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Joseph BoyleJan 5 2023, 9:01amThe second race of the 2023 WSL League is just over a month away and I'd just like to highlight a few issues that normally arise for new members. Registration normally opens after the previous race is finished. To register for the race you must first become an IMRA member for 2023 and you can do this now. Signing up has been fine over the last year or so, however the following are a couple of links that should explain the problem if you do have issues with your details.
Another problem has been signing up Juniors and the following link to a previous forum point should help with this.
A couple of other points that are usually issues that should help new members.
1. When you register, you get a number that you use for the whole of 2023 and you can collect it at the first race you attend. If you need to replace this you will have to purchase a replacement.
2. Existing members will already have a timing chip, however new members will receive one at their first race of the year, this chip will be necessary at all Leinster races and you keep this chip for good and every year it's linked to your new number. Again if you need a replacement you have to purchase it on the website.
3. You must carry a weatherproof jacket for each race.
4. There is a full list of Beginner FAQ's on the website.
Karl BourneJan 6 2023, 4:47pmThinking of giving this one a bash this year. Having not run around that part of town much, would you know if the grounds are open to the public to recce the full route? (seems to be on a golf course for part of it, just wondering if it's possible to access the route on a weekday morning for example, or if you can only access some of it like teh Ben of Howth etc). Cheers, Karl
Joseph BoyleJan 6 2023, 8:47pmKarl, it's open to the public all year round. The part that's on the golf course is no longer used as a golf course. If you are on a functioning golf course you've gone wrong.
Karl BourneJan 6 2023, 10:45pmThanks Joseph. Good to know. Look forward to checking it out!
Joseph BoyleFeb 7 2023, 2:17pmHowth is this Saturday and we could do with a few more volunteers, even running volunteers to help with the parking. Also for anyone that has a few vouchers left we'll be accepting them on the day.
Joseph BoyleFeb 7 2023, 4:56pmI've had a message from Deer Park to say that under no circumstance is anyone to park outside our designated parking zones. I'll unload a photo of these onto the event page. Deer Park noted that last summer this rule was not adhered to and if it happens again we will not get access in future. In particular no parking along the avenue/drive or on any of the grass areas. If you're late it's you own fault for not leaving on time. Also if parking at the castle you must not block any of the access gates. There should be loads of parking in the Harbour area and you can arrange to car share from there or use the 2K to registration as a warm-up.
Jeff SwordsFeb 7 2023, 10:09pmJust to clarify ,they only want us parking in the areas within the purple areas?
Val JonesFeb 7 2023, 10:41pmHi Joe, Sorry I was a bit too quick on the mouse click. I won't be able to help on Saturday after all.
Jim FitzharrisFeb 7 2023, 10:58pmJoe,
I can help as a running volunteer.
I am travelling with James Higgins.
Joseph BoyleFeb 8 2023, 7:23amJeff, yes parking in the purple areas.
Val, thanks for letting me know.
Jim, thanks appreciated.
Laura FlynnFeb 8 2023, 9:57amI brought my son and his friend to last week’s race, both relatively new to IMRA and hugely impressed at what we offer - low cost races and membership, race prizes, spot prizes and post-race food.
I explained to them that we can do this because we’re entirely volunteer-run but the other side of that is that the members are expected to give back. The reason for this post really is that they weren’t aware of that so I just want to highlight it for any newcomers.
If you’ve already done 10 or more IMRA races and haven’t volunteered….you should!! The expectation is volunteer once for every 10 races. You can check your volunteer record on your profile.
It’s a great way to meet people, get more involved and see the organisation from a different perspective.
Hats off and thanks to those of you who go above and beyond to make it all happen.
Richard FoxFeb 8 2023, 10:57amHappy to help as running volunteer Jodi.
Joseph BoyleFeb 8 2023, 11:28amWe have enough running volunteers now, thanks to those who've added their names, one or two additional non-running volunteers would be great.
Joseph BoyleFeb 9 2023, 10:04amThanks for the great response as usual, we have enough volunteers now. For any new members where this is their first event, please don't hesitate to ask any questions on the day, that's what we're there for, both the volunteers and the experienced runners.
Brendan PollardFeb 9 2023, 12:23pmJoseph,

what time do you want running volunteers to arrive?

Joseph BoyleFeb 9 2023, 4:43pmBrendan,
I've sent around an email with duties and times to your email address listed in IMRA. Thanks for your help and look forward to meeting you on Saturday and I hope you enjoy the route if you haven't done it before.
Niamh O'CeallaighFeb 10 2023, 8:42amJust wondering what sort of distance the short course is tomorrow. Thanks
Joseph BoyleFeb 10 2023, 12:20pmNiamh, It's 5k, there should be a map on the event page, the 2nd map.
Romain AimeFeb 11 2023, 12:13pmHi there, nice run, nice route,I ve enjoyed as always, but I d like to say that most of the runners,not all of them have surely not done the whole loop,I was in the first pack all the way and somebody was missing, marshall,at an important junction making the route shorter for most of the runners,I did the 2 cilmb around Ben of Howth, and did run 7.8km. here's my time Fair better than last year...but a bit disappointed cause ranking will not be relevant.
Again thanks for the run and the nice route
Eoin HamiltonFeb 11 2023, 6:55pmGreat course, but I agree that the marshalling was light at an important junction. Some fast runners went off-course. Loved the race. The start was like running into battle
Nicoline GreerFeb 11 2023, 7:15pmLoved the race this morning. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers.
Gill McLoughlinFeb 11 2023, 8:06pmA big thank you to Joe & his team for a really enjoyable race. Well marked & marshalled.
Mick HanneyFeb 11 2023, 8:18pmThanks Jody and helpers for a very enjoyable race. I was lucky to stay on track, I think. It’s been said before and it’ll be said again that particular routes, like Howth, are very difficult to mark and Marshall. And hands up those that have gone wrong in Howth over the years.
Richard FoxFeb 11 2023, 9:53pmThanks a million Jody and vollies for a wonderful run this morning. It seems to me that this is an incredibly difficult race to be a Run Director due to many competing forces including golfers, organised walkers and randomers out for a jolly in beautiful Howth. Following the route is slightly challenging due to the loops and many converging paths but if looked out for the course markings are there to be followed - the age old rule of “don’t follow blindly” definitely holds on this course. There were exquisite views along the route but I was happy that once I followed the course markings it would be grand and so it proved. Thanks so much again. foxy
Mick HanneyFeb 11 2023, 10:00pmNice photos.

Whoever the guy is wearing the ear-buds, you should be aware that headphones are not allowed in our races. You need to be able to hear what’s going on around you during the race.
Joseph BoyleFeb 11 2023, 10:53pmA big Thank You to all the volunteers today. Everyone worked really hard to make sure everything ran smoothly, from parking to registration to marshalling to laptop and marking. It was great to have so many volunteers who have supported the Howth races over the last few years, at least 9 or 10 have been at all the races. I'm not sure if anyone noticed today but myself and Dan decided to take the manual numbers in a different format after the finish line and it made the process much easier. Thanks also for all the runners who participated today in particular it was great to see so many first timers.Also a shout out to the large amount of runners who made the trip from Wicklow.
Gavin DunneFeb 13 2023, 7:31amThanks Jody and all the volunteers. Always a really enjoyable race around Howth. Great morning out.
noel bolandFeb 13 2023, 10:54amHi all my first IMRA run at the ripe age of M45 category, really enjoyed the day and hopefully one of many, thanks to all the team for organizing and providing this opportunity.
Juliana Da SilvaFeb 13 2023, 11:54amHi all! I just want to say thank you all for the organisation!
It was my first one with IMRA and I enjoyed a lot! Hope to see you soon!
IAN MCILRAITHFeb 13 2023, 8:01pmWhen / where do I find the results? Do t see them on the "results" page. (Asking for a friend)
Joseph BoyleFeb 14 2023, 9:27amIan, could you tell your friend that the results will be up shortly. The delay is down to some runners not registering their chip before the race. This has to be done at every race.

Also as there were quite a few new members at this race, just to let you know, you can add your name to your photograph on the website and it will make it easier if your want to review all your photographs later.
Aisling PattersonFeb 16 2023, 10:09amGreat race, well organised and marshalled with spectacular views. Thanks to all involved. Any idea when results will be uploaded onto IMRA race website? Many thanks in advance.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 16 2023, 9:25pmHi All

Results are now up. If you have any queries, please email