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Wicklow Way Race

Damian ConwayJan 4 2023, 3:06pmHi,

Just wondering which direction the race will be going this year? Will it be starting in Carlow ending in Marlay?

Lillian DeeganJan 21 2023, 2:42pmAfternoon Damian,
Apologies for the delay getting a reply up before now. With the 2023 race page updated a tad, I can confirm we will race a south/north gig this year - Clonegal to Marlay it is.

To all race day hopefuls:
As above, I've added a little basic info. to the WW Race page. With us taking this one as a winter event for '23, I might well add a few more Mandatory Kit items - more anon there.

And I will get the CP Cut-offs and drop bag options up in a bit. I need to hit the middle section of the route on foot to check coverage for the trackers before I confirm all.

Entry costs: I've a few bits to look at for race day spending with the IMRA committee. As soon as I can reach on that, I'll get a cost for entry posted. I'd be hoping to keep the cost at €60 but I'm highlighting the cost as a just in case for now.

Finally, thanks to the few lads who have sent through their entry qualifier link details - lads, as soon as I possibly can, I will get back to all of you.

Good luck to all hoping to race the Wicklow Way come mid Oct. '23. IMRA have plenty of 50k plus races coming up which will allow you find a qualifier for Oct. 13th in good time should you be needing one.

I'll be back again late Feb. to firm up on the few outstanding updates for this gig.

Happy trail running till then.