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Trooperstown Winter

Daniel O'BrienFeb 2 2023, 12:32pmHi, will there be a college championships in Trooperstown this year?
Mike LongFeb 2 2023, 3:51pmDaniel
We hope so. Query has been put into committee. We will get back to you asap.
Mike LongFeb 15 2023, 7:43amDear All
It would be fantastic if some of you could have a think about volunteering for Trooperstown on 11th March. Specifically we need:
- a course marker
- 3 people who would be willing to be on-course marshalls (more if there is to be a short course)
- 3 people to do parking (who could run aslo)
- some others for registration / finish etc.
PS Thanks to those who have volunteered already
Eoin HamiltonFeb 15 2023, 8:52amHappy to volunteer for parking!
Mike LongFeb 15 2023, 12:36pmFantastic Eoin Thanks
Daniel O'BrienFeb 17 2023, 8:43amHi Mike,
What would a course marker role entail?
Warren SwordsFeb 17 2023, 10:33amThere's a great guide on how to mark a course in Appendix 2 here:

New runners should probably read it anyway on how turns etc are marked.
Jeff SwordsFeb 17 2023, 6:32pmYeah, it's a good guide. There's a fine line between marking a course well and overmarking it. Nothing worse when you're unmarking a course where's there's lots of unnecessarily tape tied tightly to gorse.
Mike LongFeb 18 2023, 9:37pmDaniel
Thanks very much for the offer to be the course marker. However René has agreed to do Trooperstown. Perhaps you could consider another race?
Daniel O'BrienFeb 19 2023, 2:02pmNo worries Mike. I see the College Championships is up now, so I will want to run, but if you need help with parking I can come early and help there!
Mike LongFeb 19 2023, 8:41pmDaniel
Would be delighted to have your help with parking and we will make sure you have enough time to warm up for the College Champs
Mick HanneyFeb 20 2023, 11:22amHi Mike,

I can handover gear to you after my race if you call down Or can drop to Dublin Or be there early on your event day, whichever works best. Ph: 086 853 955 four


Mike LongFeb 21 2023, 8:54pmMick
Appreciate that. Thanks. my current plan is to come down to your race but will be in touch
Jenni MileyFeb 22 2023, 8:39amHappy to volunteer at this one if help needed. Thanks.
Mike LongFeb 23 2023, 8:48pmExcellent Jenni
Thank you!
Mike LongFeb 26 2023, 8:13pmDear All
Race now less than 2 weeks out. Would love to see a few more volunteers. Whether we have short course, junior courses etc. is a function of how many volunteers we have. Also a few of you have told me you will volunteer but have not formally registered as volunteers as yet.
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.
Patrick MarshallMar 1 2023, 6:22pmHi Mick,

I can volunteer at this race. Let me know what capacity you need assistance on.

Mike LongMar 3 2023, 12:44pmPatrick that is excellent Put your name down on the volunteer list and I will be in contact via email Welcome any help at all which would suit you Mike
Mike LongMar 4 2023, 6:24pmDear All
Hope those you you who were there enjoyed the super event at Annacurra today. Next installment is next Saturday at Trooperstown. Entries open Tuesday and close Friday at 6pm.
Looking for a few more volunteers as well please.
Karl BourneMar 4 2023, 10:02pmHi Mike, just wondering what the length and elevation would be for the junior's course? Is it roughly this?

Mike LongMar 5 2023, 11:17amKarl
Your route is fine for the younger juniors except the finish is down through the forest like the main race not around the fire road.
The older juniors do the short course, i.e. to summit of Trooperstown and back
Rene BorgMar 6 2023, 9:31amDid a pre-marking check on the route yesterday. the good news is, the trail has never been drier than yesterday and while that may change a bit before Saturday, it's looking good now.

Long-term Trooperstown runners will notice a small change to the uphill part of the route where the course hits the tarmac road.

On the way up you'll be going straight onto mountain trails following a small mountain bike path/slip-lane. This cuts 100m of distance from the course and 230m of tarmac and introduces 300m of single-track not previously part of the course.

The new section can be seen here:

You will come down exactly the way you are used to.
Mike LongMar 6 2023, 3:53pmLooks good. Thanks René. Some nice Strava segment time to be beaten!
REBECCA CAROLANMar 7 2023, 7:55amAny advice for a first timer doing this one?? Kind of scared reading about the descent in the course description!!!!
Mikey FryMar 7 2023, 8:09amJust take your time going down the steep descent and you’ll be fine Rebecca once you’ve done the first bit you’ll be plenty warmed up:)
Eimear DeeganMar 7 2023, 9:31amCan vouchers be used or is it online sign up only?
Mike LongMar 7 2023, 11:23amVouchers will be accepted.
Agree with Mikey on the steep descent. Take your time and enjoy the views of Glendalough.
REBECCA CAROLANMar 7 2023, 12:59pmThanks both, looking forward to it!
Mike LongMar 7 2023, 8:44pmEntries now open until Friday at 6pm.
We could do with one or two extra volunteers please (even those who want to run also)
Jack LawlorMar 7 2023, 10:19pmHi
Do you need IMRA membership for the year to run the College Champs race? Or just one time payment for the race?
Mike LongMar 7 2023, 10:33pmGood question Jack
I would need to seek some advice on that?
Lillian DeeganMar 7 2023, 10:39pmHi Jack,
Yes, you need to be a member to race. The same applies for all IMRA events. Annual membership also gives you your race bib No. for the year along side covering our insurance needs.
Mike LongMar 9 2023, 12:21pmDear All
A few people have asked me will the race go ahead given the weather conditions.
Our current plan is to go ahead
Our main concern might be possible ice conditions on the road especially around Roundwood.
Please keep an eye on the Forum and if any Roundwood resisdents have any information later in the week, perhaps they could share it
Colum McKeownMar 10 2023, 10:07amHi,

I've had two people accept seats in my car for Trooperstown tomorrow but I haven't received any details by email. I don't know if it's the same issue but I don't receive emails after entering races either.
Whoever has signed up for a lift, you can contact me on and we can arrange for tomorrow.
Cillian BorgMar 10 2023, 10:16amCurrently the main R755 is more or less clear and gritted.

The sideroads are fairly snow-filled but generally passable with clear driving tracks on most of them.

With the forecast afternoon rain now gone, the snow may stay in place until the morning rainfall (which could make for a slippy route - bring the grips).

I'll report further this afternoon as I'll do a bit of premarking - the state of the car park will be a key consideration but given Mountain Rescue is there and there are several locals who use that road daily, it's likely it should be ok.
Rene BorgMar 10 2023, 10:25amthat last post was by me not my son btw. The joys of having to manage two accounts.
Mike LongMar 10 2023, 12:40pmThanks for the update René and Cillian
Looks hopeful?
Let us know how you get on this afternoon
Rene BorgMar 10 2023, 1:14pmDriving wise it should not be a problem and running wise it'll probably only add to the fun in the unlikely case it doesn't thaw away in the next 8 hours.

The main constraint is what state the car park will be in. Ideally the sun this afternoon melts it away before the morning rain hits.

I'll be passing shortly to check on it and then return around 4 pm . will let you know well before the registration cut-off what it looks like.
Mike LongMar 10 2023, 1:23pmRené would parking in Laragh and then jogging up to Trooperstown be an option ? It’s probably safe as there is a footpath all along that route
Rene BorgMar 10 2023, 1:40pmAll is clear at Trooperstown Wood. Baking sunshine here now
Mike LongMar 10 2023, 3:05pmBrilliant René
Really appreciate your help
Kathryn BarrMar 10 2023, 3:36pmIs anyone passing near UCD and might have a spare seat please?
Mike LongMar 10 2023, 3:46pmEntries still open until 6pm
- please park carefully and car pool if possible
- everyone must register and scan their chip in the Mountain Rescue centre
- no muddy shoes in the Centre
- jackets essential
Karl BourneMar 10 2023, 4:43pmHi Mike. What time does registration start and finish tomorrow please?
Roelie SmitMar 10 2023, 5:32pmOther commitments for tomorrow cancelled so signed up to volunteer. Let me know if I am required or whether you have enough volunteers.
Laura FlynnMar 10 2023, 6:41pmHi Mike, at what time would you like volunteers to be there tomorrow?
Mike LongMar 10 2023, 6:44pmKarl: 0930 to 1045
Roelie: Thanks for thinking of us. Please come along
Laura: 9am please
Clare KeeleyMar 11 2023, 7:56amMike, I will up to Trooperstown later to collect the IMRA gear off you for next week. Clare
Mike LongMar 11 2023, 3:21pmClare
Thanks and sorry if I caused any confusion. Gear left at the Mountain Rescue Centre in Trooperstown. Good luck next week.
Gill McLoughlinMar 11 2023, 7:33pmThanks so much to Mike and his amazing team of volunteers for the race today, with particular thanks to the hardy souls on marshalling duty! Awesome conditions to run in!
Mick HanneyMar 11 2023, 7:55pmEpic race conditions today. Thanks Mike and crew esp the marshals out in the cold and snow.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMar 12 2023, 12:43pmThanks very much to Mike and the hardy band of volunteers up at Trooperstown yesterday. The race was fantastic. A big thanks also to those responsible for organising what has been a most enjoyable Spring League - people like Conor on IT and Lillian on permits, etc. and all the RDs. Your efforts are much appreciated.
Alan KennedyMar 12 2023, 12:58pmAgree 100% with Caoimhin, my first year in IMRA and the Spring League was great to focus and plan for the runs all well in advance thanks to the yearly calendar. And allowing the flexibility of 3 from 5 events helped squeeze in other non-running family occasions. But seeing the photos from yesterday I really regret missing it now. Thanks again to all the RD’s and helpers.
Mike WalkerMar 12 2023, 1:21pmthank you Mike and all the marshals for organising and overseeing such a great event in what were tough conditions ... loved it
REBECCA CAROLANMar 13 2023, 11:35amThank to everyone involved in Trooperstown, what a race! That descent was not for the faint hearted, thankfully I managed to stay upright though!
Like Alan, this is my first year doing IMRA events or any kind of trail/mountain running for that, looking forward to many more to come!
Eoin HamiltonMar 13 2023, 2:16pmThis was a fantastic race. I unfortunately did not stay upright on the final descent and had a bad encounter with some rocks. Thanks to all that helped me get down safe and sound - especially Theo Mooney, who gave up a top 5 spot to see me down safely. See you all in spring
Ben ConroyMar 13 2023, 5:27pmHey thanks a mill to organisers was a race to be remembered for the madness of it few dicey moment on the steep descent off Trooperstown some mean looking rock lurking under the snow.. hope the couple of folk who took tumbles not doing ok..
Does anyone have any photos of the race I normally grab a few but didn't want to risk bricking my dodgy cracked iPhone in the snow..
Ben ConroyMar 13 2023, 5:28pmsorry to clarify typo..
hope the couple of folk who took tumbles ARE doing ok.. ;o)
Mary CollinsMar 13 2023, 6:24pmThanks Mike to you and all your freezing cold,cheerful , encouraging volunteers for last Saturdays challenge!
Very well marked, marshalled and supported.
REBECCA CAROLANMar 16 2023, 1:34pmBen, there are some pictures on the IMRA facebook page.