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Don ShortAug 26 2015, 11:34pmHi all,

Details of the second Nav Challenge in the series are now available on the event page.

Long Course 15.0km, 570m climb 5 control points physical course with demanding navigation.

Short Course 5.2km 229m climb 5 control points, easy navigation.
Don ShortAug 28 2015, 8:34amFor registration we could do with one more running volunteer.
Mike JordanAug 28 2015, 9:00amHi Don
Myself and Maike can be there from 10am to help out.
Diarmuid O'ColmainAug 30 2015, 5:03pmIt's a long shot but....!

Since the nav challenge race today I am missing a small piece of kit - it's a battery charger.

It is a device that you charge up from the mains and it then acts as a portable charger to carry with you on the hills for phone or other device.

The unit is black, about 6 or 7 cms long by 4 cms wide and 4 cms deep - approx.

If you found it please contact me at docolmain_gmail_com or on this forum.

Brian O MurchuAug 30 2015, 5:14pmThanks to Mike and Maike for the carpool, photos and report up!
Don ShortAug 30 2015, 5:16pmThank to all helpers and participants. A special thanks to the stalwarts who went back up Black hill to assist Colm.
Diarmud no sign of the charger I'm afraid.

Don Short
James H CahillAug 30 2015, 8:46pmThank you Don, Ruth, Derek and all the running volunteers for a great route and a great race.
Ruth LynamAug 30 2015, 9:22pmSplit times are up on winsplits at
And on splitsbrowser with graphs at
Brendan LawlorAug 30 2015, 9:28pmO-IMRA the crazy compass wielding, map reading , route choice finding wing of IMRA were out in force today.

Thank you to Don, Ruth, Derek and all others for a fine morning on the hills of West Wicklow. There's one race left in this great series and if you are tempted at all do come along and see what its like to run a race with a map in your hand ! Fine tea and treats at the finish too...
Karen DevenneyAug 30 2015, 10:19pmAnother great map-wielding day on the hills! Thanks to Don, Ruth, Derek & Co for the great course & lovely refreshments even managed to get the weather gods on side so we could enjoy the beautiful views! No better way to spend a Sunday:-)
Greg ByrneAug 31 2015, 9:45amThis weeks Strava Fly-by of the race, including involuntary bonus loop.,ePSxFpJttBZiC7YWIdy2FmMntxajIbkW
James H CahillSep 1 2015, 3:50pm5 great reports on this navigation challenge - each one a great read.
Maike J├╝rgensSep 1 2015, 4:41pmsome nice reports :) and thanks for a nice course, after a massive portion of pasta and strawberries i thought it was really enjoyable - a good few lessons learned!
Colm MoranSep 2 2015, 11:26pmA quick thank you to everyone that helped me down the mountain!
I won't be able to name everyone, so thanks to all and in particular thanks to Diarmuid O'Colmain who first stopped and gathered more help, and to those who had a look at my ankle when we got back, and have advice.

I've never had such assistance with these injuries before. It was like my own personal ambulance.

Course looked great, sorry I didn't get to run it all!
Angus TynerSep 3 2015, 12:32amHave put report up. Fortunately I didn't come off as bad as Colm and got back without assistance.
Brian FarrenSep 14 2015, 6:17pmSorry to trouble, my first time using this. In Nav 2, short race, I was put down as an early starter in error. The time on my SI sheet is 44:42. How do I get this corrected?