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Wicklow Way Relay

Declan KennyFeb 28 2023, 3:40pmOn the Wicklow Way Relay page, it says runners must have 2022 IMRA membership. Does this mean new members in 2023 are not permitted to take part? Thanks.
Declan KennyFeb 28 2023, 3:49pmOkay, just re-read that page, and I guess these are last year's details, so hopefully this means we're all good. :-)
Rene BorgFeb 28 2023, 8:39pmhi Declan - yes that's right. any team that manages to sign up before the spots are gone are good to go with 2023 memberships.

a date will be communicated with several warnings of when we open registrations. It's usually in mid to late April.
Declan KennyMar 1 2023, 7:24pmMany thanks.
Jason KehoeMar 20 2023, 2:23pm20th Edition of the Wicklow Way Relay:

Event page details are now fully up to date.

The registration process begins at 14:00 on Friday, April 21st, 2023. Captains should start organising their squad and if you are a lone runner you can advertise your availability here on the forum.

Many thanks,
Jason, Rene, Bill
Robert AsherMar 21 2023, 1:56pmThanks guys! Looking forward to it. By the way the plotaroute profile for leg 1 on the page is showing the full Wicklow Way route, not just leg 1
Rene BorgMar 21 2023, 4:01pmhi Robert, the plotaroute was created to show the 8 legs together as a 'collection' which is probably the reason (I think the link may be to the collection and then you have to click leg 1 to see it)

if you use this direct link it should fix that problem: