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Vivian O'GormanJul 1 2014, 10:44pmhi Folks,

Part two of a great weekend!!

I just need a First Aid Person - otherwise I have enough volunteers

The race will start at 12pm

There will be an IMRA road sign at the right/left turn out of Lahardaun (depending on the direction you're coming from) to get you to the race start

Race registration will open at 11.00am and close at 11.50am

Early start at 11.30am - just let me know

There is a kit requirement for this race - longsleeved rainproof jacket - hat/gloves - bumbag with chocolate/biscuits or whatever suits you

Map - compass - whistle - mobile phone - don't forget the phone number on the back of your race number will get me - RING DON'T TEXT - there is no map of the race route on the events page - if one can be put up in the next week or so it will be

This is NOT a beginners race especially if the mist is down

The route will NOT be marked

Car Parking is at the race start/finish

Prizegiving is also at the race start/finish
Kevin O'RiordanJul 7 2014, 5:16pmWhat map would be better for this race? From what I can find on the OSI map, the peak seems to fall in the overlap region of sheet 23/sheet 31.
Vivian O'GormanJul 7 2014, 7:50pmI would say sheet 23 Kevin
Kevin O'RiordanJul 7 2014, 8:41pmThanks Vivian.
Alan AylingJul 8 2014, 10:56pmOr, to be a bit sneaky about it, go to the web site and bring up the mapviewer thingy, select the Wind Report function on the right side, zoom on the area you want and print a screen capture. Odd coloured map, but effective.
Vivian O'GormanJul 8 2014, 11:03pmI still need a First Aid Person please!