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Brian O MurchuAug 1 2013, 9:46amOn a new course designed by Rene Borg, Derrybawn Woods Trail! We are doing a recce on Saturday (3rd) if anyone wants to join. 11am at the Glendalough Visitor Carpark
Niamh O'CeallaighAug 5 2013, 10:07pmHi Brian,
Could you sign Cormac up as a non running volunteer please. He can't register with Myimra at the moment. His preference is to be a marshall if possible as he will have the kids in tow but if you need him for a different role, that is fine.
Brian O MurchuAug 6 2013, 9:06amDone!
Daniela BoehmAug 7 2013, 2:08pmHi Brian,
if you still need someone for laptop or first aid, I could do either (more comfortable with laptop but should probably put my 1st aid course to use at some stage). I'd just need to find someone who could give me a lift down.
Thanks, Daniela
Brian O MurchuAug 7 2013, 2:31pmHi Daniela,

I'll provisionally put you down for laptop (with option to change to first aid should another laptop operator come forward)
Angus TynerAug 8 2013, 9:05amre laptop, I'm down as shadow, and while I haven't done course or seen how it works, it may be an option to get shown the ropes beforehand? I do need to leave the race by 8.30 to get home to milk, so would need someone to take over. ie, someone who has run. If the above is too risky forget it.
Brian O MurchuAug 8 2013, 10:39amHi Angus,
At the Djouce Trail race, we finalized the results at about 8:45pm (ie the laptop operator fulfilled all duties then). So it might be too tight time-wise if you've got to leave
John Kelly71Aug 8 2013, 3:55pmHi Brian

Doing Gealforce Saturday so happy to do a non running volunteer role.
Donal McKiernanAug 11 2013, 8:29pmHi is this a 8km run according to the event page or a 10.8 km run according to the map....thanks in advance..Donal
Brian O MurchuAug 11 2013, 8:38pmHi Donal,
The route is a shortened version of the map, to bring it closer to 8k (not exactly 8k, but just over). About 800m or so was cut from the start/finish point on the map
Donal McKiernanAug 11 2013, 8:55pmHi Brian thanks for the rapid response...
Brian O MurchuAug 12 2013, 11:37amCan accommodate a few more helpers is anyone is looking for a volunteering opportunity!
John Kelly71Aug 12 2013, 11:41amBrian

Can you add Michael Fallon as a non running volunteer?
Brian O MurchuAug 12 2013, 12:09pm
There isn't a registered email address for him. Can he email me on murchubrian at gmail dot com and/or let me know what time he expects to arrive in Glendalough on Wednesday
Brian O MurchuAug 13 2013, 10:25am
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. Please note that the system lost a few people when the event page was updated a few weeks ago. If you are not signed up on the event page as a volunteer, I will not be expecting you!

Anne HodgeAug 13 2013, 1:37pmHi
I lost my IMRA membership card (wallet stolen)and wondering if I could get a new one? I will be at Wednesday's run.
Hugh LambertAug 14 2013, 2:44pmHi folks,

I am having issues with 'My IMRA' - I can't log in or register. I also have two seats booked in the car pool but only got one email.
If the second person can contact me it would be great!
Hugh LambertAug 14 2013, 2:45pmSorry - email is
James ClancyAug 14 2013, 3:55pmHi

Also having log in issues...saying I don't exist....!!!

3 spaces in my car going from monkstown/dun laoghaire 17.45/17.50


Sarah Ni RuaircAug 15 2013, 11:20amHello Everyone,

Just to say I really enjoyed last night's race; it was well-organised with a great course although the purists might say too much road.

The narrow grassy part was a nice surprise. Was that trail that we had to "run responsibly"?

Well done and thank you to Brian and all the volunteers.

Lorna WilsonAug 15 2013, 9:28pmHi,

Really enjoyed the race last night. Unfortunately my result hasn't been recorded. I came in just behind Ger Power. Can you please update the results whenever possible.


Paul O'MearaAug 15 2013, 9:36pmHi,

My result is missing too. I finished 9th in 36:19. Aoife had me on her list.
My number is 1368. Can you please have this amended.

Rob O'NeillAug 15 2013, 10:54pmHi,

My result also seems to be missing. My race no is 1365.
Think I came in around position 22/23/24.


Rob O'Neill
stephanie bellAug 15 2013, 11:32pmI'm also not on the result page. My number is 1299. Was a great run. Thanks
Angus TynerAug 16 2013, 9:10amThere were various issues with laptop that evening which has led to the issue of missing or wrong results. While it is long out of my hands, the results will be amended if details are known.
mark suttonAug 16 2013, 11:10pmHi Angus, All results were recorded on paper when each runner came through the finish line.

I think it's quite important that this is rectified and the proper results are put online. It is especially important that a result for this final "Trail League" race is registered for runners who have put the time, energy & expense into running all three "Trail League" races.

Not counting some results effectively mean that the overall Trail League results are flawed and invalid. I wouldn't say it's long out of your hands.
Brian O MurchuAug 16 2013, 11:43pm
Thanks to everyone for making the last round of the trail league a success! Any errors and/or omissions in the results, please post here.

Gentle reminder of the etiquette policy:

Jim FitzharrisAug 16 2013, 11:59pmMark,

Cool the jets!

Of course it is important to have the results accurately recorded.

There were obviously a few issues with the results. That is not infrequent. It will get sorted - it always does. I have been that soldier.

As for the "time, energy & expense" put in by runners doing all three trail races, the total direct monetary cost was EUR21 for an IMRA member plus travel expenses. I don't think anyone had to donate a kidney or half of their blood supply.

It might also be worth thinking about the "time, energy & expense" put in by the volunteers, especially in the key non-running roles. For example, Brian O'Murchu has volunteered for 16 races in 2013, all of them in a non-running capacity. OK, he had an injury but he could have stayed at home for some of these!

I have been on the laptop several times and once you hand over the kit, manual results, etc. it really is out of your hands. Taking cheap pot shots at Angus is puerile and shows a significant level of ignorance about how the results system works.

As luck would have it, I happen to have the laptop for the next race on Sunday and I also have the manual results from Derrybawn. I am checking for anomalies and will report them to the Webmaster and the Results & Records Secretary. I do not have the wherewithal to amend the official results on the website.


Angus TynerAug 17 2013, 10:48amI put my previous message here to reassure that the results would be sorted. I see that not everyone took this as reassurance :) I would have loved to have sorted out the results. Its the kind of thing I thrive on, but I left the race...and the laptop at about 8.40pm, about the time the last finisher was coming in. I needed to get home to do chores. So its been out of my hands since then, but in the hands of others, the same hands who work tirelessly behind the scenes all year to rectify results.

Usually it is quite quick to match results on laptop to the manual results, but the laptop was throwing up an error messages with every input and I didn't know how to clear it. And the editing of results before I left was very troublesome.

Jim, one of the issues, and it may account for most of the omissions mentioned are duplicate numbers...2 runners with same number. These will need to be matched up with the sign in sheet as well as the manual results sheets.
Jim FitzharrisAug 17 2013, 2:30pmHi all,

I have now done some work reconciling the results on the laptop with those recorded on the manual finisher sheets.

This is a long message so please read it only if you were one of the runners affected, you are an IMRA Committee member with responsibility in this area or you are someone who is interested in the minutiae of how results are recorded and problems arise!

I think I have resolved all the issues but there are others which need the input of the IMRA techies as I can amend the database on the laptop but not the official record on the website.

Firstly, the runners whose results did not show up on the website. These were recorded manually but not on the laptop.

I have established the following:-

1368 Paul O’Meara 36:20
1365 Rob O’Neill 38:04
1285 Guanzhong Huang 50:17
1284 Jialin Cai 52:40
1299 Stephanie Bell 62:58

The first four of these did not have their numbers recorded on the database – I do not know why because they show up in previous races with their proper numbers. I have now inserted these. Stephanie was just an accidental omission from the laptop results.

Please note that these times are interpolated from the results of adjacent runners so if you self-timed and have a more accurate time please post a message on the Forum - it will not affect your finishing position because the manual results sheets are normally deemed to be the most accurate record of the runners’ finishing sequence.

Lorna Wilson: you are more problematic (!). This seems to be a duplicate number issue. Your number is 1265 but on the night of the race, a new IMRA member, Donnough Shaffrey, was also given that number and he “superseded” you on the results. I do not know how that happened. You were recorded on the manual sheets OK and I have calculated an interpolated time of 50:50.

I have change Donnough’s race number to 1218 – this was an unused number. Donnough: if I think of it, I will put that number with the others in the race number box at the race tomorrow. This change will also have to be reflected on the website.

Finally, one other minor glitch. Male junior runner 1279, Didier Blaise, was recorded twice on the manual sheets. His result on the laptop was 50:42 so Didier, please post a message if that does not seem correct.

I have exported the revised results and will send these to Melanie and Kevin for alignment with the website.

That’s all for now folks!

I am on laptop tomorrow at the Dublin Mountain High and I suspect I will probably be a little high myself after that!



Paul O'MearaAug 17 2013, 4:20pmThanks for that Jim.
Paul O'MearaAug 17 2013, 5:44pmThanks for that Jim.
Daniela BoehmAug 19 2013, 8:31amHi,
I guess I'm the one to blame for messed up results as I took over laptop duties from Angus when he had to leave. Jim, there were actually 4 numbers which were issued twice (the laptop had no recollection of them from previous races (and seemed to have 'forgotten' a lot of recently entered runners in general) and I assumed that set of numbers had just gone missing somewhere as we had both higher and lower race numbers in the stack... well, we know the problem with assumption ;)). I think Didier was actually one of them (hence 2 entries). I left a note with the duplicated numbers with the laptop (but it may have gotten lost somewhere) and entered them with an additional '0' in the race results (i.e. 1265 for first and 21650 for 2nd entry of that number) just to make them distinguishable. Sorry for all the mess, thanks to Jim and everyone else who's had to deal with cleaning them up and well done to Angus for his first laptop duty on a highly error-ridden laptop! Daniela
Jim FitzharrisAug 19 2013, 9:38pmDaniela,

Thanks but do not beat yourself up over this!

Your notes were not with the laptop when I got it nor were the sign-in sheets but the manual results sheets were - which was a boon.

There are glitches in the system but this is to be expected with adding the online registration facility - for which many people clamoured!

I have done some more work with this and will send the amended results file to the IMRA techies tomorrow morning.

Hopefully my changes will not make matters worse!

One tip I would give to RDs and those helping at races is to write the name of the race on top of ALL sign-in sheets and race results. It is no easy matter to work out from the bundle of sheets that travels with the laptop to work out which pages refer to which race!



Lorna WilsonAug 21 2013, 8:26pmHi Jim, have amendments been uploaded to the site? I still haven't seen my name in the results?

Lorna Wilson 1265
Lorna WilsonAug 21 2013, 8:28pmHi Jim, have amendments been uploaded to the site? I still haven't seen my name in the results?

Lorna Wilson 1265
Jim FitzharrisAug 22 2013, 11:07amHi Lorna,

I finally sent the amended results to the IMRA webmaster on Tuesday afternoon. Like those of us lucky enough to have a job, I know he was busy and that it was late on Tuesday before he had a chance to look at these.

I presume he will upload them ASAP. I have neither the technical ability nor the access rights to allow me to do this.

I do not wish to make a compliment of it but I was not involved as a volunteer at the Derrybawn race: I was just a runner like you and many others. It was coincidental that I had the laptop after the race because I needed it for the Dublin Mountain High event on Sunday. I just decided off my own bat to look at both the laptop results and manual results sheets if I could resolve some of the issues raised on the Forum.

I was happy to do that but the matter is now well and truly out of my hands as I finally relinquished the laptop yesterday evening when handing it over before the Mountain Rescue Benefit race.



Kevin O'RiordanAug 24 2013, 9:32pmAmended results are up now.