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Graham K. BusheMay 10 2015, 10:22pmHi, is there a map for this event?
Ronan HickeyMay 10 2015, 10:29pmHere's the GPS for it. Depressingly the going was so steep and I was so slow that my watch decided I had stopped twice and turned itself off.

Pretty grim when even inanimate objects are putting the boot into your fitness levels.

A fun race route though
Graham K. BusheMay 10 2015, 10:41pmThanks for that map. That looks like a long and steep climb at the start!!
Mick HanneyMay 11 2015, 6:08pmSaw a shout-out on Facebook. Have you enough volunteers or do you need more?
Paul KevilleMay 11 2015, 11:46pmi ran this route last year and i saved it on my garmin forerunner watch and later transfered in to the garmin connect website. Does anybody know how i transfer it back to my watch and follow the route. it would save me time marking the course. i keep trying to transfer it but it cant locate my device for some reason. any info or help would be appreciated.
Mick HanneyMay 12 2015, 7:47amDepends on your make and model Paul. Assuming you have up-to-date garmin software on your PC you should be able to save the course and transfer it to your watch. On my watch I can choose in training mode to select a course and do that, once the start is hit. You should have something similar I expect. You'll have an arrow guiding you on the right path and alerting you if you go off-track.

However, you should have a printed map as a back-up as the watch is not failsafe.
Anne HodgeMay 12 2015, 8:35amI'm volunteering tomorrow. Would any fellow volunteers be able to give me a lift? I work on Merrion Sq. but can get to any Luas / Dart station.
Thanks, Anne
Damien McParlandMay 12 2015, 10:02amHi Angela, What time do you need volunteers to be there for?
Thanks, Damien.
Stuart ScottMay 12 2015, 12:01pmPaul, you still need to mark the course for the rest of us :-)
Mick HanneyMay 12 2015, 12:37pmPaul - if you need a hand, let me know.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 12 2015, 3:12pmVolunteers for all leinster league races should be down at 6.00 pm. (Expect for the first aider, who can arrive later and the race marker who will need to go out earlier).

Damien McParlandMay 12 2015, 4:44pmThanks Rachel.
Damien McParlandMay 12 2015, 4:49pm@Anne, if you would like a lift from UCD I'll be leaving there at 16:50 tomorrow. My car is on the car pool.
Paul KevilleMay 12 2015, 8:40pmmap of the route for carrick has been posted in the photo's section
Pól Ó MurchúMay 13 2015, 8:49amand on map tab...
Ronan MotyerMay 13 2015, 8:20pmHi-is there a contact email or number for Angela Flynn, Race Director? I registered but was unable to start race tonight
Rachel CinnsealachMay 13 2015, 8:22pmI will text her and let her know Ronan.
Shane O'MalleyMay 13 2015, 9:51pmGreat race tonight. Very well marked and perfect conditions.

Thanks everyone.

Angus TynerMay 13 2015, 10:46pmProbably be this time tomorrow before results will appear. The file (along with Ballybraid) are in the hands of the results secretary, so its when he gets opportunity to upload.
There are some disqualifications due to no jacket.
James H CahillMay 13 2015, 11:26pmThank you Angela and all your volunteers for a great fun race today, perfect weather, a great course and you even arranged for there to be not too many midges at the start / finish line!
Brendan LawlorMay 14 2015, 9:17amGreat race last night - thank you Angela and all volunteers. Lovely to welcome Jane and Graham back into the fold. Unfortunately I had to decline my M70 prize - Brendan Doherty and Seamus Kilcullen kicked up a right fuss, whats their problem??
Damien CoyleMay 14 2015, 9:42amHiya Brendan, I was shadowing Angus last night at Carrick on the laptop. Put myself down to volunteer next week at Glasnamullen as well and to shadow Karen on the laptop but I will gladly help out the course markers if needs be. Sure keep me posted. Regards, Damien
David Kelly70May 14 2015, 11:15amThanks a million to Angela and all the others for a great race last night.
Angela FlynnMay 14 2015, 8:06pmRight
Angela FlynnMay 14 2015, 8:10pmI just want to thank all the volunteers last night, especially Angus and Paul. Have to say though ....I was more twrecked after being race director than any imra race I have ever run ever!!
Pól Ó MurchúMay 15 2015, 8:18pmResults up now. Any problems please drop me a mail with the subject "Carrick Results".