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Jennifer Lindsay DavidsonJan 9 2016, 10:01pmHi there, I have just paid my year membership so that I can participate in the Corrin Hill race on Sunday 17th January. Two queries ( I am new to IMRA and this area....):

1) Is there an online pre-registration option, as it was not available to purchase on this site as a product at this stage - OR do I just arrive on the day with my completed membership form to register and pay then from 12:15-12:45?

2) When I joined IMRA I was given a race number but had not yet signed up for a race. So - if I am just to arrive on the day is that the number I am to say I was allocated when registering and is this to be my race number for future IMRA races?

Sorry if this was all covered in FAQ's, I just couldnt find it....

Thanks for your patience look forward to hearing from you!


Pól Ó MurchúJan 9 2016, 10:09pmHi Jennifer, there is currently no preregistration for Munster races so you can just turn up and pay on the day. The number allocated should be given to you on the day of your first race and you will keep this for the year. Hope that answers your query.
Brian TroyJan 9 2016, 10:36pmJust have a question too! I have registered online and they have given me a number for the year. Do I still have to print off a membership form and bring it with me filled up for the race at Corrin hill in Fermoy even though I have paid my yearly membership online?
Pól Ó MurchúJan 10 2016, 8:19amHi Brian, I think this is answered above as Jennifer asked the same question but in case it's not clear - no need for registration form just turn up and pay for Munster races once you have your number already allocated. I will get the instructions in the race details changed to reflect this.
Brian TroyJan 10 2016, 10:30pmThanks Pól
Robbie WilliamsJan 11 2016, 8:42amHi guys
From Munster:

If you regd membership online this is fine but you MUST bring the printed out sheet showing the name and imra number

We will not have time on the morning to check this online

Jennifer Lindsay DavidsonJan 13 2016, 9:07pmPlease can you direct me to where the membership form is on this site? It does not appear to be in the forms section nor any other I can get into! Thanks in advance and see you Sunday!

Jennifer Lindsay DavidsonJan 13 2016, 9:27pmor if you just mean the printed page showing the purchase history for the membership then that is fine, will do! If you can let me know which that would be great. Jennifer
Richard NunanJan 13 2016, 10:35pmHi Jenifer,

Bring the confirmation email with you on Sunday. that will have the details required for you to race.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 13 2016, 10:39pmHi Jennifer, Can you confirm which race you are referring not to? There are two. If it is the Munster one you can either register online or print out the form and complete, if it is the Howth one it is preregistration on the site and you will need to create an account up under "My IMRA" above and then you will be able to purchase items.
Jennifer Lindsay DavidsonJan 14 2016, 5:03amHi guys my Dad found the membership form for me on the race details section itself so panic over see you on the day thanks for your time with my queries! Jennifer
Nowak TomaszJan 14 2016, 9:55amHey!
Any IMRA member from Cork City who is going to the race at Corrin hill in Fermoy.Looking for spin.No car :(
Jennifer Lindsay DavidsonJan 17 2016, 8:48pmThanks for a really enjoyable race experience today at Corrin Hill to all the organisers and volunteers that helped make it happen. Can you please let me know when and where we can see our results from today's race? Thanks again, a brilliant way to enjoy my visit to Cork and I hope to join you again soon. Jennifer
Colm MoranJan 18 2016, 12:00amIs it possible to register for a student entry fee pre-race now, or has this fee been abolished?
I can't find it in the online registration.
Una MayJan 27 2016, 9:22pmIn order to register two kids as members for 2016 do they each need their own email addresses?
Eoin KeithJan 28 2016, 9:08amHi Una,
Yes, they need their own email address in order to register on MyIMRA. As I'm sure you're already aware there are plenty of places where you can create a free one for them (such as gmail). Once you enter their Dates of Births correctly registering them the system will automatically charge them the junior rate.