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Joe LalorJul 3 2015, 8:12pmAs was the case last year, the end of league handicap on Kippure is a fund raiser for Mountain Meitheal.
First a quick reminder who MM are and what they do. They are a volunteer group who give up their weekends to repair mountain paths and trails. They operate nationwise but like ourselves most of there activities are in the Dublin / Wicklow area.

They periodically asked for volunteers to join their weekend work camps but the take up from the busy folk in IMRA has been very low so here is an opportunity to help without loosing valuable training or competing time. For the handicap race instead of a race fee runners will be asked to make an donation (suggested at €10). I hope to be at the BBQ race to collected from anyone who cannot make the Kippure race but would like to contribute. Not only is this a worthy cause but one that we all greatly benefit from.

The Kippure race is to find an overall handicapped winner from all those who have completed the Summer League (7 races or more). It is however open to all but not league completers will not receive a handicapped start. In a later posting I will explain the procedure to be followed. In the meantime I am looking for the usual race night volunteers, lap top, first aider, summit marshall...
Brendan DelaneyJul 6 2015, 11:08pmJoe, I can do Summit Marshall.
Joe LalorJul 8 2015, 4:50pmThanks to everybody who has volunteered to date.
I am still looking for a laptop operator.
Althought I am hoping for as large a turn out as possible to maximise return for MM appeal, this race traditionally has about half the numbers of a summer league race so would not be too stressful for a laptop operator.
Joe LalorJul 15 2015, 3:16pmStill looking for laptop operator for Kippure Race this day week.
Jenny O'LearyJul 16 2015, 1:49pmI can volunteer for something if needed as I will probably only get there for 7pm after work and have only completed 6 races?
Shane O'MalleyJul 17 2015, 8:24pmHi,
Do we know when the handicaps will be published or do we need to enter the race and then get issued a handicap/ start time.


Joe LalorJul 17 2015, 9:15pmI will post a detailed procedure for the race later but for the moment just a short note to answer the few questions on the forum.

Race will start at 7 for the slowest league finishers (7 races or more). Winner of league will start at 8. All others will start pro rata between these two. Detailed start list will be available early next week but for the moment you should be able to make a good estimate of your start time.

All other runners welcome, but will start at 8 unless you have a proven record as a slow runner. The purpose of the race is to find the handicapped winner of the league unlike last year (when I was too generous)I want to keep non league finishers out of the winners enclosure.

Registration on the night, please now start making arrangements for carpooling to avoid traffic congestion upo on the featherbeds.

Re volunteering Jenny, I will find you a job if you are there at 7, but if you would prefer to run, go for it.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 17 2015, 9:25pmIs there anyone who can do laptop operator for this race?
Angus TynerJul 19 2015, 8:46pmAny proposal for junior route?
This was well received in 2013 for junior route.
"TO ALL JUNIORS: We are going to set up a junior race which will have a different start/finish place to the main race. The start/finish will be moved to the end of the bog road (near the stream crossing). The junior route will follow the main route up to the mast and back down. Please beware that the junior start/finish is about 2.5km from the main start/finish line. The juniors will start at 7.30pm, so give yourselves enough time to register and get to the start. (the distance will be about 6k)."

I see no-one has volunteered for lap-top. I WANT to run this but if no-one else steps forward, I'll do laptop to ensure the race goes ahead.
Joe LalorJul 19 2015, 11:30pmHi Angus, I like your idea about a Junior route, could you email me your email address to jlalor(at)
Joe LalorJul 20 2015, 2:00pmMoney matters first: There is a donation rather than a race fee for this race (so a no voucher event). The donation is voluntary and no fixed amount is set but €10 is suggested. For insurance reasons new runners to IMRA will have to join and pay their registration fee.

This handicapped race starts at 7 in reverse order to how you finished in the Summer League, with Caitlin & Seamus off around 7 and Niall, Dermaid & Bernard at 8. Non league finishers will start at 8 unless you are a proven 150% finisher. Alan, our handicapper will shortly produce a start list. A Junior course will start (and finish) at 7.30 from the end of the Old Bog road, allow 15 mins to get there from the public road.

Parking is on the Military Road & top of Glenasmole Reservoir Road. Since these are both public roads could I insist on the following protocols. Park on LEFT only, leave gap every 5 cars for passing traffic and most importantly carpool from The Buglers (afters pub) where we have permission to park
Alan AylingJul 21 2015, 9:31amStart list is here, copy address and paste into browser:

- The list is only the people who have completed 7 races in the league.

- Anyone not on the list can come along and run, but will start at the scratch time (8 pm). As Race Director, Joe may be prepared to make exceptions, but only for runners who are genuinely going to be out a good while (typically > 150% of winner). How sympathetic Joe is to your plea will likely depend on the magnitude of your donation to Mountain Meitheal...

- The start times have been figured out based on what I think will give a decent race with everyone finishing close together. It may or may not work. Either way - go out there and have some fun, the serious racing of the league is over, this one is a bit of craic and a chance to contribute to an organisation that does a lot of work on the trails in our beloved hills.

- The junior race will not be a handicapped start, just a normal race.
Dermot McNamaraJul 22 2015, 9:04amHi, What time does race registration close at?
Joe LalorJul 22 2015, 9:05amReminder:
This is a NON Voucher event, no race fee but expecting a donation for those folk in Mountain Meitheal who make & repair those trails we use.

See events page for start times.

Please make a big effort to carpool from Buglers and elsewhere and park responsibly when you get to race venue.
Joe LalorJul 22 2015, 9:24amDermot, Last start 8.00, so reg. close 7.50
Andrew HanneyJul 22 2015, 11:08pmMy photos are up. Enjoy!
Joe LalorJul 22 2015, 11:42pmDue to a delay accounting for all the runners I was late getting to the prize giving. Apologies to those who could not wait and those left waiting.

The results that will be entered in the database will be on the hadicapped start (ie your time will be based as if you started at 7.20 and prizes will be awarded to only those who completed 7 races.

The winners were
1. Angus Tyner
2. Diarmuid Meldon
3. Cillian Corbett

1. Patricia McLoughlin
2. Daniela Boehm
3. Bronagh Cheetham

Zoe Tyner was first in the junior race.

At some time later I will post a finish list of actual running times so that you can check how you did relative to everyone else

While I would like to thank Alan Ayling for the hadicapping you may like to praise or curse him depending on your experience tonight.

I would also like to thank all my other volunteers who endured a cold station for a mid-summer evening.

As to the main business of the night I collect around €1100 over the two nights, this included some very generous donotations. Many thanks.
James H CahillJul 23 2015, 12:26amWell done Joe and all your volunteers for a great fun race for a great organization in Mountain Meitheal.
Graham K. BusheJul 23 2015, 12:54amThanks Joe and team for a great night.
Thanks Aidan for patching up Kevin after his tumble.
Mick HanneyJul 23 2015, 11:33amThanks Joe and crew for a great event last night.

The strava flyby is interesting to see who catches who with the different start times.,iqT4FGbg+BQF6/gUmF/5FI9r+RRTcPkUc7n5FHHE+RTM3PkU+O75FB//+RT2CPoUCAz6FONH+hRJmfoUA3z9FE24/RS4X/4U
Miriam MaherJul 23 2015, 11:44amThank Joe and all the volunteers for a great event last night. I was all of a thrill for a few short lived minutes coming down from the summit when I believed the encouraging works of those coming up 'you're doing great/you're in the first 5..etc etc' before reality came rushing past me as the usual suspects flowed past:) But it was a great end to a super league. So good to have had a chance to bring my son along this year and introduce him to the delights of a Wednesday summer night on all the varied routes around the hills. Thanks to all who made him so welcome and encouraged him each time. He's wearing his EOI IMRA top today with pride, assures me he didn't sleep in it. But he's a teenager so anything is possible.
Joe LalorJul 23 2015, 8:24pmThe final figure collected for Mountain Meitheal is €1328, a big thanks you to everyone involved
Lorcan FarrellJul 27 2015, 3:57pmHey, really enjoyed this race last week, great turn out and well done on the amount given to mountain meitheal. Any word on the results being posted soon?
Joe LalorJul 27 2015, 4:03pmI have actual time run results ready to go but am waiting for Results Sec. to publish offical result (ie handicap results)before releasing these. Hopfully soon.
Lorcan FarrellJul 27 2015, 4:07pmNo worries Joe, looking forward to them!!
Pól Ó MurchúJul 27 2015, 11:12pmResults up now. Sorry about the delay...they were a bit of a nightmare...Please note a number of online numbers were given out for this race so if you registered for the first time last week you may notice your number has now been changed...Please use the number assigned to your profile going forward. Sorry about the confusion.
Lillian DeeganJul 28 2015, 1:00amSincere apologies Pòl.
Race No. retrieved for future use now.
Joe LalorJul 28 2015, 11:01amOffical results for Kippure now up (thanks Pól)
Times given as if all started at 7.20
Prizes (vouchers) for top three males & female, if you were not at prize-giving I have them.
Future of Irish Hillrunning looking good with all these young orienteers turning up.

Below for your own interest is list of actual running times on the night. Unfortunately I dont have Eoins start time or Diarmuids finish, could either help me out. Junior results atbottom of post

Name Time
Eoin McCullough 44:32
Diarmuid Meldon 45:34
Cillin Corbett 45:40
Colm Moran 46:40
Angus Tyner 47:09
Cian May 47:11
Graham K. Bushe 47:53
Paul Clear 48:58
Karl Maguire 49:16
Ronan King 49:30
Owen Fletcher 50:10
John Bell 50:28
Niall Morris 51:09
Jim Breyfogle 51:10
Mick Hanney 51:19
Colum McKeown 51:27
John Langenbach 51:42
Donal Flood 51:53
Ian O’Kane 52:02
Damian Cronin 52:16
Mike Jordan 52:37
Stephan Power 53:32
Brian Armstrong 53:56
Peter McGoey 54:17
James Sharkey 54:24
Ruairi Short 54:32
Donal McKiernan 54:43
Dave Kelly 70 54:52
Stephen McHale 54:53
Brian Farren 55:12
John McGrane 55:38
Louis Mullee 55:44
Matthew Sammon 56:25
Tadhg Ryan 56:38
Thomas Galvin 56:41
Jason Dowling 57:04
James Curran 57:22
Adrian Burns 57:26
Patricia McLoughlin 57:57
Lorcan McGovern 58:03
Shay Foody 58:06
Paul Hanaphy 58:13
Kevin Bell 58:31
John McCann 72 59:00
James Cahill 66 59:27
Daniela Boehm 59:32
Enda Maguire 59:51
Alan Fitzpatric 60:16
Stuart Scott 60:30
Val Jones 61:00
Donnou Shaffrey 61:06
Joan Flanagan 61:22
Dermot McNamara 61:23
Pol O’Murchu 61:51
D Livingstone 61:58
Niamh O’Gorman 62:31
Kiernan Crowley 62:40
John J. Barry 63:24
Bronag Cheetham 63:33
Eva Fairmaner 64:13
Paul Grant 64:19
Paul O’Grady 65:07
Aidan Roche 65:28
Sorcha Griffith 65:33
Lorcan Farrell 65:38
Regina Kelly 65:49
Anne Hodge 66:32
Noel Tobin 66:50
John Dowling 66:53
Philip Wharton 66:57
Colin Casey 67:18
Eileen Rowland 67:31
Marco Pietri 67:56
A. T. Kelly 67:57
Damien Coyle 69:03
Tina Bergan 69:48
Lillian Deegan 69:50
L Heppenstall 70:11
Richard Pontin 70:56
Art McKevitt 71:18
Denis Hogan 71:24
Paul Curran 72:28
Miriam Maher 72:38
Brendan Murray 73:30
Grace Egan 73:45
Deirdre Bohan 74:21
John Fitzgerald 75:41
Peter Cannon 75:42
Susan Warde 78:56
Joe Fitzpatrick 79:27
Ger Power 81:41
David Brady 83:25
Caitlin Bent 86:19
Niamh Jennings 88:18
Siobhan Duggan 89:59
Fiona Duggan 91:18
Darragh Murray 100:30
Mike Gomm 166:00
Eoin Syron
Diarmuid Collins

Junior Results

Zoe Tyner 38
Ben Jones 40
John Quinn 41
Ronald Quinn 42
Kevin Bush 43
Angus TynerJul 29 2015, 12:05amI was informed that there is an IMRA runners crossing sign still in place near the Kippure start/finish.
Nora LalorJul 29 2015, 2:01pmWent up to collect & it is gone, been repossed, stolen or sent home!
Kevin O'RiordanJul 29 2015, 2:09pmMary O'Connell gave me a "runners" sign at the orienteering event in Shankill yesterday evening. Think that might be it.
Kevin O'RiordanJul 29 2015, 2:09pmMary O'Connell gave me a "runners" sign at the orienteering event in Shankill yesterday evening. Think that might be it.
Nora LalorJul 29 2015, 3:38pmIt was sent home so, it was warmer up there today with a lovely view over the city.
Nora LalorJul 29 2015, 3:38pmIt was sent home so, it was warmer up there today with a lovely view over the city.
Nora LalorJul 29 2015, 3:38pmIt was sent home so, it was warmer up there today with a lovely view over the city.