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Clonmel Trail HM

Iwona KelleherJan 27 2023, 6:39pmHi, is it indeed 25th Saturday same day as Mauric Mullins? Not 26th as listed before ?
Deirdre O GormanJan 30 2023, 8:38amHi Iwona, yes, race is on Saturday 25th (26th was entered in error initially)
Barry O SullivanMar 1 2023, 10:52amAny idea when registration opens?
Deirdre O GormanMar 8 2023, 8:38amApologies for the delay, entries are open now
Eoghan Patrick O'HaraMar 11 2023, 9:52pmHi,

How much of this route will be marked if any of it?
Deirdre O GormanMar 13 2023, 8:44amThe route will be fully marked with marshals also out on course
Deirdre O GormanMar 18 2023, 9:19amJust a reminder to anyone planning to run that entries close at 6pm this evening! I’d also appreciate a few more volunteers if anyone is free to give a few hours (home baked cakes guaranteed for all volunteers! :) )
Denise DonnellyMar 20 2023, 11:50amHi around on Saturday the 25th to help out in the clonmel half. Not very teck savy so put my name down as race director instead of volunteer.
Deirdre O GormanMar 20 2023, 2:58pmNo problem Denise, I've fixed that there; and thanks so much for volunteering, see you Saturday!
Lorcan FaganMar 20 2023, 3:38pmHi Deirdre, are there showers available in the clubhouse afterwards?
Deirdre O GormanMar 20 2023, 3:59pmHi Lorcan, yes, there will be showers available- how hot they'll be might depend on how fast you run!
Aoife FitzgeraldMar 20 2023, 8:07pmHi Dee, just wondering where, if any, will there be water stations available on route?
Also I can help out before the race if needed but I am running so don't know if this is any help to you
liz dwyerMar 20 2023, 8:18pmHey, I’m free before the race too if ye need help, like Aoife I’m running so I’m not sure what use I’ll be but anything that I can do to help just let me know
Deirdre O GormanMar 20 2023, 8:59pmThanks Aoife & Liz for the offer but if yer running, I’d prefer ye to just enjoy the race! I’ve had lots of helpers volunteer today so we’re good for volunteers now.
There will be water at the 10km mark just for refill (no cups provided) so just bring your own bottle. There’ll be some jellies too!
Deirdre O GormanMar 22 2023, 11:24amHi all,
I've sent an email to all volunteers with all relevant information. An email will be sent to all runners this evening. See you all on Saturday!
Derek LyonsMar 23 2023, 9:00amHi Deirdre
I'm new to IMRA and I'm entered for Saturdays event. D oI have to buy a Race Number in advance of Race or will one be provided on the day?


Deirdre O GormanMar 23 2023, 9:32amHi Derek, welcome to IMRA :) A race number will have been assigned to you when you registered with IMRA. You can pick up this number at sign in on Saturday and you keep this number for the rest of the year, just bring it along to each race.
Patrick KissaneYesterday, 4:41pmHi, what is the ground like up there? Is it muddy and rough underfoot like nagles or is it fairly solid? Just wondering about shoe choice is all. Thanks.
Deirdre O GormanYesterday, 8:42pmHi Patrick, the trails are in pretty good shape; a bit slippy in places but not as wet as Nagles! Some of the open mountain section is very wet and slippy. There’s 3km of road at the start and at the end so you might want to take that into account for some comfort! See you tomorrow!