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bernard fortuneJul 3 2012, 10:37pmcan help as a running volunteer Jane
Dermot MurphyJul 19 2012, 9:23pmWell covered for general helping for this one. Still need First Aid officer, laptop operator and race marker.
Plenty of general and specialised roles needed for Devil's Glen.
Vivian O'GormanJul 29 2012, 8:19pmFirst Aid person and Laptop Operator still needed for this race.

Also would Paula Keohan text me either your email address or mobile number.
Brian FennessyAug 1 2012, 10:11pmHi Viv,

Im happy to cover first aid for the race.

Brendan LawlorAug 2 2012, 12:01pmThe Race Director is off in London for a few days - apparently there's something on over there??

Anyhow, based on last night there are now enough volunteers for this race so if you need to volunteer please sign up for Devils Glen the following week
Gareth LittleAug 3 2012, 9:14am
Will there be any LL hoody's at this race for collection?

Jimmy SynnottAug 3 2012, 9:52amHi Gareth yes hoddys will be there,gave out quite at the last race, any one else who is due one can also collect as will again be giving them out from my van.Its the large grey one with my name on it.You can not miss it .Cheers jimmy
Brian O'MurchuAug 5 2012, 11:46amA little nudge for the RD, Dave Brady will reach x 100 IMRA races at Djouce Trail
Brian O MurchuAug 6 2012, 7:11pm
Anyone going to this race from town? Am looking for a lift....
Mick HanneyAug 7 2012, 10:01amI can demark or help in any other way needed.
Elizabeth WheelerAug 7 2012, 7:59pmBrian,
I am leaving from Ringsend at 6 if that's any use? However won't be hanging around after as have early start on Thursday
Ger LawlorAug 7 2012, 8:53pmHey all,

1 space available, leaving red cow around 6pm heading south on M50
brian fennessyAug 8 2012, 10:29amHi jimmy

I have first aid gear we are a little short of ice packs other than that kit looks ok.

I'll come and see you before race to get a couple more ice packs.

Louise ChawkeAug 8 2012, 10:54amI will be leaving city centre (st stephens green area) at 5.30 if anybody needs a lift. One space only.

Louise ChawkeAug 8 2012, 12:11pmText me on 0872940753 if you want the space.
Conor O'SullivanAug 8 2012, 4:19pmHi,

I know its a bit late but our drive is after falling through. Anybody passing Blackrock at around 6? If so give me a text 086 2668608. Need space for two of us!!!

conor o'sullivanAug 8 2012, 4:31pmLift sorted...cheers!