ! Use your Race Vouchers to obtain your BBQ ticket (The race & BBQ are separate events)
Alan AylingJul 12 2016, 11:29amThe course description and route map give conflicting information for the early part of the route:
"It starts on the new Sugarloaf way. It follows this through 2 gates (which will be open) for around 2km before turning left onto open mountain"
Whereas the map shows a left turn after only 300 m leading to a steep climb up the way we used to come down from the col behind the GAA club. Leaving the Sugarloaf Way route well before the gates.
Can we have a clarification on which is actually the route please?
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 12 2016, 11:50amHi Alan. The route is as described - it follows the new sugarloaf way for first 2km. There have been a number of reasons as to why the route has been modified a few times - and then when we settled on one, they went and erected a new stile/gate yesterday afternoon around a mile into the route! Having said that, I have now run the course around 6/7 times and I am very happy with what it offers. I will be out there again this evening and tomorrow morning just to make sure that no more new fences or eroded bits have been added today.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2016, 1:02pmFor route clarity, if I got a link to a garmin file I can provide an updated map for upload this evening. hanneymick at gmail dot com.
Gareth LittleJul 12 2016, 1:15pmHello good people of IMRA,

Is there anybody that would be willing to collect the Wicklow Round trophies later this evening, from Rathfarnham and bring them along to the BBQ tomorrow night?



gar little at me dot com
Brian O MurchuJul 12 2016, 1:39pm-Route map updated on event page

-Hero required for trophy collection (let Gareth know)

-Leinster League Prize: There will be a printed list of people who have completed 7 races & the volunteering requirements (if you haven't got your volunteering in yet, sign up now and the prize will be held until completed!)

-Use your race vouchers for BBQ (the race is a separate event to BBQ)
Lillian DeeganJul 12 2016, 2:04pm.
I will be in Sandyford this eve. Am happy to pop to Rathfarnham if Gareth is still in need.
Alan AylingJul 12 2016, 2:29pmThanks Caoimhin/Brian.
Iosac ColemanJul 12 2016, 9:29pmso much for all the reccieing the new course if it was to be changed again..God if it rains again tonight i hope the hill it self doesn't wash away form erosion! I didn't see what was wrong with the good old route, the novelty of the end of league whopper race is gone now sadly
James HigginsJul 12 2016, 9:49pmI think it would be wiser to pass judgement on the new route after the race, not before it. I for one won't be sorry to miss the bottlenecks that occurred at the start of the old route. This was a problem to those of us down the field and may not have been noticeable to the front runners.

However the reason for the change is due to erosion which we all have a duty to avoid.

In any case I'm looking forward to trying something new.
Caitlin BentJul 12 2016, 10:46pmThanks Caoimhín in advance for all your hard work on the new course.
This is as good a time as any to say that it would be more helpful, when giving route descriptions of all events to use North/South/East/West to indicate turnings, instead of Left/Right. Hope i'm not nit picking. Looking forward to the run:))
Andrew HanneyJul 13 2016, 8:17amRD Caoimhin and Graham have put a lot of thought, time and effort into the new route, even inviting people to recce it to get feedback and I can tell you the feedback that morning from all levels of runner was positive. Looking forward to it.
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 13 2016, 9:23amA few final reminders for this evening's race:

- Bring your IMRA race number

- Carry a jacket

- Remember race vouchers for race entry and BBQ

Iosac ColemanJul 13 2016, 9:33amYes sorry, I understand organizing a race is a big undertaking and having to get any course race ready means a lot of hard graft, Graham and coaimhin have put a lot of effort and time into clearing back the bracken and will no doubt have oginized a great end of league race and evening!

Sorry to have passed judgment on the previous post..Looking forward to it now :)
Brian O MurchuJul 13 2016, 10:39amT. -8 hours to discover what the mystery LL prizes are....
Niamh JenningsJul 13 2016, 11:29amHi Caoimhin
Sorry to ask such a silly question but do you have to pay for the Bbq with race vouchers or can you pay cash as we are hoping to bring my daughter & I am not sure if I have enough vouchers left for us all.
Brendan CarriganJul 13 2016, 12:42pmProbably a silly question but I just re-joined IMRA this year after 6 years (Scalp was my first race) so have only managed to volunteer once so far). Does that mean I have to wait for my t-shirt/fleece until I volunteer a 2nd time? Don't mind at all was just wondering :)
Brian O MurchuJul 13 2016, 12:54pmHi Brendan,

I have a printed list for tonight, showing those that have completed 7 races and their volunteering requirements who are eligible to collect their mystery LL prize.

For people who have not yet completed their volunteering requirements, these are also on the list, the prizes will be held (please note we are not accepting size requests!).

Anyone who had signed up for 2 volunteering spots by yesterday evening, informs the list which race their prize will be diverted to.

You can let me know in person which race will be your 2nd volunteering spot so I can update the list -let's not clog up the forum with notifications here
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 13 2016, 2:02pmNiamh - there is a preference for payment for bbq with 1 race voucher, to keep things cashless. However, there should be alternative ways of paying available - so it won't be a problem if anyone has run out of, or doesn't have, vouchers. Thanks.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 13 2016, 2:27pmGood news avoid the ongoing confusion the good people at 53 Degrees North have offered to sponsor the BBQ tonight. So no cash or vouchers required. Thank you very much to the guys for their kind offer.
Paul O'GradyJul 13 2016, 2:42pmThat is a very kind and generous offer by 53 Degrees North.
Graham K. BusheJul 13 2016, 2:47pmA huge thanks to 53 Degrees North.

But be warned, I have worked up quite an appetite clearing the route :)
Mick HanneyJul 13 2016, 10:40pmThanks a million to Caoimhín, Graham and other volunteers for a great event this evening. Introducing a new route involves a lot of work and you can see the effort that was put in. The route had a bit of everything and I enjoyed it immensely. The marking and marshalling were spot on and we got great encouragement around the route. Great grub in the bbq too. Kudos to all involved.

Thanks to Brian and committee on the Leinster League prize which is very nice indeed.
Kevin O'RiordanJul 13 2016, 10:48pmMy compliments on the new route tonight. Was really great not having the bottlenecks on the ascent and the grassy technical descent was loads of fun. Big improvement over the old route in my opinion.
Warren SwordsJul 13 2016, 10:52pmGreat new route. Super stuff.

*sticks hand up.

Myself and a couple of others missed a turn at the end. Didn't gain a whole lot but we leap frogged both Iosac and Bernard who should be third and fourth respectively.
Andrew HanneyJul 14 2016, 8:42amThanks Caoimhín, Graham and all the volunteers on a superb new route. In fact the whole event was a fitting end to the league. Thanks to all the other RDs and volunteers who make the leagues happen, a team effort to be proud of.
Damien McParlandJul 14 2016, 8:54amThanks to Caaoimhin, Graham, all the volunteers and 53 Degrees North for a great evening. I really enjoyed the new route. Some serious work went into clearing those paths.

Fair play for putting your hand up Warren. I think I was also leapfrogged, judging by Strava at least.
Warren SwordsJul 14 2016, 9:22amSorry Damien!

Hard to see what happened as we took the tougher route through the jungle ;).

So Damien in fifth and then Barry, Mikey and myself. Results fine after that.
Barry MurrayJul 14 2016, 9:32amThat money was just resting in my account...

Before all hell breaks loose.. I emailed Karen with top ten changes

Myself and Mickey had a tussle, fell into ferns and got up and just kept running. Warren then followed. Reckon it put maybe 15-20secs ahead. Any strava details that say otherwise , please amend

Graham K
John Bell
Damien McParlandJul 14 2016, 9:46amThanks lads! :)
James H CahillJul 14 2016, 9:46amThank you Caoimhin and all your volunteers for a great race last night. Excellent new route designed by you and Graham. Delicious BBQ - thank you 53 degrees north. Excellent useful end of league prize- thank you IMRA. There are so many photos it's photos of people taking photos - well done photographers. All in all a great evening
Caoimhín MacMaoláinJul 14 2016, 10:11amThanks very much to all of the brilliant volunteers at last night's race. Everyone was so willing and enthusiastic. It really helped to make the whole RD process a very enjoyable one. I really appreciate it.
Val JonesJul 14 2016, 10:33amThanks for a great event last night. I really liked the route. Starting at the back of the field it was great not to have the bottlenecks. I liked the steady uphills at the early part, the grassy descent where last years route came up, and the jungle section at the end - seemed to go on forever
Mikey FryJul 14 2016, 11:38amWell done again everyone for last night was a super fun race couldn't sleep last night thinking about have much fun the last section was with Barry and warren that as warren and Barry said some leaping might have happen in the jungle the mighty jungle:)
Catherine DevittJul 14 2016, 1:00pmThanks for Gareth and co. (first aiders) for some excellent first aid care last night, during what seemed like a very busy evening for the f. aiders.
Brendan LawlorJul 14 2016, 4:17pmBig thank you to Caoimhín and all his volunteers for a great end of league race last night - nice sting in the tail with the jungle bush whacking in the last km.

Also thank you to Pol, Brian, Tanya, Fiona and all on the committee for another great end of league prize

And finally thank you to 53 Degrees North for a very tasty post race burger !

Only 5 Wednesday's left folks - enjoy them while they last

ps nice to see Hazel let BOC out for his annual trot on the hills last night - welcome back BOC !
Iosac ColemanJul 14 2016, 11:34pmThankyou Caoimhín and Graham and everyone else involved in volunteering! Also thanks 53 degrees north for the tastey burgers! The route was great despite my previous comment which was wrong of me....Yes there seemed to have been a bit of confusion at the Finish line in regards to some people missing or taking a wrong turn and leapfrogging myself and Bernard as I was only 30 meters back from Cian McDonald in 2nd place at the jungle. Thanks Warren and Barry for pointing that out, it would be cool if it could be changed in the results.
Liam CannonJul 15 2016, 7:39amThumbs up to everyone involved for a great evening.

Great route, great prizes and I must say the food exceeded all my expectations.
Brendan O'ConnorJul 15 2016, 5:01pmGreat race on Wednesday - after a 3 year hiatus you forget how enjoyable the mid-week 'trot on the hills' can be.

Must get out for more of them ;o)
Shay Byrne Jul 19 2016, 10:37pmFrom my usual vantage point it was great to see another fine performance from that great vet Martin McDonald,hard to believe he is now over 60 .
I presume those young McDonalds running are his grandchildren.