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Barry O'NeillJan 10 2023, 11:08amHi Robert. I've added myself to the volunteer list.
Can you put me down for summit/turn marshal please?
Mary CollinsJan 12 2023, 8:38amHi Robert. I put my name down as a helper for this race. I note that volunteers are asked to be there for 8.30 am. I will not be able to arrive until aprox 9.30 am but can do whatever is needed from then on--if that's ok.
Pierre OLIVIERJan 13 2023, 12:11pmHappt New Year everyone! Looking for someone I could carpool with to get to the race. I live in the city centre but can go wherever convenient by bike or public transportation. Let me know if you have a spot available! Thank you, Pierre
Eoin HamiltonJan 15 2023, 6:24pmHi Pierre. I will have a space in the car. I'm in Dun Laoghaire. If you get the Dart out, we can go from here.
Pierre OLIVIERJan 17 2023, 9:04pmHi Eoin, would be great thank you so much! Here is my number 0873882268. If you want to share yours so we can discuss details away from the forum? Have a great evening, Pierre.
Robert CostelloJan 22 2023, 8:40pmThanks Mary and Barry. Noted.
Sarah McEllistremJan 23 2023, 2:31pmHi all, is this race sold out?

I've purchased the membership for the year but on the race pages it says to entry details yet. Wondering if this is the same for everyone?

Also @Pierre, I live city centre also if you want to join in my car either if I can get a spot in the race!

Andrew HanneyJan 23 2023, 5:35pmHi Sarah, the race is not open yet. Typically league race entry opens a week or two before the event. So just check back here in the coming days.
Sarah McEllistremJan 25 2023, 12:38amThanks Andrew! Will do!
Pierre OLIVIERJan 26 2023, 10:29amHi Sarah,
Thanks for your message and yes would gladly accept. Please text me or send me your details at some stage so we can coordinate.
Andrew HanneyJan 26 2023, 10:34amCar pooling....Just a reminder that people can set up and avail of car pools on the info page of the event, scroll to the bottom and click to make your car available. This removes the need to share details on the forum which is not secure.
Paul V MitchellJan 27 2023, 9:09amDoes anyone have a link to a GPX / TCX file of this route. please?
Rene BorgJan 27 2023, 2:16pmThere you go Paul:

The route has occasionally been run slightly differently (either via Brockagh South-East as shown here or by going down the way the Summer League race returns).
Paul V MitchellJan 27 2023, 2:59pmThanks Rene :)
Sarah McEllistremJan 27 2023, 5:20pmSorry Andrew new to the IMRA pages!

Have made my car available now on the event page if you'd like to book in with that Pierre.
Andrew HanneyJan 27 2023, 5:25pmNot a bother Sarah just helping people keep their email and phone numbers off the forum. Enjoy Brockagh it was my first race over 100 races ago or so :)
Eoin HamiltonJan 30 2023, 12:48pmHey folks. been checking in on the entry details for this for the past couple weeks. still nothing up. Any idea when it will open?
Eamonn HodgeJan 31 2023, 10:15amI'm volunteering at this and looking for a lift. I'm in Dun Laoghaire but can make my way along Dart line etc. if anyone is going from those areas I'd love a lift!
Andrew HanneyJan 31 2023, 10:24amCan you open the race? Its getting a bit late. The whole winter/spring league should be open at this stage...thanks.
Warren SwordsJan 31 2023, 10:37amAndrew - I hope you are dusting off your 2016 Brockagh photos lest anyone be fooled that Spring starts tomorrow
Andrew HanneyJan 31 2023, 10:44amWarren - what a morning that was....

scrolling from top to bottom tells the story of that race.
REBECCA CAROLANJan 31 2023, 11:54amHi, first timer here, is the event open for registration yet??
Eoin HamiltonJan 31 2023, 12:17pmgetting application error when trying to register
REBECCA CAROLANJan 31 2023, 12:34pmSame here
John CorriganJan 31 2023, 1:41pmmyself aswell
Kara FleischmannJan 31 2023, 2:27pmTrying to register and it has a light blue button which essentially says Entries open at 18.00 today ... so I'll check back then.
Gavin DooleyJan 31 2023, 4:14pmIt seems I got my entry in earlier and it is in my purchase history.

I presume it went through then yes?
Eoin HamiltonJan 31 2023, 7:08pmI cannot pay using Revolut. Can I pay in cash when I get there?
Jeff SwordsFeb 1 2023, 10:36amYou should be able to, take a look at this thread, specifically around the pipe in the mobile phone number
Mark ByrneFeb 2 2023, 1:10pmHi.
Its says vouchers are not being accepted for this race.
Can you confirm why? And will this be the same for future races?
Thanks Mark
Graham K. BusheFeb 2 2023, 1:17pmHi Mark,
your question re Vouchers is answered here...
"Vouchers in Shop" post by Lillian 31/01/23
Dillon RyanFeb 2 2023, 1:21pmIs there prizes/medals for 1-2-3 place?
Mark ByrneFeb 2 2023, 1:25pmThanks Graham,

I missed the cut off to buy an online entry so will have to sit out this one :(
Warren SwordsFeb 2 2023, 1:36pmMy impression is that vouchers are allowed but in cases where there is a limit on numbers, it may be the case the race sells out first.

In this case, presumably as long as the race doesn't sell out, vouchers can be accepted on the day?

*I may have a personal interest in this after securing a pristine full voucher a few months ago.
Lillian DeeganFeb 2 2023, 1:38pmHat tip G ;)

Mark, my phone tells me we have 130 odd entries available for purchase. Which online shop are you looking at?
Mark ByrneFeb 3 2023, 8:28amApologies Lillian.
I didn't see the race for sale in the shop so I thought I missed the cut off. Just purchased there now.
Eamonn HodgeFeb 3 2023, 9:57amStill looking for a lift if anyone is heading early (I'm volunteering so need to get there early). I'm coming from Dun Laoghaire but can get to the N11 at Foxrock Church or somewhere similar? Would really appreciate it. Mobile number is: Zero 87 753 eighty-one, thirty-four (no criminal genius could crack my cryptic code).
Eamonn HodgeFeb 3 2023, 2:41pmSorted for a lift, thanks all!
Clare SullivanFeb 3 2023, 7:00pmHi there, is there a reason the entries close 2 days before an event when the capacity hasn't reached max?
Many thanks,
Lillian DeeganFeb 3 2023, 8:12pmHello everyone,
News of the permit conditions for this event came through from the NPWS this evening. We have been capped at 200 runners. With this in mind, I am on to confirm there will be no on the day punch voucher entry options.

We have reopened the online shop allowing for a count of 220 purchases knowing we will have x amount of no shows on race day.

If you know anyone hoping to run and enter using their punch voucher, might you pass the above message on please & thanks.

Pat MurrayFeb 3 2023, 8:44pmHi if anyone wants to take my place
I'll be a no show won't be able to make it due to injury.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 3 2023, 10:36pmUnfortunately no transfers allowed. We are not a position to facilitate swaps for races. We have allowed an extra 20 places to allow for no-shows in this race. We are limited to 200.
Robert CostelloFeb 4 2023, 3:46pmHi everyone,
I hope you are all looking forward to tomorrow's first race of the Leinster season. It looks like a cool and clear day tomorrow so fingers crossed it stays that way - we have had some crazy weather on this course in the past.
There has been a slight change of plan on registration. The Brockagh Resource Centre is booked for a Panto so the hall and facilities are not available for registration or the prizegiveing. However, we can still use the car park and will be registering people there. But bear this in mind in case you need to use toilets etc. Parking remains at the Brockagh Resource centre so no change there and remember to bring your €2.
We have now booked a prizegiving for Byrne and Woods in Roundwood with some finger food from 12.30. Directions here:
See you tomorrow.
Warren SwordsFeb 4 2023, 4:47pmOh no it isn't
Eoin HamiltonFeb 4 2023, 8:43pmExcellent work, Warren.
Robert CostelloFeb 5 2023, 3:31pmHi all,
A big thank you to everyone who turned out today for our first Winter/Spring race of the year. And an even bigger than you to the committee and our volunteers on the day to Alistair, Eamonn, Mary, Mark, Harold, Barry, Jody, Miriam (super chair), Warren, Graham, Jody and Clare. We had almost 200 runners taking part and a large number of juniors - possibly our most yet. The weather was good to us and I hope the lack of access to the Brokagh centre wasn't too much of an issue for people.
We had a slight glitch with the laptop database which meant we had to manually enter 92 names. As such the results will take a couple of days to finalise and upload. While we were able to give out voucher prizes to the top 3 male and female runners as well as M40 and the two juniors, we were unable to confirm the remaining age group winners. I have passed the vouchers to Jody who will have them at Howth next week or they will be available to pick up at future races once the results are confirmed.
It was a big day for me with my two boys, Charlie and Luke running their first IMRA race. They had a ball and will be back for more, especially for the raffle afterwards.
Thanks again and have a great remainder of your bank holiday!
Rob Costello
Richard FoxFeb 5 2023, 3:44pmA fantastic morning and an even better race. Thanks so much Robert and a fabulous group of volunteers for providing us with a wonderful start to the season. Amazing that you could make the whole thing look so seamless when there was so much going on behind the scenes because of the laptop. Well done and thanks again foxy
Laura FlynnFeb 5 2023, 5:43pmWell done today Rob to you and the rest of your team.
Fabulous route for the first race of the year and great atmosphere, food and chats afterwards in the pub.
Big welcome to Charlie and Luke to IMRA !!
Mick HanneyFeb 5 2023, 6:11pmThanks Rob and crew. It was a fabulous morning on the Brockagh's. The weather gods smiled on us with glorious running conditions and I believe the views were great, if one looked around :-)
Smiles all around at the finish line. Thanks again and looking forward to the rest of the league.
Super run by Derek to win, well done.
Eamonn HodgeFeb 5 2023, 11:12pmHi all,
The following people pre-registered for the race but are missing from our finish line list.
If you *DID* run the race and are on this list will you let me know and if you know your own finish time or if you finished with somebody or just in front of or behind someone can you add that detail please. Also let me know if you did the Long course or the Short course.

We're matching up results and this would help.

You can email me directly at eamonnhodge at with "Brockagh Results" in the subject line please.

104 F45 Elizabeth Wheeler
364 M50 Cormac Conroy
386 F50 Rachel Cinnsealach
387 M55 Paul McRedmond
649 M40 Thomas Baker
729 M40 Michael Dowling
766 F65 Brenda Malley
811 MJ Ewan Jackson
851 M45 David Rouse
900 M45 Derek Brannigan
1073 M45 david obrien
1205 M45 Owen Connolly
1252 M50 Pat Murray
1273 M35 Jordan Demery
1307 M45 Declan McInerney
1324 F60 Maureen Brazel
1391 M45 Rob Priestman
1399 F45 Sorcha Loughnane
1402 M Seán Meehan
1423 F45 Michelle Killeen
1470 M60 declan keenan
1474 F40 Sonya McConnon
1484 M50 Jon Finn
1491 M65 Gordon Douglas
1502 M Dillon Ryan
1514 M Conor Short
1517 M45 Mark Byrne
1532 F45 Sharon Carley
1541 M45 Paul Gilligan
1571 M14 Jack Carley
1576 M35 James Keane
1586 M James Porter
1593 M35 Barry Griffin
1601 F14 Lianna Demery
1603 F14 Katelynn Demery
1604 F35 Maria Demery
1616 M Andrew Fairbrother
Miriam MaherFeb 6 2023, 10:00amFantastic morning out on the hills for us all - course marshalling wasn't exactly an endurance yesterday with the stunning views and beautiful weather conditions out! Great start to the races around Leinster for 2023. Thanks very much to Rob for organising and delivering such a great morning out on the hills. When everything works on the laptop side, it's great and we have the results usually up in jig time, despite it all being done by volunteers. When curveballs hit as they did yesterday, the work behind the scenes becomes threefold and then some. All will get sorted, as it always does, just bear with us while it does and if you can help clarify as requested by Eamonn, please do. Happy St Brigid's day in the meantime, great woman giving us a long weekend after the dragged out month that January usually is!
Peter O'FarrellFeb 6 2023, 10:11amGreat event there yesterday. Thanks to all involved in making it happen.

It's the perfect race to open the year, short snappy and going up an actual mountain with the most amazingly fast grassy descent.

And I am glad to note that the East coast winter league has been quietly retired, long live the Spring League :)
Rene BorgFeb 7 2023, 4:56pmReport added to the reports section. Thanks to the whole crew who made the event happen - very nice day out.
Alan KennedyFeb 8 2023, 9:23amThanks for a great event on Sunday and a special shoutout to the photographers on the day, especially the guy near the summit. I'm getting loads of compliments for the amazing photos he took (and i actually look like i'm running too).
Roelie SmitFeb 8 2023, 4:42pmA belated thanks to Rob and the team who put on a great show on Sunday. Lovely day for it.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 8 2023, 9:07pmHi All

Results are now up. Apologies for the delay, I am actually on holidays.

Fair play to Eamonn and Alistair for piecing the results to gather after a simple (but almost catastrophic) technical glitch.

For any queries about the results, please email I will not be able to monitor the forum for any results queries so please use the email above.

Andrew HanneyFeb 9 2023, 5:01pmJust for fun....... Club results.... great to see more and more clubs getting their runners going to IMRA races....

18 clubs had 2 or more runners in the race.

Kilcoole AC 14
Lakeshore S... 11
Glendalough... 7
Dundrum Sou... 4
Parnell AC 4
Slí Chuala... 4
Clane AC 3
Brothers Pe... 2
Croghan AC 2
Crusaders A... 2
Dublin Moun... 2
Dublin Runn... 2
Fingal Orie... 2
Glenasmole 2
Rathfarnham... 2
Wicklow Tri 2
Wicklow Wol... 2

If we take the combined ranking of the clubs with 3 finishers the club results show...

Kilcoole AC 38
Glendalough... 42
Lakeshore S... 90
Parnell AC 99
Clane AC 105
Slí Chuala... 10
CNOC 118
Dundrum Sou...138

Without any bias I declare Kilcoole AC win.

Hopefully we can create incentives for more athletic clubs to have teams at races by having club league results, just a suggestion.
Rene BorgFeb 9 2023, 7:49pmGreat overview Andy. Glendalough AC actually had 10 runners in the race but some of them run under the Wicklow Wolf RC umbrella (which is a social club we organise together with Wicklow Wolf). And since it's 'within county' of the four Sli Cualann runners - 3 are Parnell and 1 is Inbhear Dee.

I used to maintain the LL club scores for many years after taking it over from Gerry Brady who did it the first few years. There was also a race nominated as the annual Club Championship which was fun but never really took off only having a good selection of clubs once or twice (and generally was part of one of the two trial races) and the Wicklow Way Relay has nearly in a sense taking over that spot of 'the ultimate club competition' within IMRA.

I still have the Excel templates that were used to calculate all this but web technology has changed a bit and it's not as easy to import results as it used to be. As far back as 2008, having an automatic club calculation was something on the list of 'potential improvements' that Justin Keatinge collected for the website. The club pages have developed since so perhaps such a filter will eventually make it's way to the top of the list.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 10 2023, 8:30am@Andrew @Rene with 17 points the unattached runners (2, 7, 9) were a clear "winner" - someone sign up these fine athletes.

Thank again for a great day out Rob and team.
Rene BorgFeb 10 2023, 9:28am@ Peter: we've got an open spot for a chief recruiter going in Glendalough should you need a bit of extra work ;-)
Andrew HanneyFeb 10 2023, 10:10amBring back Hellfire and make it a club championship.
Warren SwordsFeb 10 2023, 10:21amIf you hand out vouchers for clubs wins, mikey Fry will definitely join a club.