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New races for 2023

Alan AylingSep 13 2022, 8:22amMorning all,
If anyone has any new race routes they'd like to propose for 2023, please let the committee know within the next 2 weeks, i.e. by 27th September. If possible, try to provide info on route itself, what series (if any) it might form part of, parking, access etc. Don't need absolutely every detail at this point, but we'll be looking to see how realistic any suggestions are. No commitment that new ideas will actually end up in the calendar, but we will look at all suggestions!
Post on here or email alan dot ayling at imra dot ie or lillian dot deegan at imra dot ie
John J BarrySep 14 2022, 4:03pmA trail half marathon I've been reccing / devising the route over the summer. Starts Kilsheelan Co Tipperary. Takes the Blueway to Clonmel (5km) before hitting the trails
Robbie WilliamsSep 14 2022, 8:51pmHi John

Have you got the Gpx file ?

I’d like to take a look at that . Are you interested in RDing or helping for it?


Barry O'NeillSep 16 2022, 1:23pmHi Alan, I've emailed on a suggestion for you to consider.
Mick HanneySep 16 2022, 2:27pmHi Alan,

1. for the Leinster Champs, Lug via Ballineddan.

2. for the winter/spring league, a proposal for a race in Annacurra. I have a route in mind, using mainly new single tracks, which should make for a nice morning's racing.

3. Leinster Champs. Potential to bring back a race from the past e.g. Aughavanagh.

4. Lastly, potential for a race - 1 way or out and back - on the Miners way from Baravore to above Glendalough.


John MurraySep 20 2022, 12:47pmHi Alan,

No new race persay but was thinking perhaps a new 'Non GPS' race series for distances between 25-50km spread across the complete calendar year.

We have Ultra & Long Distance leagues but these tend to be more set course routes, GPS allowed and are more runnable terrain.

I'm thinking races like Stone Cross, Glacier Lakes, Dublin Peaks, Kilmac 5 Tops, Circuit of Avonbeg or Glenmacnass. Was also thinking Reeks Skyline and Galty Crossing but I believe these are GPS allowed.
Alistair HodgettSep 20 2022, 6:35pmWas looking for a night run as there are relatively few options to race at night. Weighing up the access and safety considerations...suggesting a good candidate is a loop of approx 12km starting up through Cruagh woods and taking in Cruagh, Glendoo and Killakee. Great views over Dublin and compact enough for marshals and easy navigation. Mostly trails but with short sections of open ground on Glendoo. Registration at Tibradden car park. If there are other candidates for night runs maybe it could be part of a night run series?
Máiréad O' KeeffeSep 20 2022, 9:24pmHi Alan, thinking of a race on 3 County boundes in Cork, Limerick and kerry border, be 12 km to 15k nice ups and downs amazing views.,and will run it for correct gpx file
Parking there plenty help my club will help , local bar food.
I'll email all correct details if interested.
Thank you
Conor O'FarrellSep 21 2022, 4:38pmGreat discussion Alan.

I was looking back through the years and there are a few races that could possibly be revived. I'm not sure of the routes of them all, but here are the old event pages:
Derrybawn Trail for the Trail League:
Aughavannagh for the Leinster Champs:
Croghan for the Leinster League:
Gibbet Hill for SEL:

The Drumgoff race from a couple of years ago was also really good fun(despite the slog up to Croghanmoira):
Gareth LittleSep 21 2022, 6:49pm

Circuit of Glendalough is a good one. Last on 10 years ago if I remember correct.
Mick HanneySep 21 2022, 6:55pmHi Conor,

Croghan would be great. More suitable for Leinster Champs / weekend type race.

Gibbet high is a great trail route. I've run route a couple of times in recent years and it is fully way-marked (in one direction) so no marking even needed.


Conor O'FarrellSep 21 2022, 7:10pmAgreed Mick, defo a champs type race. Did realise I'd written "League" by mistake.
Lisa Quirke CashmanSep 22 2022, 8:58amHow about reviving the old Mt Hillary Trail Race 9k 320m elevation. Could be reworked for longer distance and greater elevation climb.
niall flynnSep 22 2022, 1:50pmIt'd be to have a race in West Cork--not sure if anything's already planned in the area.

Lough Hyne, Sheep's Head Way, Castlefreke Woods are all possibilities.

I'm willing to help organising if anyone else is interested.
Robbie WilliamsSep 22 2022, 4:05pmMount Hillary was a great early season race

Used to have the sambos in the Glen Theatre after

Can yere club host that in 2023?
Robbie WilliamsSep 22 2022, 4:07pmNiall , used to have one in Castlefreak few years back if we can get someone to host it would be be great

Glengarrif one coming to next year

Lads if ye can come to AGM do please
Lisa Quirke CashmanSep 22 2022, 4:46pmMt Hillary would be delighted to host Robbie, no prob.
Robbie WilliamsSep 22 2022, 7:59pmPerfect Lisa

Will ye mail me if ye are coming to agm so and I need to know meat or veggie option
Gaelan ElliffeSep 26 2022, 9:15pmNice to read some great suggestions.

Aside from the Arderin-Clear Lake loop in the Sleibh Blooms,
I would like to propose a separate easier race in the midlands.
There are a number of options but the Glenbarrow, River to Ridge(that's been run a few times) or a slight variation early enough in the year might get a few more people interested. The Arderin Race was well received but I'd be reluctant to advertise it to potential novice trail runners.

If there are any queries or issues I have a few potential tweeks which could be used.
Sarah BradySep 27 2022, 11:55amI think maybe this is already in the pipeline from what I hear, but an ultra on the Slieve Bloom Way loop would be great. Early in the year would be nice too. There's so many events competing with eachother in summer, would be great to have something like this in February or so, to fill the gap left by Slí Mhuscraí, assuming that one isn't making a comeback (I'd be very happy if it was though, that was a super race. :D)
Brian FureySep 27 2022, 12:59pmWould like to see the West Dublin Peaks or Dublin peaks race back on the calendar:
John ShielsSep 28 2022, 9:09amhow about a downhill only race from the top of Djouce on the Alying abyss route finishing at the river?
Brendan LawlorSep 28 2022, 9:20am'how about a downhill only race from the top of Djouce on the Alying abyss route finishing at the river?' - The Half Ayling.. or the Half Ailing.. with most of the field fully ailing at the finish line !
Warren SwordsSep 28 2022, 12:09pmDownhill only race would be great. The Abyss Blitz!

Scarr would also work. As would Ticknock if you were to do a mtb style event with runners going every 30 seconds or so in a time trial fashion.

Or Braveheart style mass start off a suitable peak. The Red Bull foxhunt a few years looked great
Aubrey O'NeillSep 28 2022, 5:18pmWe could run the Downshill Uphill Mile and a Downshill Downhill Mile at the same time just for some added entertainment...
Brian MullinsSep 28 2022, 9:51pmNot new but hopefully Donard can be back on the calendar next year. Where else can you run at break neck speed along a seafront road before turning right and realising your mistake at running so fast too early when the glen river path meets you and your legs realise it’s going to be a painful outing. And that’s even before the descent starts ;-)
Dave DochertySep 29 2022, 9:29am@Aubrey, allowing the use of poles would give it another level of entertainment. Obviously it would have to moved to another mountain. "Jousting on Djouce"?
Barry O'NeillSep 29 2022, 10:38amIf the logistics could be worked out i think a downhill race would be class.
*frantically looks over maps for suitable location*
Ricki WynneSep 29 2022, 7:05pmSorry for asking on this page but couldn’t seem to find the right place to ask !!
I wondering has anyone been selected to run the 80km in Thailand at the wmra championships in November..
I’d also like to know how to qualify for such race because all the other qualifiers are for the shorter races … thanks everyone
Leo MahonYesterday, 4:33pmThere were no trials for the World Championships this year because of the uncertainty of the Covid situation in Thailand and the cost of sending teams there after a very expensive European championships in La Palma
We decided to send three individuals Zak Hanna for the Senior mens vertical and Sarah McCormack in the Classic up and down Paddy O Leary in the 80km after he expressed his interest to the selection committee who agreed after he competed the CCCs as a trial
The ideal trial race for the 80km is the Glendalough Tucker Trial.At the time of the GTT this year it was far from certain whether there would be a Worlds or not
It was only confirmed for definite last week they were going ahead
Leo MahonYesterday, 5:13pmCheck the events on the calendar drop an email to and enter event as normal
There will be World Championships in Austria 2023 early June
Ricki WynneYesterday, 9:41pmThanks a million Leo , really appreciate the reply .. I’d love to have got the chance to go !!!
But ya definitely I’ll be trying to qualify for it next year.. thanks again Leo …