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Running Association

World Long-Distance Championships

2016 World Long-Distance Mountain Running Championships
Saturday 18 June, 2016
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Race Marking:
Route fully marked - Route fully marked
GPS Allowed:
Vouchers Allowed:
No. Online entry only for this race.
Route Description:
The race starts in the centre of the town Podbrdo. The first new part of the tracks follows old road between Podbrdo and Petrovo Brdo till the old house by Hoba, on the turn in front of the house the track follows the old path till Kup, where is the first refreshment. After this first 3 km you’ll find a connection with old track – the Slovene mountain trail and after the first few kilometres reaches Kovce, a mountain plateau 1230 meters above sea level. From there participants follow a nice alpine-runner friendly path, cross the Vrh Bače pass (1270 meters above sea level) and run up to Kobla (1490 meters above sea level). After that ascent, the track sweeps gently to Kal, an alpine pasture 1362 meters above sea level, where another sharp ascent begins and takes the runners to the highest point of the marathon, Čez Suho saddle (1760 meters above sea level), situated just below the summit of Črna prst. The highest point is also an introduction to the longest descent (950 meters height difference) down a marked mountain path over Kalarsko brdo saddle (985 meters above sea level) to Kal, a village 817 metres above sea level. The participants then follow a nice hunter’s path and later a kilometre of asphalt road before they reach the small village of Znojile. A three-kilometre-run over pleasant easy ground brings the runners to Obloke, a village 620 meters above sea level, and later to the village of Hudajužna, the lowest point of the marathon (361 meters above sea level). From this point onwards the runners are faced with another long (6.5 kilometres) and steep ascent (1230 meters height difference), which takes them past lonely farms to an alpine hut just under the top of Porezen (1636 meters above sea level). Runners who have already participated in the marathon have come to calling this part of the course “the hour of truth”, so it is no wonder that on this toughest ascent there are five refreshment stops and a doctor. After reaching Porezen the last part of the track takes the participants down over the pastures of Trtnik and past an alpine farm to the finish – Podbrdo.
Getting There:
Podbrdo, Slovenia
Organisers Instructions:
Website: here

Selection basis: First two in trial races with other positions based on trial race and mountain running and cross-country/road performances in 2015/2016. All selection is subject to the athlete being at least capable of finishing within 5% of the trial winners time and 10% of the international race winners times. Only athletes who meet the criteria will be selected this means that full teams may not be sent. Selected athletes should be registered with Athletics Ireland.