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2023 Race Calendar

Karl BourneDec 2 2022, 2:26pmHi folks

Just wondering when we can expect to see the full calendar for 2023 and also wondering if you've a rough idea when the Maurice Mullins Ultra will take place next year?

Many thanks,
Paul CarrollDec 13 2022, 7:14pmKarl
We will be putting up 2023 calendar over the next few days
Karl BourneDec 14 2022, 6:52pmCheers Paul. Looking forward to the madness of the Winter IMRA’s once again!
Robert CostelloDec 22 2022, 1:44pmHi,
I just noticed all of the MMRA races are up but no others. Any sign of when they will go up?
Miriam MaherDec 22 2022, 2:15pmHi Rob

The wider IMRA race calendar for 2023 will be posted up over the Christmas break. All the various and many moving parts of co-ordinating the races have been going on in the background. So watch this space! Hope Santy is good to you all and looking forward to seeing those who can make it to the Remembrance Run on the 27th.

Conor O'FarrellDec 22 2022, 7:03pmMerry Christmas Everyone. IMRA Committee 2023 presents the calendar for the forthcoming year!

Some things to note: Any/all events are subject to change.

Race info, as of today, is cloned from last year's equivalent event. It is left there for general info. The new RD can (and should) modify accordingly, once they have been accepted into the role.

If you spot an error in a date, drop me a note ( Public shaming of my spelling, grammatical, typing or general mistakes will result in race sanctions including, but not limited to:
- Shoelaces being tied together
- Rerouting up the highest climb or deepest abyss
- Listening to Dave Docherty's CC playlist #2(which is much heavier, deeper and slower than #1). Think Bathory in their dark period.
- RDing the Powerscourt Ridge race and having to resolve who did which race, what time, and if they changed course mid-race.

With this, I commend calendar 2023 to the Membership.

Have a great break, and hope to see you all at the Remembrance race!

Andrew HanneyDec 23 2022, 10:07amThanks Conor and the rest of the hard working committee. Another exciting year of racing awaits.
Richard NunanDec 23 2022, 12:28pmThanks Conor, back to the Elve's workshop with you

@Karl Bourne, MMU Dates are up, and as you will see from the race details. We have an 80km and 50km routes this year, as they will be Trials races for the world champs in Austria in 2023 !

Have a great Christmas see you on the hills in 2023 !
Andrew HanneyDec 27 2022, 11:58pmHey, if possible can NAV challenge 1 in 2023 be shifted from 23 Sept to the following weekend so not to clash with the Glen of Aherlow?
Mick HanneyDec 30 2022, 7:07pmI've added preliminary information, including a route map, for the Annacurra Spring League race which should be a good challenge for runners of all abilities.
Cormac MacDonnellDec 31 2022, 9:28pmHi great to see the calander out. I note that Castlecomer Discovery ( normally Jan / 70 runners last year) and Oughaval woods ( normally Feb) are not listed for 2023.
These were popular races, totally suited to winter conditions and important for runners in the Southeast. Is there a reason why these races are not in ? Can they be included?
Tks C
Graham K. BusheJan 10 2023, 4:38pmHappy New Year everyone!
Welcome to the incoming committee of 2023. Wishing you the very best for the year ahead and thank you for what looks like another calendar full of great races!
I’ll just come clean and admit that I’m a bit guilty of looking out for the races that I like to have a crack at, and therefore notice a couple of omissions.
While acknowledging that there has been the addition of a number of races, and understanding that there is a finite number of weekends etc, I’d just like to ask a couple of questions.
Has the Glendalough Tucker Trail been replaced by the New Maurice Mullins 80km?
Does the Maurice Mullins 50km count towards the Irish Ultra Championships or is it only the 80km race? (The league lists the 50, but the forum says the 80)
Is the IUC remaining as best 3 out of 3 races, which is very limiting.
The Stone Cross to Lug is not listed. - This is a difficult one. Despite the many reports of it being one of the best events on the calendar, few people actually enter unfortunately, even as part of a relay team! When it clashed with another race I had last year, I luckily managed to arrange to run leg 3 just to be part of it. (Though that might just be an indication of my sanity, or lack thereof, to take on two races in one day) Either way, I wanted to add to the numbers. It is difficult as an RD, to put in the work and not see the entries coming in. As an bonus though, I also got to make another two unfortunates punish themselves in the hills for a few hours.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you on the hills and trails in 2023, as I mark dates in my calendar… :)
Richard NunanJan 10 2023, 7:45pmHi Graham,

Still a bit of tidying up to do, but we will get there. We will finalise the IUC after our committee meeting on the 17th of January.

I would revert back then as we are still finalising the IUC Championships - provisionally looking at either 4 or 5 races. Eg. I see Ballyhoura is not on the league page.

Tucker Trial will be out and the Ultra 80KM will be in.
Graham K. BusheJan 10 2023, 11:10pmThanks Richard
John BellJan 18 2023, 9:25pmWicklow Glacier Lakes Relay is missing from the events. I know its usually a small number of teams that enter but it's no extra work for volunteers with the Solo and it adds greatly to the event, chatting to relay runners as the finish/ wait. Fraughan Rock Glen clashes with the Skyline and a good number of people might like to do both. Could Fraughen Rock be moved to 25th June or 8th July to avoid a clash? Ditto what Graham said about Stones Cross. Thanks