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Joe LalorJul 1 2014, 11:23amTime to give something back
After a summer of enjoying the tracks and trails of County Wicklow it is time to support their repair. The IMRA committee has very generously offered to donate the proceedings from the Brockagh race to Mountain Meithail, the dedicated volunteer group who repair the trails in the Dublin & Wicklow hills (see ) It is proposed that instead of the usual race fee runners would make a €10 donation to this deserving and apt cause. Those not attending the race will have an opportunity to donate the BBQ race the week before.
The Brockagh race is the annual end of league handicap race to find the overall handicapped winner of the summer league. The mechanics for this can be quite complicated, so pay attention. Runners who have completed the summer league (7 races or more) will be given a start time in reverse order to their overall position in the summer league starting from 7pm. The race of course is open to those who have not completed 7 race (or done none of the races) but they will start from scratch, ie with the elite runners. Fair enough since the exercise is to find the handicapped finisher of the league.
In keeping with the National Park permit the race will be limited to 200 and will be a looped circuit rather than the tradition up and down by the same route. However a tough 10km circuit is promised. The outward route will be along the Wicklow Way followed by a frontal assault up the steep open mountain southern slope of Brockagh. Return is by the very fast traditional ridge route.
Finer details and route map later. Rachel will be shortly looking for volunteers for this race, all the usual positions plus plenty of marshalls. So if you hav’nt managed your quota of volunteering yet please sign up.
Brian MaloneJul 1 2014, 9:53pmI'll volunteer for this one...
Helper, if this is any good to you's.
Joe LalorJul 2 2014, 7:37pmWalked the route today. Tough 10km run, forest trails, steep open mountain and very fast descent on grassy path. See below for link to gpx file for those of you with Garmins.
Map of route sent to web master so should be up on site shortly.

This race will not suit everyone, so there will be shorter and junior version available.

To get an idea of your start time take a look at your final overall position in the summer league. If you are near the end you will be starting around 7, if you are at the top it will be nearer 8. Final positions will not be known until after the BBQ race by which time I will be away. However you should be able to estimate your start time pretty closely in the meanwhile. Final start times will be available a day or two before the race and multiple start lists will be at the race registration in Laragh.

Rachel will be fielding questions in my absence. Thanks to those who have already volunteered, many more needed, particularly marshals

Dont forget that if you cannot make this race you can still donate to the Mountain Meithail fund after the BBQ race. Brendan Lawlor has very kindly agreed to coordinate this.
Shay FoodyJul 6 2014, 9:49pmIt is good to see IMRA supporting Mountain Meitheal. This voluntary group do excellent work in conserving our mountains. Their ethos is not to remove challenges from the mountains but to protect against erosion where necessary. We've all seen badly eroded paths getting worse. IMRA members, like all other recreational mountain users, have an impact.

As well as contributing financially, why not also volunteer for a work day? See for dates and information. No skills or equipment are necessary - everyone can help. It is great to have the opportunity to give back in an organised manner. It is also a fun, rewarding day with like-minded people who enjoy the mountain environment.
Joe LalorJul 14 2014, 8:18amEnjoy BBQ, if not running in Brockagh, pleas support Mountain Methail, Brendan Lawler will accept all donations on Wed night .
Joe LalorJul 20 2014, 11:01pmJust to recap, this race is to find the handicapped winner of the Leinster League. Handicapped start times have been allocated to each finisher of the LL (7 races) in reverse order to their finish position. For example Brendan Doherty starts 7.00 while Des Kennedy starts at 8.0 (yes there is every possibility that Des will catch Brendan on this demanding course).

Unlike the Trojan work of Kevin O'Riordan a few years back I am not publishing all 622 start time of people who did a LL race, rather a sample few from which you can gauge yours.
Terry Lawless 7.51
Gareth Shaw 7.45
Daniela Boehm 7.32
Niamh O'Gorman 7.25
Eva Fairmaner 7.15
If you cannot wait until Wednesday for your exact time email me at jlalor(at)
Please note that there may appear to be anomalies with runners of uneven abilities starting together. This is due to the vagaries of the LL, it depends on what 7 races were counted.

Runners with less than 7 races will be accommodated. I have given up the idea of these runners starting from scratch (time & light will not allow). A handicapper at registration will give you a start time based on your % of winning times (please have this looked up). This is a long tough race so there is no point in turning up at 8.00 with a 150% winning time. Runners who have not run a LL league race can partake with a handicapp based on a realistic 10km time.

Registration is on green in Laragh village and start at entrance to Brockagh Wood (allow 10 minutes). There will be short & junior course and a cut-off time of 8.45 at short course turn. This is essential to avoid having runners on the open mountain in the dark.
Alice ClancyJul 21 2014, 11:59amHi there,
Are there any carpools going from Dublin for this race?
Joe LalorJul 21 2014, 1:18pmThanks to you all who have volunteered to help at this race.
I have captured all your email addresses and will be writing to you later today. We have enough volunteers at this stage and will be accepting no more.
Joe LalorJul 22 2014, 12:04pmSome safety issues first.
This loop route is longer than the tradition Brocakagh up and down and with the handicapped staggered start there are time constraints. For the safety of runners and marshalls on the hill there will be a cut-off time at 8.45 at the junior / short course turn around.
Being a longer race (10.9km) IMRA is enforcing its policy of not allowing juniors to complete the senior route. This is not a reflection on the competence of some of our excellent juniors but a policy on the welfare and development of all juniors.

As you are probably well aware by now this event is a fund-raiser for Mountain Meithail. Instead of a race fee a donation is expected, with a suggestion of €10.

As a handicapped race there is a staggered start, there is much detail about this in the above posts, please read. If in any doubt come early and be briefed. Remember there is a 10 minute walk from registration to race start.

This week we will be sharing our race venue with many locals and tourists so could we pay particular attention to parking.
Car pool where possible, from town or along the way, Roundwood or Kilmacanogue and park sensibly when you get there.

The novelty aspect of the race should add a bit of fun to the event. My money is on Des on catching Brendan with his hour start. We are promised good weather, enjoy.
Jim McGourtyJul 23 2014, 9:56amHi. Will the LL Prize be available to those that have made the grade this evening?
Rachel CinnsealachJul 23 2014, 10:03amyep, I'll have them there.
Joe LalorJul 23 2014, 11:28amFinal words on tonight. Come early and confirm your start times. First runner is off at 7.00. remember there is a 10 minutes walk from the village to the start. I would greatly appreciate it if only the laptop operator brought a car up to the start.

Weather looking good, hopefully we will not have the fog of last night, experienced in the city. Be warned the finish area is prone to midges
Maike JürgensJul 24 2014, 2:42pmthanks for a lovely race last night, it was tough going in the heat and even included a good bit off trail, heathery stuff. also thanks to whoever was out gardening during the day :).
Joe LalorJul 25 2014, 2:22pmThank you all for turning out for this race last Wednesday night. We had 91 runners and collected €893 for our cause Mountain Meithail.
Together with the €82 collected at the BBQ the previous week that gives a grand total of €975.

Pol has now put up the results. The times quoted are the times from 8.00, the official start, all the rest was your handicap and did not count. This procedure give us the correct finishing order in the handicapped race. Some time soon I hope to publish a file of actual times to see comparatively how fast you were on the night. With an eye on the possibility of runners getting caught out in the dark and overestimating the toughness of the race (you all seemed to find it easier than I envisaged) I was overgenerous with the handicaps for those who did not complete the league. As I said at the prize giving anyone wishing to give it ago next year is very welcome.
Joe LalorJul 29 2014, 10:03pmBelow actual times to complete race, those of you with fancy Garmins and the like give me lee-way to the minute, it was hectic at the start by times.

Brian Furey M 00:50:37
Michael McCarthy81M 00:53:57
John Bell M 00:55:24
Torben Dahl M 00:56:09
Ronan King M40 00:56:20
Karl Maguire M 00:57:14
Alan Ayling M 00:58:39
John MollohanM40 00:58:42
Anthony O'ReillyM 00:59:35
Jim Breyfogle M 00:59:53
Brian McGuckinM40 01:00:09
Angus Tyner M40 01:00:28
Robert CostelloM 01:00:34
John LangenbachM 01:00:37
Michael MaughanM 01:00:55
Richard ChurchM40 01:01:20
Odhran Hendley M 01:02:09
Paul Linehan M40 01:02:33
Peter McGoey M 01:03:03
Laurence ColleranM 01:03:32
Jaques Jaques M 01:03:59
Thomas GalvinM40 01:04:07
Matthew Sammon M 01:04:12
Declan Murphy M 01:04:14
Dave Bradley M 01:04:17
Brian LeonardM40 01:04:18
Stuart MurphyM40 01:04:43
Ian O'Kane M 01:05:08
Eamonn Hodge M 01:06:06
RORY CLARKE M 01:06:19
Tim Fry M 01:06:21
James Curran M50 01:06:26
Ruairi Short M 01:06:28
Eddie CousinsM40 01:06:40
Cormac O'CeallaighM40 01:07:15
Maik Erler M 01:07:35
James Sharkey M 01:08:06
Orla McEvoy F 01:08:13
Philip BoylanM50 01:08:25
Maolíosa Mc HughM 01:08:44
Ross MacDonald M 01:09:47
Martin BagnallM40 01:09:55
Patrick Conroy M 01:09:56
Florence ForbesF40 01:10:03
John McCann72M40 01:10:13
Enda Maguire87 M 01:10:24
Tina O'Mara F 01:10:43
Jason DowlingM40 01:11:00
Jeff Swords M 01:11:10
John J Barry M40 01:11:19
Niamh O'Gorman F 01:11:28
Mike Whitfield M 01:11:37
Tom Gleeson M 01:11:52
Paul Coleman M50 01:11:53
Maike Jurgens F 01:12:11
Paula Keohan F 01:12:47
Ian Browne7 M 01:13:04
Fiona Sheerin F 01:13:11
Pol O'Murchu M 01:13:27
David Rouse M 01:14:23
Gavan Doherty M40 01:14:27
Brendan Lawlor M50 01:15:29
Rozanne Bell F 01:15:55
Ruth Jackson F 01:15:57
Alice Clancy F 01:16:44
Don Short M50 01:17:02
John Greene M 01:19:31
Dave Kane M40 01:19:36
Jesko ZimmermanM 01:20:15
Berndt Heim M40 01:21:28
Grace Egan F 01:23:20
Anne Hodge F40 01:23:43
Brendan Murphy72M40 01:23:47
James HigginsM50 01:24:36
Deirdre BoharF50 01:25:29
David Brady M60 01:28:09
Ger Power F60 01:29:44
Regina Kelly F 01:29:58
Gordon DouglasM50 01:31:38
Caitlin Bent F60 01:35:20
Rachel CinnsealachF 01:43:47
John FitzgeraldM60 01:47:13
Denise Hogan F 01:52:07
Marie Burke F 01:54:39

Junior Course

Íosac Coleman 0:45:00
Zoe Tyner 1:05:00

Short Course

Brendan Doherty 1:30:00
Seamus Kilcullen 1:44:00

Martin Linehan 1:03:37
Aidan Magee 11:04:07
Sorry lads, I dont know which course you did