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Laura FlynnMar 30 2015, 5:25pm3 weeks to go to Bray Head. I need 12 volunteers and have 3 so far. Lap-top operator and race marker especially important as it's a very busy race being the first of the Leinster League.

Martello Hotel have once again offered us their facilities and have very generously offered to provide soup and sandwiches post race.
Gerard ClerkinApr 17 2015, 8:34amHi, just wondering if there are any northsiders travelling to this that I could get a lift with? I'm based in DCU but can meet anywhere in the Glasnevin, Ballymun, Santry, Drumcondra area.
Paula KeohanApr 17 2015, 4:01pmI can mark route if it's fairly straightforward following the route on the map
Laura FlynnApr 19 2015, 4:25pmThanks a million Paula. It's reasonably straightforward but it needs to be very well marked as it has a history of runners going wrong on the way back down on the steep descent. Adrian Tuker has kindly offered to talk you through it and point out any tricky bits. If you could please call me or text me on 087 7420795 I will pass his number on to you. I also think you might be better having a companion so if anyone reading this wants to volunteer please post here. It can be one of my existing volunteers if they would like to join you.
Laura FlynnApr 19 2015, 5:28pmI have allocated the following roles to Bray Head volunteers:

- Marking course : Paula Keohan.
- Summit Marshall and de-marking course : Shay Foody.
- Junior turn-around Marshall : Sarah Ni Ruairc.
- Registration : Zoe Melling, Miriam Mc Cormack and Luke Mc Mullan.
- collecting money : Deborah Meghan, Tim Chapman and Donna Mahon.
- Finishing chute : Zoe, Miriam, Tim Chapman and James Clancy.
- Sorting numbers : Luke Mc Mullan, Donna Mahon and Deborah Meghan.

If anyone has any problems please post or text me on 087 7420795
Laura Flynn Apr 19 2015, 5:35pmPlease arrive early to register. We will endeavour to have registration open at 6pm.

Please please DO NOT RUN as part of the race if you have not registered as you will not or should not have a number and it will totally confuse things as happened in previous years.
Aoibheann Gaughran Apr 19 2015, 11:27pmHi there - first imra race for me. Where exactly will registration be? Many thanks, Aoibheann
Ronan HickeyApr 20 2015, 10:22amHi Aoibheann,

Welcome to IMRA! Cracking first race to run, it'll be a beaut, especially if the weather holds up. Registration will be in the Martello Hotel on the Bray Esplanade. The location is here:

Give yourself plenty of time as Bray is always busy, as it is the first race of the Leinster League.

Aoibheann Gaughran Apr 20 2015, 1:55pmArgh Ronan Physio has ruled me out for this week but I'll def see you in Howth the following week. Ranging ill miss it, I walked it on Sunday and it was fab.
Laura FlynnApr 20 2015, 4:22pmSHAY, I havej you down to De-mark thecourse. Clare Sullivan has just volunteered and she will help you so you will probably meet her on way up. No harm to check with her before you take off to marshal summit though.

PAULA, Adrian is going to help you with marking. You will need to touch base with him to arrange when to set off ... He has done it before and reckon s it will take an hour. He will collect flags etc from Alan Ayling

If volunteers could be at Martello by 6 Inwould appreciate it. Hopefully I will be there myself by then!
Daniela BoehmApr 20 2015, 5:44pmHi,
if people who haven't yet registered for this year or those who are completely new to IMRA could register online beforehand it would be most appreciated. Just select the REGISTER FOR MY IMRA tab (or log into myIMRA if you already have an account) and follow the instructions. You can pay your annual €10 membership online (and purchase race vouchers if you like). Just remember to bring the confirmation email for your paid membership along and take note of your race number. Bray tends to be a busy race and we need to get all the details of new runners into the system, so any online registrations are a great help!
Thanks from the Bray laptop deck,
Lorcan FarrellApr 20 2015, 5:55pmHi folks,
This will be my first IMRA race and I'm really looking forward to it! I have a quick question. Is there a safe spot to leave my gear bag while out on the course. I'd usually come down in my car but I'm taking public transport and so will have a gear bag. No worries if not,just wondering.

Gavan DuffyApr 20 2015, 7:27pmHi, Is there a race fee for this event? Tks Gavan
Mick HanneyApr 20 2015, 7:49pmIs there a fee? yes - this isn't a parkrun.

Check out this for info.

Probably no harm to consider a 'sticky' of FAQs on the home-page.
Peter O'FarrellApr 21 2015, 11:51amHi Daniela,

A few people registered at Killiney last week.
They won't know their numbers, or be able to prove they are registered.

Gavan - The usual fee will be €17 (including yearly registaration fee) for your first run and €7 thereafter.
You can register for the year on the website and save Daniela and others time on Wednesday.

Eva FairmanerApr 21 2015, 12:23pmA smaller young man asked about running the Junior race and I wonder what age does a Junior have to be? I tried looking at the rules in the constitution but can not download them. Thanks.
Warren SwordsApr 21 2015, 1:25pmI've put my name down for First Aid. Can also help Aiden mark the course.
Laura FlynnApr 21 2015, 1:48pmThanks Warren.
Eva ..I will check situation re age. Would you be running with him also?
Jeff SwordsApr 21 2015, 2:10pmLaura, I only read about the age classes last week when filling out a WW Relay form for someone, document is here

"A junior is a person aged 18 or 19 on 31st December of the competition calendar year. For example, a person who was born in 1995-1996 for the competition year 2014. A youth is a person aged 16 or 17 on 31st December of the competition year. A cadet is a person aged 15 or under on 31st December of the competition year."
Daniela BoehmApr 21 2015, 4:46pmThanks for the comments on last week's registrations, Peter. Brian has passed on the registration sheets from Killiney so we will have a record of everyone who registered then. So to anyone who registered last week, please come see the laptop tomorrow to get your number (we won't make you pay annual membership twice ;)).
Thanks, Daniela
Anne Marie DelaneyApr 21 2015, 5:03pmHi, I would like to run this tomorrow but it looks like I cannot register online anymore? Thanks :-)
Dermot MurphyApr 21 2015, 7:57pmAnne-Marie - you can register on the night - just make sure to be there well before 7.
Lorcan FarrellApr 21 2015, 8:04pmDoes anyone know if there is a safe place to store gear bags while out on course? Taking public transport too and from bray tomorrow.

Laura Flynn Apr 21 2015, 8:11pmLorcan, you can leave at hotel and one of volunteers will stay but the association or hotel can't accept any responsibility for loss or damage.
Can one of volunteers agree to stay please. I have a few more who haven't been allocated roles.
Lorcan FarrellApr 21 2015, 8:21pmCheers Laura,
Only be clothes in it and no worries about liability.

Eva FairmanerApr 22 2015, 7:40amThank you for the reply. I would of course run with my son who is 9 next month. He is very keen to run but I wanted to check beforehand what the rules are. I said to him that should he be allowed to run the rule for his age would probably be as far as the Cross. I do not want to set a precedent or upset the Committee or cause a heated debate at what age a junior should be allowed run - it is just my son has been asking since last summer when can he come to a hill race!
Brendan LawlorApr 22 2015, 7:50amHi Eva

My lad Jack started in 2011 and he was 9 at the time, so you wouldn't be setting any precedent. Main thing is to stay with him (Eventually that was beyond me with my Jack !) and make sure he doesn't get too jostled in the bottlenecks. Have a word with Laura I'd suggest but there shouldn't be any problem
Eva FairmanerApr 22 2015, 8:03amBrendan, thank you for the reply. I actually was saying to someone how Jack Lawlor had been running the hill races and I had thought he was about 9 or 10 at the time so glad I wasn't too far off the mark! I will be with him all the time and we will be careful of the other runners/bottlenecks. Many thanks.
Jason KehoeApr 22 2015, 8:44amGreat to see the new blood coming through Eva! I'm sure everyone will make him feel as welcome as Jack and the others were. He must be clamoring to get out of school today!
Mick HanneyApr 22 2015, 10:27pmGreat race this evening. Thanks Laura & co.

Didn't see too many people touch the cross on the way out ;-)
James H CahillApr 23 2015, 12:29amThank you Laura and all the volunteers for a great evening in Bray. Great turn out, perfect weather and delicious and copious soup and sandwiches laid on by the Martello. Thank you everyone who made it happen
Pól Ó MurchúApr 23 2015, 12:32amprovisional results up...At least a handful of results that I know are missing so if you are not here please drop me a mail Thank you.

PS. Great race Laura and Co and fab sandwiches and soup after. A massive thanks to the lads in Martello for this. Much appreciated.
Brendan LawlorApr 23 2015, 8:05amCongrats to Jack Fairmaner on his debut hill race ! Thank you to Laura and all helpers. Some lovely faces from the past in attendance last night also - welcome back !!

Fantastic race, fantastic evening - Wednesday's hold much promise for the next 4 months
Lynda TalbotApr 23 2015, 8:21amHi - Just wondering if there was a problem with the results from last night - my time is not on the list?
Dermot MurphyApr 23 2015, 9:57amLynda - see Pol's note - drop him a note.
Lynda TalbotApr 23 2015, 10:15amThanks Dermot
Andrew HanneyApr 23 2015, 6:05pmThanks to all the volunteers for a great race yesterday.
Jason KehoeApr 24 2015, 3:22pmSome Video of the Bray Head Race - climb and descent.

Tim ChapmanApr 24 2015, 3:29pmJason,

Someone as pretty as you should be in front of the camera not behind it!

Mick HanneyApr 24 2015, 8:21pmThanks for the great video Jason. Thanks too to the photographers. Some smashing pictures there of a fine evening's race in Bray.
Ronan HickeyApr 25 2015, 5:47pmLate to the party but I just threw up 430 or so photos from the race. Alas the photos taken on the way out were largely spoiled by sunflare (and my stupidity in not noticing that!) but I put the lot up for the record. If anyone wants any of them Hi-Res or to have them processed it's no problem, give me a shout.

Laura Flynn Apr 28 2015, 12:10pmThanks for all the positive comments on Last weeks race and to The cameramen for the great photos and video footage which I know the participants really enjoy.. Any negative, or perhaps I should say constructive comments are also welcome to hopefully keep us on our toes. The delay in starting the race was an obvious one and the only solution I can see to this is people arriving even 10 minutes earlier than they did. Daniela had a lot to input on the laptop and that seemed to be the most difficult area so if anyone has any ideas on how to avoid that next year feel free to comment.
Finally, a huge to my willing team of volunteers for your enthusiasm and commitment. I think I neglected to thank you all on the night.