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Brian O MurchuApr 7 2013, 2:22pmRecce on this course is set for Sat 11th May. Add yourself to the IMRA page on Facebook to join this 'event'!
Juju JayApr 8 2013, 1:34pmShould be fun dude... peace
Peter DoyleJun 6 2013, 3:15pmIs this event going ahead?
No details on the site as yet as to route, etc
Rachel CinnsealachJun 6 2013, 11:03pmPeter O Farrell posted a map of his route on the IMRA page in facebook
Since it's a Leinster champs route, you can go "any way you like" as long as you summit the nessisary peaks.

The race does need a race director though...

Any volunteers?

I could do it if needs be but I am not familiar with the route and I won't have time to recce it between now and then.
John Kelly71Jun 10 2013, 9:30pmI'll chance race director as Brian O'Murchu has said he will do assistant as he wants to run. Should manage it between us
Brian O MurchuJun 10 2013, 9:40pmAn opportunity for laptop operator for this one exists!

If anyone is interested in summit marshal please sign-up also!
Brian O MurchuJun 10 2013, 9:47pmFirst Aid person also required. Am I correct in saying your non-running volunteering for the LL can be for any race?
Gareth LittleJun 11 2013, 9:48am
Hi Brian / John, I hope to run this race but can help out as a back up first aider if needed?

Thx, Gareth

Brian O MurchuJun 11 2013, 11:30amFirst Aid position filled. Opportunity exists for laptop operator!

Anyone interested in summit marshal?
Stuart ScottJun 11 2013, 4:15pmThanks John and Brian for stepping forward. The race wouldn't go ahead without you, and by all accounts it's an epic one!

Will there be the same kit requirements and cutoffs as 2011? See

It's a long tough route and as far as I can remember, the cutoffs were introduced for safety reasons following some close calls the previous year.

In response to your previous question, non-running volunteering at any race will indeed count towards the end of league prize. There's usually a scramble to volunteer at the last few Wednesday races so those who leave it too late may miss out.
Daniela BoehmJun 11 2013, 7:16pmHi,
Just wondering if starting early and taking your own time is an option for this race? I’d be tempted to give it a try but that could take a while (and I reckon those who have very kindly agreed to organize the race would like to make it home for Sunday dinner at some stage ;)).
Thanks, Daniela
John Kelly71Jun 12 2013, 8:45amHi All

(Sorry can't put this on the main page)

Just a quick update for Circuit of Avonbeg Race.

The ability to navigate is essential for this race as it is a tougher course than Carrauntoohil.

All runners must bring with them the following: Bumbag containing chocolate/biscuits and water. A longsleeved rainproof running top. Hat and Gloves. Map - Compass - Whistle Extra clothing: Warm longsleeved top and leggings. The Race Director will make the decision on the day as to what runners will wear and bring with them for the race. The Race Directors decision will be final.

The cut off points will be at 2 designated points - 13.45 @ Camenabologue and 15.45 just below Mullacor. ( still looking for a summit marshal for Camenabologue)

Registration and Prize giving will be in the car park.
John Kelly71Jun 13 2013, 11:37amHi

I really could do with another couple of volunteers for this. I still need a summit marshal for Camenabologue.

Including myself there are only 3 non running volunteers at the moment and 1 running volunteer!

A running volunteer would even be helpful at this stage.

Also proof of ability to navigate may be required at starting line
James H CahillJun 13 2013, 11:48amHi John, I can do running volunteer, if that is of any assistance.
I will put it on the volunteering board now
Mike JordanJun 13 2013, 11:50amHi John

I'm hoping to be able to run this. I'll put myself down as a running volunteer for now. If needs be I'll do the summit marshall so the race can go ahead. If there's anything you need help with before Sunday or on the day let me know. You can get my email/phone from my members page once you're logged in.

Brian O MurchuJun 13 2013, 12:07pmRunning volunteer positions have all been filled -thanks! Looking for x2 summit marshals (or maybe one person to do both: Clohernagh & Lower part of Mullacor)
John Kelly71Jun 13 2013, 12:09pmThanks Mike / James.

Ideally another non running volunteer or 2 would be great.

Mick HanneyJun 13 2013, 12:14pmWhen this was ran in previous years we did't have a summit marshall at Clohernagh.
Brian O MurchuJun 13 2013, 12:17pmA summit marshal on Clohernagh is based on anecdotal evidence of people cutting that summit last time out
Justin ReaJun 13 2013, 1:46pmI'd also like to do an early start on this race. Is there any likelihood of registering and starting around 10:15?

Diarmuid and myself did this the last time this race was run.
John Kelly71Jun 13 2013, 1:53pmYes Justin we will facilitate an Early start for 10.15

Santina Doherty FarinellaJun 13 2013, 3:53pmStill need a summit marshal? I could do it...
Santina Doherty FarinellaJun 13 2013, 4:24pmStill need a summit marshal? I could do it...
Brian O MurchuJun 13 2013, 4:35pmYes, you're in thanks!

Can someone 'accept' John Kelly as RD so we have contact details of the volunteers?
Karl O'NeillJun 14 2013, 12:56pmis it up mullacor first or cloghernagh? looking forward to this race!
Rene BorgJun 14 2013, 12:57pmClohernagh first Karl. Mullacor is the last peak...
Sam ScrivenJun 14 2013, 2:02pmIn previous editions of this race the first checkpoint was at Arts Lough T058930, somewhat constraining the route choice up to Clohernagh.
Will this be the case again this year??
Sam ScrivenJun 14 2013, 2:05pmIn previous editions of this race the first checkpoint was at Arts Lough T058930, somewhat constraining the route choice up to Clohernagh.
Will this be the case again this year??
Brian O MurchuJun 14 2013, 2:24pmYes we intend having a marshal at Arts Lough on Sunday!
Angus TynerJun 14 2013, 7:33pmSo Arts Lough is compulsory,
Any other checkpoints not mentioned in details?

Also I'm looking for lift from near Ashford, anyone doing round trip down N11 willing to do 5 minute detour? 0h86 two517o4nine
Angus TynerJun 14 2013, 10:07pmI'm sorted for a lift,
Thanks Alan
Brian O MurchuJun 15 2013, 9:11amHi Angus,
Peter O'Farrell posted his garmin route:
Paul CullenJun 15 2013, 3:48pmIf anyone could offer me a lift from Rathmines/Ranelagh, Luas line etc could they please text me at zero 86 eight two 55644. Thanks.
Daniela BoehmJun 15 2013, 5:27pmHi, heading down for an early start. We'll be leaving Ranelagh around 8.20. If anyone wants a lift give me a shout on zero86201six784. Daniela
Barry MooreJun 16 2013, 6:00pmGreat event today guys, very well done and a big thank you to the non running volunteers John, Brian, Maike, Rachel and Santina (if Im missing any one I apologize) for giving up their Sunday so that the rest of us could run. The biscuits were delicious!
Oliver CastleJun 16 2013, 6:11pmBig thanks today to all the organisers, had a lovely day in the hills and certainly learnt my lesson that I should have recced it before running it.
Sean MurrayJun 16 2013, 6:14pmYea ditto to what Barry said. It's a lovely event and dependent on Marshall' s being prepared to make that extra effort due to the distance. Well done to all involved!
James H CahillJun 16 2013, 7:01pmGreat event today. Thank you John and all your non running volunteers for making it happen for all of us.
Gerard CunninghamJun 16 2013, 7:07pmJust to add my thanks to all the above - to John and Brian for stepping in to make sure the event went ahead, to Maike, Rachel and Santina for stepping in as marshals; to Paul for what must be one of IMRAs most spectacular routes; to first aid officials - get well soon Warren. Well done to the top finishers - male and female. One of the most social runs I've ever done with lots of opportunities to discuss route choice and strategies for peat hags with fellow runners en route.
Brian O MurchuJun 16 2013, 7:27pmSpeedy recovery Warren!
John Kelly71Jun 16 2013, 7:45pmHi

Thanks all for coming out today. Special thanks to the first aiders Paul Nolan,
Garth Little, Mike Jordan, and Maike Jurgen.

Wishing Warren a speedy recovery!!!!!!

Thanks to Summit marshals Rachel, Santina and Maike.

43 runnere out and 43 back in isn't too bad a result.

Lastly a big thanks to Brian who I couldn't have managed without and also Ger and James.
Paul NolanJun 16 2013, 8:04pmThat hurt. Lots.

But if I'm only going to run a race every second year it might as well be a good one, beside after the first two editions I thought I'd have a look at what all the fuss was about. Glad I did, conditions were perfect. Coming off Lug on such a clear day was worth the later travails of cramp, hop, limp along the Lugduffs and final forest trails.

Thanks to all involved in today's race, John, Brian, Maike, Rachel, Santina and any others I missed.
Thanks also to Gareth, Mike & Isabelle in helping clean up Warren. Speedy recovery to him.
Mike JordanJun 16 2013, 8:28pmGreat race. Great route. Couldn't help remark to Alan how much nicer it was to actually be running up Lug (Aughanavannagh broke me in that regard). Plenty of discussion about route choices before and after (and in my own head during) the race which is always a good sign for a Championship race. Didn't take out the map until the forest trails off Mullacor which is another good sign!

Thanks John, Brian, Maike, Rachel and Santina. I know it's said above already but we're all so grateful that you all would give up your time to make the race happen. Thanks again.

Get well soon Warren. I think you'll have to bring a camping chair to Glastonbury next week!
Warren SwordsJun 16 2013, 9:42pmGreat race. Thanks to Brian and his team of volunteers.

Special thanks to first aiders Paul, Gareth, Mike and Isabel for patching me up. Also thanks to Gerry for driving me to A and E, really appreciated that.

Four stitches on the shin and some antibiotics as there was a fair bit of dirt in the wound. The doctors were impressed with the IMRA first aiders, you did everything right. It's brilliant to know there's a great bunch of people willing to help you out.

Hurts like hell. Still baffled as to how I missed the turn off with just 1km to go! Still had a great in the mountains.
Paul CullenJun 16 2013, 10:23pmSorry Warren, didn't realise it was you who was injured; at one point, I was supposed to be driving you to the hospital. I too missed that turn and ended in the briars and sliding down a waterfall. Lots of scrapes but I see I got off lightly. Well done to all.
Stuart ScottJun 16 2013, 11:10pmMany thanks John, Brian, James, Maike, Rachel and Santina for all your efforts today, and especially for allowing such a great race to go ahead. It was a long day but much appreciated. In particular, those biscuits were great Maike - I'm not in any pain tonight!

Gerry, it was a very social run alright until you put the afterburners on and went speeding off! And no harm getting a taste of your own medicine at last Paul N. You couldn't have come up with a nicer route though so hope you enjoyed it too!
Ken CowleyJun 17 2013, 7:28amGreat race, and well done to John and his colleagues for stepping in to the breach.
I'm sure we all have our favourite mountains in Wicklow, but that route just ticks SO many boxes.
There was lots of camaraderie out there, and even though I had a slow run (and chose a few poor lines) the timing was perfect as regards the weather (very bad weather started rolling in at 4pm)..
Jon FinnJun 17 2013, 8:46amTo the RD and volunteers- sincere thanks for making yesterday happen- great experience & a wonderful challenge to both body & mind!
cormac o ceallaighJun 17 2013, 8:53amSuper race yesterday. Echo the chorus of thanks and praise for the marshall's and organisers. The weather held up well and that made a massive difference.It's tricky enough coming down lug on a clear day never mind in bad visibility.
Be interested to hear other runners views on route choice, this was my 2nd time doing the race and after Cambeleogue I aimed wide towards the 3 lakes and then up to Conavalla, there was a good track and very runnable,its probably shorter as the crow flies to go straight down and up from the top of table track , but a steep descent and steep climb ahead .Which is the quickest depends on fitness levels and being able to find the track taking the long route which means you can( should) be running instead of a steep walk up to Conavalla?.
Great to have a race like this on the calendar with open mountain, route choice, threat of 4 seasons in one day weather wise !
Next year lets put it on a Saturday and have a BBQ afterwards at the finish point.
Thanks Liam by the way for trying to jump start Niamh car and Alan " mechanic" Alying for identifying the problem !
Alan AylingJun 17 2013, 10:35am1. Absolutely superb day on the hills, can't say enough good things about it.
2. I took a route similar to yours Cormac, a good bit to the left, not as far left as 3 Lakes though. Paul was at the top of Camenabologue at the same time as me, but got to Conavalla a good couple of minutes ahead, having taken a very straight line, up near the corner of the forest on Conavalla. So I reckon I'd try that next time.
3. Alan - "It's not getting any fuel to the engine"
Niamh - "Oh. Maybe it's the cutoff switch".
<Flicks switch, turns key, engine starts>

Gareth LittleJun 17 2013, 11:26am
What a gem of a race, it really has everything. Definitely one of the best races IMRA has to offer. Experience of the area and recce's count for a hell of a lot in this race. People were taking different routes after only a couple of kilometres into the race, then there was the usual "do I stay high or go down and up" decisions at the Conavalla section and not to my surprise a number of people went wrong at the very last track section. To those people, I feel your pain, that was me two years ago!

For the record, I went straight down and up at Conavalla and gained a minimum of three places and gained such a lead on them that the people I passed did not trouble me at all for the last 10-12k to the finish. It's definitely the way to go, in my opinion.

Thanks to all the volunteers and I am glad the doctors were able to save Warren's leg.

Looking forward to Lug again in three weeks!


Sam ScrivenJun 17 2013, 12:35pmFirstly I can't thank John, Brian, Rachel, Maike and Santina enough. This is the race I always hope makes it when the calendar is released, so thankfully there were volunteers to make it happen.

And a fantastic adventure it was again. First 16km was mountain running bliss - perfect weather conditions, tough climb up to Arts Lough and Clohernagh, route choice, plenty of positional chopping and changing, awesome views on track up to Lug, exhilarating fast descent, perfect ground conditions, encouragement from the marshals.

After that I found it really tough, that climb up Conavalla takes its toll. The straight down-and-up route is quicker for me, but it took a lot out of me for the remainder of the race. The next 10km was a battle, and lots of cramp. Missed a turn off on final descent, couldn't face backtracking, so trudged through trees, brambles and years of dead wood, ooing and owing to the finish.

What a race! See ye next year hopefully!
David Kelly70Jun 17 2013, 4:48pmAt the risk of sounding repetitive, I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who organised and volunteered yesterday. As a relative newcomer to IMRA, it is great to find a friendly and helpful bunch with whom to share my love of the hills.

For me it was probably my toughest day in the hills to date. After a nav error which meant we had to punch through some thick forestry in order to get to Art’s Lough, I spent the first part of the race balancing race enthusiasm against the prospect of running out of steam later in the day.

In spite of going at what I thought was a pretty sensible pace, I found the climb up Conavalla pretty tough and by Lugduff I was spent. I am definitely not a fast climber so I was trying to keep some energy to make some ground on the downhill after Lugduff but it just wasn’t there. I could barely manage a jog.

Losing 3-4 places between Conavalla and Mullacor seemed to kick me back into shape and I did manage a reasonable time (and route) from there back to the finish. The next half hour was like a visit the Willy Wonka factory on drugs - a blur of dizziness, nausea, biscuits, Toblerone, Maltesers and various other goodies. It finally worked and I started to feel human again.

A great day out, thoroughly enjoyable.

Many thanks again to all who made it possible.

Daniela BoehmJun 17 2013, 6:09pmA huge THANK YOU to all organizers, helpers and biscuit bakers for a fantastic race! :) Daniela
Jun 17 2013, 10:51pmThank you to the organisers and volunteers yesterday.
Really enjoyable, challenging day out.
It was a bit of a step up in every way from the couple of evening events that I had done prior to this so I was glad to finish it out.
Made a pigs ear of the last bit and did a few extra km but not to worry.

For what it's worth, I took the 'Conavella Direct' route too. It was a tough haul up it but the descent beforehand, tight to the treeline, was quite quick.
Karl O'NeillJun 18 2013, 5:35amWhat a great day. Thank you so much Brian, John,Mike, Maike, Rachel & Santina. This was by far the toughest mountain run this novice has done but thoroughly enjoyed it! Also very heartening to read that I wasn't the only one hopping down the side of thorny, bouldery slippery Glenmalure after missing a turn! As was said before, exhaustion wouldn't allow me to back-track (lesson learned - recce recce recce!:-) . The biscuits were delicious, if they were a regular feature, I reckon imra membership would double! Never fell asleep on the grass after a race before, thanks for the wake up call, Brian!
Brían O'MearaJun 18 2013, 9:37amwhat was the winning time?
Angus TynerJun 18 2013, 10:07amGerard Butler c170 min
2nd Bernard Fortune c177
Brian O MurchuJun 18 2013, 11:09amPerhaps Fraughen Rock Glen (7th July) should be renamed 'Circuit of Avonbeg Reunion'...just a thought
John Kelly71Jun 18 2013, 1:37pmResults

Short course ( Hours , Minutes, Seconds )
1. Mick Kellet 2.31.51

Long course ( Hours , Minutes, Seconds )
1. 1213 2:49:24
2. 346 2.57.10
3. 431 2.59.03
4. 402 3.02.50
5. 678 3.03.50
6. 1148 3.03.58
7. 824 3.09.49
8. 479 3.10.26
9. 41 3.12.58
10 573 3.13.18
11 Warren Swords 3.14.06
12 1146 3.16.20
13 351 3.22.23
14 8 3.28.40
15 353 3.32.40
16 1117 3.33.30
17 1147 3.33.30
18 432 3.43.03
19 353 3.44.20
20 327 3.45.39
21 670 3.48.04
22 Paul Cullen 3.51.10
23 277 3.51.30
24 226 3.54.16
25 43 4.00.58
26 289 4.00.59
27 4 4.03.54
28 233 4.05.39
29 231 4.05.47
30 77 4.05.50
31 331 4.07.02
32 1145 4.08.10
33 1501 4.17.50
34 915 4.22.17
35 261 4.23.02
36 373 4.25.50
37 343 4.29.36
38 488 4.32..00
39 448 4.51.49
40 268 4.54.50
41 287 5.25.00
42 John Sheilds 5.29.00
Angus TynerJun 18 2013, 5:01pmA long ambling report is up....
John Kelly71Jun 19 2013, 11:43amJust to let you know that the official results will go up later in the week.

This is due to the fact there was some confusion over the location of the Laptop.

Happily this has now been cleared up.

Mike JordanJun 19 2013, 12:11pmProbably only noticed this because their race numbers are so similar to my own but 15th and 19th are both marked down as '353' in the above post. I'd guess that 15th was 353 (Eoin Syron) and 19th was 352 (Niall Corrigan). Very much open to correction on this but it might avoid some confusion when the results are being put up
Niall CorriganJun 20 2013, 9:06amHi,

I reckon Mike is right there. My time was 3:44, or there about.