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Pól Ó MurchúJul 13 2014, 9:33pmHi, I have enough volunteers for this now thank you. No more volunteers will be accepted. If you are still looking to get your volunteering in for the year there is always the trail league, handicap race, Nav challenge or other weekend races left to volunteer.

I am looking for a race marker/ Summit marshals and race demarker for this race so if there are any of the volunteers already registered that would like to switch to race marker please let me know.

End of League Prizes will be available for collection on the night for anyone who has volunteered at least twice in a non running capacity and run 7 races from the league. If you still have to get your volunteering in then get registered for one of the later races and a prize will be held for you until you have completed your volunteering duties.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 13 2014, 11:51pmThe Glencormac Inn has new owners. the committee spoke to the owners about the BBQ and they were very keen to have the IMRA runners coming to the pub and they wanted to facilitate us but after they did some research they were not happy for us to cook food and serve it on their premises or for us to provide own own food salads. they are going to provide all the food for us (At a cost). we will charge the usually 5 euro for the BBQ and IMRA will subsidise the rest.
John RyanJul 14 2014, 11:42amHi Pól,
Happy to be summit marshall if that's still useful


Mick HanneyJul 14 2014, 11:49amHad anyone been on the route recently? It often requires a bit of 'gardening' to trim back the overgrowth. It could be okay this year?
Brian FreelandJul 14 2014, 11:53amhi I did the route yesterday, its very bad, very overgrown with ferns in all the lower parts, there was a lot of places where I couldn't see where I was placing my feet, I found it very hard going.
Mick HanneyJul 14 2014, 12:33pmI'm happy to do an hour tomorrow evening to clear a path.
Brian MaloneJul 14 2014, 3:53pmPut me down as a helper please. I'
ll doing anything for a good hot dog. Ha ha
Peter O'FarrellJul 14 2014, 5:12pmHi Mick,

What time are you are planning to go gardening tomorrow, (Tuesday)?
Mick HanneyJul 14 2014, 6:59pmEarly evening, c. 5pm if I can. Will probably start in the direction the race goes.
Brian MaloneJul 14 2014, 9:58pmSorry lads. Just glanced through the Forum and did'nt read the top part. I need to give the legs a rest so I cant race. But if yous want a hand anyway let me know.
Sarah Ní RuaircJul 14 2014, 10:40pmHi,

I have the race markers and lots of tape left over from last week if any of you want to collect it from me.

Rachel CinnsealachJul 15 2014, 12:06pmI have just been on the phone to the Glencormac Inn and they are all set for tomorrow evening. they are supplying ALL the food. They do not want us bringing our own food so please Don't bring salads. the committee had long discussion's about this and we all agree that the "old way" of people bringing salads etc... added to the ethos of IMRA, this is on trial basis this year.
we hope to have other BBQ's during the year (We had a great one this W/E at the connaught champs, photo's on IMRA Facebook page) We hope to have a big BBQ after Stone Cross to lug relay and if people could bring salads to that, it would be great.
Gavan DohertyJul 15 2014, 2:07pmWhile the 'ethos' is/was very convivial, it took huge amounts of effort from Conor & Justin to mastermind it all. Big thanks to them both for many years of selflessly slaving over hot BBQs....!

I think getting the catering done professionally is the only sustainable way to keep the annual BBQ going, so looking forward to the new pro-format.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 15 2014, 2:18pmyes a big thanks to Conor and Justin and those before them that ran a great BBQ for years.
Peter O'FarrellJul 15 2014, 3:28pmHi Mick,

I can't get there before 6.15pm so I will work back from the finish.
Karen DevenneyJul 15 2014, 4:59pmHave never done this race before so was wondering if registration is at Glencormac Inn or elsewhere? What time do helpers need to be there at? Thanks, K
Mick HanneyJul 15 2014, 6:10pmFirst section of route done, circa 2k of single track
bernard FortuneJul 15 2014, 10:15pmLast section also trimmed untit it widens out.
Caitlín BentJul 16 2014, 10:50amI'll echo Gavan's sentiments and thank Conor & Justin and all the 'disher outers' down the years at the BBQ. Denise O'Gorman and the Dohertys stand out in my memory. xx
John Kelly71Jul 16 2014, 2:54pmCan do laptop as it seems there is no one else but its a while since I've done it
James H CahillJul 16 2014, 11:56pmThank you Pol and all the volunteers for a great race this evening and enjoyable barbecue to follow. Thank you Brendan for the treatment for my injured ankle at the end of the race. I was not alone in the injury department tonight and a rapid recovery to all my injured compatriots!
Pól Ó MurchúJul 17 2014, 2:11am******Provisional Results Up *********
Any errors, ommissions, etc please drop me a mail pol.omurchu(at) Please note I am busy until Next Monday so may not get updated straight away but will try my best ;-)

Missing a couple of new runners from tonight times as follows:
836 - 41:31
837 - 40:50
846 - 43:56
842 - 53:21
Will add your details in the next few days. I forgot to grab some of the sheets from Laptop bag.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 17 2014, 2:15amBig Thanks to all volunteers tonight. A special thanks to Mick and Peter for their fantastic work at gardening during the week, Brendan was kept well busy tonight with lots of trips, falls, scrapes and scratches and a very well done to Karen on her first shot at Laptop. You did fantastic. Tricky enough race with all the sprint finishes and group finishes. Of course everyone else was amazing too - so thank you all.
Brian FureyJul 17 2014, 7:50amHi Pol,
I was 3rd not 4th just ahead of Bernard.

John J BarryJul 17 2014, 10:47pmBrian,
I see from the overall league results the importance of third over fourth. Congradlations to Brian and Des on their epic tussle this season. And like the Leinster championship we also have a tie.

It be great for the 2014 annual. What was going through the lads minds on the final respective West Dublin Peaks / Sugar Loaf races?
Louis MulleeJul 18 2014, 7:57amThanks for the Ice Packs and first aid on Wednesday, Unfortunalely ill be out for a few weeks with Torn Ligaments :(
Rene BorgJul 18 2014, 11:20amOn the topic of a tie - I believe the IMRA committee put together a set of criteria for tie-breaks to avoid a repeat of the tie between Jason and Peter for the KoM in 2011. Does anyone remember what these were?

Just looking at the league and potential tie-breakers could be:

1. Head to head (Des 4, Brian 1)
2. # of Wins (4 Des, Brian 3)
3. # Races completed (less wins, Des 7, Brian 9)

If I remember wrong and no rules were drafted for the LL and LC back when the KoM tied it might be good to hear out the membership and the winners whether they prefer joint champions or tie-breakers to ensure a clear winner.
Dermot MurphyJul 18 2014, 12:05pmI think there should be joint winners, as there is nothing written down in the competition rules about it - unless I have missed it? I have no problem with introducing a tie breaker, but that should outlined before the league starts.

I think with the tie for KOM in 2011, we used the head to head on Carrauntoohil to decide (maybe Jason and Peter can confirm) which obviously wont work for the Leinster League or Leinster Championship.
Caitlin BentJul 18 2014, 2:05pmRe dedicated bbq volunteers down the years, have to thank Mary O'colmain for all her hard work, ever smiling:)
Peter O'FarrellJul 18 2014, 2:06pmJoint winners sounds fair if no pre agreed policy is in place for the LL. Well done Des and Brian so.

For next season's LL a usable policy could be;

First up head to head, followed by number of races won, followed by number of 2nd places should provide a winner - if one winner is a nessessity.

In the KOM of 2011 I think we went with joint winners at the time. Head to head had been the policy previously but it was decided to change.