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Dillon RyanFeb 1 2023, 4:28pmHi Richard,

When will entries be open for this race?

Clare KeeleyFeb 1 2023, 4:41pmHi Dillon, I will be opening entries for the Wicklow Way Half about 3 weeks before. I will keep the forum updated as to when it will open so keep your eye out! There will be an entry limit in the region of 200-220 (TBC). Enjoy the training! Clare
Dillon RyanFeb 1 2023, 4:59pmThanks Clare
Aubrey O'NeillFeb 4 2023, 10:10amHi Clare, just wondering if the IMRA hats will be back this year for finishers? Cheers!
Andrew HanneyFeb 4 2023, 11:52amThis is actually Aubrey’s roundabout way of asking for mugs.
Clare KeeleyFeb 4 2023, 12:40pmAh Andy, everyone loves an ol’ mug! No mugs, hats or caps Aubrey, but no surprises either, new design though!! I actually did a bit of looking for different ideas for finisher prize but needs to be something everyone uses, same size and shows you ran the race! At this point my only worry is how I am going to bake my usual flapjacks for 200 runners!!
Clare KeeleyFeb 4 2023, 12:47pmAlso, thank you to Darren and Dan who have signed up for volunteer roles nice and early. I will put a call out again closer to the time for volunteers but anyone running the MMU 50k or 80k and tapering the week before be good time to get the volunteering in early in the year!
Aubrey O'NeillFeb 4 2023, 1:43pmThanks Clare!

I will neither confirm nor deny this was a masked query about mugs!!
Clare KeeleyFeb 10 2023, 7:41amThe Wicklow Way Half online entry opens this morning at 9am!

It will remain open untill the 1st of March at 6pm (to facilitate the ordering of finishers prizes and allocation of volunteers).

If this is your first IMRA race this year you will need to pay for 2023 membership first if you hadn’t done so already. You will see this in the IMRA shop.

If you are unfamiliar with the Wicklow Way trail or the race route , although marked, it’s worth getting out on the route for a run and seeing how the yellow man markers are positioned at junctions etc… there are no real hidden ones on this route but it will give you more confidence on race day.

Volunteering- I know we are still 5 weeks out from the race but I would love a laptop operator to sign up then I can relax a little bit!! Running volunteers welcome for car park duties and help with setting up before the race. I will need 6 non- running volunteers at reg to get all runners booked in, race numbers and chips sorted and 2 people over at the turn around point at Crone Woods.

Check out the event page for all details regarding early starts etc… and any other questions just ask!
Happy training!
Liam LenehanFeb 11 2023, 5:34pmHi Clare, my question is will there be short course on the day. Thanks, Liam
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 11 2023, 7:15pmShort course??? I think this is the “short course” in the Wicklow Way series which traditionally had a 50km and this race being approx half the distance or half marathon and a bit…this year also sees an 80km so compared to the other courses I think this is as short as it gets…
Eoin McDonnellFeb 16 2023, 1:00pmHello... a long shot. Might there be any car pooling for this event?

I'm trying to get from Kilamcud (or anywhere in the same neck of the woods) to the start line and back.
Rebecca ReaFeb 16 2023, 5:11pmI'm going to hop on that 'looking for carpooling' train too... I could meet someone anywhere in Dublin or bus/dart accessible Wicklow... Fingers crossed!
Clare KeeleyFeb 16 2023, 5:46pmHi all,
If anyone can help Eoin or Rebecca out with a lift on the day of the race or anyone open to sharing their car for lifts please add your name/car to the Carpool option at the very end of the Wicklow Way Half Event Details page, you have to login to myIMRA to do this. (Correct me if I am wrong anyone but I think this is the secure way of connecting for lifts and sharing contact details without posting personal numbers etc.. on the forum?!?) Clare
Clare KeeleyFeb 22 2023, 8:20am******Reminder!!!****
Entry for the Wicklow Way Half will close this day next week, 1st March at 18.00. There is only online entry for this race. If you are in anyway on the fence, just sign up, take the early start and give it a go!

A huge thank you to the great crew of volunteers (still need a laptop operator)!
Alan KennedyFeb 22 2023, 8:36amHi Clare, I'm new to IMRA this year and just wondering how it works if you sign up for a race and are then unable to make it? Alan
Clare KeeleyFeb 22 2023, 9:09amHi Alan. Welcome to IMRA! There is no refund or transfer policy with IMRA races, if you enter and can’t make it there is nothing that can be done unfortunately (completely volunteer based organization providing low cost/value for money races, from an administrative point of view it is not possible) Clare
Alan SorohanFeb 23 2023, 9:57pmHi Eoin, Rebecca, I've set up a carpool under the event details. Feel free to book a seat :-)
Martina Mc MahonFeb 26 2023, 9:29pmHi guys this will be my first IMRA race too. Are there cut off points in this race . Asking for a friend ;)
Clare KeeleyFeb 27 2023, 7:25amHi Martina,
There is no cut off for this race. There is a early start option which starts 30 mins before the main race. Looking back at last years times. First female was 1hr 49 mins and final female was 3hr 36 mins. Fastest male was 1hr 33 mins and final male 3hrs 46mins.
I will be recommending any runner who thinks the 22k will take them longer than 2hr 30mins to take the early start. I hope this helps! Clare
Clare KeeleyFeb 28 2023, 9:20amHi folks,
Just a reminder that the Wicklow Way Half race online entry (€25) will close tomorrow at 6pm.
There are no late entries, no transfers and no vouchers on the day!
If it is your first IMRA race of the year you will need to purchase a yearly membership (€10) and if it your very first IMRA race, also a timing chip (€5) which you keep for all other IMRA races you enter.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 18th March!
Clare KeeleyFeb 28 2023, 9:28am**sorry, first timing chips are free, replacement chips are a fiver!!** (thanks Graham!!)
Clare KeeleyMar 1 2023, 4:41pm****Final reminder!!!**** Wicklow Way Half online entry closes this evening at 6pm!! At 198 entries so far which is super.
Mick StuartMar 2 2023, 1:50pmHi Clare,

I'm an idiot and I missed the Wicklow Way Half deadline last night.

Are there any circumstances where the shop may reopen for this

Clare KeeleyMar 2 2023, 1:53pmHi Mick, going to be a big no! Sorry, it has been open weeks with loads of reminders!! Clare
Mick StuartMar 2 2023, 1:57pmThat's fair Clare. I've no excuses.
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsMar 3 2023, 9:45pmHi Claire,
A friend has an entry that she can't use now because of an injury - just wondering if you're accepting transfers? Totally understand if not. Thanks, Maeve
Dave RyanMar 9 2023, 3:02pmHello.
I'm a newbee to IMRA who just purchased a membership this week
My son signed up for the Wicklow Way Half, and I see that I've passed the deadline for entry.
If any have to pull out before race day, I could gladly step in and pay, to fill the place if it was allowed.
Clare KeeleyMar 9 2023, 6:08pmHi Dave and Meave (previous message). Unfortunately there are no transfers of race places within IMRA races.
Clare KeeleyMar 13 2023, 8:19amHi all,
Last call out for Laptop Operator for Saturdays Wicklow Way Half!
We have Kate for the first part of morning and Richard as shadow but it would be great to someone to see thorough to the end.

Race day instructions will follow on in the week and again big thank you to all the volunteers- email to all you guys this eve. (I have enough volunteers now so if anyone fancy volunteering look ahead in the calendar and volunteer for next race)
Clare KeeleyMar 13 2023, 4:42pm***update**
For anyone who missed out on the closing date for registration for this event, the shop will open for 2 hours this evening 7pm-9pm for 10 places only, first come, first served!
Maciej DzieledziakMar 13 2023, 10:18pmHi All

If anybody is not going to run but have an entry I will gladly buy it of you if that is possible

Clare KeeleyMar 16 2023, 1:42am***Race Day Instructions***

Hi Everyone,

We are really looking forward to Saturday and having you all run a gorgeous section of the Wicklow Way Trail.
A few things just to note to facilitate an enjoyable day on the trails.

Time table for race morning-
8.15am Start of registration for early starters, please allow early starters to reg first.
8.45am Registration for main race starters.
8.55am Race brief for early starters
9am Early start
9.20am Registration closes
9.25 Race briefing for main race starters
9.30am Main race start

Car parking – Please follow the car park marshals instructions when you arrive. Please do not arrive before 8am as we need time to set up etc..

Registration- There will be three tables which you need to follow in order. Registration will be busy so be patient with us.

Table 1 - Please tell the volunteer your name and race number so that they can highlight your name so we know that you are here.

Table 2 - Collect your race number if you have not collected it already at a previous race this year. Please know your 2023 Race number before you come to the race. You can find this on your myIMRA (take a screen shot of it).

Table 3 – Laptop/Chip registration and chip scan for the race. If you have a chip from previous years bring it with you. If you do not have a chip, one will be given to you. If you don’t register your chip you will not come up in the results. Please inform laptop operator if you are taking the early start.

Early Start- There is an early start at 9am. This is for runners who typically are > 160% of the winner’s time. Have a check back over previous year’s results to give you an idea of the times. If you think the 22k may take you longer than approx. 2hr 40mins please take the early start. Your race time remains the same, you just have a little head start! Faster runners who take the early start, the race director reserve the right to adjust their time back to 160%.

During the race – The Wicklow Way Half follows the way marked trail over to the barrier at Crone Woods and then back again. You will meet three marshals at different points on the way out who are there to give you a cheer and hopefully take some photos. They will NOT be there on the way back. When you arrive at Crone, you must tap the barrier, there will be water to refill your water bottle if needed (IMRA have a no cup policy so you will need to provide your own bottle/cup). Please shout out your race number here for the volunteers so we have all runners accounted for on the turn-around.

Mandatory kit is a Showerproof -jacket which must be carried or worn for the duration of the race. No jacket will result in a DNF. Trail runners are recommended.

IMRA emergency number is on the back of your race number if required, phone calls only, no texts (it will be me who answers) if you decide to abandon the race at any point you must ring me and let me know so we have you accounted for.

Please be mind-full of other trail users, no littering, no earphones, you must follow the way marked trail (Yellow walking man), no short cuts allowed, you must cross the stile coming off Djouce and follow the rocky path to the next stile and no whizzing down the faster grassy patch on the near side of the wall, no cutting the zig zags down through Crone Wood, anyone seen doing this will result in a DNF.

Look out for each other and enjoy the morning out on the trails.

Finish line- Please have your race number visible when crossing the finish line, the timing mat will catch your chip but we will still manually write down race numbers, get your finishers prize and enjoy the post-race chats. We will have water at the finish and there is the Aroma Van coffee van to buy a selection of drinks and snacks, I told him a few weeks back to bring extra milk and coffee on Saturday 18th March!!

I hope I have covered everything! See you all on Saturday.
Clare KeeleyMar 16 2023, 1:51amJust realized my work signature copy and pasted to the end of my text! It’s time to get some sleep!!
alan ritchieMar 17 2023, 1:43pmWhat's the conditions like down that direction currently? thinking of shoe choice. Snow all gone? TIA
Paul FlynnMar 17 2023, 2:24pmAlan. I ran Crone to Djouce this morning. There was no snow but the grassy parts were fairly water-logged.

I don't know how familiar you are with the route, but it typically doesn't get that muddy. Also, there's a fair bit of fire road, hard packed trail, and railway sleepers.
Dillon RyanMar 17 2023, 3:14pmHi claire,

What do you mean when you say director will adjust time by 160% of winners time if you finish well before 2 hours 40? If you have never done it and are not sure but might want to go earlier, yet finish in "hypothetically 2 hours", will time be deducted as "punishment"?
Clare KeeleyMar 17 2023, 4:29pmHi Dillon,
In some races, IMRA provide an early start, this is for runners who feel they may need a head start as they may be out a bit longer , my guess is it originally started so that volunteers wouldn’t be out for hours waiting on runners to finish. The 160% of the winners time is just a guide and obviously this % would spread out more the longer the race.
I know if you are new to IMRA races and/or trail/mountain running it can be really hard to know your pace untill you get a few races in under your belt.
The race director does have the right to adjust times for runners taking an early start who may not have needed it, but this is discretionary and all aspects of why the early start would be taken into account.
Come tomorrow and take the main start and enjoy the race! See you at Pier Gates bright and early.
Dillon RyanMar 17 2023, 4:38pmThanks a mill claire! Sure will give it a bash and see what happens :). See you tomorrow
Dillon RyanMar 17 2023, 4:38pmThanks a mill clare! Sure will give it a bash and see what happens :). See you tomorrow
alan ritchieMar 17 2023, 9:42pmThanks Paul. Have ran the 50km a few times then the old half from Johnny Fox’s. Was worried about that grassy section from Djouce to the stile.
Kevin O'RiordanMar 17 2023, 10:16pmJust to clarify the early starts.

The old "rule" was there was a 160% of winning time guideline to discourage faster runners who didn't need it from taking the early start. The race director/results secretary had discretion to adjust an early starter's time to >160% if they saw fit. However this was somewhat arbitrary (a runner's percentage could be affected by a faster than average or slower than average winner) and inconsistently applied. There was a motion put forward and passed at an AGM that we would instead separate the results by normal start and early start with early starters appearing below normal starters in the rankings. This new rule is enforced by the laptop/website software so should be clear and consistent. Short answer now, if you feel you're in a position to run competitively, take the normal start. If you're feeling less competitive and recon you'll be down the rankings regardless, you can take the early start.
Alan KennedyMar 18 2023, 2:14pmWhat a great race. Fab course and amazing views. My first time and a few had warned me about it and it was as tough as they said but also more enjoyable than I expected. Great buzz before and after as always but thanks to RD Clare and a special shoutout to Vivian, Lilian and all the others at the finish having to deal with laptop issues just as the rain started to get heavier.
Brendan LawlorMar 18 2023, 3:14pmWell done and thank you to Clare and her volunteer team today for a fantastic Wicklow Way Trail race. It was Clare’s first time as Race Director, but you wouldn’t have known that with how expertly everything was set up.

Additional thank you to the marshals out on the route and to whoever designed and sourced the WW Trail buffs.. lovely souvenir of a great race.

Rugby time now though.. c’mon Ireland!!!!!
Conor NolanMar 18 2023, 3:27pmThank you Clare and team for a great race. I love that course - I'm saying that now 4 hours later :) - a bit of everything, and even without summits we still manage to climb nearly 1000m. Tho' it felt a lot more!
Thanks again to all who volunteered on the day.
Susanne QuinnMar 18 2023, 3:30pmThank you to Clare and all the volunteers on a fantastic race. It was my first IMRA event and I was so impressed with how the event was run and how lovely the people in the race were to each other. Kindness and courtesy all the way. Thanks again.
Mark McInerneyMar 18 2023, 3:32pmLovely work to Clare and to her team of volunteers. Great seeing so many familiar faces up there today. Ye were pure flying.
Mick HanneyMar 18 2023, 5:55pmKudos to Clare and her support team today. A super event. Expertly RDed by Clare and she showed great design skills with the WWH buff which is a lovely memento of the day.

Nice to see Dermot Murphy back today after a few years, and running well at that.
Mark HeaveyMar 18 2023, 7:13pmThank you clare and everyone for a great day in the hills, thanks to the first aider (apologies I didn't get your name) for helping me afterwards with my ankle really appreciate it
Lean Ni ChiobhainMar 18 2023, 7:49pmWell done Clare on your first and very successful RD role x I've uploaded some photos.
Sorcha LoughnaneMar 18 2023, 8:01pmThanks so much to Clare and all the volunteers today - another great IMRA event!
Dave RyanMar 18 2023, 8:31pmAs a First-Timer IMRA race runner, it was well run by Clare and the team, a friendly bunch of runners on route, and at the end, and delighted I participated.
Thanks all.
Miriam MaherMar 18 2023, 9:12pmClare, you can take a bow.

Superbly delivered event. As a first time RD - all the more impressive.

From the excellent advance comms to the pre race briefing, you nailed it.

Brilliant morning on the Wicklow Way. So sociable. Well done to everyone on a great morning’s racing.

Many thanks to all the supportive volunteers who gave up their time this morning, it was a bit miserable weather wise by the end…but you hung in there!

And I LOVE my buff - clever repeat design, thanks :)
Roelie SmitMar 18 2023, 9:41pmWell done to Clare on her first RD. Thanks to her and the team of volunteers for a superbly run event.
Clare KeeleyMar 18 2023, 10:02pmWell “March of many weathers” definitely lived up to its name today!

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who took charge of various roles throughout the morning.
Liam Kenny, Jim White (and finish line) and Roelie Smit on Carparking, Linda Rowden as First Aid Officer , Kate Flynn and Richard Beades on Laptop, Frances Conroy, Michael Dowling and Lean Ní Chiobhain as route marshals, Liam Vines as race sweeper, Ellen Hurley (also First Aid) , Foxy and Ray Cummins over at the Crone Wood turn around, Dan Geelon, Vivinne O’Gorman and Darren Maher at reg and finish line number and time recorders. Everyone played a blinder today to make the race such a success.

Our race winners today were Mathew Mc Connell and Sorcha Loughnane, congratulations to you both!

Also a big congratulations to Liz Ryan on her 100th IMRA race today.

The infamous Laptop will be with the results secretary tomorrow so results will be up in the coming days.

Thank you to everyone who posted the lovely comments, there would be no races without the volunteers but there would also be no races with out the runners so thank you all too for making a great day!

A special well done to Mick Hanney who has RD’d this race over the last few years, it was super to have him run “his race” today!
Pictures going up now soon.
Gerry McGuinnessMar 19 2023, 3:07pmThanks Clare and your team for another great day in the mountains.
Amanda FitzgeraldMar 19 2023, 3:14pmThanks Clare and volunteers for a great race. And a special thanks to Linda and foxy for looking after me after my fall. Great work Clare on your 1st RD.
Clare KeeleyMar 20 2023, 6:46pmResults are up now for the Wicklow Way Half.
Thank you Conor.
I have a few “lost and found” items which I will post picture on the events page (hat, few single gloves, soft flask that had a previous ww half buff (map print) wrapped around the flask). Clare
Rene BorgMar 21 2023, 9:08amI think Anne Lyons may have been an early starter? She is shown in third position for the women but on the day that was awarded to Emily Ryan who is listed in 4th.
Derek HayMar 21 2023, 9:22amI noticed Niall Markey as being listed incorrectly too... I'd say with the laptop issues on the day there were a few early starters that may have been missed.
Joseph BoyleMar 21 2023, 5:15pmA few photos of the 09:00 start added.
Anne LyonsMar 21 2023, 6:41pmHi my time is not right on results,my was around 2 hours 43 and I started with the early start group thanks anne lyons
Warren DonnellyMar 21 2023, 9:13pmMy result was off too, think I was 21st.
Gareth DempseyMar 4 2024, 10:41amCan anybody tell me how I change the name on my race ticket to somebody else's as I can't run in the Wicklow way half this weekend due to an injury
Dave DochertyMar 4 2024, 10:52amGareth, IMRA don't do transfers or refunds.
Clare KeeleyMar 4 2024, 11:33am________________________________________
This is last years 2023 Wicklow Way Half forum thread.Please do not post questions related to this years event on this forum thread as things will get messy!
Thanks Clare .