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Shane KennyJan 1 2023, 11:13amHi Richard, would it be possible to get a gpx file for the 80km race? Thanks.
Jeff CurryJan 10 2023, 5:57pmHi - is there a map / GPX of the 50K route please - I can't fine Pier Gates on Google maps and have no idea where the start is. Thanks
Richard NunanJan 10 2023, 7:14pmStart point :

Lough Tay (Pier Gates, new car park, a few k from Roundwood. Pin for Bru Coffee who set up in the car park.

Will run the route on Saturday morning (14th) from the Glencullen Bridge to Pier Gates Car park - will publish route then in advance of opening on Feb 1st
Jeff CurryJan 10 2023, 10:09pmMany Thanks Richard
Paul FlynnJan 11 2023, 10:31amI could be wrong, but I don't think the Pier Gates to that bridge via Djouce is 25km (assuming sticking to the Wicklow Way). To me it looks 22km at most.
Richard NunanJan 11 2023, 7:43pmDepends what you pull in along the way Paul. Last year we took on Ballinastoe.. so will get all that sorted Saturday!
Richard NunanJan 15 2023, 6:13pmHi Folks

Having recced the route yesterday - we have updated the events page. The Route will be 50km, 2800 Meter climb, it will be the same route as last year with the addition of Djouce on the way out and the way back.

This means we will leave the Pier Gates Car Park and head down to the Gate at Ballinastoe. From there you will head back to the Marshall who will lead you again onto the Wicklow way. From there its out over the board walks over Djouce and on again to the Wicklow way.

Also added to the Events page are the Qualifying times for selection for the World Champs team as approved by the High Performance committee :
Male 4:00hrs
Female 4:30hrs

Its a cracking route ! Entries will open on the 1st of February. We will be doing a recce from Pier Gates for half the course on the 11th of Feb, please keep an eye out on the forum for details.
Karl BourneJan 30 2023, 1:25pmHi Richard. Just wondering what time entries will open on the 1st? Cheers, Karl
Romain AimeFeb 3 2023, 10:27pmHi, there, would it be possible to get the gpx of the 50K route, I can't figure out the trails from the start. Would the start be in the big car park where the Wicklow Way Half departed last year? Are we going up to the boardwalk in Ballinastoe Wood? I'm just confused, even though going up and down Djouce, building the route,I m not able to reach 2800m D+. Thanks for your help ;)
Gareth LittleFeb 3 2023, 11:42pmHi Romain, I’m new to this Hiiker app so not sure how they will view for you on your end but I plotted out the outward section which includes Balinastoe and then the back section which does not include Balinastoe.

Overall climb was coming in around the 2,000m mark.
Romain AimeFeb 4 2023, 10:12amHi Gareth, was building the route on Garmin app, following the instruction given, and base on the previous races, and was also coming around 2000m, for the 50k route...I m missing 800m...I don't know where they go...and I got the exact same route as you shared on the hiiker app. Still looking for the 800m,thanks for sharing.
Richard NunanFeb 4 2023, 10:36am46km part (without Nallinastoe) was run last week. Garmin gave us 2350.

Will run the route from Car Park Ballinastoe next Saturday and publish the GPX we used.

The Route from Car Park to Glen Cullen bridge is 23km and 1300 M climb. This mat help you calibrate against yoour app.


Richard NunanFeb 4 2023, 10:41amCorrection - Glen Cullen Bridge to Pier Gates car park. Was 23km and 1300 M climb. Garmin.
Richard NunanFeb 4 2023, 10:50amRomain, I should have published a note along with the change. The height evation was revised on the events page to 2500 on Wednesday to coincide with Registration
Jeremy QuinnFeb 4 2023, 10:54amIs the the recce still going ahead next Saturday ? If so what time ?


Richard NunanFeb 4 2023, 11:04amRecce for MMU from start to Glen Cullen Bridge will leave Pier gates at 9:00am

we will be dropping 1or 2 cars to Glen cullen to take us back. So if your going to join us. Let us know so we can coordinate cars
Jeremy QuinnFeb 4 2023, 11:16amOk brilliant thanks - there will be 2 of us - hope we are easy
Jeremy QuinnFeb 4 2023, 11:27amRunning easy
Andrew MendelsonFeb 4 2023, 5:39pmHere's the route in Strava:

Comes out as 50.2km, just over 2000m elevation. I wouldn't say that's definitive, but it's pretty close. Garmin elevation via barometric altimeter reading can be skewed by any number of factors, so can't be relied upon. Not a knock on Garmin et al as considering what we're asking the device to do, it's incredible that it works as well as it does.
James HeggieFeb 6 2023, 11:40amI’m hoping to make recce on Saturday .
Declan WhooleyFeb 6 2023, 8:59pmHi, I haven't covered the route before so I'll join ye Saturday morning. Let me know if another car is needed to get back to the start.
David FaganFeb 7 2023, 11:06amI’ll be there also for recce on Sat.
To clarify is Piers gate carpark the one with coffee trailer ?
Conor LuceyFeb 7 2023, 11:30amHey. Where is the run on Saturday starting and finishing?
Steven PettigrewFeb 8 2023, 1:15pm@Conor Aroma Coffee Van at the Pier gates car park.,-6.2519852,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x4867a3a5fc3eaeff:0x5b97110f1573cde6!2sBallinastoe+Car+Park!8m2!3d53.1026916!4d-6.2542707!3m4!1s0x4867a39358b8251d:0x78e492b7d48b2018!8m2!3d53.0960807!4d-6.2505739

@David That's the one!
Richard NunanFeb 8 2023, 9:58pmHi Folks,

Recce on Saturday will he from Pier Gates to Ballinastoe and then off over Djouce to Glen Cullen bridge, Boranaltry lane. (along the wicklow way)

As the match is on. We plan to meet at the Bridge (Finish) at 7:30am. leave cars there and then drive to Start Pier Gates. Should start in the bright at 8:00am.

Plan would then be when we finish, we will drop people back to pick up their cars and head back in time to head to match !

Look forward to seeing a few there.
James HeggieFeb 9 2023, 5:47pmHi Richard is the car park expected to open at 8am?
The match isn’t until 14.15 , it’s 25k isn’t it so we should be done in 3.5 hours max ? If you are thinking longer I may do another recce of the 80k first 32k myself .
Richard NunanFeb 9 2023, 6:47pmHi James, we will need to park, down a bit from that Car Park (near pier gates) so Cars will be in both places. So we should be good.

Kickoff is 2:15 :-) Still have to get home and to the stadium !

If you are at Glen Cullen we will know your coming :-)
James HeggieFeb 9 2023, 9:14pmNo worries Richard didn’t realise you were going to
The game fair play. You should make a pre match pint in the Bridge 1859 for sure . I should be at the bridge in Glencullen .
Declan WhooleyFeb 9 2023, 9:22pmIs Glencullen Bridge and Boranaraltry Bridhge the same place? Just not 100% sure I have the right spot for Saturday morning. If it is, must be a tight squeeze leaving cars on that road!
James HeggieFeb 9 2023, 9:54pmIt’s Boranaraltry Bridge on Google maps . You can get cars either side of the little bridge . Doesn’t get busy until 9am down there normally on a Saturday .
Richard NunanFeb 9 2023, 10:19pmGlen Cullen bridge on Boranaraltry lane, along wicklow way. To be specific.

John O'BrienFeb 10 2023, 4:58pmHey Richard, myself and 4 other will be joining in the morning for the recce. We will have 2 cars between us so all good for logistics.
See you then.
Richard NunanFeb 10 2023, 5:29pmGreat stuff, we are 5 in my group with 2 cars, so thinking its

John o Briens group (4 - 2 cars)
Richards Group (5 - 2 Cars)

Declan Wooley ?
David Fagan ?
Conor Lucey ?
Jeremy Quinn (2 - 1 Car)

14 Total - 6 Cars - 3 either end ! Bridge 7:30am
James HeggieFeb 10 2023, 7:21pmSee you at the bridge at 7.30am
Richard NunanFeb 12 2023, 1:07pmAfternoon,

Thanks to all for the company on yesterdays Recce. I have updated the events page with a link for those who want to look at the route from start (Ballinastoe) to Glen Cullen Bridge. (27km)

This means at the turn you will have only 23km on the way back (we wont be dropping to Ballinastoe on the reverse leg of the route).

Key changes are the height Gain to 2350m and the mandatory kit list. In terms of fluids minimum requirement will be to carry 500ml, I would recommend to carry 1L.

Great to see all the recces taking place.
Fíona CanavanFeb 12 2023, 6:04pmMany thanks for making all the routes available on strava and giving specific elevation! I can't do recces as I live in Scotland so it's very useful for planning training. Looking forward to it!
Ronan GillFeb 13 2023, 10:47amThanks again Richard for the recce on Saturday morning, despite the fact that I didn't quite make the end of it(!) Will live.
Richard NunanFeb 13 2023, 1:10pmGood to hear Ronan, hoping after all your effort - you make the main event on the 25th March.
Jean-Marie AngibaudFeb 16 2023, 10:00amHi there, what is the cut off at the finish line? I see the other intermediate cutoffs, but none for the finish.
Fergus CrokeFeb 17 2023, 7:23pmHi, how does the bag drop work on the day ?
Richard NunanFeb 17 2023, 7:36pm@Jeane-Marie, the last cutoff is Crone on the way back. Once you make that, just get yourself to the finish line where we will be waiting with a smile!

@Fergus, bring your drop bag to registration. We will drop it to the 27km. Anything left behind will be disposed of. We dont transfer bags back to tye start line.
Richard NunanFeb 25 2023, 6:30pmFinal reminder : Entrys close Tuesday @ 18:00
Eoin HamiltonFeb 26 2023, 12:25pmGreat to see people using HiiKER to plan this! If anyone has feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this for runners, let me know!
David MulrooneyFeb 28 2023, 9:06pmHi Richard, really sorry I thought entries closed at midnight today not 6pm, is there any way I could still enter?
Richard NunanFeb 28 2023, 9:25pmThe 50km can be purchased through tye shop until 10:00pm
David MulrooneyMar 3 2023, 11:11amPlanning an easy paced early morning out and back recce from boranoraltary bridge to djouce ca. 7:45/8am if anyone fancies, coming from Avoca direction - email is zogdotdavidatgmaildotcom
Richard NunanMar 5 2023, 11:04amReminder :

Great to see so many people out socializing on the MMU route yesterday for both the 80k and 50km routes. Just a small point to say the 50km route follows the wicklow way route apart from going up Djouce and the diversion down to Ballinastoe. Its important that you stick to Wicklow way route and please do not take short cuts from on the route from the "Crone to Djouce" section going up or down. We wont be applying penalties in this case, but a straight DQ.

When you descend down off Djouce you need to go to the style and over and run down the far side of the wall.

We have trackers on the 80KM route and Marshalls on the 50km route to ensure we have a good race. Your number will be taken in Ballinastoe and at Glencullen Bridge.

I will cover this again at the race briefings - but just calling it out in advance to reduce any ambiguity. Thanks !
Aine HuttonMar 13 2023, 9:25pmHi I know Im crazy but I've a friend who really wants to run missed the deadline any chance of a entry please last min
Richard NunanMar 13 2023, 9:43pmHi Aine.

Entry's closed on the 1st of March for these races and wont be re-opening. Gives us a chance to get organized

Karl BourneMar 15 2023, 10:39amHi Richard. MMU newbie here, looking forward to race day in 10 days. Just wondering if there will be water stations at the first Crone check point (17K), or is it only at Glencullen and the Crone return (39K)? Just trying to plan how much spare water to carry from the start line. Cheers, Karl
Richard NunanMar 15 2023, 9:03pmHi Karl,

Water station 1 and drop bags at 27km, Glencullen Bridge.

Water station 2: Crone wood Car Park on return leg at 38km
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Mar 16 2023, 9:15amI’ve been in Dublin for a couple of days so I took the opportunity to head out on some of the MM course from Crone Woods to the turnaround point. Assuming things don’t dry out much between now & race day you’re gonna need some lugs! Along the riverbank after Crone Woods is particularly wet. On the way back I went fully airborne coming down the grass bank towards the river. I launched to such a degree that I’m actually still airborne as I type this. It’s going to be some challenge for the speedsters to break 4 hours!
Stephen MurphyMar 18 2023, 1:50pmHi Richard, I know its a long shot but would there be any race numbers available for either distance next weekend? Maybe it might suit someone unable to run that they won't be out of pocket. Any opportunity would be greatly appreciated.
Richard NunanMar 18 2023, 2:07pmHi Stephen,

Unfortunatly no refunds no transfers rules apply. We are a volunteer organisation. So this helps us to operate efdiceny.

Fergus CrokeMar 18 2023, 7:56pmHi Richard

Ran the Crone to Glencullen section today. There is a section (don't know the name of it) that is almost fully blocked by gorse. Ill post a photo of the section
Richard NunanMar 18 2023, 10:20pmyep, its the Glencree Hostel.section, or Step-up section on Strava.Its from the snow.

Will loollk at it, and may chop the bush next week.

Michael FlynnMar 19 2023, 2:49pmHi, is the pier car park close to the ballinastoe car park or the J B malone car park ,cant find pier car park in goggle maps ,thanks
Gareth LittleMar 19 2023, 3:14pmHi Michael, start location is here. Thx

Dropped pin
Damian ConwayMar 20 2023, 12:29pmHi, it says a few times that the race starts at 9:30 then says 8:30 early start. Just wondering which it is?
Brendan LawlorMar 20 2023, 12:52pmHi Damian

There will be an Early Start (at 8.30 am) for slower runners (more than 160 % of usual winning time), with the main race starting at 9.30 am

Kevin O Riordan provided this helpful clarification a few days ago....

Just to clarify the early starts.

The old "rule" was there was a 160% of winning time guideline to discourage faster runners who didn't need it from taking the early start. The race director/results secretary had discretion to adjust an early starter's time to >160% if they saw fit. However this was somewhat arbitrary (a runner's percentage could be affected by a faster than average or slower than average winner) and inconsistently applied. There was a motion put forward and passed at an AGM that we would instead separate the results by normal start and early start with early starters appearing below normal starters in the rankings. This new rule is enforced by the laptop/website software so should be clear and consistent. Short answer now, if you feel you're in a position to run competitively, take the normal start. If you're feeling less competitive and recon you'll be down the rankings regardless, you can take the early start.
Eoin HamiltonMar 20 2023, 1:26pmHey folks. I know transfers of tickets are not allowed, but due to an injury on Trooperstown, I won't be able to take part. I don't mind about the fee, but in case you had a wait list or want to sell another space, I thought I'd flag this. I'll be there to cheer you lunatics on anyway. Best of luck!
Fanny GardynMar 22 2023, 1:43pmHi Richard. A couple of questions: will there be an email sent out to 50k participants? And does this year’s edition count towards UTMB/ITRA index? Thanks!
Lonan O FarrellMar 23 2023, 8:22pmI presume pier gate carpark will be closed tomorrow night from 6pm?. Looking for possible camper pull up spots near start line?
Brendan LawlorMar 23 2023, 10:18pmLonan, there are a number of pull in spots suitable for Campers past the Pier Gates car park, heading towards the Sally Gap. You should find something suitable
Juju JayMar 24 2023, 8:51amHi all!

Anyone passing Blackrock area heading to the race?

I’m looking for carpool as I’m back in Dublin and I’d like to film this race!

Lonan O FarrellMar 24 2023, 8:59amThanks mil Brendan
Jorgan StrathmanMar 25 2023, 7:17pmWanted to say a massive *thank you* to all the volunteers who enabled today's event. What a buzz on the trail, and it wouldn't be possible without your efforts. I know I was thoroughly grateful for the water stations and all the help I received!

Didn't manage to recover my drop bag after so if you happen to find a red/orange waterproof sea to summit bag with a dublin mountain running festival key chain attached to it, please us give a shout!

Thanks again to all, just an amazing event.
Sean ForsythMar 25 2023, 7:59pmHuge thank you to Richard and all the crew today. Tough but great race, really pushed the limits.

Had a great day out in the hills...except djouce on the way back, that was just evil
Richard NunanMar 25 2023, 8:25pmEvening = As its volunteers make our world go round - said i would pop on to say, first well done to everyone who completed the MMU 80KM and 50KM today. I am sure like myself to say a massive thanks to the team of volunteers:

Leo and I wrestled the gates of hell at 5:00am in the wind, but it died down as Roelie arrived in to calm the wind and the parking. Leo with numb fingers registered the 80km races as Rowan wrestled the Trackers on bags in the Dark and the wind and eventually we got to scream out the race briefing out of the wind as the sun came up and the 80KM were on the way.

Then the army of volunteers descended while Roelie parked the Cars with Airport precision as the team of Vivian and Brendan got to work in the shelter of the Car boot as the early starts came in. We were numb but warmed gently as Lillian got things lined up and people moving in the backround. Mr Walker arrived, got despatched to Ballinastoe, as the Drop bags got pilled in from Jaralth into his car to head to Glencullen - all going smooth, the shouting of Numbers and Names continued in the wind as I handed out Safety Pins (my core role) Jarlath then took on Car Park, Roelie got to his Marshall Position and we got the early starts off - Our Registration started again for 150 people for the 50KM Race, lots more shouting names and numbers, i handed out more safety pins - and we headed to the start line !!! GO ! I headed to Roelie, Lads went for a run, Lillian was on FA and reorganised oursleves for the finish. Jarlath headed to Glen cullen, Patricia joined for operation turn around ! They were awesome ! Caroline stood up Crown wood Water station with Conor and did a stelar job watering and calming runners who were still gobsmacked they had to climb Djouce a second time ! Lillian joined them to make sure noone had stopped smiling and also had first aid in case. Meanwhile as i no longer had safety pins to give out i just sauntered around the race stations in my car wondering why Pol never bought us a coffee... 1:00 was coming fast and Ricki was interfering with my plans to sneak away for a coffee ! He was flying it, so i spun back quick speed to the Car Park to see Danila and Philip, (who is in training) - We broke open the medals and hats before your man Showed up! As we all know how important this is to Ricki, Medal handing out was tough while taking times - But luckily Miriam came to the rescue, who is a very good medal handler ! She also posed for photos so we had this handling on record ! There was also runners! But these team of volunteers ! Were pretty awesome, I have a few Pins left, but no bloody Trucker hat ! Thanks to my team today ! They were superb ! I think i got us all ! Will move on now and get the results done ! Since Rowan and Jenny have there's done ! - Thanks All !
Roelie SmitMar 26 2023, 12:00pmWell done to all of you who took part yesterday. Legends all of you and I was well jel. I've uploaded the pics taken at "the rock". Get tagging. If you want original resolution email me - surnamefirstnameatgeemail - it's cryptic.
Roelie SmitMar 26 2023, 12:03pmSorry, if you want original resolution email me at surnamefirstnameatgeemail
Raymond CumminsMar 26 2023, 6:41pmJust noticed that my time is wrong. I finished
at exactly the same time as Eimear Deegan. We both did the early start and finished at the same time. Thanks.
Richard NunanMar 26 2023, 6:49pmRay, we are mid posting the results ... we won't forget you.
Raymond CumminsMar 26 2023, 6:54pmI should add Richard that we started an hour later. :-) Thanks.
Ciaran McGlynnMar 26 2023, 8:12pmHi guys, my result from the Maurice Mullins 50k is not showing up atal,
My strava is showing 5hrs 58mins 10sec, Ciaran McGlynn race number is 2098
Derek O'BrienMar 26 2023, 8:42pm1457 missing from the results as well
Maciej DzieledziakMar 26 2023, 10:48pmHi Guys. Maciej Dzieledziak 1584 not showing on the list for some reason. 5h26m59sec according to my watch. Can you please double check?
Richard NunanMar 27 2023, 8:36amThanks Guys, will get these resolved today.
Alan AylingMar 27 2023, 11:08amSome volunteer effort that one.

Richard - did you delegate the report writing to Mikey by any chance? ;-)
Mick HanneyMar 27 2023, 12:33pmAI produced ;-)
Derek O'BrienMar 27 2023, 11:19pmHi my result is missing, race no.1457 Derek O’Brien , time on watch was 5.55.44 Thanks
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Mar 28 2023, 8:56amHi folks, thanks for a great day out on Saturday, it was a learning experience!

Heads up that you have a result wrong for the finisher behind me. It should be Brian Meskell number 1591, you have it in as Rob Priestman number 1391.


Roman van der KrogtMar 28 2023, 11:28amGood morning, my result is missing as well. Race number 1828, early start, finished somewhere between 17:15 and 17:20. Thanks for a great event!
Lillian DeeganMar 28 2023, 1:03pmI have an off white North Face jacket belonging to someone. It was found as we did a sweep of the car park last Saturday. It was left to air on the shrubs behind someone's car I'm guessing.

Let me know if anyone has mislaid their one.
Conor O'FarrellMar 28 2023, 1:14pmHi All

Please email your results queries to

I’m away at the moment, but I will address them
In the coming days.

Thomas BarrettMar 28 2023, 1:16pmHi Lillian, I think that might be mine!
Richard NunanMar 29 2023, 9:28amResults sorted. Will be at Killiney Charity event this evening where i have 2-3 drop bags.
Gareth LittleMar 29 2023, 9:20pmA belated thank you to Richard and all the team behind this race. The level of volunteering required to make it all happen is next level stuff!

Report added too
Juraj KarcakApr 2 2023, 5:04pmHi. Please fix my results as well. I did send mail ...
Richard NunanApr 3 2023, 12:59pmHi Juraj, let us get that fixed for you today. Thank you
Roger TegartApr 4 2023, 4:29pmJust checking when the 80k results will be up.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 4 2023, 5:24pmLater tonight Roger.
Dermot shielsApr 11 2023, 1:04pmHi,
I was surprised to see my name in the 50K results as I didn't run this Race! There must be a mistake as I didn't enter the race and wasn't there on the day.