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Stuart ScottFeb 22 2013, 10:18amHi all,

Some advance notice to avoid a repeat of last year's gold rush - entries for the WWR will open on April Fool's Day. Entries will only be accepted on the 2013 Entry Form (available on that day) and accompanied by full payment.

Mick HanneyMar 6 2013, 7:03pmHi Stuart, there was a discussion on the forum about a potential change in 2013 to the route e.g. extending leg 8 etc. Thread here:
Is this confirmed?
Fergal DalyMar 6 2013, 9:41pmHiya,

I am putting together a team and need a few runners.

If you interested in this event and want to join, simply
send me an email ( and I'll get back
to you asap and get this sorted.

Kind regards,Fergal.
Stuart ScottMar 7 2013, 9:41amHi Mick,

There will be an ultra event held on the same day, covering the entire Wicklow Way, and competitors will be transported back to the normal finish in Shillelagh. There will be a separate RD for this so I'm sure more details will be available shortly.

The WWR remains unchanged.

Val JonesMar 19 2013, 1:11pmI was out hiking yesterday and saw that the ascent section of lap 5 has changed due to felling. It is directed up the Spink and west along the boardwalk before circling around the top of the forest to meet the other boardwalk at the coll on the west of Mullaghcorr. It's probably not much difference in length and I actually think it's a nicer route for scenery and maybe the Wicklow Way could be left taking this route? For running the climb goes up the boardwalk steps to the east end of the Spink and is a lot steeper than the old route.
Mick HanneyMar 19 2013, 3:29pmStuart, for clarity, is the opening day 1st April in terms of putting entries into the post. I daresay you don't want entries in advance.
Stuart ScottMar 19 2013, 5:06pmMick - yes, the 2013 Entry Form will only be released on the 1st and entries will only be accepted on that form. So we can all breathe easy until then!

Val - thanks for the update. The race will follow the official marked route, so I guess we'll have to wait nearer the time to see if it stays on the Spinc or gets reinstated.

Luke RaffertyMar 28 2013, 10:40amHey Stuart - all well?
Just wondering is there any further details on the Ultra event for this day?
John CroninMar 28 2013, 1:33pmHey Stuart,

Pretty much same as Luke's question and also is there any chance of the Ultra being a UTMB qualifier?

Stuart ScottMar 28 2013, 1:56pmHi John and Luke,

Jeff Fitzsimons has 'volunteered' to look after the Solo event and we hope to have a separate event page up shortly where he can answer your questions to his heart's content!

As far as I know, we hope to make it a UTMB qualifier if we can get approval in time but Jeff will confirm.

Mick HanneyMar 29 2013, 11:06amI know guys that are thinking about fitting in some leg recces over the weekend. Is it worth it or is there still snow coverage which would diminish the value of it? Roads are fine down south Wicklow but not sure what the backroads are like in the early sections or between Glendalough & Ironbridge. Probably fine but if someone knows please post here. Thanks.
Luke RaffertyMar 29 2013, 11:37amThanks Stuart. I see the event page now.
Graham HopkinsApr 1 2013, 3:59pmLooking to put a team in for this before the deadline but can't find the form anywhere. Am I going lampy or are we in a bank holiday, chocolate induced go slow? :)


Stuart ScottApr 1 2013, 10:27pmHi all,

Unfortunately the WWR is now full.

However, I've just put the entry form online (see event page). The first 30 entry forms and fees received will be considered for a place. Post opens tomorrow so please get them in as soon as possible.

Apologies for the delay, I've spent the weekend in a snow hole.

Ronan HickeyApr 2 2013, 4:55pmHi Stuart,

Sorry I'm not sure I understand the previous post. (It could be a post-wedding-reception addled head though in fairness!)

You mention that the WWR is full and then put the entry form up? Was there a pre-entry "advanced ticket sale" that we missed? Or should we have registered our team ahead of time? And if so is there any point putting up the entry form? Or is The relay not full and it's still the first teams to get their entries in to you?

Would hate to miss out on the best race of the year!

Stuart ScottApr 2 2013, 7:09pmHi all,

Sorry, it was April 1st...

Just back now and there are 9 entry forms waiting for me so that leaves 21 places. Keep them coming, but normal post will be fine!

Ronan HickeyApr 2 2013, 9:32pmAh Jaysis. Out of the whole membership of IMRA I was the only Muppet caught out by that?! Scarleh! :-(

Glad to hear we're in anyway!

Jarlath HynesApr 2 2013, 10:25pmDon't worry Ronan you weren't the only one, there were lots of panicked phonecalls out this way!

{Hopefully the oul brown envelope trick to Stuart will work)
Anthony O'ReillyApr 2 2013, 11:37pmYeah, I was the same, dropped the form and cheque in the letter box this evening. Bring it on.
Stuart ScottApr 4 2013, 12:31am*** ENTRIES CLOSED ***

Hi all,

This isn't an April Fools this time unfortunately. Since my post yesterday I received a further 19 entries, bringing the total up to 28. I expect tomorrow's post will push us over the limit so I'm afraid I'll have to ask you not to post any more. Instead, if you'd like to email me your entry forms (stuart DOT scott A-T imra D-OT ie) I'll put you on the waiting list in case there are any dropouts.

Much as I'd like to increase the number of places, it simply isn't possible as the parking and congestion issues already threaten the continued viability of the event.

I'll post the confirmed list of teams over the next few days.

Apologies to anyone who missed out - the level of demand still amazes me! If you're desperate for a run, there's the Wicklow Way Solo on the same day. Or if that doesn't appeal, post your vital statistics here as teams will be looking for subs in the latter stages once the Leinster League starts to take its toll. And as always, I'll need plenty of helpers as we were a little tight last year - it's a great way to experience the atmosphere and camaraderie (and sunburn) of the day. In the meantime, check out Gerry's Glacier Lakes Relay on Sat week (13th) - it's an excellent route and not all legs require navigation. Highly recommended!

cormac o ceallaighApr 4 2013, 8:14am... do not be sad..because you have the STONE CROSS- TO LUG relay to look forward to on July 27th ! if you did not manage to make the WWR, this event is over open mountain and some navigation is necessary. Last year was superb and we finished with a BBQ at Fenton s. It promises to be another top class race ,
Graham HopkinsApr 6 2013, 9:27pmRecce Update: Leg 5

Wandered up to Glendalough this afternoon and there's a Coillte sign warning of a temporary diversion from Lugduff through the Spinc Loop. No indication of how long this will be in effect but it adds a fair bit of climb to the leg if you're into that sort of thing. :)
Alan AylingApr 6 2013, 10:17pmHave Coillte signs become something to be taken seriously?
Bugger, it appears I am a serial criminal.
Colin MooreApr 9 2013, 12:32pmHi There,

I have only read a few of the posts here so maybe I need to read right through for clarity. Our club has missed the opportunity to enter over recent years? Did entries open on April Fool's day or was that an April Fools joke? Did all places fill up on April 1st or was that an April Fools joke too? Have entries filled up particularly quick because of the posting of April Fools joke? Am I a fool in thinking there a chance of putting an entry in as there might be some drop outs? Great event, appreciate some clarity.

Many thanks,

Stuart ScottApr 9 2013, 5:21pmHi all,

The list of confirmed entries for the WWR is now available on the race page. There are 35 teams in total. This is more than the limit but the postman unhelpfully wouldn't lose any when he brought last Thursday's delivery.

In order to minimise our impact on the day, I'd ask that all teams try to carpool as much as possible. I'll post detailed parking advice in due course but in particular, please note than cars are restricted to at most one per team at the four chokepoints - Curtlestown, Lough Tay, Oldbridge and Ironbridge - so please arrange your logistics around this.

I currently have one team on the waiting list. I don't expect many dropouts but if anyone else would like to join the queue, please email the entry form to me and I'll keep you in mind.

Colin - unfortunately this is an extremely popular event which is why entries filled up so quickly. We are very dependent on parking and goodwill from locals so we are unable to increase the number of places.

Kenneth O HaraApr 13 2013, 8:37pmHi lads, I'm heading out to recce the last leg of the relay next Sunday & I'm just wondering about parking. I don't want to be causing any problems parking anywhere I'm not supposed to be so anyone have any tips? Should I just park at the finish line and work back? I'm up from Galway for the day & just want to have at least one run through of the course prior to race day.

Cheers in advance.

Paul JoyceApr 13 2013, 8:48pmHi Kenneth,

If you're doing a "reverse-route-and-back", park at the Parkview House Shillelagh, big car park, and the finish line. If you're doing a "route-and-back", or carpooling, park at Crossbridge, Co Wicklow (Google map search), and walk South-East up the hill (past Granite Lodge) to the leg start.

(A big Parking No-No is anywhere near the Derry River Bridge, so make sure you avoid that!)
Kenneth O HaraApr 14 2013, 5:01pmCheers Paul,

Crossbridge it is then. Looking forward to it.
Caroline ReidApr 15 2013, 9:44amHi folks,

Just to be clear, further to Vals previous post regarding Leg 5, the wicklow way markers have been moved - it is not just a diversion that we can ignore.

The wicklow way markers for Leg 5 now go up towards the spink etc as per Vals message. This is not something that is likely to have changed back by the time of the relay.

Recces would be essential for all Leg 5 runners.

Stuart ScottApr 18 2013, 4:57pmHi all,

Just to update you on the progress of the WWR:

1) VOLUNTEERS - We could do with a few more helpers, ideally about 15. If you missed out on a place, would you consider helping out instead? It is a great opportunity to wear a yellow jacket (should that be desired) but more importantly, it will also count towards your Leinster League prize. Please sign up on MyIMRA or let me know by email (and if you've a particular changeover in mind).

2) REG 5 RE-ROUTING - As previously posted by Val and Caroline, the WW has been re-routed along the Spinc and then anti-clockwise around the forest back to the saddle beside Mullacor. Please note that these route is extremely popular and can be congested in places but you must give way to other users AT ALL TIMES - tourists come to see the Spinc but not in such detail that they end up over it!

3) POST-RACE REFRESHMENTS & CAMPING - Subject to permission (and weather-permitting), we hope to make the most of the post-race refreshments and then restore the age-old tradition of camping overnight after the race. More details to follow but please let me know if you're interested so we have a rough idea of numbers.

4) WW SOLO - The Solo event, running the entire length of the WW, has been confirmed and will start at midnight under the able control of Jeff Fitzsimons. There will be separate facilities in place for the solo runners but please give the runners every encouragement possible as you see them enroute.

5) RECCES - Can I remind team captains that all runners need to recce their leg in advance (or carry an up-to-date map). This is for the sake of your teammates and the marshals but it is also an important safety issue. This applies even if you have run the same leg in previous years as the Coillte beavers cause regular diversions!

6) LITTER - In previous years, several runners have taken black sacks on their recces and picked up any odd bits of litter that they saw. The future of the race is dependent on the goodwill of many different parties and this is a great way to make a positive impact. I'd encourage everyone to do the same. Obviously it goes without saying that no litter should be dropped on race day either!

7) SUBS - There are still a few blanks on some of the teams and runners will become increasingly prone to injury once the Leinster League begins! So if you missed out and are looking for a run, feel free to post here with your vital statistics and some lonely team captains may come looking.

That's it for the moment but keep an eye on the forum for further updates over the coming weeks.

Brendan CumminsApr 18 2013, 8:47pm

One of our team (female) would like to recce leg 8 next week
mid-week would like to hook up
Call Brendan 086 8290316
charlotte kearneyApr 19 2013, 9:35pmHi there. I am doing the last leg of the wiclklow way relay. I have never done it before, and wanted to find someone to do a recce-run with me who knows how to get there and the route. Can anyone help me out?? if so drop me an email.

Cheers Charlotte.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2013, 10:20pmI'm familiar with leg 8 and can guide, most evenings preferably except Weds as the LL is starting. email hanneymick at
Sarah SteerApr 27 2013, 12:49pmTWO VET PLACES AVAILABLE on The 16 Deadly Shins team: preferably to run legs 3 and 4, but open to negotiations on that one. Any vet is welcome as long as you are happy to recce the route as per the RD's instructions...possession of deadly shins is a bonus!

Please contact me by email or phone: my details are available on MyImra.

Gerard CunninghamApr 27 2013, 4:01pmCan anyone confirm if the normal route has been reinstated for leg 5 from glendalough to drumgoff? Our team took the route via the Spink last week but reported that there were no diversion signs in place. Hopefully someone can clarify for everyones benefit. Thanks
Niamh O' GormanApr 28 2013, 3:09pmI was in glendalough today. At the information centre they said that the original route (leg 5) has been reopened but she didn't know if all the WW signs were back up/uncovered.
Brian FureyApr 28 2013, 6:03pmSimilar question on Leg 6. Is the diversion that was put in place last year the one to use this year again? Temporary signs that are there are a bit faded now.
Rory CampbellApr 29 2013, 10:13amI can confirm that original WW route from Glendalough to Glenmalure is reinstated.
All signs (except one which didn't survive) were in place and clear.
I'll post the grid ref of the junction with the missing sign this evening. (It's basically the 2nd last right turn on the Forest Road heading up to Mullacor. i.e. the junction before the end of the Forest Road where the very last right turn is).
Rory CampbellApr 30 2013, 9:10am092 943 (junction shown on WW Map guide from East West mapping)
Warren SwordsApr 30 2013, 10:59amRe Leg 6.

Last year we ran the proper route, instead of hitting the road early, we went right and along some sleepers.

The leg 6 description is this:

"When it levels out just before the road, the WW signs point to the right but that way is quite rough and mucky. Go straight on down to the road and turn right and run on the road. Watch out for traffic."

But last year we did go right. I presume it's the same given that it's not that mucky given the sleepers are in place.

Martin PriceApr 30 2013, 11:17amI ran this at the weekend and it was fine (same route as last year, over the sleepers).

Coming back, there are temporary signs directing walkers quite a long distance up the road beyond the "normal" exit from the forest because of logging work.

Is the route definitively same as before?
Robert CostelloMay 3 2013, 10:39amI'm training on the Wicklow Way this Monday morning if anyone wants to join me? I'm doing the race solo so it'll be a long run. Planning on starting at Jonnie Foxes and running to Lough Tay and back (route of the WW Ultra). Hopefully conditions are better than back in March!

Email me on robbicosta at g mail dot com if you are keen.

Robert CostelloMay 3 2013, 11:12amI'm training on the Wicklow Way this Monday morning if anyone wants to join me? I'm doing the race solo so it'll be a long run. Planning on starting at Jonnie Foxes and running to Lough Tay and back (route of the WW Ultra). Hopefully conditions are better than back in March!

Email me on robbicosta at g mail dot com if you are keen.

paschal corcoranMay 3 2013, 8:58pmAnybody intereseted in doing a recce of leg 4 Wednesday/thursday evening next week
James CottleMay 5 2013, 5:38pmJust recce'd leg 6. Are we obliged to follow the new diversion onto 2km of main road or can we still stick to the original route up the logging road and down onto the sleepers before hitting the road for only a short distance? The diversion seems to be obligatory. Please advise. Thanks.
Paul NolanMay 6 2013, 9:03am@ Sarah Steer (Apr 27)
Probably way late but if you still need an M40 for leg 4 I'd be interested. I can't find your contacts in myimra, hence responding here. My number is 087 769 3188
Brendan Murphy72May 7 2013, 4:19pmI recced Leg 5 this morning and it appears to be back to normal. Just over 7km in there is a T-junction where the Wicklow Way sign is lying against the earth bank on the right and pointing in the right direction (which is turn right). I hope it stays in situ. Otherwise it was very clearly marked.
Stuart ScottMay 10 2013, 12:47pmHi all,

With only 2 weeks to go to the WWR, I hope all the recces are going well. The latest information is as follows:

1) VOLUNTEERS - Now up to 4 of the 15 helpers required. Any more please?

2) TEAM CHANGES - Changes are allowed up to 5pm on the day before the race in order for the team to remain competitive. Please register changes at: (I was inundated with emails in the week before last year's race so please use the online form!).

3) INSURANCE - For insurance reasons, all runners must be registered with IMRA in 2013. If you wish to run another IMRA race this year, please use the online system. Otherwise, post or email the registration form to me (available above). Unregistered runners will result in the team being disqualified.

4) LEG 5 RE-ROUTING - The Wicklow Way on Leg 5 has indeed been reinstated to the usual boring (safe) route. There are reports of an errant sign along the route so a recce (and a map) are even more essential, depending on where it decides to point on the day!

5) LEG 6 - The Leg Descriptions are very out of date so should serve as a guide only. Instead, the rule (with any leg) is to go wherever the WW signs are pointing on the day.

A further update will follow next week but in the meantime, if you've any questions, please post them here.

Jeff SwordsMay 10 2013, 12:49pmHi Stuart,

I added myself as a volunteer last week but still down as not being accepted, that will bring you up to 5 !
Jeff SwordsMay 10 2013, 12:51pmScratch that last message, you're obviously including me as one of the 4, I was making you the 5th.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 10 2013, 3:11pmRecce'd entire Wicklow Way this week from Marley Park to Clonegal. Leg 5 is back to the old route and the sign that Rory mentions above appeared to be at the junction although just leaning against a bank/ pile of stones so may not still be there in a couple of weeks. Still a few signs up near the top saying only "Authorised" people beyond this point but i certainly wasn't turning back at that stage! I guess they just haven't gotten round to taking these down yet as all other Wicklow way signs here are back to normal. Leg 6 diversion onto road just at the parking for Drumgoff forest appears to be due to tree felling or so signs say. I thought this was a relatively new diversion and brings you down to the road for about 2km. All the other legs appear to be much the same as before and follow the way as normal.
Jean O'NeillMay 11 2013, 11:28pmI am happy to be a volunteer for the Wicklow Way Relay, only problem is I have no car-it has just been stolen. I hope to go to the race on Wednesday, Powerscourt uphill, and will be open to suggestions as to where I could volunteer and how I would get there! I live in Swords.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 12 2013, 10:51pmMick Hanney: Spoke to the guys in Shillelagh and campers will be facilitated. Very welcoming.

Mick Hanney: Not the village green but an adjoining field to the pub.

Yippee, We have permission to camp after the WWR. So people can have a few pints after the race and campover. We could also organise a run for Sunday if people were on for it? Or we could just go for breakfast!
Robert CostelloMay 13 2013, 10:59amPól (or anyone else),

Would you happen to have a Garmin file for the full route? I'm doing the 127km and hoping not to get lost. Only familiar with the first three legs.
Gareth LittleMay 13 2013, 12:37pm
Leaving Dalkey at 06:00 to drive to the start via M50 and Marley Park car park if anyone needs a lift? Please use carpool section to book and note it's only a one way lift offered, thx

Pól Ó MurchúMay 13 2013, 7:48pmHey Rob, I have an out and back run of entire route from a couple of years back. Some small changes since then but will drop you a message on bookface with links and changes that I can remember. It's almost hard to get lost although I gueass people do manage every year and I guess we'll be running the first 6 hours or so in the dark.
Mick HanneyMay 13 2013, 8:17pmLeg 6 Runners.

Just in from a recce. In hailstones on 13th May. Where would you get it? As mentioned in previous posts there is a marked diversion on leg 6 which will bring runners a lot earlier onto the road at the Drumgoff Recreational area signpost. This is c. 5k into the leg. You now face c. 2.4k of road running before you enter the trail on opposite side of the road.

This shortens the overall leg from the advertised 12.7k to 11.7k. I got 470m climb vs the advertised 566m.

Anne HodgeMay 13 2013, 11:06pmHi there
If anyone is interested in doing a reccee of leg 8 of the relay any evening next week (from Monday 20th)let me know. Anne (novice!!)
Stuart ScottMay 14 2013, 12:15pmThanks Pol and Mick. Could the GPS tracks be used to make proper maps and route profiles (using Geolives or whatever) for each of the legs?
Mick HanneyMay 14 2013, 1:22pmHi,

Stuart, I can do this. Offhand though I'm missing some leg gpx files. I'd be obliged if people could post links to gpx files for leg 1, 3 and 4. I think I've the others.


Stuart ScottMay 14 2013, 4:05pmThanks Mick, very much appreciated. Pol or anyone else, could you help him out?
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 14 2013, 4:06pmPol/Robert, great to see ye are boxing off one of the things I neglected in my earlier mail regarding the Wicklow Way Race. GPS track of the route....
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 14 2013, 4:07pmHi all, anyone running the relay and with a few hours to kill later in the day or before their leg please let me know as I still need marshals for the checkpoints in the solo race on the same day.

Check out the race details for an idea of where people are needed.

Donall FlanaganMay 14 2013, 5:39pmHi Anne I would be happy to join you for a reccee of leg 8 Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday mail me at donall dot flanagan at gmail dot com.
Anne HodgeMay 14 2013, 8:22pmThat's great Donall - Tuesday 21 probably best for me but will e-mail you directly. Thanks. Anne
Pól Ó MurchúMay 14 2013, 8:30pmLeg 1&2 -
Leg 3&4 -
From recollection I think there was some tree cutting goin on back then around leg 3 and a very small diversion in place.
Bob LawlorMay 15 2013, 2:05pmDes Noonan brought this to my attention - some runners might need to allow extra time to get to/from their starts/finishes

Hi everyone,
I was looking at the route of the An Post Ras this year and I noticed that it is going from Carlow to Naas through Drumgoff & the Wicklow Gap on the 25th which is the same day as the Wicklow Way so there may be road closures which could impact on our travel plans:


I had a quick look at the race technical guide and it estimates that the pelethon will pass the Glenmalure lodge hotel around 1.15 pm heading north towards Laragh (ETA 1.30 pm). This estimate could vary significantly depending on wind/weather etc

I also noticed on page 5 of the race guide the following:
'Riders, team drivers and race officials are advised that
roads for An Post Rás are not closed to other traffic'

which is good news! Nonetheless I'd still allow for some sort of delay to other traffic as the race moves along.

Good luck to all

Stuart ScottMay 15 2013, 3:07pmHi all,

I sent a (not very) exciting email to team captains earlier. If you did not receive it, please let me know (stuart DO-T scott A-T imra D-OT ie).

Thanks for the heads up Bob, I'll take a look and get back to ye.

John ColemanMay 15 2013, 11:32pmStuart - I have put my name down as a helper. Just wondering how many hours will a helper be required for the Relay??
Stuart ScottMay 16 2013, 11:01amJohn, as many hours as you have! If you could email me a preferred location and times I'll let you know.

Jean, if you could do the same I'll try to organise transport for you.

Many thanks to both of you for volunteering. Could still do with a few more too if anyone else thinks they might be feeling bored that day?

Thomas MooreMay 19 2013, 11:59pmBy mistake I booked 2 seats in Gareth littles carpool forum page which I won't be using for the relay this saturday so contact the forum with Gareth if you still need a lift ,oh good job Paul Joyce and volunteers at the annagh hill race yesterday thanks
Niamh HartnettMay 20 2013, 4:33pmLooking for a girl to run leg 6 this wkend. Leg 6 is a nice run from Drumgoff to Iron Bridge. Email me at if interested.
Stuart ScottMay 20 2013, 5:22pm*** MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ***

I still need some more helpers for Curtlestown, Lough Tay, Drumgoff, Crossbridge and the Finish Line. Is anyone else available please? You will not need to hang around for the day, though you are more than welcome to. I have a slightly tempermental car and I intend to eat this year so I'd be grateful if some of you could take the pressure off! Remember, volunteering will count towards your Leinster League requirement and rumour has it this year's prize will be worth waiting for...

James and Ronan, thanks for signing up. I'll be in touch tomorrow to work out details.

Joe LalorMay 20 2013, 6:16pmStuart, Will do finish and mark route from dying cow
Gerard CunninghamMay 20 2013, 9:33pmHi Stuart - seeing as Joe has the pub crawl covered :( ....
I can do Curtlestown if you like
Stuart ScottMay 21 2013, 1:10am*** MEMBERSHIP FORMS, PRIZES AND CAMPING ***

Hi all,

At last count, I have 176 membership forms outstanding. For those not registering online, please can captains collate and send the forms to me in batches as I'd prefer not to receive 176 individual emails! I will post team lists tomorrow for inspection/correction/competitive interest.

For team changes, please continue to use the online facility at

As the WWR is primarily a fundraiser, we will not be providing prize vouchers to the top 3 teams this year. However, in accordance with their socialist mandate, the Committee have agreed to provide a limited fund for sustenance after the race for all remaining competitors. As mentioned before, camping facilities have been arranged so I'd like to take the opportunity again to encourage as many as possible to stay over - it'd be great if you could register your interest here too so we have an idea of numbers.

Thanks Joe and Gerard and don't worry, the pub won't be going anywhere! Any more helpers please?

Regarding the aforementioned Ras, I'll post a further important update tomorrow.

Eanna CunnaneMay 21 2013, 9:20pmI'm doing leg 1 on Saturday, so if any of you other first leggers are interested in swapping lifts to the start of the leg or from the end - ie meeting at curtlestown, dropping a car there, then driving to the start - get in touch
Stuart ScottMay 22 2013, 11:12amHi all,

For anyone staying over after the WWR, the Strawberry Half Marathon is taking place just down the road in Enniscorthy the following day. It's being organised by the venerable Jane and Graham and they also offer a 5 mile race for those not feeling too athletic at that time of the morning! On line entry is available up to noon on Friday and there is also offline entry up to and including Sunday morning. Full details are on their website:


Hi all,

As previously mentioned, the An Post Rás is taking place at the same time as the WWR and is scheduled to pass through Drumgoff between 1255 and 1355, depending on conditions on the day. There are roughly 200 cyclists taking part with a large support crew and it will be preceded by Garda outriders (and a much earlier charity GAA race!).

For Leg 5 runners, please exercise extreme caution on the short section from where the WW meets the main road to the crossroads and GIVE WAY to cyclists and vehicular traffic at all times. I have a contingency plan in place should it be required so please obey the instructions of the marshals.

For support crews, please allow extra time to travel to Drumgoff as there may be delays.

The mass start for Leg 6 runners will still be held at 1315.

Captains - please advise your teams accordingly!


Stuart ScottMay 22 2013, 12:54pm*** TEAM LIST PUBLISHED ***

Teams Captains,

The list of teams and runners is now available on the Event Page. Please ensure your team's details and membership status (right hand side) are correct and if any changes are required, use the online form at to record them. I still have 84 membership forms outstanding so keep them coming!

I still need another 3 or 4 volunteers for Drumgoff and Crossbridge too.

Many thanks,

vanessa sallierMay 22 2013, 12:57pmHi, Anybody interrested in leg 3 recce tonight?
If yes please email me @
Joe LalorMay 22 2013, 3:34pmMarked route from Dying Cow to Shillelagh for Relay runners only (black arrows on canes), Solo runners continue to follow WW markers (little yellow men)
Rachel CinnsealachMay 24 2013, 12:20amTent out, sleeping bag located... now lets just hope for some good weather on Sat! Looking forward to those pints in Shillelagh :)
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 24 2013, 10:31amBest of luck to Stuart & everyone in WWR tomorrow, hope its a nice day & everything goes to plan, will miss all the fun in Shillelagh this year as I will be saying Adieu to Isa, Johhny & Joe in RDS, & hopefully celebrating a double for a change! Run well, keep safe & follow the little yellow men! At least I will get a lie in!
Stuart ScottMay 24 2013, 11:14am*** WWR FINAL BRIEFING ***

Hi all,

Please can all team captains ensure their teams are familiar with the below, particularly the section on parking. With 35 teams, this is a major event which will cause considerable disruption to locals and their goodwill is essential to maintaining the future viability of the event.

1) OUTSTANDING FORMS - There are still 34 membership forms outstanding. Teams affected are:

Doozers, Dunboyne High Flyers, The Mountain Goats, Grassroots, Where's Patrick?, Keep Her Lit! Part.2, TT Racers, Athenry Assassins and Mountain Swifts.

While this could be due to gremlins, please check the Entry List to ensure your name has been recorded correctly and notify me immediately of discrepancies. Outstanding forms must be received by race start and teams fielding unregistered (and therefore uninsured) runners will be disqualified.

2) TEAM NUMBERS - Your team numbers are listed in the Excel file above. There are no bibs so give this number to the marshal at the stage ends, otherwise your times may not be accurately recorded.

3) TEAM CHANGES - Changes to team members or running order are allowed until 5pm today after which the team will be marked as non-competitive.

4) MASS START - Takes place at Drumgoff at the usual time of 1315. Other than this, teams cannot start a leg until their incoming runner has arrived.

5) SAFETY - Each team must have their own support crew and is responsible for their own safety and first aid. However, any incidents should be notified to the RD immediately (text 086 8539-259). No runner is permitted to start until their previous runner has appeared, with the sole exception of the organised mass start. Also TAKE CARE CROSSING ROADS and see the separate Leg 5 warning below.

6) ROUTE - Runners must follow every WW post and avoid shortcuts, however appetising they look. This includes Leg 5 which has been reinstated to the usual boring route, and the diversion onto the main road at Leg 6. The only exception is Leg 8 which leaves the WW at Stranakelly Cross and will be marked.

7) MAPS - Copies of maps (some up-to-date - thanks Mick - and some old) are now available on the Event Page. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that each runner prints and carries one of these. It is guaranteed someone will get lost in the heat of battle and a map will help you get back on track. Apart from incurring the wrath of a team captain, this is also an important safety consideration - a search for a missing runner once they've deviated from a marked route (and potentially suffering from heatstroke) is not an easy undertaking.

8) PARKING - As a general rule, please carpool as much as possible and do not leave cars unattended for a long period of time, except in the villages. Leave a gap every 5 cars, DO NOT PARK ON BENDS and obey the instructions of the marshals. Specific leg info is as follows:

a) Kilmashogue: No problem, but best not to leave a car overnight.

b) Curtlestown: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. There is very limited parking and blind bends so find a nice straight bit of road and walk back. Move the car on as soon as possible. Please do not block other cars in as the area is popular with walkers.

c) Lough Tay: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. Again, there is limited parking and blind bends so find a nice straight bit of road and walk back. Move the car on as soon as possible. Please do not block other cars in as the area is also extremely popular with walkers.

d) Oldbridge: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. Do not park at the crossroads under any circumstances. Turn right and there are a couple of parking areas up the road (about a 5min walk). Again, move the car on as soon as possible.

e) Glendo: No problem. The changeover is on the Green Road (a few minutes walk away from the interpretative centre).

f) Drumgoff: TBC. Obey the instructions of the marshals. The changeover will be just after the crossroads.

g) Ironbridge: Single-occupancy cars and large vehicles/vans are not allowed under any circumstances - the road is very narrow. Please leave a gap every 5 car lengths. A few years ago a timber truck and trailer needed to get through and could not - keep this in mind!

h) Crossbridge: Parking in Crossbridge only. Absolutely no parking at Derry River bridge (even for spectating) and no cars up the narrow laneway that runners take to handover. Leg 7 is across private land and permission to use this can be withdrawn at any time and is dependent on these agreed parking arrangements being followed. This was why Leg 7 had to be extended a number of years ago.

i) Shillelagh: Finish in Kenny's pub.

9) WEATHER - After last year's move to Central Africa, the forecast this year is for a more Irish summer. However, ensure you are adequately prepared, both with hydration and layers. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high teens and very little wind, with cloud expected in the afternoon.

10) PRIZE GIVING - Will take place in Kenny's in Shillelagh around 1630. Soup and sandwiches will also be provided.

11) CAMPING - 5 star facilities available close to the finish line with refreshments on tap. There are a number of people interested but the more the merrier!

12) SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR LEG 5 - Please exercise extreme caution on the main road and obey the instructions of the marshals. You must give way to cyclists and vehicular traffic at all times.

13) NON-COMPETITIVE TEAMS - Some teams do not have the required number of vets or female runners. This is perfectly allowable but such teams will not be in the running (haha) for prizes.

14) ENJOYMENT - This is compulsory...I hope!

Any questions, please ask them through the forum. Best of luck to everyone on the day!

Peter O'NeillMay 24 2013, 4:52pmDoing leg 5 tomorrow and looking for a lift back to Glendalough from Glenmalure (driver fell through). All help appreciated.


Peter O'Neill
John BrennanMay 26 2013, 11:53amThanks to all involved in the organising of another fantastic Imra event and a Great all round performance by the Raheny team well done lads.
Des KennedyMay 26 2013, 1:33pmA big thanks to Stuart and all his helpers for the great organisation yesterday from a very happy and proud Raheny team captain. Well done to Rathfarnham for putting up such a good defence of their title, pushing us all the way and finishing a close second. Well done to the third placed Adventure Racers and to all the other teams that were involved in this great event.

Also well done to Eoin on winning the ultra and smashing his own Wicklow Way record, to the other ultra participants and to Jeff and his helpers. What a great day!

Richie's trophys are great too!
Dermot MurphyMay 26 2013, 4:12pmMany thanks to Stuart and volunteers for organising another great Wicklow Way relay yesterday! Weather was great again this year (maybe a bit too hot for some) which always adds to the occasion. Well done to Raheny for a well deserved win - no doubt Rathfarnham will be trying hard to retake the title next year. But they will also need to look for those Adventure racers too - some strong performances on their team put them within touching distance near the end.

Well done to Eoin for a great time on the solo run - indeed a very well done to all those who managed to finish - a very tough run that I think will live long in the memory.

Brian FureyMay 26 2013, 4:44pmThanks to Stuart and helpers yesterday for organising a great event. Well done to Des and Raheny on a great peformance. They deserved their win. Nice touch with the stone-cut trophies from Richie.
Also well done to Eoin on his record in the ultra race as well as all the other ultra runners. Tough conditions for such a long run.
Brendan LawlorMay 26 2013, 5:51pmThank you Stuart and all volunteers - great event as ever
cormac o ceallaighMay 26 2013, 8:47pmWell done Stuart and team-well organised.Appreciate the difficulties of having to turn teams away with the cap at the 35 mark.For runners /teams who did not manage to get a place-do not despair,the stone cross lug relay takes place on the 27 July.This is a super event followed by a BBQ at Fentons, Get training ,and brushing up on your navigation skills. Dont leave it till the last minute,Act NOW!
Alan AylingMay 26 2013, 10:58pmGreat event, great day, great weather, great sesh in the Parkview afterwards. A pity a few more didn't stay over - recommended for next year.
Mick HanneyMay 27 2013, 9:23amWhat a great event this is. Only made possible by the hard work of Stuart and the volunteers on the day. Thanks guys. Well done to all competing teams and particularly to Raheny for coming out on top. Theres a great buzz during the day of this event and it shows the best of IMRA. Teams lose runners in the lead-up to the event and people reach out to help. Its great to be a part of it.
Adrian HennessyMay 27 2013, 10:47amA great day out in the sunny Wicklow hills. Well done to Raheny and Eoin Keith for their commanding victories. Thanks to Stuart and his team of volunteers for superbly organising everything.
Stuart ScottMay 27 2013, 11:53amHi all,

Results have now been published. Apologies for the delay, of all the weekends the internet decides not to work...

This year's competition was very tightly contested, with only 30 minutes separating the top 5. Congratulations to Raheny who took the podium in 7:04:28, and Rathfarnham and The Adventure Racers who were close runners up. Although looking strong throughout, victory wasn't certain and some fine individual performances from other teams kept up considerable pressure.

Again, it was another fairly uneventful year. Temperatures were noticeably cooler than last year, reaching 16 or 17 degrees. However, with no cloud cover or wind, heatstroke and dehyration were still concerns with a few teams receiving unfortunate reminders. Others took a few navigationally interesting routes, obviously feeling jealous of their Wicklow Way Solo colleagues! Again, it highlights the benefit of carrying a map - detours are inevitable but a map will always help you find the quickest way back on track.

Sincere thanks to all who helped out at the event. In particular, John, Gerry, Zoran, Eoin, Daniela, Ronan, Lindie and Co., Jeff, Ger, Jean, Kieran, James, Barry and Joe who spent hours manning changeover points and without whom the event could not have been run at all. All were superbly organised and left me with very little to do, which suited perfectly! Thanks too to all teams for their cooperation with the parking restrictions. Apart from a badly parked green Avensis at Oldbridge (ahem), we had very few issues which is great to note and allowed us to have a few more teams than we should have had.

Finally, after two happily uneventful years, I'm afraid this will be my last year in charge. Ideally, a recently-retired race director with 10 full years in the role would return, but I have a suspicion he might not be so keen! However, there are plenty of people with good ideas on how the race might be further developed and I hope someone would be willing to try them out.

Rosalind HusseyMay 27 2013, 12:06pmThanks to Stuart and all the helpers for a well organised and fun day out. I had a great time at my first WWR :)
Karl MaguireMay 27 2013, 1:46pmFirstly, on behalf of Get Mucked Adventure Social Club Team, just want to say a huge thank you and well done to Stuart and ALL the helpers and volunteers for making the relay a truely great event!

On an aside, i just want to indicate that there is a slight anomoly in the splits for Leg 1 and Leg 2, which shouldn't really make a difference to the overall outcome of results, however, i think my split time on Leg 2 and Paul Mahon's time on Leg 1 are shuffeled with each other. Paul's time for Leg 1 is indicated as 1:17, however Paul was 5th runner home to Curtlestown. My time on Leg 2 is indicated as 1:01, but i was out there for about 1:17. As much as i would love to have been, i definately wasn't 1st, as listed in the results! So, it does appear that the times were mistakenly shuffeled, which means a huge congratulations is due to Ian Conroy for a remarkable winning time on Leg 2 (1:04:56), and also to Paul Mahon for an excellent run finishing 5th on Leg 1 (1:01:20).

Well done to all!!
Paul GrantMay 27 2013, 2:33pmJust a quick note to say thanks to Stuart and the gang for running a brilliant race on Saturday. It was a great event and I know it takes a lot of work to make it happen so thanks for all the hard work.
Warren SwordsMay 27 2013, 2:45pmThanks to Stuart and all of his team. Great day.
Derek CharlesMay 27 2013, 2:48pmStuart,

Thank you and congratulations to you and your team on another great WWR. Thanks again.
Kenneth O' HaraMay 27 2013, 4:36pmI'll echo all of the above. Great day out. It's a brilliant race & really look forward to another bite of the cherry next year to put right this years mistake :) Of all the legs to go astray on I decided to get lost on the home stetch losing 2 spots which were hard fought for over the previous hours.

Thanks to all the organisers, marshalls & also to the other teams & their supporters too. There was great camaraderie all through the day both on course and at the change-overs. It all added to a great day out.

Only problem now is to guarantee my spot on the team for next year, this race is growing in popularity down Athenry way.
Cailín BentMay 27 2013, 9:07pmCan't find the results?
Mick HanneyMay 27 2013, 9:13pmOn the Main Event Details Page near the end. 'RESULTS View the 2013 Results'.
caitliín BentMay 27 2013, 9:19pmOops. Just found them. Thanks anyway Mick.
Lindie NaughtonJun 1 2013, 8:11amSome pics at my zenfolio - - including two group shots taken by Christian later in the day. If you want a watermark-free pdf (free!) just shout.
Stuart ScottJun 5 2013, 6:05pmHi all,

I have just uploaded the amended WWR results to the event page. There are minor corrections for Teams 22 and 26 which arose from a distinct lack of coffee while I was typing them up! If there are any other anomalies please let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out and for all the positive feedback, glad you all enjoyed the day.

While the event is still fresh in everyone's mind (especially mine!), I hope someone will come forward to direct it next year. With the high demand for places, the RD needs to be in place by March at the latest but no time like the present either! There really isn't that much involved - it mainly just requires a presence on the day and online reg should alleviate most of the last minute rush. Ideally I will be Jura-bound this time next year but I'm happy to help the new RD in whatever way I can*. If anyone would like to know more, feel free to email or talk to me at the next few races.


(*) T&C apply.