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Diarmuid O'ColmainSep 26 2012, 6:10pmLooking at the race details, didn't realize this has been run before as a race. But not many of those who read the forum have done it, it appears. I have run it (not as a race) and I presume it is the obvious up and down route, which I think is great, but tough. I'm really surprised that it is only 8k, I would have guessed it was a bit more than that. And there is a possibility of a nice extended warm down in the forestry out of Kilcash.

I'm definitely looking forward to this race and the AGM.
Gerry BradySep 26 2012, 11:18pmI ran it back in 1992 in around 34:30 and from what I remember there is a steep road climb and then flattish off road but flat then is not flat now! It was part of the Kilcash village festival then and they sponsored crystal trophies. There was an international race held on it in 1993 or 1994 where 34 minutes may have been broken by John Lenihan. Nice village and pub!
Amy MacDonaldSep 27 2012, 11:49amSteep road and flat off-road isn't selling it!!
diarmuid o'colmainSep 30 2012, 9:42pmSteep road and flat off road is definitely not the route I took up! It's a good few years ago now and I was on a long (20k) run and included the run up and down Sleivenamon as a main part of that. My recollection was of a rocky track up and down, steepish in parts, less steep in other parts, but quite a challenging run, I thought.

(look, I'd be lying if I said it was Galtybeg, but I certainly wasn't running it all, not that that means much, I suppose!)

Then again my route could be different to that planned.
Donall FlanaganOct 15 2012, 10:06pmRan the off road section a about 4 weeks ago. Its reasonably steep but you won't need to use your hands! Some very deep erosion channels have developed in the path. Will make the decent lively. Hope to make it along on the day.
Ben DromeyOct 19 2012, 1:12pmI havent been in the country this year but i would like to take part in this race, would I need to pay a season registration fee?
Pat barryOct 19 2012, 2:16pmI am in the same boat.

For the GalteeMore race I paid the 10 euro to join IMRA but they waived the race entry fee.
John KellyOct 19 2012, 8:22pmLads its normally 10e for a once off run in a imra race. Just tell the person collecting the money
Ben DromeyOct 20 2012, 5:49pmCheers!
Alan AylingOct 20 2012, 8:26pmDue to a change in plans, it now looks like I'm going to be able to get to this race and the AGM. One last fix of running before hibernation kicks in.
Anyone looking to share transport from Dublin (SW)?
john kellyOct 20 2012, 9:47pmThinking of going down from south Dublin. Carpooling sounds like a good plan if anyone is interested. If anyone needs a lift let me know at
Meadhbh MurphyOct 31 2012, 4:04pmHi
I have just returned from Vancouver where a friend told me all about IMRA. I haven't done a race yet but want to start. Is the end of season race okay for a first timer?
Mick HanneyNov 1 2012, 4:20pmIts a bit off the beaten track to do your first hill race? You are probably better off waiting until the new hill running season starts in early 2013. That said you'd be very welcome to join in at Slievenamon if you make the effort to get down there.

Not sure who the race director is for this one, but I'd be happy to help in any way in non running mode as I'm currently injured.
Richard NunanNov 4 2012, 3:42pmThe Village start is spelt Kilcash, just for those relying on Sat Nav...
Vivian O'GormanNov 5 2012, 1:27pmThe last race of the year and its a good one!! You'll be up and down before ya know it!

Tom Blackburn - the 2012 Munster Champion - is Race Director and I am helping out.

We are looking for a few volunteers - First Aid Person
Lap Top Operator
2 for registration
2 for finish

If anybody wants to do Summit Marshall no problem.

The Kit Requirement is: Longsleeves

The Race Director will make the required decision on the day.

Bring your own water and take all rubbish home with you.

Prizegiving will be done as quickly as possible after the race.

Now just need the weather.

Diarmuid O'ColmainNov 5 2012, 2:29pmProvided voting starts early enough I can help with registration,
Kevin O'RiordanNov 5 2012, 2:40pmPolls open at 9am (and close at 10pm):
Mick HanneyNov 5 2012, 6:40pmhHi Vivian,

I'll do laptop.


Niamh O CeallaighNov 5 2012, 11:28pmEither myself or Cormac will do non running volunteer.
Paul WhyteNov 6 2012, 10:06pmHi Vivian,
I have put my name down as a non running volunteer.
Vivian O'GormanNov 7 2012, 8:29pmStill looking for a First Aid person.

Thanks to the usual people who have volunteered so far. I will open the race registration at 11.45am. So if you're there by then or thereabouts that'll be grand.
charlie LyonsNov 8 2012, 2:04pmAfternoon all,

I will be heading down to the Slievenamon race leaving from Stepaside. I have 1 seat in the car available. If someone needs a lift please get in contact with me at the following address :

Aidan BligheNov 8 2012, 11:28pmHi Vivian
I was hoping to run but can do first aider if you are stuck. If its likely to be a small turnout any chance of running first aider? Kind of worked in Carlingford.
Dermot MurphyNov 9 2012, 10:00amAidan, I probably wont be able to run myself, so I can cover first aid while you run.
Vivian O'GormanNov 9 2012, 6:26pmThats great - thanks Dermot and Aidan