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Gareth LittleJan 12 2015, 10:48pmHi all,

I have added a box of chewable Aspirin to the IMRA first aid kit.

These are only to be administered by people with an in date REC 3 (remote emergency care level 3) or above or a REC 3 equivalent or above certificate, to people suffering from a heart attack only and under no other circumstances.

The people that I know of that are qualified to administer these are:

Gareth Little
Brendan Lawlor
Pat Reid
Mike Jordan
Stuart Scott
Paul Nolan
Brian Fennessy

Any questions on this just give me a shout.


Gareth Little – IMRA safety officer


Having trouble adding a new topic to the forum so here's last years instead; Fair play to Richard Nunan and his very capable band of volunteers for a fantastic job of work on Howth. It was a great opener to the east coast season. Ticknock registration and prize giving will be in Lamb Doyle's pub starting at 9.30am. The carpark is not very big so please carpool. If Ticknock will be your first IMRA event of 2015 please register online for the season on the website beforehand. The laptop operators will appreciate it. John Kelly's route will be used again. Thank you to all the volunteers who have already come forward. There is now an equipment requirement, all runners must have a jacket at all times.
henny brandsmaJan 22 2015, 1:45pmhi, if still looking for a non running volunteer
i'm availeble to give a hand on the day.
Phone me on 087-7604825 or send mail to
regards Henny
Mike LongJan 25 2015, 5:51pmDear All
Peter and I ran (well Peter ran and I tried to keep up with him!) the classic "John Kelly" route last Thursday evening. We plan to use the same route with a few small changes. The course is great but challenging with much of it on rough rocky tracks. We will use the new IMRA marking guideline (see volunteer section of the forum), i.e. clear marking at junctions as junctions approached, no blocked off tracks, no "comfort" markings etc. We will also hopefully have marshalls at the key junctions.
Mike Long
Peter O'FarrellJan 26 2015, 7:18pmThe finalised ( snow and ice permitting ) WL Ticknock 2015 route is 7.8km long with a 330m climb.

It's very technical underfoot with a wide mix of terrain, on the other hand there might be sheet ice all over the mountain and the race therefore cancelled. We will await the weekend's weather with interest!

The junior course is about 6km and is very difficult for a junior course with a very steep climb up the boneshaker where it then rejoins the senior course and has a further 3.5km to the finish with a wide variety of challenging terrain and sharp changes of direction.
Angus TynerJan 27 2015, 5:29pmLooking for marking clarification.
All junctions are taped? even ones where race goes straight on?
What is definition of a junction?
My concern is that runner (such as myself or Zoe) may arrive at what we consider a junction but race marker (Mike) did not and so it is not taped, which means "If you arrive at a junction and there is no tape you have missed a turn and should go back to the previous junction"
Mike CaldwellJan 27 2015, 7:34pmI have been trying to post this on your site for 1 hour - would someone be so kind to post this as I have tried 15 times and received an error message ' thanks!

Attention Juniors!

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Head Coach - Mike Caldwell

Women - sub 4:55 = 1500M / sub 10:30 = 3000M / sub 17:45 5K - track

Men - sub 4:10 = 1500M / sub 9:20 = 3000M / sub 16;00 5K - track

We have cross country and we only compete in track events from the 800M to the marathon.

20% of the students at SCAD Atlanta are international students. You will be attending one of the top Art schools in the United States with virtually every major a University that specializes in Art will have. Furthermore, you will be in one of the best cities in the United States to go to school in the most desired part of that city. Please look at our majors - we have something for most people - Click on the link below for more info - if interested, contact me by email and provide what you are planning on majoring in, PR's at various distances etc. Looking for student-athletes for the fall of 2015.

Coach Caldwell
Peter O'FarrellJan 27 2015, 8:27pmHi Angus,

At any place/junction where there is a viable path for you to go off the course the junctions are marked, including ones where you go straight on.
There are two forest sections in Sunday's race where there is no path, these sections will be heavily taped as there is nothing to follow.

Mike Long the race marker has a very good understanding of the current marking guidelines. The idea is that runners should only see tape at places where they could go wrong. The further notion is that all race markers follow the same protocol and everyone gets used to watching for tape and expecting something when they see it.

The guidelines are on the website but unfortunately I cannot provide a direct link as they do not have their own webpage. On the volunteer page there is a section for "Race Marker Responsibilites" ( )
The marking guidelines are the first bolded grey text within that section and will open as a word document and describe how the marking is to be done.

It boils down to "follow the tape"
Karl CorcoranJan 27 2015, 8:46pmThis is going to be my first IMRA race. I know there is a €10 registration, what is the cost of the Sunday's Race on top of that??


Can I just pay both on Sunday..

Angus TynerJan 27 2015, 11:21pmThanks Peter.
Clearly understood :)

@Karl €7 race fee and both can be paid on Sunday.
Peter O'FarrellJan 31 2015, 6:18pmJackets are mandatory and gloves and hats are strongly recommended. The route has some sections of snow and ice after the recent weather, which are a challenging addition to an already difficult course.
The finish is 900m away from the Lamb Doyle's carpark.
Eric RiordanJan 31 2015, 6:58pmThere's no fear of this being cancelled with weather?

New to this!
Peter O'FarrellJan 31 2015, 9:29pmHi Eric,

At the moment the race is very likely to go ahead, there is ice and snow on some higher sections of the course and therefore there are some extremely slippy sections.
As in any hillrace, it is important to moderate your speed to suit the terrain and conditions.
If the mountain suffers a very hard freeze overnight we may have to cancel, that is not forecast though.
Please bring exact change, the race fee for most people is €7. The yearly registration fee is €10.
Please dress for the expected conditions - which will be zero degrees Celsius with a moderate breeze.
David McKeownFeb 1 2015, 2:50pmI think I dropped my GPS watch (Garmin forerunner 410) somewhere between the finish and lamb doyles carpark. If anyone found it or it was handed in, I'd appreciate a post letting me know here.

Great race today, icy patches on the downhill kept us honest. Thanks to the organisers.
Brian O MurchuFeb 1 2015, 3:35pmThanks to the person who made the muffins...they were delish!
Niall MorrisFeb 1 2015, 4:07pmA big thank you to everybody who helped me at the finish line. I didn't catch anyone's name but you know who you are. I'll keep a eye out for you next time.
Michael CarolanFeb 1 2015, 4:19pmThanks for a great event! That was a fantastic day for a run even if it ended up a bit longer that planned.. Lesson learned here.. Don't be a sheep and watch out for the markers myself.... ;-)

Alan AylingFeb 1 2015, 4:23pmWait... there were muffins?
Peter O'FarrellFeb 1 2015, 5:15pmThanks to all the volunteers for organising the race. A mention to the volunteers who were not even on the volunteer list, including Diarmuid O'Colmain, Joe Lalor and Pól O'Murchu. The marshalls did a great job as did the registration/finish team.

In terms of the results the brief summation could read;

It pays to be an orienteer!

Ben Clarke had a strong win in the junior section with Caoimhe O'Boyle running equally well in the junior women. The under fourteen Louise Butler will be on her heels soon no doubt.
After the fleet footed juniors the sure footed orienteers ruled the roost with a clean sweep of the podium.
Sometimes the race is not to the swiftest, the proud tradition of a talented runner covering the ground quicker than everyone else and yet not winning was unfortunately carried on by Ian Conroy this time round.

Please consider writing a race report, after the event and in years to come they add great flavour to bare results.
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2015, 5:48pmTodays event was an example of a slick operation well managed by trusty volunteers. Thanks all.

Thanks, whoever you are, to the person who shouted me back on course at the sharp right hand turn in the forest. I was looking out for it but its suddeness took me by surprise. I daresay a few went past it. The downhill after through the forest was a delight.

Given the weather today I think people were very happy with the jacket rule. Although from the photos there are a couple of people who have long sleeve tops which don't equal jackets do they?
James H CahillFeb 1 2015, 6:52pmThank you Peter and all the volunteers today for a great run in the hills. I never cease to amaze myself with my inability to follow a well marked course and added a little out and back section onto the route! Well organized, great route and a great day thank you all.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 1 2015, 7:51pmProvisional Results up now. A few results I don't have times for and can't see on manual results: 56 Kim Young, 68 Michael Gygax, 247 Gerard Keating, 276 Santina Doherty Farinella. Also have a runner listed as 1205 - no such number exists this year as we are only on 500ish. If you are any of the above or if there are any other errors or omissions please drop me a mail on Thanks a mil. Well done to Peter and co on a well run race...even if I did get lost :-(
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2015, 8:04pmQuality finishes by the M50 contingent. Is M50 the new M40? :-)
Jim FitzharrisFeb 1 2015, 9:07pmPol,

Santina Doherty Farinella came in just ahead of myself & Dave Brady.

Also Dave was just ahead of me - the results show the reverse!


Jim FitzharrisFeb 1 2015, 9:11pmSorry, I forgot to thank Peter and his hardy band of volunteers for a great day out.

Longer for those of us who did not pay attention and took the scenic route home. The penny dropped when we hit the Wicklow Way on the track above Kilmashogue.

We were totally at fault, looking down all the time - we could not believe the amount of tape at the junction that was missed!

Special thanks to anyone who was a marshal today: respect!


Killian BrennanFeb 1 2015, 9:43pmHi Guys,
Great event today, very enjoyable, just a quick query.
I registered in lamb doyles today - 545 killian Brennan and finished directly behind 544 Niamh O Boyle. Just wondering was there some incorrect recording going on. I'm not on the list anywhere? Thanks for your time and effort, looking forward to the next one...
Kind regards,
Caitlín BentFeb 2 2015, 12:05amAn absolutely faultlessly marked intricate course today. Thanks Peter, Mike and all the volunteers. Can you adjust my time to 1.20 as I was an early starter.
Glad to have put you back on course Mick H:)
Peter O'FarrellFeb 2 2015, 8:01amThanks Caitlin and Jim. Unfortunately 80 runners mightn't agree with you :)

Following the tape did work and the two Mikes marked the course perfectly well with the equipment they were given.

I should have organised an arrow for that turn, it's in the guidelines. Mea Culpa!

Just in general, it's a pleasure dealing with the people who make up the IMRA community. Despite the aforementioned 80 missing the sharp right turn into the forest and Ian missing a left off an earlier fireroad everyone was able to see the effort put in trying to get it right.
Patrick RyanFeb 2 2015, 11:06amReally enjoyable race. Well done and thanks to Peter and the team. The extra distance some of us undertook will stand to us in later races!!
John CondonFeb 2 2015, 11:11amGreat work on behalf of Peter and all volunteers yesterday. Thanks for putting on a great race.

I was one of the many who missed the turn through the woods. Upon return to the turn off I was surprised that so many had actually missed it as quite a bit of tape had been used, so no blame can lie with the race marker. I suspect the cause of this may be due to the fact that the new red/yellow tape doesn't have as much stand out as the red/white tape used previously, particularly in a wooded area. The other hundred or so runners who didn't miss it may disagree with me though
Gerard KeatingFeb 2 2015, 12:46pmHi Pol,
I finished 55:04 mins yesterday. I heard my number being called but it must not have been recorded. Thanks again to all the organisers and volunteers. Absolutely my fault for missing the turn into the forest. I assumed we were on the same route as last year and I was probably focusing on trying to not break my neck on the ice so kept the head down and followed the crowd. Lesson learned!!
Mick O'BrienFeb 2 2015, 6:10pmI take it that the strict ruling on the mandatory was not enforced.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 2 2015, 11:30pmAll results posted here should now be corrected...

Any further requests please mail me: with the title "Ticknock Results"...Please do not post here...It never ceases to amaze me how difficult some people find it to follow instructions...Thanks to all who have mailed me. I am working through these also...
Daniela BoehmFeb 3 2015, 8:48amThanks to Peter and his volunteers for the great race - what an enjoyable way to spend the first day of spring :)
As a result of people going on various detours I ended up with the prize for 3rd female but from looking at the results I'm actually 4th. Not sure which one of the ladies didn't get her prize on Sunday but please let me know so I can give mine to its rightful owner :)
Thanks, Daniela
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 3 2015, 1:49pmHi Daniela, Kim young would not have got a prize as she had registered online as "m" incorrectly...She mailed me and was changed last night hence the change in F prizes. If you want to return prize to Rachel and I will let Kim know that she can collect prize at next race.
Daniela BoehmFeb 3 2015, 2:11pmThanks, Pol - will do! :)
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2015, 1:37pmrace report added.

Serious question about jacket compliance, as someone who will have to rule on same in an event shortly, was anyone DNFed in Ticknock for non-compliance? The photos, which don't show everyone in the field, would still appear to show a few people whose definition of jacket is, how should we say, loose...
Peter O'FarrellFeb 4 2015, 2:00pmMick,
Thanks for the race report. Everyone else, anyone can enter a race report and more the merrier. Please write away about your experiences. Especially those who won for the first time, got lost for the second time or had fun for the third time.

No one was DNf'd at Ticknock. The winners all had jackets. As the ones with the most to lose by the extra weight it was great to see the 5 fastest runners all uniformly wearing the uniform.
If any of those 5 had not been wearing a jacket they would have been missing from the results. It is not practicable to check everyone without a dedicated jacket checking volunteer so if someone wished to not wear a jacket they will probably get away with it, at Annacurra as well as at Ticknock.
Everyone in the field has a level of personal responsibility for their own safety and in the Winter League in particular people should dress appropriately, independently of rules.
Paul O'GradyFeb 4 2015, 2:04pmMick, the jacket requirement for the winter league is not a rule change - that rule has always been there - in addition to the winter league requirement that a space blanket has to be carried at the race directors discretion.

The recent rule change regarding the requirement to carry a jacket only applies to the summer leagues - jackets were always a mandatory requirement for the other leagues (navigation, Irish championship, winter, long distance etc).
Richard NunanFeb 4 2015, 2:23pm"The recent rule change regarding the requirement to carry a jacket only applies to the summer leagues" - this is not correct.

The Rule change applies that a jacket is Mandatory at all races!! (bar killiney hill for the pedantics)

First 10 finishers were checked at Howth along with spot checks where it didn't interfere with the flow of finishers.
Paul O'GradyFeb 4 2015, 5:23pmThe rule (or collection of rules) was that a jacket was mandatory for every race except the summer league races.

The rule is now that a jacket is mandatory for all races.

We mightn't agree on the correctness of new rule as it applies to the summer leagues - but let's be correct about the effect of the change - ie the only races that the change effects are the summer league races - because prior to that change a jacket was already mandatory for every other race apart from the summer leagues (long distance, winter, Nav, championship etc). The new rule has done nothing to change the existing rules for the other races.
Damian CroninFeb 4 2015, 5:30pmRace report Added.
"The Long Way Round"
Rory CampbellFeb 4 2015, 5:35pmIs the rule to 'wear' the jacket? Sorry, I had thought the rule meant to 'carry' a jacket (so mine was in a pocket and can't be seen in the photos). Happy to wear it in future if that's the rule.
Mick O'BrienFeb 4 2015, 6:22pmRule states - Runners must carry a jacket (and hat).

Can the rule be applied after the race is finished and official results are posted ?

Is it possible to DQ someone on review of photo evidence, as Rory stated his jacket cannot be seen, but others are clearly not wearing or carring the mandatory gear ?

Is the best way to check is at the finish line and DQ at that stage ?

A clear decision is required or we fall into the trap of making a rule that is not enforced and therefore not followed !
Angus TynerFeb 4 2015, 7:23pmPhoto evidence is not proof of not carrying. Zoe carries hers in her back pocket, This is the LL prize from last year which scrunches very small.
Mick O'BrienFeb 4 2015, 7:33pm@Angus, I posed the use of photo evidence as a question and not a statement, as are other points to encourage debate but what is needed is clear direction !
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2015, 9:04pmFor every few people that had jackets folded up and tucked away there appeared to be some who simply wore a long sleeve top.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 4 2015, 9:25pmGreat race report Damian. Thanks for that. Between yourself and Mick we are getting a good flavour of the race. As said before, the more the merrier so if anyone else would like to write up a report please do.
Brían O'MearaFeb 5 2015, 8:28amPerhaps there should be a non-running volunteer slot for reviewing photo evidence.... *

*not a serious suggestion
Brian O'DriscollFeb 5 2015, 11:06amLike the TMO in rugby ?
Or 4th Official in Football ?
Peter O'FarrellFeb 5 2015, 11:56amThanks Laurence. That's another great report.