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Vivian O'GormanJul 1 2014, 9:43pmHi Folks,

The Connaught Championships are just over a week away. So get ready for a great weekend!!

I am looking for a couple of volunteers namely:

2 Summit Marshalls
First Aid Person

I have enough otherwise

The race will start at 1.30pm - in the car park beside Silver Strand

Race registration will open at 12.15pm and close at 1.20pm

Early start at 12.30pm - just let me know

There is definitely a kit requirement for this race - longsleeved rainproof jacket - hat/gloves - bumbag with chocolate/biscuits or whatever suits you and water

Map - compass - whistle and mobile phone - don't forget the mobile phone number on the back of your race number will get me but RING DON'T TEXT - the map can be downloaded from the events page

This is NOT a beginners race - navigational skills are required - try an easier mountain race first BEFORE you try this - none of this route will be marked

Car Parking is in the car park beside Silver Strand

Prizegiving wiil be in the car park afterwards.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 2 2014, 11:13amVivian, I will do summit marshal for you (and I'll answer my phone :-))

Feilim BorlandJul 7 2014, 11:53amAnyone offering carpooling from the Galway area?
Conor KeenaJul 7 2014, 10:36pmLooks like I'll be driving from Galway, spots for whoever wants. At the moment on planning on camping at Croagh Patrick campsite. It was mentioned there's a few camping there, is that still going ahead?
Rachel CinnsealachJul 7 2014, 10:43pmOh yes Conor, and there will e a BBQ Sat evening :)
Vivian O'GormanJul 8 2014, 11:06pmI am still looking for a First Aid Person and one more Summit Marshall - any takers?
Stuart ScottJul 10 2014, 10:45am*** WOOD WANTED (for the bbq) ***

Hi all,

Having spent an hour surrounded by trees last night, I checked my supply of wood at home and it seems to be a little less than expected. Anyone got some that could fuel the bbq on Sat night? Any old timber or garden waste is grand, provided it hasn't been treated and isn't freshly cut. So no need to cut down your favourite tree!

If you could let me know on scottst1 A-T- gmail DO-T com as soon as possible that would be great, otherwise I'll try to make alternative arrangements.

Many thanks,