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Vivian O'GormanJun 30 2016, 10:35pmHi Folks,

All the info...

Summit Marshall needed
Also a Laptop Operator

This race starts at 12pm

Race Registration will open at 10.30am and close at 11.45am
NO money will be taken at registration. You MUST preregister or use your voucher.

For those of you who have not done so before - in order to preregister you log into myimra - pay your 10 euro membership fee - and then pay the entrance fee for the race - note the reference number - print the email confirmation and bring it to the race - you then collect your race number and sign in.


For this race preregistration WILL CLOSE on Friday 8th July at 2pm.

Early starters can go at 11am.

Car Parking is in the car park beside Campbells Pub in Murrisk. It is a fee paying car park - I think 3 euro for the day.

The race starts beside Campbells Pub and finishes in Lecanvey. There will be a shuttle bus to bring all runners back from Lecanvey to Campbells. The bus will be at the finish in Lecanvey at 1pm.

Anything you want at the finish - change of clothes - food - water - put into either Maike Jurgens or Paddy Lords car. There is extremely limited parking on the narrow road at the finish so please use their cars.

The finish of the race will be marked from the cairn down to the field. This is the only part of the course that will be marked.

We have permission to use the field for the finish provided that we leave by the gate and NOT by climbing over the fence.

Please don't leave any rubbish behind in the field.

The kit requirement for this race: Longsleeved rainproof jacket - hat/gloves - bumbag with biscuits/chocolate or whatever suits you and water. Also map - compass - whistle and your mobile phone. The map can be downloaded from the events page.

You will be required to either wear or carry your jacket. This is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in a DNF!!

Don't forget the mobile phone number on the back of your race number. If you need to use it you MUST RING the number and NOT text it. This will automatically go to the Race Directors phone.

Please DO NOT make this your first mountain race. Croagh Patrick is NOT suitable for beginners or juniors.

Prizegiving will be in Campbells Pub.
Lorcan FarrellJul 4 2016, 4:58pmDo you still need a summit marshall for this race Vivian? If you do I'll put my name down for it.
Maike JürgensJul 4 2016, 6:36pmwe are sorted for summit marshalls now. if we could get a laptop operator that would be superb. thanks to all who have volunteered so far.
Stuart ScottJul 7 2016, 11:01amHi all,

Just a reminder about the bbq on Sat night after Mweelrea. All welcome! IMRA will supply the meat as usual but if you could post here or give me a shout so we know how many to cater for that would be great.

Also if anyone has any wood lying around, can you bring it?


Vivian O'GormanJul 7 2016, 1:25pmHi Folks,

This is a reminder...

This race Croagh Patrick is on Sunday BUT -


NO money will be taken for entries on the day. So if you haven't pre registered or you don't have a race voucher you can't run in the race.

Remember to bring your mandatory jacket and official race number. Also the kit requirement as listed above. The weather may not be too enthusiastic! !
Lorcan FarrellJul 8 2016, 12:23amHi Folks, heading down for the Mweelrea/Croaghpatrick race on saturday morning. leaving dublin 7:30am and returning Sunday after the race. Have room for 1, possibly 2 more in the car, mail me at lorcanf at gmail dot com if interested.
Joan RyanJul 8 2016, 12:50pmHi. I'm trying to register for Croagh Patrick, it's 12:50 on Friday and it's not in the list of Purchasable items? I was able to register for Mweelrea last week. Any suggestions?
Patrick FoleyJul 8 2016, 12:52pmHi Vivian, sorry but I cannot seem to "purchase" this event - it is not an option - tho' the deadline is two today?
Eoin KeithJul 8 2016, 1:36pmRegistration should be available to purchase again now, but it WILL close a 2:00pm
Joan RyanJul 8 2016, 1:54pmThanks Eoin! I've registered now. Lovely day on Croagh Patrick today!
Paul V MitchellJul 9 2016, 1:27pmWill be in Westport this evening if a hand is needed with marking or anything.
Vivian O'GormanJul 10 2016, 10:56pmHi All,

A big thank you to everyone for a great weekend - despite the weather!!

Thanks to Maike Jurgens for being Race Director

Bernard Fortune and Diane Wilson were the winners today.

So Willie Hynes and Diane Wilson are our Connaught Champioships. Congratulations to both.

The results will be up in a day or two.
Maike JürgensJul 10 2016, 11:18pmthanks all for a great weekend and particularly all the volunteers today. well done to all runners. for those interested, the kind summit marshalls noted the order of runners at the top (no times). first runner to top was there at 12.35.
571 (could be 541)
paper too wet after this ... thanks Anne and Lorcan!
Maike JürgensJul 10 2016, 11:20pmwinning times for the results impatient :)

Bernard Fortune - 55.47
Willie Hynes - 57.31
David Hicks - 58.12

Diane Wilson - 66.58
Becky Quinn - 69.35
Paulette Thompson - 81.17
Paul V MitchellJul 11 2016, 3:12pmI found that very gruelling.
Thank you to the lady who was giving out tea at the end, it went down very well.
Paul V MitchellJul 16 2016, 2:18pmWill results be getting published for this race?
Brian O MurchuJul 16 2016, 7:00pmHi Paul,
See the following thread re:results
Mick HanneyJul 16 2016, 7:57pmFound results. Sent onto results secretary so hopefully they'll be uploadable soon.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 17 2016, 11:23pmResults are up now. Apologies for the delay. Thanks again to Mick for taking the time to find these yesterday.