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Lisa McGonigleJul 2 2013, 7:13pmHi there

Just wondering about the above event? This would be my first IMRA event as I'm just back in Ireland for the summer from New Zealand where I've done a bit of mountain running (I'm certainly no speedster though). Would this be suitable for a first-time racer in Ireland? How much route-finding is involved - I see it says that the route isn't that marked in places? Can I just turn up? Thanks! Looking forward to getting involved in IMRA events over the next few months :)
Gareth LittleJul 2 2013, 8:45pm
Hi Lisa, if I'm honest it's not really the ideal race for your first Irish mountain race. The race is not really marked at all and this mountain is well known for people getting lost on when the visibility is low (and sometimes when the visibility is good!).

In saying that if you are very comfortable with a map and a compass and are confident in getting around the place in cloud and mist then come along by all means.

If you are still unsure after reading that I would air on the side of caution and have a look at the next 6 or 7 Wednesday night races which are fully marked and are ideal for new people.

Thanks and see you on the hills,

Lisa McGonigleJul 2 2013, 10:04pmCool thanks for the advice Gareth.

Mid-week races could be hard for me since am coming from city centre after work then need to get back to Skerries afterwards, but if anyone is going that way then please let me know!
Pól Ó MurchúJul 4 2013, 1:15amHey Lisa, there are many people go from city centre each week - check out forum or carpool or sometimes the best is to stick a comment on the forum for the race and say where you are going from or where you can get to. I know myself and Andreas Kutsch are relatively near to skerries too. We usually carpool from Castleknock but would be heading skerries direction after. Let us know if you need a lift home and I'm sure we could squeeze you in.
Hugh Thomas CostelloJul 5 2013, 10:35amHi Everyone,
I am down as a non running volunteer for the race this Sunday but haven't heard anything back yet.
Just wondering if there is someone I should be getting in touch with/something I need to do.
Also, I'm living in Dublin but don't have my own car. Is there anyone going from around Dublin out to the race?
Mick HanneyJul 5 2013, 1:58pmSo no race director yet.
Is there a cutoff time, so if we don't see an RD come forward this is canned?
It would be unfortunate but maybe thats what we need to do.
On the other day I've no wish to see the same usual RDs coming forward as some of our volunteers are over volunteered and we shouldn't continue to rely on their good nature.
Richard NunanJul 5 2013, 2:00pmHi Hugh,

We are still looking for a Race Director for this race, hence noone has been in touch.

Race Directors have been scarce this year, so anyone looking for that end of year prize, there us the opportunity to perform a NON-Running Volunteer role this Sunday.

Hoping we don't have to cancel a race on what looks to be a Beautiful day for the hills !!
Brian FureyJul 5 2013, 2:14pmI can do RD. I'd like to run it as well though. If its ok to run it as well then I'll take it on.
Richard NunanJul 5 2013, 2:17pmHi Brian,

If you can do shadow RD and support someone to try out RD the race that would work.


Brian FureyJul 5 2013, 2:26pmHi Richard,
Sounds good. I can do that. Wil be in touch later.

John CondonJul 5 2013, 2:30pmI was looking to run run but don't mind being RD. I'm Directing the Ballinastoe so it may be good practice. I'm collecting the race gear from Paul Mahon at some stage before Sunday so it may be convenient all round. I haven't run this before so yeah, it's probably best to have Brian as a shadow RD.


John CondonJul 5 2013, 2:33pmI was looking to run run but don't mind being RD. I'm Directing the Ballinastoe so it may be good practice. I'm collecting the race gear from Paul Mahon at some stage before Sunday so it may be convenient all round. I haven't run this before so yeah, it's probably best to have Brian as a shadow RD.


Richard NunanJul 5 2013, 2:48pmGreat stuff !! Thanks John and Brian and everyone else who has volunteered
John CondonJul 5 2013, 3:00pmNo problem. My email is jcondon72 at gmail dot com.
Tony BerkeryJul 6 2013, 5:24pmHi All,
First, well done John on volunteering as RD.
Second, I'm volunteering tomorrow and aim to be there for 11am. I'm cycling down from Cabinteely in Dublin, I'm giving it about 2.5 hrs which should be plenty of time.
Can someone confirm I take the R755 out of Laragh, then about 2km later, take a right and follow the road to Glenmalure (Drumgoff)? And then up along the river to the Barravore carpark?
Ger LawlorJul 6 2013, 5:56pmDriving down tomorrow on M50 from junction 9(Red Cow) on if anyone wants a lift, one seat available. 0867816207
@ Tony, your directions sound right to me.
Ken CowleyJul 6 2013, 6:01pmApologies John, but I've had to pull out of 'running volunteer' and racing, tomorrow. Am a bit under the weather. Looks like you have enough bodies, hopefully. Have a good day everyone
Ger LawlorJul 6 2013, 6:22pmSpare seat accepted
Tony BerkeryJul 6 2013, 7:39pmThanks Ger
Rob O'NeillJul 6 2013, 8:05pmDeparting from Blessington area at 10:00am with 3 seats available if anyone needs a lift. 0858077770
Hugh CostelloJul 6 2013, 9:38pmHi again everyone,

Ive had a look at the carpool and forum section and there doesn't seem to be anyone going from around Dublin. I'm down to volunteer tomorrow, please let me know if any of you or anyone you know has a spare seat.
Brian FureyJul 6 2013, 9:43pmI can give you a lift from Dublin. Give me a call on Zero -87-2834308
Hugh CostelloJul 7 2013, 2:22amGreat Brian, Thanks.
Hugh CostelloJul 7 2013, 2:22amGreat Brian, Thanks.
Mick HanneyJul 7 2013, 5:02pmThanks John for stepping in to facilitate this race. A great, if tricky route with the misty conditions.

Is the Leinster Champs really 4 from 5 races? Previously when a series is 5 races it is usually 3 from 5. Just wondering.
James H CahillJul 7 2013, 6:12pmThank you to John and all the volunteers for today's race. A great route and enjoyable run. Thank you to Daniela (cake) and Kieran (watermelon) for the picnic race end.
Richard NunanJul 7 2013, 6:46pmHi Mick,

The Leinster Champs is 3 out of 5.

It was 4 out of 6 last year after the inclusion of the Circuit of Glendalough.

Barry MooreJul 7 2013, 7:39pmAnother great IMRA event, thanks a million John and team, Ballinastoe is in safe hands. The cake and watermelon was lovely, ate more than my fair share of both, sorry!!
Rachel CinnsealachJul 7 2013, 8:59pmI realised today on my way home, that I took the prize for 2nd women home. This prize should have gone to Paula Rea who was much faster then me:) Well done Paula. A big thankyou to John for stepping up as RD the race would have been cancelled if you didn't. Thanks to all the other volunteers too.
John CondonJul 7 2013, 9:19pmRachel, I noticed that too. I mailed Justin earlier. Results will be adjusted accordingly. Apologies Paula, an oversight on my part.

John CondonJul 7 2013, 9:19pmRachel, I noticed that too. I mailed Justin earlier. Results will be adjusted accordingly. Apologies Paula, an oversight on my part.

John CondonJul 8 2013, 10:25am1. 346 Bernard Fortune 1.13.22 M40
2. 365 Brian Fury 1.13.35 M
3. 353 Eoin Syron 1.18.30 M
4. 431 Barry Moore 1.19.03 M40
5. 420 Mick Hanney 1.25.35 M40
6. 817 Ger Lawler 1.25.41 M
7. 1365 Rob O'Neill 1.27.15 M
8. 8 Gareth Little 1.31.49 M
9. 4 Stuart Scott 1.36.27 M
10. 19 Joe Lalor 1.41.16 M60
11. 351 Mike Jordan 1.41.49 M
12. 9 Paul Grant 1.49.31 M40
13. 769 Kieran Rocks 1.49.45 M
14. 373 James Cahill 1.52.17 M40
15. 171 Jeff Swords 1.54.50 M
16. 31 Laurence Briody 1.56.44 M
17. 1019 Henrik Petterson 2.08.24 M
18. 488 Daniela Boehm 2.13.30 L
19. 35 Patsy McCreanor 2.21.26 M60
20. 261 Justin Rea 2.36.24 M50
21. 847 Paula Rea 2.37.35 L40
22. 48 Rachel Cinnsealach 2.57.00 L

Short Course
23. 1052 Cormac Mac Donnell 1.47.32 M40

1. Bernard Fortune
2. Brian Fury
3. Eoin Syron

1. Daniela Boehm
2. Paula Rea
3. Rachel Cinnsealach
Stuart ScottJul 8 2013, 10:31amMany thanks John and co for a great race yesterday, especially for stepping in at the last minute and ensuring one of the best races on the calendar went ahead. Great to have to use the mandatory map for once! Thanks also to those who supplied the watermelon, cake and river at the finish - much appreciated!
Jeff SwordsJul 8 2013, 11:26amJust to echo the comments that went before me, thanks to the guys who stepped in at short notice to organise the race.

Yesterday was my first championship race despite my good intentions of giving them a go much sooner, and any thoughts I had on Saturday of enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon soaking up the sun and magnificent views from the top of Lug were dashed when I woke up the morning of the race to see the loud cloud/mist.

Despite a couple of moments of wondering where the hell I was, were the guys at the finish wondering where the hell I was, and taking the hard way up, long way down, I found it very enjoyable.
aidan bligheJul 8 2013, 1:39pmHi,
All year the Leinster Champs was marked as 4 out of 5. I dont mind either way if its 3 or 4 out of 5 as i am not finishing near the top (personally i think 3 out of 5 is better), but is it not a bit late to change it after the last race as it definitely affects the overall top few, except for Bernard of course who wins either way i think.
Daniela BoehmJul 8 2013, 6:06pmThe 'other' Lugnaquilla race will have a tough time competing with this one ;) - absolutely brilliant! Thanks a mil to John and his helpers for making it happen!
Paul GrantJul 9 2013, 5:28pmAdding my thanks to John and all the volunteers for a really good race Sunday. The cake and watermelon while cooling off in the steam were ideal - thanks to Daniela and Eoin for the cake (and the lift) and Kieran for the inspired ideal of bringing the watermelon.